Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 7)


Sam ran towards her room neil followed her smiling hey baby listen…. she said nooo…..and they reached in her room neil closed the door sam heart started beating in the speed of ferrari in a racing track…..her skin became ice cold….he came close to her put his hands on her shoulder turned her around…she turned with heart in her throat…she couldn’t turned her eyes up on his eyes..already his touch was giving her heat as if she will burn..

He pulled her chin up saying r u feeling shy…she stammering said n…no..shy..? Me…. u know thats nt my cup of tea…he said ya so saying this he made her very close by holding her waist.. she trying to move away said neil let go off me….bt he held her more tight…nd made her look into his eyes….she couldn’t move her eyes from him..I want to kiss u all over…she said what??…with her brows up..he just shushed her nd was about to kiss her on cheeks when she moved….he held her again her back was touching his front…he put his hands inside the shirt touching her waist, her stomach nothing could be heard except the sounds of their breath…. he started unbuttoning her shirt…

She shocked at his movement tried to get away from his clutch bt his hold was tight. What r u doing….?? Ssshhh or else will kiss u hard…he unbuttoned her shirt made her face him…he opened her shirt…she was breathing fast…now she was wearing a baby pink tank top with the shorts…she hugged him tight with her face on his neck…his touch was already creating a havoc on her body….then he gave her a bite on her ear shell… tingles ran through her body, she shivered because of it…. then he planted small kisses around her ear…he rubbed his nose on all her skin up her neck. He caught her hair from behind and his mouth fell on hers.

His lips touched hers softly. His both hands held her cheeks and kissed her softly and slowly it became hard. His breathing was getting mixed with hers, entering into her making her heat beat as wild as it could be….

He then left her kissing….their nose nd forhead were still touching each other….. with his hands on her cheeks nd sam’s hand on his biceps…

Arjun and radhika were having dinner at their home then rads called sam …..sam left neil and went to take call….rads asked her how is she nd did neil came and held her again with one hand on her waist and second around her chest as bands….she said yes neil is here nd I m fine in a husky voice.. rads said take rest .. nd had ur dinner…sam said dinner yes dinner hmm.. yes …no I imean I vl b having now……rads said yes, no what ??? R u fine there or u want me to visit u…she said no I m fine…actually I m stuck in something will call u after sometime..before radhika could say something she hunged up the call……all during this time neil was rubbing his face on her neck….she said neil I m hungry….in a groaning voice he said really me too…lets eat up each other….she said neil leave me and listen she removed his hand and held him from his shoulder nd shaked him and again said I m really hungry…lets go out…he said ok..get ready…when he was leaving he stopped at the door and said pls keep this shirt with u it looks great on u….she said neil and threw a pillow on him…he giving a mischievous laugh went into his room…she changed into royal blue chudidar and white Kurti..she saw her face it has turned all pink..she tried to clean her kajal as it came out..and applied a pink lip gloss… she just combed her tresses..wore a matching belly and silver jhumkas..she was ready and went to neil’s room..she peeped through the door ……nd saw him wearing blue jeans he had taken shower……he with his toned eight pack abs was looking as a model…he saw her checking him out so he willingly went to wear shoe first and then wore his t-shirt…she just acted to clean her throat and went inside…and said shall we go now..he said yes y not if u r done with what u were doing…she acted as if she didn’t understood him and said yes I m ready…he said ya ya I know…lets leave holding her hand and giving a smile to her…

Rads was doing some official work on her designs after having dinner arjun was also working on laptop….. arjun asked radhika what r the things that u didn’t like in me…..rads said suddenly from where this question came….he said no it is just like that actually I want ted o noe…she said remember we met first time on neil’s birthday party…how u were giving me looks…and whenever we used to meet after that u always ran away from me…I didn’t like that…and on my birthday when I was dancing with that guy I dont even remember his name u fought with him later on… u should have told me nt to dance with anyother man. U never used to take any initiative to talk to me.

U never ever share ur feelings, ur pain, ur desires,….with me. U keep.secrets from me…u never give me attention… And u didn’t even proposed me well….all the while arjun was sitting with one hand on his cheeks and other on laptop… thinking what I hv done…she asked why are u staring at me……woman woman always a woman….rads said what..? he said nothing princess lets check out some of our old picks….they saw their engagement pictures both of them were looking great….then some pictures of their first meeting I.e. of neils birthday…she then remembered how in that party someone spiked her drink nd she became unconscious and was lying on floor when arjun took her into his arms and took her to the room…he said that was the first time he ever got close to any girl….and I had fallen for u that day only…bt couldn’t say that…and used to run away so that nobody could no what was in my heart……whenever I used to see u my heart used to beat fast. I couldnot see that guy around u and fought with him…I used to see u through corner of my eyes…always chitchatting I used to think how much u talk….radhika said really I was knowing this that u love me bt I wasnot sure….saying this she kissed him on his cheeks a deep warm kiss… arjun was all blushing and after the kiss when radhika realised what she did she closed her eyes with small smile and a pat of her palm on her forehead…..

Precap : Birthday celebrations……

Credit to: KIRTI

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