Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 19)


She was searing in pain tears rolling down her cheeks…she said neil but he shushed her putting finger on her lips…

coming close to her he said why are you crying…doing this drama…blo*dy melodramatic woman…

sam said drama…me…he said yes I know u give a damn about me…and I think you don’t even love me…always fighting one or the other reason…trying to find a reason to shout on me…what happened now don’t you have anything to speak…

sam crying touched his cheeks you really think I don’t love u neil…he said yes..with his hands on his waist.

He was not making any eye contact with her…his eyes were red because of anger.

She shut her eyes in anguish, grief, distress, torment… she was feeling wretched…she hugged him tight he wanted to hug her back…

his hands went around her waist but he took it back…she said I love u neil…he said no you don’t….now leave me the way I m and get away from my life….I know this is very easy for you…

she crying left him and sat in her car and drove away….

After some time she saw a car giving horn….she was crying badly and due to tears she could only see blurry images…

then suddenly that car came infront on her car and stopped….before she could realise that baannnggg….

oops f**k damn it…she got off the car cursing and saw her car headlight came out…scratch on bonnet…..what the hell….

can’t you see blo*dy blind..look what you did to my car blo*dy and she was cursing without even seeing who the man is and then someone kissed her hard on her lips…

She was hell shocked…he was forcing himself on her…she was giving him punches to free herself….then he left her…

she said neil how cruel are you…he said get in my car. She said no i won’t..he said get in car sam do u think u r in a position to cut my word right now…

her mind was saying to not go but heart said she should go and before she could decide something….he said ..dont make it worse…

She got into his car…he took her car keys and parked it around…then went into his car and droveaway to his home….

he reached home and opened the door of car where sam was sitting took her into his arms and got inside the house.

He then took her to her room and said what do you think of yourself….don’t you ever dare to go away from me…u liar…she said I m not a liar…

he asked her ok do you love me….she said yes…then he said what can u do for me….she said anything….he said thik before speaking…..u might not get a second chance….she said I love u and this is true ….u agree or not….that cannot change my love for u….

he said remove your top….she said whattt ….he said remove your top….i think I m pretty much clear with my words……she said will it prove that I love you. He said no it will prove you trust me or not.

Neil said let me do whatever I wish to do….you don’t trust me…I know this….she said no its not that…this is what it is sammy….if you see me with a girl I dont know what you think I just know that you dont talk to me…u become angry with me…if someone says anything to u about me…u feel like yes I’m doing that to u I neither love u nor I care for u…this is what it is right….

sam was out of words…actually he was saying right. Whenever she sees him with anyother person she starts thinking something negative…he can be friends to a girl also…that doesn’t mean he is actually sleeping with her or going around with her…..or he is cheating on her…what it was it was actually her insecurity which was making her do stupid things…..

In this whole world u think I m going to be the first one to leave you, betray u and dont know what else…isn’t it…she said no this is not what I think…you are saying this from your own mind…she said while standing with both of her arms folded around her chest and almost all her weight on her left leg….saying this she turned her face as she was not able to see in his penetrating gaze which had made her a culprit….

he came near her and held her chin and said now please dont give me these faces else next time I will do whatever I wish to do without even you know…

Neil went to the small bar he had in his home..i.e his collection of all the alcohols…took a bottle of wine and started drinking it…she said please neil don’t drink…doc said its not good for u…he said who are you to stop me…

she said ok fine I am no one let me call arjun and inform him….he took her phone and threw it on ground…and it was broken….this is between u and me dont include bhai or rads in between…..her mouth was hung open with shock…..the way he was behaving…she said ok then I will also drink she said…he said suit yourself and gave her a smirk…

she thought he will say no but now she is going to show him that if he dont care then let it be…she took a wine bottle and took it directly into her mouth.

