Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 3)


Sam panics seeing neil with blood . She makes him stand and then take him to bed saying I m sorry I thought their is thief, I m really sorry….in meantime she got the first aid box.

Water was coming from her eyes while seeing him like that. She cleaned the wound with dettol. Neil held her by her waist tighly he was staring at her continuosly, she was taking hiccups because of crying so much.
She didn’t saw into his eyes once also because that will make, her weak more. She cleaned the wound and put a tape around it.

He was totally lost in staring her eyes when she was about to go he held her more tight from her waist by this her eyes went on his eyes and they have an eyelock.
Nothing more could be heard except their heart beat.

Neil made her closer to him and what he next said were unbelievable to her ears.

I want to spend my life with u rather then spending ages alone. U are the person who made me feel what really love is, A selfless love with no boundaries. I don’t know how to thankyou for coming into my life, thankyou for loving me this much. I love u sam nd its difficult to live without u a single second also.

He came this much close to her that when there lips were left with no gap in between they don’t know. This was the first time she was kissing him back.

Neil hand moved into her top touching her bare soft skin. They were moaning and groaning …………………..slowly they left each other lips. They both were smiling with tears in there eyes . She kissed him on his forehead, then his eyes, his cheeks nose and a soft kiss on his lips nd said I love u neil….I love u alot..and then embraced him.

Then Neil put his head in her lap and rest of the night went seeing each other and talking……… nd they themselves don’t know when they went to sleep.

Sam woke up when alarm bell rang at 7 in morning. Neil was still sleeping. She saw his face very calm composed and happy. He was into his deep sleep. She kissed him on his forehead and slowly got up then tip toeing she took clothes from from her cupboard and went to freshen up. When she came neil was still sleeping.

She went to kichen made a coffee for her nd Neil. She sipped her coffee while reading newspaper and had put his coffee on hot plate. She came back to her room to get ready she saw neil was not there she went infront of mirror applied kajal, eyeliner and mascara with a light shade pink lipstick. She took her bag from cupboard then neil enters her room and hugs her from back saying goodmorning.

She greets him as well nd he kisses her on her neck. Neil had took the shower and his cut mark on forehead was visible but it was nt hampering his looks, his phone starts ringing its arjun’s call.

He says bhai and then arjun tells him to come office a bit early he asks anything serious as he could sense dusturbance and tension in his voice. Arjun says try to come asap.

Sam asks anything serious, he nods his head saying nothing bt she understood something is there which is bothering him ……bt she didn’t adked him again ……..she said needs to go and she will be having breakfast will rads in office. Pls take care and call me if anything is there in which I can help. C u in the evening….. love u nd she hugged him. He said love u too and gave her a smile which made her blush…her eyes were shining she didn’t took her sleep well bt still she was feeling fresh. It was a new day a new start of life with neil her love.

She drove by her car to office it was hardly 25 minutes from her home. She called rads asked her where she is rads was already parking her car in the office premises. They both saw each other sam parked her car and together they went inside.

Sam was happy it was visible from her shining eyes. Rads asked her the reason she said its nothing she said something is changed in u bt u don’t want to share with me, I think u dont consider me as ur friend now sam said ok stop blackmailing……its neil……..

Rads gave her a big smile and hugged her tight, I knew it …sam said what…radhika replied that I knew he also loved u….I told u earlier also bt u never believed me. Sam said ya bt he never expressed his feelings so I wasn’t sure.

Rads was happy for sam . They both entered a big cabin there a short heighted man was sitting in the middle of chair wearing gold chained spectacles. He gave both of them a big smile and said congratulations to the two beautiful ladies for their explicit work in paris fashion show. The show was a hit and there designs have been liked by all, both of them were happy.

He then said delhi clients want to meet u it’s important for us if we will be having them then we can earn alot nd in lakme fashion week I hv decided that both of u will be going to showcase our designs. It is in next month so start preparing soon u will giving interviews in page 3 and started laughing.

Sam and rads were listening to him bt there interest was hardly over there, sam said they will be leaving for delhi tomorrow. He said good I will inform them. Rads said ok and both of them stood for leaving.

It was busy day for both of them, they were working the whole day that they couldn’t even go for lunch. When around 5.30 message peeped into radhika’s mobile ” hey jaan, waiting for u at barista” after getting the msg she remembered that she had to go to arjun as they planned yesterday for an outing.

Seeing her tensed rads asked the matter she told her that arjun is waiting for her she have to go. Sam says ok then go I will handle this. Rads said u sure sam just blinked her eyes. Rads hugged her and said bye and left from office. Then sam called neil bt he didn’t picked her call. She messaged him
” at office will be late, call when free. Lots of love, muuuuaaaaahhhh”

Neil didn’t replied to her msg also.
After that she was busy in her work .

Rads reached barista late arjun was waiting till then he already had 2 cups of coffee. She reached and said sorry I was stuck bt nt actually stuck nd therefore forgot abt our meeting.
He just gave her a smile and said u r too cute to handle. She felt shy by his words and started blushing.
Arjun made her sit infront of her gave her a single red rose. She was surprises because arjun never gives her flower. She asked him anything spl he said no why she said u never gave me flowers in our 5yr old relationship.

