Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 18)


Mala reached station and took the train for banaras. She said to samrat to try and come early for marriage preparation as it is difficult for her to do things and radhika’s father situation is not hidden from him. Samrat said dont worry radhika is like my daughter and I will try to come as early as possible. Samrat waved bye to mala as train started….after leaving her samrat returned back home and said shanti to give him some snacks and coffee and after having it he went for some official purpose…

Arjun was sitting in front next to driver’s seat radhika, sam and piyali were the next and neil at the back ….neil was wearing shorts and cut sleeves t shirt…he was looking really very handsome….he was angry with sam so he was not talking to her… rads was wearing jeans and half sleeves tshirt with a scarf…sam was wearing jeans with three fourth sleeves tshirt…piyali as usual was wearing a saree…and last arjun he was wearing jeans with a fitted v neck tshirt…

During the whole journey they took halt various times for freshing up…fooding…loo……etc..even arjun and neil also took turns to drive giving the driver rest…. all of them didnt talk much during journey…radhika and arjun shared some light moments whenever they took halt…finally they reached home…it was decided that sam and piyali will stay with radhika at her place….sam was sad as she couldn’t get time to talk to neil and during the tour also neil didn’t talked to her…and ignored her completely. After reaching neil went back to his place and then also sam couldn’t get time to talk to him.

Sam called him various times but he ignored her call. Arjun and radhika stayed in same room while sam and piyali decided to stay together in one….they all were tired so went to sleep….sam had a sleepless night…..she was just changing sides from one to another so that she can get sleep but it was all in vain….she even tried to call him but he rejected…

Neil was in bar completely drunk, unconscious…when bartender took his phone and called arjun telling as his number was on speed dial with preferrence 1st… it was morning around 4. Arjun was in deep sleep vibration sound of his phone disturbed radhika and she saw the flashing name and said neil ….why is he calling this morning…she picked the call and straightaway the bartender said sirji the man whose phone is this he is unconscious here in this bar King Crown…radhika was half sleepy got surprised hearing it and said whhhatttt…the man again replied the same thing she said ok we are coming….

She made arjun woke up but he was in deep sleep so he made her lie to in his arms and kissed on her forehead saying please let me sleep….she said arjun wake up….neill…neil needs us…arjun hearing this opened his eyes…he asked what happened ..??

Rads said a man called from his number saying he is unconscious….arjun then took his phone and called back… the bartender picked the call and said the same thing…arjun was also surprised he said why he went there…he said ok I am coming you please take care of him for while….he was just getting off bed when radhika said I will also come….he said you rest baby let me see him…..she said no I will also come…this is my family too and I want to go….arjun said ok I dont want to argue to you now that too early morning. She said that is so sweet of you.

He then held her by her waist and took car keys and were going out when listening to sounds sam came out…she asked radhika where are they going…rads told about the call…hearing this sam got a cold feet as if she was not moving and neither saying anything. Radhika made her back to senses and said take care and dont let aunty know anything…we will be back soon….

She didnt responded anything neither a yes nor a no actually she was in her thoughts thinking of how he must be thereafter completely drunk….till when she came back from her thoughts and decided she will also go they were already gone and now she can’t leave piyali alone….else she will think what is the matter and she may think neil to be bad….sam was restless and walking here and there in the hall…..looking at her phone….again and again….waiting to get any call from radhika or arjun…

Radhika and arjun reached the bar arjun said now you be here I will see him…she said she wants to come…he said baby in this nightgown ….??… oh then she remembered that she in hurry didn’t even think of changing her clothes….she then said ok….

