Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 9)


Finally the party finished people congratulated again to arjun and radhika gave wishings on her birthday and went off. It was arjun, radhika, richa and radhika’s mom went together saying bye to neil and sam.

Sam said lets go I m feeling tired….neil said sure princess and he took her in his arms and was going back to hotel. Sam said where are u going he told her to just wait and watch. She said ok and he took her to a room a big room ops no actually its a suite.
Fully decorated with flowers and scented candles she became very happy by seeing that….she said wow but for whom these decorations are. This looks awesome. When neil heard this he stood there with one hand on his waist nd other in his hairs. He said r u a fool dont u know for whom is this sam boggled said no …..I don’t know…I mean how will I know…u brought me here so ….?? He said u r a dumb I dont understand how I fell for u… sam gave him an angry look.

He opened his bow tie ,coat and unbuttoned his shirt. Sam boggled seeing this said.what r u doing…she somewhat understood and said lets get back home and was going towards the door when he took her in his arms bt reflex action of sam could nt be controlled by neil and they both fall on a couch. Sam was on top she was feeling shy she bit her lowerlip. She said leave me neil bt neil held her tightly on her waist and was about to kiss her on her lip but she turned her face and he end up kissing her on cheeks. He left her and gave her a gift she said whats this he said open it and see. She opened it omg this so beautiful neil is it for me… he said go and change. She said now he said yes…she went to washroom cleaned her makeup took shower and changed into a white gown with a bun on her head. Nd light make up. She was looking as a queen. The gown was back zipper and cut sleeved. Oh it made her look like million dollars. She went out neil has also changed. He was wearing a blue jeans with white sweater t shirt in v neck he was looking very good his collar bone was visible and it made him look more handsome.

He saw sam nd got mesmerized nd couldn’t take his eyes off her. She then came near him close really close and gave him a peck on his cheek. Nd when she was going to move he held her neck and kissed her on her lip. She didnt expected that so her hands held him on his biceps bt certainly after few seconds or minutes it went around his neck as a band caressing his hairs.

He while kissing opened her bun nd put his hand in her hairs caressing them . He moved one of his hand around her back and opened the zipper slowly. When sam realised it her eyes were open completely and she stopped kissing. He also opened his eyes while kissing they had an eyelock. They saw each other so close. He in a whisper said kiss me back she tried to move away because he was moving his one hand inside the dresson her bare skin. He again closed his eyes and kissed her. He was kissing her so softly that it left her kissing back nd forgetting about his hand. He was rolling his hands on her bare skin creating havoc inside her mind and her heart was beating so fast it seemed it will come out. He then took his hand in front and kept it just below her chest nd cupped it, they both were moaning and groaning……she somehow in stuttering voice said neilll….i ….he nodded his head in no as in saying he is nt in mood to hear anything. He made his hand move towards her chest nd cupped it in his hands nd then took out his hand nd zipped her dress completely took her into his arms and then made her sit on bed.

He then sat on his knees on ground sam said what are u doing. He said pls no talking pls he took out a box from his pocket it was a gold neck chain having heart pendant she said this is so cute. Then he opened the locket it was having a pic of neil on one side and pic of sam on other side. She was so happy to see it that she came out of the bed nd hugged him tightly saying thanku. Then neil made her wear that neck chain oh it is looking beautiful said sam when she saw that in mirror nd kissed neil on his cheek nd ran to bed again. Neil came to otherside of bed and then they slept into each others arm.

Radhika was with her mom on bed and arjun was sitting there on couch, they were discussing about marriage functions. Radhika’s mom said they wanted it from banaras. Arjun said it’s fine mom I dont have any problem. She said radhika to come to banaras with her theirs alot of work to be done I wont able to do that alone. Rads said maa I hv to prepare for lakme fashion week it would be difficult for me come sam wont be able to do that alone. Nd u noe after that incident I cant leave her alone in offc atleast for now. Arjun said mom I think we can do shopping here rest the arrangements can be done over there. Nd if needed rads vl take leave for few days for shopping. Hmmm radhika said yes mom I think this will be perfect. Arjun said and richa is perfect wedding planner she wont let any stress come to u believe me…..

So its done time is very less we have to do alot of work. Tomorrow v vl select cards first because it is necessary to invite relatives. I dont know what will be ur father’s reaction. Mom dont worry he will be happy . You know he was very eager to do your kanyadaan bt unfortunately he wont be able to do it. Arjun said dont worry mom I vl make arrangemants so that he can see our marriage. Rads with tears in her eyes hugged her mom nd said dont worry things will be fine soon.

Arjun said ok then ladies time to sleep radhika mom has to leave tomorrow and theirs a lot of work to be done…so sleep early…she said ok…then he said actually I needed some help if cn come to my room there are some files which are missing. She said yes u go I will come in 5mins. She said to her mom not to worry dad will soon be with us she remembers in her flashback how he fell from stairs nd from then he is in coma.

Raghav mishra radhika’s dad he is a man of principles white complexion medium height always wearing kurta pyjama as he doesnt feel comfortable in pants. He is very lively person and love his daughter alot and is an architect by profession but from last 2yrs he is admitted in hospital.

Radhika went to arjun’s room and was searching for his file. When arjun hugged her from back and said dont worry dad will soon be celebrating with us. She said how u got to know that I was thinking about my dad. He said I love and u dont need to speak everything, something can be understood by eyes only. She said thanku arjun for being with me seriously I’m lucky to have u in my life, I love alot. Please be with me like this. He kissed her on her head and said I will be with you like this babes….

A man is seen wearing long black coat and hat outside arjun’s house taking pictures of his home …..

PRECAP : Planning for wedding and story of mystery man

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    1. Arre baby hero heroine k beech koi aa paya h kya….after twist nd turns mil hi jate hain….love u….;-)

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  4. Kirti thank u girl. Nesam’s chemistry superb. Ardhika relation is on peaks. Understanding feelings and mind tgrough eyes. Ah lovely. Awesome. I too am very happy to have a frnd like u dear. Loveee u.

    1. thanku manha love u ………..

  5. Hey kirti gm .your story is awesome

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  6. hey kriti great episode dear….LOVED IT A LOT of THIGHT HUGS TO U YAAR KRITI…LOVED THIS EPISODE……

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  11. Awsome episode kirti!Loved Ardhika moments and Nesam moments.

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  12. Thanku LULU, ADVAITS,HARANI and RUBY……………….Love u guys……………

  13. Woooooooooooooooooooooow Kirti oooooooooooooh your story has soooooooooooo much dhamaka inside it dear.

    Loved nesam moments but more than that Loved to read about rads mom and arjun and rads convo.

    Waiting for next update dear.

    1. Nishu lobve u babes…………i love ur story too when will u update waiting for so long……….want to see arjun and radhika’S reaction in ur story….are they in love or crush………and thanx because of u i listened songs of bajirao loved it………..

  14. Ohhhh my kirti…wot an episode…amazing..I am soo happy to see neil nd sam romance…want to see radhika nd arjun romance…love the part when arjun is understanding radhika soo much…OMG a new twist…interesting…keep going my u from all my heart..??
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  15. hi kirti, fabulous part !!!!!!
    ohh episode was fully filled with romance… love it.
    and eagerly waiting for new twist…
    keep continue… love you dear.

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  16. Hi Kirti dear, awesome episode. …loved nesam and ardhika pairs soooooooo much. …nice narration. …you’re doing gr8 job. Mystery man…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…

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