Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 5)


Arjun said in the car neil bt he was watching sam arjun literally barked on neil in the car rite now after which he came back into his senses nd sat nxt to him infront.

Arjun drove the car at his maximum. As sam’s blouse was torn rads was trying to cover her, which arjun saw from the front mirror so he passed sam’s scarf which he had taken from her car to rads nd said help her out.

Rads tied that scarf as a blouse on her chest. Neil was crying badly. Arjun said nothing will happen to her be strong they reached hospital neil carried her in his arms put her on stretcher nd called for doctor………

Then one of the duty doctors came and said this is police matter first inform police, neil started to fight bt arjun said we have already informed police u start on with ur work rest we will see. Neil was looking at the doctor with his angry eyes which have became red because of crying………

Doctor checked her nerves and said she is sinking they took her into the private ward nd gave her oxygen mask nd started their examination…….

Nurse started questioning them what all actually happened. Arjun was giving answers as neil and rads were watching her from glass door. Doctor came from inside nd said she have consumed diamond we have to operate her rite now……..
We have to flush her stomach else nobody can save her. Everybody was shocked to hear this. They never thought that sam would attempt suicide………

Neil sitting on his knees was begging to doctor to save her whatever money is needed I will give bt pls save her. Rads and arjun were trying to console him. Doctors said u hv to sign these documents, neil asked what sort of documents are they he said if anything happens to sam then we wont be responsible. Neil held the collar of doc and said nothing will happen to her. Arjun said this is formality which they are doing let them do their work. Arjun was about to sign papers when doc asked relation with patient. He said only relative cn sign….

Neil signed the document saying im her would be husband.

Operation started..

Rads was sitting with arjun with her head on his shoulder and his arms around her waist. Neil brought coffee for all three of them. He said she likes drinking coffee. Rads eyes started watering again….she started crying….neil said chill chasni my doll will be back soon..listening to this arjun and rads gave him a smile.

One of the nurses came nd said u people come nd get bandaged as u also are hurt.

They went to dressing room arjun was bandaged on his head and palm and rest were small scratches so just cleaning of them.

Neil have got some scratches on his face so cleaning of them, tape on forehead and bandage on palm.

Rads got a tape on her forehead.

Then they came back outside the operation theatre. Operation took four hours finally doctors came out. Neil asked how is she they said still we cannot say anything next 24hrs are crucial for her….if she wont get back to her senses then she can go to coma.

Rads hugged crying arjun nd neil when heard this fall down on floor with both of his hands in his hairs. Pls dont say this doctor said arjun. Doc replied we have done our work now rest is on god.

Arjun asked cn we meet her. They said yes bt only one person cn stay beside her…..

Rads made neil stand and said if u r fine then nothing vl happen to her. She told me u r her life…. now go nd make her come back…. she wiped his tears…..arjun held his hand nd took him inside along with rads, they watched her from a distance…

Neil went close to her, told her to get up or else he will be angry on her. She had to go to delhi and she is sleeping ……. how cn she be so careless, rads is waiting for her come on get up don’t test my patience
Arjun took rads out from there.
Neil said to sam get up or else I vl kiss u….he took her hand in his nd kissed her hand… there was no response…..he said pls get up else I wont be able to live.

Rads and arjun were seeing all this from outside through glass door. They were standing there holding hands. Rads said to arjun how would I hv managed my life if anything hd happened to u. I love sam seeing her lyk this is so much difficult then u I would hv died.

Arjun put his fingers on her mouth sssshhhhh…… don’t speak these words again…..and they both embraced…

Rads said arjun he said hmmm I wanted to say something he was like u ok is everything fine…. rads said arjun he was a bit boggled nd she said I noe this is not the rite place nd neither the rite tym bt…. arjun said bt…????

She said would u like to spend ur life getting tied down with me. I know I m nt dat mrs perfect u imagined for bt I can try to be one nd above this I love u the most nd believe me no one can love u this much…….

Arjun’s mouth was hung open a tear rolled down his eyes making his cheeks wet. He was like what standing there with both of his hands on waist nd lips curled up for smile. What u just said….

Rads said I dont know I hv already told u nd this is very difficult to repeat takes a lot of courage…… u go I won’t tok to u…

Arjun said bt before going dont u need my reply… she stood there frozen, shy, goosebumps all around her body she holded herself with both of her hands folded along her chest….

He said I will walk down the aisle with u, and this is only thing I wished for when I saw u first day and after getting engaged my love for u increased day by day. I love from the deepest core of my heart. No body was there in my life before u nd noone cn come after u also. I want to die in ur arms, I want a life with u, I wanted to say this to u bt thought may b u need more time bt today getting this from u was least expected nd couldn’t believe my ears….. yes ms radhika mishra I arjun mehra want to marry u….

Radhika was stand still . Arjun said I hope I m clear and a big smile on radhika’s face she came running and hugged him he was about to fall because of the thrust bt controlled somehow nd hugged her back.

He kissed her on her neck….rads was thinking in her mind that this night was a like a nightmare the worst one bt something good happened….. she was thanking god nd prayed for sam to make her fine…..

Neil was still sitting there holding her hands thinking about them there past tyms, there fight, kisses, love confession everything and tears were rolling from his eyes sam opened her eyes and saw him and said are u trying to make river out here….

Neil when heard this he saw her nd got up from the stool he was sitting on, caressed her cheeks kissed her forehead nd then a deep kiss on her lips….

Then he called arjun and radhika they saw sam and were happy ………she asked arjun how is he nd he said he is perfectly fine it wasn’t a deep one.

