Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 8)


Radhika feeling shy again went on to do her office work actually she was trying to ignore his penetrating gaze…which was attracting her more towards him……suddenly arjun’s phn rang he saw the number flashing nd picked up the call there was some girl on another side. Arjun heard her name and became excited nd happy which made rads turned towards him in a stare.

Richa oh darling how’s u said arjun . Radhika angrily looking at him vd both brows joint making a crease on her forehead darling what the hell whose dis richa I haven’t heard anything about her. Who is she and why is he calling her darling?? All the questions creating havoc in her mind. Oh u can stay us with said he…radhika with us why? Whats going on how can anyone stay with us that too girl whom he is calling darling…no never…I wont let that happen…ya sure baby cya soon tc…..bye babes….

oh why didn’t I died before listening these words from his mouth who is she he merely not more than an hour before said I m first girl in his life than this richa darling babes or whatever he calls her… where did she come I hv to talk to him. When she tried to say something to arjun then arjun said pls hold on I vl talk to later u wont believe richa is here my richa…thats it this was the only thing left for me to hear said radhika…I hv to leave she will be staying here for 2 days, I vl take leave from office …yes leave so that I cn spend maximum time with her…after all I vl b meeting her after 9yrs said arjun….

radhika pls make arrangements for her she shouldn’t have any prob I want everything to be perfect….radhika having tears in her eyes bt still controlled them nd showed as if she is not being affected and is happy….arjun left from there nd just when he went out of the room she started crying…..

She doesn’t even know when she went to sleep…

In the morning rads got awake at 5 on the ringing of alarm clock. She got freshen up and wore a black jeans pink sleeveless top with a white coat. She got ready and went to kitchen made breakfast nd when she was having it she saw a girl wearing arjun’s shirt coming out from his room ….radhika was literally shocked….she asked her who r u and y r u wearing arjun’s shirt..and in his room what were u doing in his room..oh give me a break sweetheart I m wearing this because arjun gave me for wearing. I m here because I was sleeping in this room….sleeping what where is arjun..??? Oh he is sleeping pls dont disturb him, actually u know in night we were drinking and then ….late in sleeping…so pls let my tiger sleep….what the hell tiger….why u calling him tiger…oh dont u noe and pls get off my way now…nd ya I m richa..u must be radhika… arjun told me about u…u seems to be going somewhere rite…hmmm going to office… ok then bye….bye with such a big smile..whats going on radhika still boggled went inside the room nd the room was so messy…then she saw on bed it was him bt he was without t shirt …oh god half naked…radhika shocked… feeling betrayed…devastated…destroyed..having tears in her eyes ran from there took her car and went straight to sam’s place.

She rang the door bell twice, thrice,… sam came almost in her sleep…. radhika!! U here at this time.. rads just hugged her and started crying out loud…sam boggled got off her sleep what happened?? why u crying?? Radhika said everything is finished…arjun …arjun was cheating me…sam said what comeon have u gone nuts or drank last night…he is so much crazy for u…how can it be possible…?? I know u wont believe me u go at my place and see there that girl richa…. who richa radhika…?? I dont noe his friend with whom he was sleeping ….sam was like as if earth swept away …wha….what sleeping ?? Where when how I mean I m nt able to get u…. ok stop u first come sit here…she made her sit on sofa…gave her a glass of water…made her calm down ..ok now relax…breathe in breathe it…yess…good girl now tell me..what happened…rads told her the complete story…and sam was truly shocked how can arjun do this…I mean till tomorrow he was crazy to get married to with some other girl….I mean strange…quite unbelievable…rads said I noe bt I was actually just a replacement of that girl…now she is back …I tell u he never loved me..he was all fake…

Sam was quite shocked herself she told her to go and sleep u vl feel relaxed. Let me talk to neil may b he may help us. Rads said no I hv to go to office u takecare….sam said bt u sure u want to go for work she said yes….bye nd sorry came like this…sam said pls radhika dont talk all these things first we have to see this arjun mehra nd richa’s case….radhika left for office in her thoughts….

