Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 4)

Neil reached sam’s office, he tried to open the gates bt guard stopped him. He said samaira khanna is working here bt she didn’t reached home u pls check she might be inside.

The guard started badmouthing about sam and said nobody is inside u go home she might be enjoying with someone will get back when she will want and dont disturb me let me go to sleep.

Hearing this neil’s blood boiled he became furiously angry at the guard held his collar and gave him a tight punch on his nose his nose started to bleed profusely then he gave him a second pinch on his mouth because of which one of his teeth broke and he was on his knees.

Just then from back rads nd arjun also reached there nd rads shouted neil bt he was so much frustrated that he didnt heard anything and kicked that man on his ass just then arjun held him from back and said rite now searching sam is imp will deal with him later on….

Rads said I called our friends who stay here bt she is nt with them.
Arjun said calm down u both let me talk to inspector he is good friend of mine,
hemay help us because case cannot be registered till 24hrs he may help by some other means.
Rads was crying neil was restless one of his hands were on his hairs and other on his waist.
He was nt able to decide what to do nd where to go. He said to arjun pls bhai get me back my sam I won’t demand anything pls get her back I won’t be able to live without her…………. Arjun was boggled hearing this, he didn’t know anything he saw rads face she blinked her eyes then he understood that something was going around in btw both of them.

He called inspector pandey he gave him details of sam and told him the whole story.
Inspector said he will try to help us. Then rads said we can watch the cctv footage and will get to know when sam left the office. Neil shouted on the guard show us the footage else vl kill u now itself.

The guard was very much scared he folded his hands saying sorry ran towards radhika……….. madam my job vl b gone pls help me u know the rules pls.

She said let me talk to Mr. Hayden our boss, rads talked to her boss and then they were allowed to see cctv footage. Mr hayden said if she needs any other help then let him know bt she said thanks will let u know if needed…she hanged up and they checked it and were shocked to see sam coming out of office with other guy he was someone known because sam was comfortable talking to him……….

The guard said see I told u she went away, bt they cudn’t see with whom she went. Then they asked the description of person with whom sam went he told them he was tall handsome guy wearing jeans tshirt and jacket thats it I dont know more………… When they were leaving then again he said that he was having a viper tattoo on his neck………..

Rads said rajan…… arjun and neil said who rajan then she said he is our colleague then they said do u have his no she said yes and she called him bt his no was switched off.
Then arjun called inspector pandey and told him that she is with a guy named rajan and I am sending u details. Arjun sent his picture from office records.

Rads said he is nt a good guy why sam went with him. I don’t know why I m having negative vibrations. I dont think she is fine.

After hearing this neil had waters in his eyes…… He said don’t worry nothing will happen to her, I won’t let anything hurt her……. Rads hugged him said she was so happy …….she loved u since childhood nd now when u r with her nothing wrong should happen….. Arjun said come lets go to that rascal’s place.

Neil said I m going u go to that inspector, pls check hospitals may be a small accident have occured. Arjun said yes u r rite we should search them at different places.

Neil and rads went together before going rads hugged arjun and said I need her arjun, he kissed her forehead nd said don’t worry things will be fine soon I promise.

In an undisclosed place sam’ s hand is tied with a rope. She is having a cut on her forehead. Her clothes are dirty and torn from arms. She is blindfolded therefore she is nt able to see who people r there. They had slapped her may be 3 to 4 times because of shouting nd therefore her cheeks are having marks of fingers, bleeding from nose and mouth and then they tied her mouth with a cloth……. A boy came nd opened the cloth from her eye. He said see I brought dinner for u, have it baby. I will myself make u eat and then we will get married u don’t even know how much I love u from day one I saw u.

He had brought a red saree for her some jewelleries a mangalsutra and sindoor. There were 4-5 men who were making arrengement for marriage. A pandit was there who was guiding them .

He opened sam’s mouth and she started to shout again. He placed evrything on ground held her by her hairs u won’t shut ur mouth then see what will I do…. and started kissing her she was feeling like hell. She was trying to move away bt she couldnot as the more she was trying more pain he was giving her ….. his hold on her was tight.

Then she gave him a kick and he was shouting aahhhh….. she said move out u moron…….he held her chin up and said u r feeling shy pls dont I m ur would be husband. She said f**k off u bastard….. I hate u… hell….. don’t u even think this my neil will smash u up. He was like how can u take any other man name I don’t want my wife to take anyother’s name. Nd if u dont want to celebrate first night before marriage then do as I say or else this is just a trailor … is yet to begin. He was laughing a victorious smile……
Now eat this food and get ready. Sam was scared she didn’t utter a word she was feeling horrified bt inside she was sure that neil will come searching her and he wont let anything bad to happen……then I will show this bastard what I cn do…..

In the mean time arjun met that inspector and called several hospitals bt couldnot trace sam bt he had given that boys number to police nd they traced it . They called arjun nd told him his address where the phn is rite now.

