Perfect chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode1)


Hii friends dis is first tym I m writing something hope u like it. Many of us are fans of manmarziyaan nd felt really sad when the serial went off. So I m writing something on dat hope u guys like it and pls give me comments dat u want me to continue or not.

A girl is walking on the road fully drenched because of heavy rain wearing denim shorts nd full sleeves top. She is still going on it seems she is very hurt, she is crying don’t know how long she had walked suddenly a car stops just in front of her a boy wearing black bermuda nd blue t shirt comes out of d car nd hugs her tightly, he is Neil our hero nd the girl is sam. I thought I lost u were d words dat came from his mouth…. bt suddenly his eyes lost d love and became cold. He said in d car rite now bt she nodded her head nd said no. He became angry nd his hand became fist he holded her in his arms nd made her sit next to the drivers seat in d car, made her wear seat belt during this his angry eyes were on her like she is a lamb and he is tiger who will eat her. He than closed d door nd himself got seated in d drivers seat . He drove very fast nd stopped in front of a bungalow during this time they never spoke a word. He came out of d car nd was waiting for her to be out bt she didn’t wanted to go to that house she was sitting in car. After standing there for a while neil opened the door he took her in his arms closed the door and went inside. It was a well furnished bunglalow . He took her to a very big washroom . It looked as if it was a room itself she contined saying what is he doing she wants to stay alone,leave me all that but these words were not going in his ears he was as if not hearing anything. He made her stand under a shower when she pushed him and tried to run away he held her by her waist and started the shower. Both of them were very close he loosened his grip from her waist but just then when she thought she is free he held her hand nd made her face him. She was not in mood to talk bt he was forcing her to do things which she don’t want to at that time she was like ok now he has to listen today what I want to say and then she faced him her eyes were looking in his eyes. She just started to say something but no what is he doing he removed his t shirt . Oh a perfect leaned body he was having her mouth was hung open to say something but she was distracted by this the shower was on and water on his body was making him more handsome. She turned her face was trying to go but again he held her by waist and hugged her tightly. His front body was touching hers from back and he put his face on her shoulder . She could feel his breath on her neck. He kissed her on her neck than on her ears. She was shivering as god knows for how long she walked getting drenched and then this shower but his body was giving her warmth during this he was continuosly kissing her and she was loosing herself but she managed somehow nd said she wants to talk. He then left her nd she was like oh thank god and ran away from there into her room . There she opened her cupboard took a frock style dress nd changed her clothes . A towel was wrapped on her hair. She came out opened the door and slammed a wall oh she got a hit on her forehead whats this and then she saw it was him standing there he also changed he was wearing a blue ripped jeans and light green t shirt. He looked hot this is what she had first thing in her mind. He came close to her and said in her ears u wanted to talk so she could feel his breath around her ears nd cheek nd what he did from one of his hand he opened that towel. All her hairs were now open she was looking beautiful it could be easily seen from his eyes. He went inside nd sat on her bed and said nice. She was like what and turned her face towards him bt he was watching outside the window and said the weather I mean. She became angry and said why u did that he was boggled as if dont know what she is talking. She said then ok y u bring that girl to our place. He was like our oh it looks ur stay have made u feel that it’s ur house bt let me remind u this is my place and u r here for an year or so. She said haan ok bt till I m here no girl will be coming into this house. I am fed up now earlier the girl used to sit in living room bt now u took them to ur room also. He became angry and stood up started coming towards her , she took a back steps bt he was coming nearer and no she cannot move more as its a wall at her back and he is standing in front she tried to move from side bt he locked her through his arms and said why. She didn’t have any answer she was like he is a jerk . Why dont he understand that I love him and can’t see him with any girl. But she said I can’t see any boy doing injustice to a girl I know dat u dont love her and what u did with her its not good thing to hurt anyone’s emotions u dont understand if somebody is in love than how bad it feels while seeing him going away from u. He said hang on and she was scared. She said whatever came into her mind without thinking hope he doesn’t become angry from me but he said I did not do anything with her. Nothing what ur stupid mind is thinking by listening dis she had a big smile on her face. He said that i just made her understand dat v cannot stay together. Her mind was like shit then she again gave a thought and said y she was crying then nd ur door was closed nd she opened in hurry and ran away crying. He gave a laugh to this and said u fool she was crying because I said I dont want any relationship with her and door was closed because she did but wait…. y r u asking me these things. I should ask u why u had gone away nd dat chit I won’t be back dont try to search me what was it. She said into her mind oh god what all the crap I was thinking and why god knows that letter I wrote what I will say him now. He was still standing there looking at her she said what nd he said I asked something. She said I dont want to answer ur questions nd then he held her up circled due to back force which she gave and suddenly he slipped and they fall on bed he was on her. She was nt able to move an inch also because of his weight her breathing was loud she could feel his heart beat inside her. There eyes were locked into each other, his hand was on her waist. He asked again y u went away. She could see anger in his eyes while asking this question again and again. She said I thought u did something with that girl vh u shouldn’t have. He says u think me dis bad she was like no he said what no….she said it was like then he said like what. She said it is just that I like u and u don’t understand u always do things to hurt me and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing as he knew dat she loved him bt it will come like this was very much unexpected. He couldn’t believe his ears and asked what bt then bell rang because of which she moved him nd ran away to d door to open it. Oh chasni u r a savior nd she hugged her and said thank you. The girl is radhika mishra sam’s best friend and partner in crime. Radhika is boggled of why thanks and what was happening here. Sam says oh nothing its just because u came. Oh see here is arjun my baby she said and hugged him . She said u both look fab together just meant for each other. Radhika starts blushing and give her a stare arjun says ya dis is what I tell her bt she doesn’t believe. Just then neil comes from behind nd hugs arjun nd says” hey! bro how r u?” Arjun says how is me u called me so many times I was busy so couldn’t take ur call than radhika told me sam is missing. We were worried while talking they go inside the house. He says oh nothing she went away without telling me so I was worried nd in that situation called u so many times so sorry for disturbing u. He says shut up don’t u dare to say this u can call us any time. Meanwhile sam goes into the kitchen to bring something to eat radhika goes along with her. Radhika says someone is very happy today. Sam says no its not that just a normal day. Then rads says why are u blushing so much . Sam says nothing I told u chasni now pls let me take this to them. As soon she entered the living room neil gives her a naughty smile and take the trolley from her hand and tells her to sit. Ardhika doesn’t understand what was going on. Neil says I m just trying to help u, she than goes and sit on sofa. Neil sits next to her while radhika and arjun were sitting together. As soon neil sits with sam she feels a bit uncomfy nd than neil holds her hand from under the table and it was so sudden that she stands up aradhika were boggled bt neil was giving her a smirk. She says foolish nd they all say what then she says nothing it was a rat I think. Then she excuses herself and go to kichen. Radhika also go with her then neil and arjun share some talks and arjun plans a birthday surprise for radhika……