Sam went back to her room neil was still sleeping, she went under covers nd hugged him. He said goodmorning jaanu nd placed her head around his chest….inhaled the smell of her hairs….nd kissed there..sam said this morning is nt good he opened his eyes wide nd asked what happened…y r u saying so….she told the whole story…neil said what richa is here…he became happy…sam little frustrated said u noe her….he said ya she used to study with bhai in college. She loved bhai alot….bt due to some reasons her family shifted to Australia. Bt now she is back I m so excited to meet her…u wont believe she was crazy for bhai from day 1….she had said that she will marry him nd wont let any girl come into his life…..she is very intelligent, brainy and hot also. Sam became angry nd said good then u also go and sleep in her lap only. He said oh baby sorry I was just telling u about her bt bhai was never into a relation with her… I dont know about what u r talking is.not possible. Sam said radhika never lies. If she has seen something that means there would be something…neil said ok let me see I hv to to meet her. She said ok nd said I hv to see what’s going on…….neil and sam got fresh… neil made breakfast they both finished it sam was on leave after that kidnapping drama . Neil went to meet tanya nd arjun. Sam called up radhika told her whatever info she got from neil….rads was in office her tears started to roll down….sam said her to come in the evening we will talk nd if u get ny call or msg from arjun then let me noe….whole day radhika checked her phone bt she didnt got any call from arjun….she was restless…couldnot concentrate on her work the complete day.

She called her mother mala mishra who was staying in banaras in the evening. Her mom could sense some disturbance in her voice bt she said that she is fine…..her mother said her to take leave nd come here nd be with us for sometime & asked about her thinking about marriage with arjun….when she heard this she could not control her tears and started crying her mother asked her the reason bt she said just I thought I will get married and have to leave u nd my family. Her mother said u r already staying so far from us so this wont make any difference thingswould be same. She said no still I dont want to get married I vl like this only. Her mother explainedher importance of marriage and said everybody needs a company during struggles of life..and u r lucky u hv got arjun who loves u alot. Hearing this she said that she is hanging up will call later hv some urgent work and said bye….she hanged up the call nd went to washroom cried there at full her eyes were red….bulged out…she washed her face dried it with napkin…nd went out…it was only 5 bt she left from office nd went to sam’s place.

Sam was reading book rads came they were chitchatting when neil called her nd told that his friend’s engagement party is there so u come nd bring rads also. Bt sam said don’t know if she will come or not. Neil said pls make sure that she also comes nd come latest by 10. I m sending u address. This is important sam so pls come. Sam said ok I vl come vd rads.

Rads said I don’t want to go. Sam said if u vl not go then I vl also nt go rads said pls sam u go.. y are u straining ur relation, Neil just told it is important for him and u noe what I m going through..she said thatsy I m saying lets go we vl enjoy there……. she said ok…ok I m coming….bt there’s an issue I dont have clothes here for wearing in a party. Nd I dont want to see their faces.. she said no probs v vl go and shop something….they went to a nearby boutique bought beautiful lancha sam took in pink and green vd backlace blouse. Rads took red and black with strap blouse…then rads went to a show store and bought back heels for her….

They got back home took shower and wore their dresses….

rads let her tresses open vd curls at the end….she wore a head band, waist belt nd jhumkas…..vd eye makeup and black heels with red lipstick

Sam made a french braid…wore oxidised jewellery….with silver heels. She did a bright makeup….vd pink lipstick.

They both came out from their rooms both of them were looking gorgeous….sam asked r u ok… hows u looking radhika…rads said what I m nt looking good…nything missing…sam said yes your smile and without smile u dont look like my radhika. She gave her a smile…then they got into car nd started towards their destination.

Radhika wasnt talking much sam said rads if u vl going vd this face then I m nt coming vd u….

Radhika said I dont noe what to do how can someone change this much in a single day…sam said I think she did a blackmagic on arjun then only this can happen as u see neil told me that she was crazy for arjun. Radika said hmm…then they both started laughing…this was the first time from last night that radhika smiled. Sam said u r looking very beautiful like princess in fairy tales. Just keep this smile on ur face. Radhika nodded her head in a yes. They reached the party venue. It was a fivestar hotel the party was at third floor, they took lift and went there.