He gave her a smile from one corner of his lip. He said nothing just thought to give rose to a rose. She started laughing as he is nt that romantic, this was new to her he then kissedher hand …..she was blushing, her hazel eyes were shining….. face was red. Arjun said stop blushing else people will not be able to differentiate between u and rose. She giggled a little.

After sometime waiter brought a cholate fudge pastry with hot chocolate sauce on it topped with vanilla icecream. When she saw the plate she just took the spoon a took the pastry with her mouth full due to work she cudnt eat nd her stomach had started aching because of it by seeing this arjun asked her u skipped ur meal.

She said yes there was lot of work in the office. Arjun got furious and started yelling at her that u don’t takecare of urself, I have told u several tyms not to skip ur meals it’s not good for ur health bt u don’t bother to listen to me.
She says sorry pls dont shout on me and a tear rolled down from her right eye.
Arjun got melted by this and his voice became soft oh my pumpkin pie pls dont cry I didnt meant to hurt u sorry, and he hugged her.
She burried her face inside his chest as already people were looking at them later on she finished her icecream and they left for parking.

Rads sat with arjun in his car and they zoomed towards home. It took 45mins because because of the heavy traffic jam.

They reached infront of a villa. All the way she was sitting lazily because of tiring day after seeing the villa she smiled big. Then both of them went inside. It was a huge house with well furshined and beautiful decors. Radhika herself have taken interest in renovation this house after getting engaged, each and everything was according to both of them.

Arjun have only radhika and neil as his family along with neil’s family died in plane crash. So he loved both of them radhika his life and neil was his support and his only blood relative.

Radhika took clothes from cupboard and went for shower. As she was just closing the door arjun pushes her nd enters saying hey baby u forgot me.

Rads said forgot u means?? What are u doing here. He said I came to take shower with my beloved. Radhika was hell shocked she was like r u ok and was checking if he is having fever or so by checking his vein . She said it looks ok. Then she says u take shower here I m going I guess I need some rest.

Arjun held her hand made her close to him. He said dont worry no hanky panky till marriage it’s just I want to hv shower with u. Every word of his was falling on rads face she could smell him this was making her crazy. She wanted to give him everything of hers but her thought was to wait till marriage.

They never slept together also all these yrs. This was first tym arjun was behaving like this she didn’t know how to react bt blood in her was running so fast, her heart was like about to come out. She never had this feeling, this nervousness lot of things happening in one go making her crazy.

The kissShe hugged him tight and went under the shower and opened it water was coming on her nd making her glow more. Her silky open tresses her wet clothes all were making her appear hot. She was having perfect curves . She was feeling relaxed under the shower, when arjun came after removing his shirt his toned eight packs were visible he touched rads waist from behind. Made her face him cupped her face kissed her on forehead and slowly came down to her lips, he kissed her softly over there then one of his hands got down at her waist and second one at back of her head this made her more closer to him rads hand ultimately went at his back they were very close. He couldn’t stop then and started giving kisses on her neck her ears and then he came to her luscious lips he started with soft and ultimately became harsh which gave a cut on her lip he was groaning hard.
His hands were moving on every part of her body . He was a hungry tiger who got nothing to eat for long.
The kiss hurted her bt was giving her sweet pleasure also. Due to pain her hand pierced his shoulder and he suddenly realised that he was being carried away and he became soft.

The water was falling on them making them look like god and goddess. Rads changed into a towel and came out. Arjun was going to his room to change bt when he saw her like this he was like god radhika do u want me to do everything today only .

Radhika said shut up nd pushed him out of room and locked the door. She wore her lower till knee lengh and a loose t shirt. She could still feel arjun’s hand all over her body which gave her a tickling effect. She dried her hair then when she saw her face her kajal was spread all around her eyes as if she is having darkcircles . Her cheeks were pink glowing. She cleaned her kajal. Then combed her hair and went out.

Arjun was already in kitchen making coffee, he was wearing black coloured half track pants and orange tshirt. Today he was looking different to radhika bt she was liking him in this way also. She made toast then they both sat on a swing in garden and were eating when she remembered to call sam.
She hurriedly went to her room searched her phn nd dialled her no. It was nt reachable, She tried again still it was nt reachable.

She called neil while coming back to garden. Arjun was busy reading newspaper. Neil picked the call in second time she asked him about sam he said she is in office then rads replied office might be closed by now and no one would be there and her phn is nt reachable. Hope everything is fine.

He said I m abt to reach home let me check may b because of network prob. Then neil cut her call and dialled sam’s no it was still nt reachable. He became worried and drove fast. He looked inside the house everywhere bt couldn’t find her. He called her number again bt it was still nt reachable. Then he called rads nd said I m going to offc to check her. She said I called there bt guard said offc is closed nd nobody is here. She said we are also coming she might have got locked inside the office. Arjun also came to know by then he took the car keys and they both started towards to office………….

Credit to: KIRTI

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