The Perfect Game (kanchi )Episode 10

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Let’s start

Sanchi calls Kabir. His phone is switched off. She gets restless. She again tried his call.

Manshi calls commissnor as sanchi

Manshi – sir Kabir told me that today he will find real culprit. He asked u guys to be there.

Commissnor -ok Sanchi today we will arrest her or him.

End of their conservation

Manshi – now sanchi will suffer in jail. Wat a perfect game u played.

She calls sanchi and told that Kabir is in bank.Sanchi runs to bank.Sanchi entered bank just then police came.

Police -u r under arrest

Manshi is hidding she smiles but her smiled vanished when she saw Kabir instead of sanchi. Police also gets shocked to see kabir. Kabir tries to run when police surrounded him. Police arrested him. But wait where is sanchi she entered bank right so where is she now.

Oh i found it Sanchi is hidding . She cries seeing Kabir. She was about to come out when kabir saw her and signalled her to stop. Sanchi remincing Kabir promise.

Police took away Kabir. Sanchi cums out and saw manshi hiding. She gets angry pulls her and gave a tight slapped. Manshi also slapped sanchi.

Sanchi – i can’t believe u r my sis

Manshi -me too

Sanchi -i knw it’s ur perfect game. If u want to kill me. Kill me damn it but leave my Kabir. Wat u want. Pliz leave us alone

Manshi – ok I want Kabir. Give Kabir to me. Divorce him. I will go away from ur life

Sanchi shouts – he is my kabir. Let’s see who wins. U or my love. I promise yesterday Kabir will be at home with me.

Manshi -really

Sanchi -u played ur perfect game now my turn. Dnt forget we have same blood. Take a break till then.

Sanchi went left manshi fuming.

In police station

Police beats Kabir to tell who r his partners. Sanchi cums and saw Kabir unconcious. She cries seeing him. Constable throw water on Kabir. He gets conscious and looks at sanchi. They both cry looking at eachother .

Bg plays


Sanchi asked them not to beat him.

Kabir -go sanchi .Go to home

Sanchi – no I’m not leaving

Kabir -i said go home.

He gets pain in his chest. Sanchi saw blood .Kabir saw sanchi and gets unconcious.

Sanchi -kabir pliz take him to hospital he will die

Police – ok

They were taking Kabir to hospital when they saw some people fighting. They all gets down and stopped them. Sanchi went in the ambulance and gets shocked to see kabir missing.

She gets letter.

It reads bye sanchi I’m taking Kabir forever ur dusman sis manshi.

Sanchi cries -no manshi u can’t do this.

Police -who is manshi

Sanchi -my twins sis .pliz safe my kabir

Police – where she leaves

Sanchi- mishra mantion

Police -cum with me

Sanchi and police knocks on the door. Manshi opens the door and gets shocked to see sanchi with police. She looks at sanchi angrily. Sanchi smiles seeing her and blinks.

Precap :????

Sorry for boring episode.


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  1. i think the letter placed by sanchi and its kanchi game plan
    btw fab

  2. Firse tum boring kaha that’s not fair ashu………I am very angry on you……….this is so so interesting and amazing episode yaar…….agar tum or ak baar vi boring ff bola to hum log tumse baat nahi kareche………get well as ashu…….take care yourself ashu

  3. Aafiya

    It was not at all boring .. It was awesome and superb…

  4. Riyarocks

    haha…..I think its kanchi’s planning to trap this Manshi………too good dear………enjoyed a lot reading this….luv u a lot sweetieeeeee……..bye……………

  5. Amazing,,epsd dear.. I am sure tht it is kanchi’s paln.. Update soon..

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