The place was very beautifully decorated with very high class people. They were going near stage bt in between only neil stopped them , he was wearing a pink shirt with fitted back suit and black bow tie. He hugged sam saying u looking just like my princess and gave her a kiss on her earshell. She said what do u mean by looking like ur princess he started laughing and said oh I mean that u r my princess….the best gift of god in my life….hearing this sam started blushing and smiling. She said by the way u r also looking good bt not like my prince he said what…..she said more than that…..u looking more handsome than the prince I imagined. He gave her a smile with another hug.

Radhika was standing there and happy seeing them. Neil hugged radhika and said u r also looking very beautiful, I m confused between the two who is looking better….neil and sam started laughing….bt rads said atleast u r sure who is ur princess….sam her hand around her arms and said chasniiii…..with a pout on her face…..neil said u guys carry on will be here rigt back….and radhika smile…..

After some time radhika saw arjun and richa was holding her hand. Radhika became furious…. seeing her furious sam asked what is it rads….bt she also saw arjun with richa…..sam said she is richa…rads said yes…sam said blo*dy hell how can he come with her here like this….rads said I want to go…sam said y now u should stay here nd show him that u dont care whatever bullshit he does vd anyone….rads said I cant sam pls sam said ok wait for while let neil come I vl inform him then we will go….she said fine.

After sometime arjun and richa were on stage….arjun said so everyone of u must be thinking what this party is about so just to reduce ur tension I m telling u that I hv decided to get married with the most special person of my life. Gossips started around as everybody know that rads and arjun were engaged bt now in place of radhika richa was holding his arms….everyone was looking at radhika with sympathetic eyes ….saying poor girl how will she live now…what will she do…. bt radhika was standing there shocked and with tears sam holding her she too was shocked …..she was also in tears bt controlled herself….sam said radhika control u dont need to cry….and u vl nt cry atleast nt here….then suddenly music started…everybody was on stage and in the middle was arjun with richa….neil came nd took sam she said she wont bt radhika said u go I m fyn….neil and sam were also dancing…rads stopped a waiter and took two drinks she thought it is a juice bt it was wine…nd before waiter could say anything she gulped oneglass in one go….nd other one the same way…then told the waiter to go….after some time the music stopped everybody was was out of stage bt then a girl was standing there holding mike….she said hello hello everyone out there….neil, sam, arjun and richa were shocked sam came to her nd said what are u doing chasni lets go home…rads said sssshhhhh…..I don’t love him….she said ya we will talk about this at home lets move…..she said no I want to enjoy then began saying so ladies and gentlemen u enjoying the party… she said ofcourse u must be as this party is of Mr.ARJUN MEHRA the great business tycoon of India….and finally he is getting married so I want to dedicate one song to the couple… sam with shocked face have u gone crazy radhika lets move….neil came there said her lets go radhika she said no during whole time she was staring arjun with tears in her eyes which she has stopped there only….arjun was nt able to see in her penetrating eyes because he could feel the pain, he was feeling as if her eyes will engulf him. Everybody came on floor as the music started. Sam with neil and arjun was with richa….she started to sing and dance also

Ur girl wanna be ur girl…..ur girl wanna be ur girl…

Mainu ishq da lgaya rog -2 mere bachne di naiyo umeed (I m having sickness of love I may not survive)
Mujhe kehne lge hai log – 2 mere bachne di naiyo umeed (people have started saying me that I wont survive)

(She was moving her waist slowly like a pendulum)

Ishq ne jla diya (love has burnt me)… kuch bhula diya( I hv forgotten everything)…
Ishq ne dekho kaisa apna haal bna diya(look what love has done to me) ..bechain hr subah (every morning is restless)…hr shaam bewafa(every evening is betrayal)…..jbse hai dur mahi mera hr pal hai imtehaan(from the time my live is away from me every second is an exam for me)…
Mujhe lg gya kaisa jog mere bachne di naiyo umeed (what sort of feeling is there that its difficult for me to survive now)….mere bachne di naiyo umeed( there isnt any chance of me to survive now)…

(She was standing with her back touching arjuns back who was busy dancing with richa. She was moving to and fro with some hand movements )

Ur girl wanna be ur girl…ur girl wanna be ur girl…

Khud se juda kiya(separated from myself)… tujhko khuda kiya(made u my god) ..
ishq ne mujhko todkr koi duja bna diya(love made me something else)…
Ab sirf tu hi tu bs teri justju baki jo thi aarzoo usko uheen mita diya(now only u r there only ur desire and rest of the desires I hv deleted)..
Hai ibadat bhi kaisa rog mere bachne de naiyo umeed..mere bachne di naiyo umeed(praying is also a sickness and there is no chance of me to survive now) … …

