The Perfect Game (kanchi )Episode 11

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Let’s start

Police takes manshi with them. Sanchi smirks towards her. Sanchi also went with police .

In police station

Manshi is in lockup. Sanchi goes near her.

Sanchi – manshi wat happened sis. Where is my kabir

Manshi -inspector saab I dnt knw where is kabir.

Sanchi -tell me where is kabir

Manshi -sanchi i dnt knw where kabir is. I know this is ur perfect game.

Sanchi smiles

Sanchi -yes Kabir is with me. I told u before dnt play game with me .Bye manshi u here and Im leaving this city with kabir.

Sanchi gets a call and she leaves left manshi fuming.

Some isolated place

Sanchi cums and saw kabir unconcious. All specialist doctors r treating him. Trying to take out his last bullet from near his heart. Sanchi prays for kabir. After sometime doctors cums out.

Sanchi – how’s Kabir

Doctors -his alright we’ve taken last bullet.

Sanchi -thanks for cuming

Doctor -we dnt came by own self .U men’s kidnapped us.

Sanchi bits her tongue

Sanchi -I’m sorry but pliz dnt tell anyone.

Doctors – sanchi we r doctors and our duty is to save lives. We could say no for surgery but we couldn’t say can we go now.And dnt worry we will never tell anyone becz we can do anything for Acp K. Kapoor.

Sanchi -offcourse u guys can go and thank you

Doctors -how can we go. We dnt knw where to go ur men’s or should we say ur goons blindfolded us and brought here.

Sanchi – I’m again sorry.

She claps and goons cums running.

Goons -yes didi

Sanchi -drop them where u kidnapped them.

Muna – deva blindfold them

Doctors -fir se

Sanchi -I’m sorry but I can’t take risks. Bye

Goons blindfold them and drop them where they kiddnapped them. Sanchi goes to Kabir and saw him still unconcious. She cries seeing scars on his body when police beats him.

Sanchi -kabir y did you do this. U love me this much.

Goons -dnt worry didi he will be ok.

Sanchi -thank you guys for kiddnapping kabir and for everything. I dnt have enough words to thank you guys.

Goons -didi hame sarminda mat kijiye .When we knw kabir is arrested and he is in danger so we decided to kidnapped him without ur permission. Kabir is everything for us. When we were arrested for stealing, and other charges. Kabir gave us a chance to be a good person.when we were released .Kabir made us his informer. But when we were taking him from ambulance u saw us.

Sanchi – and I called u and ask to write letter

Goons – didi how is he .

Sanchi – he is better. Is this place save. Manshi can get bail anytime. I told her that we r leaving this city.

Goons -dnt worry this place is save. No one knws about this place. Infact manshi will knw u guys left city. But who knws that u r in this city.

Sanchi -kabir will never agree. He dont knw about this plan. I dnt know wat to tell him after he regains concious.

Goons -didi our men’s has surrounded this place. U guys r secure. We will keep our eyes and ears open 24 sevens. In case if anything goes wrong. I m sure this place is secured. But one request u guys can’t go anywhere. If you need something tell us. .

Sanchi -it means we r also kidnapped

Goons -kuch esa hi samaj lijeye.

They laugh and Kabir regained councious. Sanchi is tensed.

Precap : ????

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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff no no perfect ff just like your ff title……………………..perfect
    sanchi is so smart and play a perfect game i love this ff………………….
    post next one soon…………..i’m waiting for it………………… you……………………tc…………..see you soon………………….

  2. Ashnita456

    Guys I have a bad news. I’m going for a break for 3 months. We r going out of town. I’ll be back after that. Just wait for me. Will you? I will miss u guys. Dnt worry I’ll surely read ur articles and give a comment. I’m not quitting it. It just a small break .Bye take care. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.

    1. Aafiya

      What? ??????
      Will really miss you…. OK bye Take care…. Lots of hugs and kisses to you too.
      Coming to your face it was fantastic and fabulous.. Post asap☺

    2. Ashnita456

      Guys I’m not leaving ff I’m going out of town actually Akash bro got transferred to other city so I have to go with him. That’s it i will be back after 3 months. Wait for me.

      1. Ashnita456

        and niyaa naraz nhi hona I’ll be back.

  3. Niyaaa

    Hey ashi tumne kya samjha h mujhe chotta bachca jo narazgi ki dukaan h????haha… don’t worry m samjh skti hun… per yaar 3 month kuch thoda nahi h????… btw epis is totally perfect.. as u.. nd sanchi doctor ko hi kidnap krwa daala..???… maza aa gaya.. loved it.. post nxt asap.. aaj se to band nahi krne wali naa??? Loccc u sis .. bye and tc

  4. So so interesting episode yaar…….I am feeling very sad yaar…….we are all miss u so much ashu….. jante nahi ae 3 month kase kate ga tumara bina ae …enjoy your trip ashu………take care yourself ashu……….wish u a happy and healthy and beautiful journey……… u dear……….we are miss u so much dear

  5. Amazing….. Loved it very much…… We will surely wait for u

  6. It was a lovely epi di. I was salient reader of ur ffs from the very first day.Nd sry for not commenting. I was too bsy with studies that I cold only read them. Di u r an amazing and blessed writer. I was always eager to read ur ffs. Hope u r doing well. And we all will wait for u. Di plz do continue ur ffs after ur comeback. Till then take care. And a badi wala hug for u☺☺☺

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