Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 2)


Radhika asks sam whats happening something fishy is going around and u r nt telling me. She says no yr its nothing like that don’t know why u r feeling this. Rads is still doubtful but then she thinks may be she is over reacting and then she tells her that one of their clients called from Delhi they want us to visit them sam says thats great I would be able to meet my mom and dad also. She says great then we can go day after tomorrow, she says fine.

Rads hear Arjun calling her for leaving as he has an urgent meeting. She comes in angry mood and says u and ur meetings. I want to spend sometime with sam. Neil says no, radhika gives a shocked look then he says no I mean the weather is not good and then later on u can have problems while leaving for home..

Arjun says yes come I will drop u then sam says no let her stay here tonight tomorrow we will go to office together as we have to discuss something important, he says ok then arjun hugs rads and says takecare and
leaves ……

Neil gives an angry look to sam and she gives him a smirk making him more angry. He then leaves saying has some important work to finish and says bye to rads and then go out without giving a look at sam………

Sam becomes sad as he left and didn’t talk to her….

Then sam and radhika go to her room they do their girls talk. Rads says she is not sure that she should marry Arjun or not as she wants to concentrate on her career she wants to become something of her own before being called as his wife.
Sam says you already are a good fashion designer, we are working in one of the top companies what u want more from ur career. He loves u alot and I think it’s tym for u to get married. Rads says I think u are right bt don’t know why my mind and heart are not saying the same thing. I love him but….sam says no but u talk to him or I will talk. It’s been 5yrs that you guys are engaged and staying together. She says yes u r right ……..I will talk to him but u don’t tell him anything. I will give him surprise on my birthday. Sam says thats like my chasni and yes ur birthday is next week how can I forget I m so sorry…..
Birthday means fun, party,dance and masti. I have to go shopping and u have to accompany me. Rads says ofcourse I will come I have to buy something for Arjun.

Then neil came and said sam to come out for 5mins its urgent, I m not getting my file it’s important. She first was nt willing as she never touches his files and he knows this bt still she hesitantly went to his room.
His room was just next to sam’s room. When sam shifted with neil she took this room because she wanted to stay close to him.
She was when standing at door with yes or no in her mind that she should go or nt, suddenly she felt someone putting his hand on her mouth and holding her by waist from backside it was neil.
He took her inside the room and asked her again what she said ……..
she was shocked how he holded her like this and her eyes became so big in surprise as if they will come out like a ball. She noded her head and then removed his head and took a deep breath.

She said “what are u doing ? Have u gone mad??” Then he kept a finger on his mouth and said repeat only what u said.

She was like why should I say he should express his feeling first and therefore she said I dont remember what I said.
He comes closer to her she says she has to go as radhika is waiting bt he hold her by her cheeks and was about to kiss her just than rads calls sam and she smilingly goes by pushing him.

He says so u will not say like this then lets see how much u can wait. He then changes into black jeans with yellow t shirt. He was looking hot and then goes to sam nd radhika in sam’s room bt they were not there then he searches them and finally saw them in kitchen.

Rads see him and asks u going somewhere he says oh yes I have a date today sam hearing this gets angry and boggled too and says how can he go on date with any girl.
Rads say so what let him go and enjoy with his friend. She says let us go out we will do shopping.
He says yes lets go I will drop u where ever you people want. Sam says ok and they both get ready sam wears brown denim and white sleeveless top and ties her hair into ponytail.

Radhika and Arjun had a separate room there because they frequently come there, arjun is very much attached to this house as he spent his childhood with neil in that house till his father shifted to another house but he used to come in weekends to stay with his paternal uncle aunt (chacha, chachi) nd neil there only son and Arjun’s only friend cum brother.

They were into family business of aircrafts. So radhika was having some clothes to change there. She changed and wore a kurti in dark green with purple legging. Then they came out neil was waiting for them in the car it was a black rangerover. Sam sat in front and radhika at the back during driving he carressed sam’s hand twice or thrice she gave him giggle. He asked them where they want to go. Sam told him sbc mall then he dropped them there and went away.

As soon sam and rads went inside the mall sam received a msg she checked and d msg was from neil written punishment on way. She gets tensed rads ask what happened she says nothing and they go on for their shopping.

It was late while shopping time for dinner Arjun called rads and asked where were they radhika told him that they are shopping in sbc mall he said ok I am also coming. We will have dinner together………..

After some time Arjun, rads and sam were sitting in a restaurant. Radhika arjun were sitting together holding hands. Rads was having her head on his shoulder. Sam was missing neil then she excused herself for going to loo..

When she came back she saw neil sitting on her seat with a girl. She couldn’t say anything except a hii to the girl and fake smile to neil. She was left with a seat which was between neil and radhika.
She didn’t wanted to sit with him but because of no option she sat there. Rads say sam this is krutika neil’s girlfriend. Sam gave a shocked expression and said gf how when why…… she said I don’t know neil can tell us better but I think she is good. Sam says yes she is very good right neil.
He didn’t expected such words from her and therefore didn’t give reply to it. Later on while having dinner they talked. Rads then said she and sam will be going to delhi they have a meeting there. Arjun says why didn’t u told me earlier when will u get back neil was just silent sam was seeing his face which had become red due to anger. He loved her so much that it becomes difficult to stay without seeing her but he never said this. Whenever she goes somewhere he doesn’t even give a call to her. Suddenly neil gets up and says we have to leave. Arjun says ok but atleast have your dinner. He says no I am done. The girl with him gets up and goes holding his hand with smile on her face.

Sam gets angry, then Arjun says to Radhika that u r coming with me I have to talk to u. Plan with sam some other day and alredy both of u r going delhi together, u didn’t told me any of ur plans so u have to come with me. Rads see towards sam she blinked her eyes in yes then rads say ok.
They go on with dinner then Arjun says to sam come will leave u home. Sam says ok.

Then Arjun and rads get seated infront and sam was sitting in back. In between arjun and rads share eyelock and rads feeling shy turned her face towards window. They drop sam to her place and leave.

Sam went inside the house by opening it with key they were having 4 keys one each with Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Neil…..

She went straight to her room took a shower and changed into shorts and tube top and went to sleep, but she was not able to sleep she was thinking what neil must be doing with that girl…while thinking this she went to sleep.

After some time she could hear some noises she got scared and thought there is some thief.
She got up from her bed tried calling neil but his phn was off. She then was standing behind the door of her room with a baseball bat which she keeps in her room for safety.

Someone was trying to open gate of her room . She was very much scared and was shivering but still she held that bat in her hand tightly and somebody entered her room and she gave a hit on that person’s head…. aahhhh what the hell …. when she heard those words she was dumbstruck as the voice was of neil.

She ran and switched on the light and saw neil holding his forehead with his hand and blood coming out from his forehead……………………………………..

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Credit to: KIRTI

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    LAVANYA will try to give u one long update specially on ardhika.


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