Neil was shocked seeing her like that ….she stopped for breath and said lets see who finishes first…then neil also took the bottle directly and he finished first…she was not even half…but both of them lost their senses….

they were laughing seeing each other….and he said u r a devil u now…she said u are a monster…he said monster noo…. you are a devil….she making a pout said no you are a hmmm what were u…he laughing said hahaha see you are drunk…she said no I’m not drunk…see I can walk..and she was showing him that she can walk but fall down he then laughed loudly and said see I will show u how to walk…and then he was walking when she held his hand and drew him down and he fall very close to her…

They were very close having an eyelock…and didn’t know when there lips were so close that neither air could pass between them…then he took her in his arms and took her to his room all the while they were completely into each other sharing eyelock….he reached his room made her sit on his bed and he kept his head on her lap and laid down on bed…

He made her head down her hairs were open on his chest and they were kissing…their eyes closed he first kissed on corners then kissed her being very gentle…they kissed for long and he came in a sitting position and took her into his lap her back was touching his front…he immersed himself in her hairs sam closed her eyes then he took his hand and entwined in hers and made a band around her chest…

he said I love u sammy….she said I love u too neil….they were like that for pretty long minutes….then he made her lie on bed and he was on her he kissed her neck then cheeks, eyes, forehead and on lips…he pressed his whole body on her feeling every inch of her….they were kissing he then put his hands inside her top took it little up and then opened it…..

Both of them were half naked. He kissed her back..put his hand on the shapewear..pressed it then he bite her on her shoulder making her moan…she then slept with her back up neil came and kissed her waist….he made her lie towards her front above…and kissed her stomach then navel….he gave her wet kisses everywhere….she was caressing his hairs…and then they were deep into each other…moaning and groaning till they have had become one soul and noone was there who could now come between them…and then they slept like this….

Piyali asked radhika about sam, she said she will go to neil’s place today after office as he needs someone there. Piyali said why any problem…she said no actually in his project sam is supposed to help him and therefore she is staying there….

piyali said how can she help I mean they both are in different professions. Radhika then closed her eyes thinking what to say….just then arjun putting hands on rads shoulder and standing next to her said aunty we needed someone to design for our new workshop and radhika will be busy in marriage customs so we decided that sam would be more helpful…piyali then looked satisfied and said ok…

Rads blinking her eyes to arjun smiled as is thanking him for saving her…he then said into her ears no need darling I will take something else from you for this giving a smirk…she then giving him a shy look went away from there….

Its morning sun rays were coming from the window disturbing sam in her sleep….she woke up and realised that she wasn’t wearing her clothes and then remembered what happened last night…then she saw around the bed but neil was not there….she ran towards washroom taking the bedcover just to cover herself… took shower using his shampoo and body wash…she felt as if he is near her his body cologne creating goosebumps in her body…she washed off her thoughts and relaxed…then came out and saw it was already 10 in the morning.

She then thought of piyali and was tensed when she saw neil standing infront of her in shorts and she remembered everything they had last night and she felt shy and tried to move from there without seeing his face….he then held her and spread his hands as a band around her waist and said lets get married…she was just shocked and surprised of what he said …even though it sounded really good to her but she thought she will be the one saying this to him but before her he said that and she hugged him tight with tears rolling down her cheeks…

she said sorry to him for her insecurities which caused so much stress in their relation and because of which he was hurt alot…she said that she didnt do all that intentionally…he said he knows this…and tried to Change the environment by saying after all he so charming that any girl falls for him and insecurities are bound to happen…she then gave him a pat on his head and said dont ever think of any other girl else will kill you…

he said you sure by holding her waist tight and making her more close to him …she stuttering said y…ye…yesss I am sure…and he kissed her on her lips wet kiss…creating havoc in her body…and making her pant for desire of everything she can have…

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

This is all for today hope you will find this good…..while some major changes are about to come …..

@ sam falling for arjun….. how, when, why is what you have to wait for.

@ radhika’s reaction and introduction of nesam a new character

Sorry friends couldn’t make out these days was stuck badly…but now finally free and got time…. so typed this…

Do comment and tell your views would love to hear from you….thanku for supporting me all the readers …love you guys….

Credit to: KIRTI

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