Neil had reached rajan’s place bt it was locked. They broke the lock and went inside thinking may b they will get some info. When they entered his bedroom and they were shocked to see every wall was covered with pictures of sam. They searched his complete house bt couldnot find any clue. Then in a drawer they saw some medicines and reports. When neil read that report he realised that he is a psycho. He is under medication and if he forgets his medicine then can harm anyone….. neil became very tensed after this bt he still collected himself and while they were leaving from there rads saw a paper thrown in the room. She picked it up some address was written on it of some godown. She showed it to neil and they left from there.

Rads called arjun and told him everything. He said that police traced that guy’s no I m heading towards it. Rads said we r going to check in that godown is in outskirts of city. Arjun said this area is same from where his mobile showed networks.

On way arjun saw sam’s car he stopped their nd went to check in the car was nt locked bt had nothing except he got sam’s phn inside which was switched off and her scarf…. he took both the items nd moved towards godown……

Sam didn’t ate anything rajan came again and saw her in without changing nd became mad at her….. u want me to change ur clothes baby oh I can help u in doing so …..come lets go nd change…. see I wore this sherwani just to match our clothes….nd u r sitting sad nd crying….come get up I vl help u….. he opened the rope and sorry how will u change or eat without hands. Sorry baby nd was getting mad at u cumon hit me. He took her hand and slapped himself….. sam couldn’t understand y he was behaving like this.

Sam said pls let me go I love someone else I dont love u we wont be happy together pls I beg u let me go………

He held her hand tightly and twisted it she screamed of pain he came close to her and said don’t u dare take anybody’s else name from ur mouth I vl cut ur throat… u b*t*h u love me only….. come on go and change else u know I wont mind helping u…..

Sam went in the room and locked it from inside. She started to search something to help herself bt it was of no use….then she cried there and suddenly a knock at door baby u changed shall I come….she got up and changed her clothes. She remembered neil their moments together his confession…..and there intimacy, she said I vl wait nd if u will nt come on time then I vl do suicide if I cant be urs then of nobody……I vl always be urs nd only urs….she looked at the diamond ring which she was wearing….

She came out rajan said see u look so beautiful in this saree…. he held her by her waist nd took her to marriage mandap……. she was crying ….he made her sit in mandap…nd pandit started chanting mantras ….he made her wear garland nd forcefully holding her hand wore himself also. They were taking pheras when a car entered godown breaking the door…. his men became alert nd started walking towards the car…arjun came out from the car he became angry seeing sam in that condition.

Seeing arjun sam became happy and called his name…..nd tried to run to him bt rajan held his hand….arjun became ferocious nd his hands turned into fist automatically ….his veins were visible nd his eyes became dark black nd he turned towards one of his men nd gave him punch on his ribs and he was dead others saw this and became scared….

During this rajan was taking pheras nd marriage vows along with her by streching her hand. He said to pandit do the short cut else he will finish himup… pandit got scared nd then he said girl to walk infront. Arjun was still fighting ….his men came with hockey, baseball bat, wickets to beat him he was fighting bt someone from back hit him on his head and he became unconscious. Sam screamed arjun…. get up arjun pls…. then pandit said vows are complete now u sit we will complete the sindoor nd mangalsutra ritual. Sam was feeling like dying…she was helpless ….she cried neil nd just then neil entered the godown. He jumped from driving car nd caught rajan when he was just putting mangalsutra on her neck……

He hitted him hard on his hand nd it was broken…… sam hugged him tightly…nd then one of the men hit him with wicket at his back he looked to side held him and gave him punch on his neck and blood came out of his mouth nd he was dead. Rads saw arjun nd screamed arjun.she went to him took him in his arms and was crying arjunnnn….pls get up arjun pls get up.. her tear fall on his cheek nd he blinked his eyes nd said nt so soon jaan… we have to plan our family I need two kids one boy one girl. Boy like me and girl like u. Rads started to laugh while having tears in her eyes nd hugged him.

Arjun and neil than started fighting with his men sam was standing hugging rads both of them were crying. Rads asked u ok sam nodded her head.

They were watching neil and arjun fighting with his men rajan came from back gave a hit on rads head nd took sam into his clutch. Blood came out from rads forehead, arjun and neil saw this nd started coming towards him.

He said dont u dare else he tore sam’s blouse from back nd she put her hand on her chest. As the blouse was knotted one so there was no support to it except her hands. Arjun and neil froze there shocked sam felt as if she died ten deaths in just that one second.

Neil saw her face and became crazy. Arjun saw rads taking a wooden plank from behind and hit him on his head. He held his head and arjun shouted sam into the car rite now.

Neil ran towards rajan and arjun towards their men they were fighting when police arrived neil was still hitting rajan nd was shouting how dare u touched her…..police took rajan forcefully arjun held neil and said let him go. Rajan was smiling as if he won…
Arjun and neil were hugging themselves when rads cried saaammm….
They both boggled ran towards the car and saw her unconscious. Neil said ambulance bt arjun said we dont have so much time and neil startled looked at his face….

Credit to: KIRTI

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