Credit to: KIRTI


Hey guys do let me know how u find it………..

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  1. Hey kriti nice dr… but partner in crime means?

    1. Deepa update your story

    2. Deepa plz update ur story dear. Waiting for it. Plz. Atleast today.

  2. Kirti Awesome buddy..Nice Narration of every scene..Liked Ardhika scenes too..Keep it up,.Nice going..pls continue..waiting for next part..Update soon..Take care ? buddy..

  3. It was totally awesome

  4. Partner in crime means all masti work, mischief is done by them together. Thanku hayathi,lucky,aaliya,nandhini and deepa. Surely I vl continue. Will update soon …. love u guys for commenting thanku

  5. Nice one please continue
    Why nesam stays together wats that relationship
    One suggestion give spaces,complete the sentence,give paragraph yaar
    Some part is confusing while reading fast

  6. Hi, very interesting story, keep it up buddyyy and update the next episode soon, eagerly waiting for it. ..

  7. Kirti nice story yaar. ..

  8. Good dr. . . Plz keep spac in btw dialogs to undrstnd beter

  9. Kirti ur story is really good. I wonder how u write so beautiful story. Todays epi is 1st but really good. How u write so good? I know how difficult is to write story because i also write story on marmarziyan named where is heart there is life. I wish i could write so well like u.

    1. hi natty!!!
      how r u dear???….must be very busy in ur college,,right???….plzz try to update ur story soooon plzzz….nd u also write very well….

      One loveee

  10. wow kirti yaar i m speechless !! thanx yaar for riting d fanfic of mmz for us again bcoz last few days i hv been missing mmz !! so thanq so much n pls b riting yaar !!

    Hey kirti if u r free u can visit my story too dear !! The story is YTPH !!

  11. It’s seems to be intresting….gud job

  12. Nice dear . Luved ur writing. I like this story . But my love more for ardhika. Want to read more ardhika moments. But really interesting to read nesam story also .

    YOu write awesome dear. Keep writing keep commenting

  13. Wow!!…awesome episode kirti…ur story is sook interesting from the beginning…can’t imagine how awesome the next episode will be…i have a awesome story but i really don’t how to write it soo beautifully like u…Can u teach me how to write like u???…plzz…nd yeah plzzz continue the u sooo much nd thanx for sharing such a beautiful story with us..
    One lovee?

  14. Kriti nice one. Interesting. Waiting for next one.

  15. Thanku everyone actually i was writing first tym so didn’t know how it will come out but will takecare of paragraphs this time. Mansi, Natasha and Deepa i like ur stories as well. Natasha u write really well so don’t think that u r not writing a good story and i m waiting for ur update also.

    love u guys will update next story soon.

  16. Good yaar

  17. Nice story. Keep writing. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. Hwy very nice awsme plzzz continue the story waiting for the birthday surprise for radhika πŸ™‚

  19. Very nice story kirti

  20. nice one kriti
    i love ardhika very much dear
    can u plz update ardhika moments moooooooooore for ardhika lovers just like me darling

    update next epi as soon as possible darling

  21. hi kirti, nice story yaar. keep it going.

  22. I feel like I am reading another story written by Farah ..It feels just like Billionaire Banker and Chirpy Beauty(Nesam Dt)..

  23. I liked the story very much. Please continue ????

  24. Thank u guys this really means a lot. Isha my story is nothing in front of billionaire banker and chirpy beauty, I also like that story very much.

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