Rads said I m angry from u…..y u did dis?? U weren’t sure that we guys will come to help u…….neil was also very angry bt he didn’t say a word……arjun stopped radhika and said we will talk abt this later on……sam said sorry….bt that jerk….neil then saw her face rads eyes became big bt arjun then tried to change the topic and said I think we guys need something to eat……..

doc came and said so u r back….ur husband was very much worried he tried to kill me I think he loves u alot….everyone started laughing while sam was blushing and saw in neil’s eyes…..he was happy bt something was there that he was trying to hide which frightened sam…..

Guys let me know how u found it…..?? I like writing for u guys nd ur comments give me happiness.
I stay in delhi nd my hobbies are dancing, reading novels and listening music……I would like to know abt u all also in this way we can become friends… u guys..

Credit to: KIRTI

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  1. well done kriti

  2. u r vry gud writer.

  3. i m big fan of aham sharma.and i wish aham jaldi se come back kare

  4. wat say guys .if u r aham sharma fan plz .comment sumthing .i mean aham kab come back karege plz.its my request .plz plz plz……..

    1. Thanku nemi……….

      I m fan of all the four characters of manmarziyaan simply loved that serial, don’t know why they gave it a sudden ending. I hope through this fan fiction section they can see our love for the characters and start the serial from where they finished or with any other story bt with same characters.

  5. Kirti first of all I liked ur name very much. …ur story is so nice. ..I like ur narrating style…

    1. thanks lulu….

      what is ur name?

  6. its very nice n interesting story, n I m a very big fan of manmarziya so please update it daily

  7. Awesome episode kirti….thanqu soo much for 2day’s update…love u from all my heart?
    @nemi–hi nemi!! How r u dear???….OMG!!..u r also aham sharma’s fan….love him soo much…his acting nd his expressions r soo awesome…i also love monica sehgal…anyways love u from all my heart ??
    One lovee?

  8. As I always say simply in luv wid ur stories.. I was in Delhi till September.. Just now shifted to Chandigarh…. Plz keep updating…

    1. Thanku anwesha ….u work in chandigarh?

    2. No kirti.. I completed my graduation this year… I worked for 6th months in my internship… Then I left the job n came back to parents… Wbu?? U work or atudy??

  9. Kirti I live in Mumbai….nd my hobbies r singing(one of my favorite hobby) ,dancing, hanging out with cousins,listening music, working out( to be tall) nd etc..
    One lovee?

    1. hehehe …. u know i m also having short height….our hobies r very much similar…thanks for comment love u too……

  10. Yes kirti very nice episode
    Today’s episode is very heart touching
    And I like arjun’s marriage proposal
    Keep update faster

  11. Hey kriti dr… superrrr awwww rads confesson and arjun words so sweet….

    1. thanku hayathi…..

  12. MANISHA & NANDHINI thanku for commenting….. i try to update atleast one episode daily….


  13. Fabulous style of writing kirti!

    1. Tanya plzz update ur episode soon….love u from all my heart..??
      One lovee?

    2. thanku tanya….waiting for ur story

  14. Kirti u write really gud dear. Ardhika marriage proposal. It was fab. Just one thing dear can u plz write some fb like hw these people met, hw radz and arjun relationship started,engagement, radz sam relationship start,stuff like that. Sory if it is nt in ur story and asked more. :-):-|:-)

    1. Manha i will write about it ……..pls dont be sorry ……planned in some upcoming episodes…..thanks for comment darling…..muaahhhh

  15. loved the epi… good goin…. carry on its intresting

    1. thanks manisha….

    1. thanku liya……

  16. whoz this one mre manisha???? in the above

  17. Very emotional and heart melting episode, awesome kriti, I like this story and the way of narration too. Keep it up buddyyy and please update the next episode soon, love you loads

  18. guys i m sorry if i hurt u.plZ i m rly sorry.

  19. mujhe lagta hai aapne mujhe abhi bhi wrong samjh rhe hai.

    1. What happened nemi??

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  21. plz aap log mujhe bataye.

  22. Hey nemi, how r u>>>>>>>…..Hows your day. Feel good that u are a aham fan .

    NOw I know that u are waiting eagerly for his new serial. Exciting huh. Lage raho munna bhai.

    And yaa dear, kfar ne puraane dt page pe tumhare liye ek sweet message choda hai. Very friendly.

    She want to remove all rifts. Go and reply her. YOu both feel nice.

    Luv u my dear.

  23. hi nisha .i m gud.u say dear. and ya plz mujh se angry mat hona .mai tum jaisi friend ko khona nhi chahti.

  24. Gud episode.
    My fav parts:ardhika confession,sam askng niel “r u gonna flow a rivr”.
    I ‘ve a request: cud u include a precap???

    1. Thanks aastha ..ok I will do that

  25. wish u a happy deepawali. i think i m first jo itne din pahle deepawali wish kar rhi hai.but mai special logo ko 2-3 days pahle wish karti hu.

  26. u all r my special friend

    1. U r also my spl frnd…. btw whats ur name

  27. A very very very happy Deepawali to all my deariessss…?????….may god fulfils all ur wishes deariesss…love u all from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

  28. Hey kriti your story is really good. Update nxt part soon. Waiting…
    Will you update nxt part today.??

    1. Hey thanx….already mailed them in afternoon don’t know when they vl update

  29. Special is what u made us all feel nemi my dearest friend.

    Have a very happy diwali. celebrate with a huge smile and made ur family happy

    God bless u sooo much and give u lots of happiness this diwali.

    Luv u my friend.

    Yeh din jahaan mein har kahi bhar de roshani usi ke pyar ki
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    Rut laaye aaj khushiyon ki
    (Mere tumhare sabke liye happy diwali
    Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

    Ham sabhi mein har kisike dil mein hai wahi
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    Roshani – 3 yeh music ka naam hain
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    Saare sitaarein uske liye happy diwali) – 2

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