(She was asked by a guy for dance and she was dancing with him couple dance pls guys now u cn imagine how she must b dancing)

Mainu ishq da lgya rog mere bachne di naiyo umeed…singing this she was back on stage…. everybody was clapping for her… just then she saw someone entering from the door it was her mom Mrs mala mishra…she saw her and then tried to reach her bt before she could reach arjun greeted her nd took her from there ….she was shocked to see her there ..she was thinking what to do if mom will come to know about all this I dont know how she will react…sam came to her and said u were amazing I wasnt knowing u r such a good singer…u never told me…bt she said mom…sam said what mom she said my mom is here…sam with her big eyes said how cn aunty come here…u might have seen another lady…she said no I saw her arjun took her somewhere…they started searching for her mom then sam saw arjun and radhika’s mom talking she showed radhika by pointing finger on them… her mom was crying ….radhika saw them and said he told her everything what I will explain her now….why arjun did this….she was going there bt in the way richa came nd said wow radhika u sing well …sam said get off her way…we hv some work… she said okies…bt then arjun was not there neither her mom…they again started looking for them….

suddenly lights went off only arjun could be seen with mike in his hand …. so friends now everybody is here he saw his watch ..and therefore time has come to make an important announcement bt before that and signalled his hand towards a big table on which 5storied cake was there every layer with different flavour…and on top of that a heart shaped chocolate crunch on which happy birthday radhika was written with cream…. radhika and sam saw that….they were boggled….radhika told sam to pinch her…she pinched her and she shouted ouuchh…..sam said this means he was acting….. oh yes its 12 so ur birthday….radhika happy birthday saying this she hugged her….then arjun said as I told u earlier I m going to get married to most special person in my life so he bent on his knees and said ” Ms Radhika Mishra will u marry me”….

Rads ran towards him nd hugged him tight with tears in her eyes. He said happy birthday my love…. she kept crying rubbing her face on his neck…she said u r such a moron…u took my breathe I thought u betrayed me….u cannot imagine my whole day…I was going through hell…he said I m so sorry for that bt this was a surprise so ….he gave her one chocolate box it was having 10chocolates he said have it bt with care ….nd then took out a solitaire went on his knees nd asked her again will u marry me she said ofcourse stupid I vl marry u …nd lights went on. Everybody was clapping…radhika was blushing…sam was there with tears in her eyes. Neil was standing in the back of sam by holding her from her waist. Richa was standing with radhika’s mom.

Radhika’s mom came to her nd blessed her and arjun. Rads said y didnt u told me that u were coming she said it was surprise of arjun. Nd u noe what date has been fixed of ur marriage and it is in first week of next month . She said what bt then his mom interrupted nd said no bt now u tell me 4th or 5th which date u want….

Rads said u only finalize now whichever is suitable to u…..sam and neil hugged both of them and said congratulations….both of them were very happy. Sam said lets cut the cake now…then she cut the cake and made arjun eat and arjun also made her eat nd then kissed her on her forehead. Then she made her mother eat the cake and then sam and neil…..richa came and gave a hug to radhika and said I m sorry for today actually it was all the part of plan….nd I m ur wedding planner cum arjun’s friend we are associated with each other through business, we were in same colg bt in different branches. She said its ok and even I m sorry for how I behaved with u and everything….richa said its ok it was as expected except that singing part…hehehe….and they all started laughing…..richa said both of u guys are meant to be for each other and seriously u guys love each other a lot. Later on sam also said sorry to richa for misbehaving. They both also hugged each other….

Later on guests congratulated them and there was someone who was watching and taking pictures of both of them wearing a hat and long coat…… then a soft song was played and all couple were dancing….rags with arjun and sam with neil lost in each other eyes….

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Hope u guys had blast yesterday…..I was very busy so couldnt write anything sorry for late update bt hope u like this… and give me ur valuable comments….love u guys….it feels great to have u guys as my friend…lots of love to all of u….

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Nd the song is remix one ….tried to translate in english for friends who cannot understand hindi….love u tc..

Credit to: KIRTI

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