Arjun then went inside and after sometime arjun and a man was coming with neil unconscious and holding his both hands around their shoulder and arjun holding his waist also….they came near car…rads opened the back gate arjun made him lie on seat… rads sat at back with neil’s head in her lap and then he gave that person 500rs note but he didn’t take and said that sahabji was very much worried for some name he was calling…s…sunny…sabby….radhika then said samaira..he said haan this was what sahabji was repeating whole time….I think he love her….arjun said thanks and left from there in car…

Radhika tried to wake neil up all the while going to home but he didnt….they went out to neil’s home…rads opened the gate of the house then they both made him come home by holding him…arjun then made him lie on sofa…and said we need to call doctor…rads said yes…arjun called a doc…then doctor came after around half an hour…he checked him and said nothing much he just drank too much and therefore like this do one thing I m giving some medicines make him eat it…he will alright in 2 or 3 days….radhika said he will be conscious after 2-3 days…

Doc laughing said no no…he will be conscious by evening or coming morning… rads said ohk…he said but whenever u will give these medicines he will puke so after getting consciousness no need to give him these medicines…and I have given him first dose I want to check him once…he said lets take him to washroom he said ok….then they both took him to washroom…arjun made him drink water and then he puked and after that they made him lie again in his room…doc said this is fine …I m leaving now if incase there is any problem then call me..and please make sure this doesn’t happen next time…this is bad for his health…arjun seeing neil said yes I will make sure this doesn’t happen next rime.

Sam walking here and there dont know when sat on sofa and became asleep…when her phone rang…and in her sleep only she picked the call and hearing the voice of radhika she became alert. Radhika told her the complete story….and said give any excuse to aunty but dont let her know about neil…she then said I also want to come…radhika said ok you come in afternoon …piyali woke up and have freshen up she came out and saw sam on phone and sat there.

Sam hung up the call and gave smile to piyali saying Good morning…piyali said you didnt sleep the complete night…sam said no I did …she said to whom were you talking sam said office and then said let me go and freshen up then will make coffee for you…sam went to get freshen up…her mind was not working, she just wanted to go to neil…sit there with him…see him…talk to him..she wanted to sort everything…uff her forehead was aching thinking of all the mess happened…she then took shower what a great relief that warm water was giving her body….

She came out went to kitchen made coffee and toast with some omelette..and came out she called piyali for breakfast. Piyali said you made all this very good let me taste hmmm delicious you have become a good cook…she said no mom actually I m learning from radhika she cooks fabulous….piyali said ya where is arjun and radhika they didn’t woke up yet…sam said no they did but they went away somewhere early morning …she said ohk…I thought they are sleeping…sam smiling said no they are out…

After breakfast sam said I have to make one presentation so I m going of you will need anything then let me know…she said ya you go I m fine…sam then tried to make office presentation about their visit to the client in del but was not able to concentrate.. she wanted to call again but then felt that she should not disturb rads much …this is just beginning of their new life and already so many hurdles so she thought to wait till afternoon.

Rads and arjun were sleeping on couch in neil’s room. Rads head was on arjun’s shoulder.. after some time she woke up and arjun also woke up by that she said she is going to get fresh…neil is sleeping and we have to give him medicines after an hour…arjun said wait I m also coming…

Radhika went to washroom and arjun also came with him. She said arjun you go I will come after taking bath. He said why I want to bath with you…saying this he came close to her..

She said arjun but he held her arms made her close to him put his fingers on her lips….touched it with his fingers … made her face little up and came close to her and was about to place his lips on her when she saying arjun tried to get away…but he pushed her towards wall and kissed her on her lips his hands were caressing her back….her hands were on his shoulders…

He kissed her hard and unzipped her nightgown….and put his hand inside her cloth and unhooked her bra….and she said arjun noo…he said why…she said please…he said shhh…and then opened his tshirt and then made her back touch his front and opened her nightgown by taking it down from her shoulder to down….she covered her chest by both of her hands he then made her face him and took her hand and made it place on his shoulder as a band…and then pressed his body on her feeling her soft skin of complete body…

He held her waist tight and took her into his arms in a way that both her legs were around his waist and hands around his shoulders……and kissed her everywhere around her neck…shoulder…gave her a bite on her ears..kissed her on her soft spot…and then back on her lips…while doing this he took some help of wall for support and removing everything he put it inside her making her groan in pain….she had tears in her eyes because of pain…but then after some time pain was less they both were groaning and moaning.. kissing each other ….and their came orgasm which made arjun groan alound……then he hugged her like that for while kissed her on her lips and made her stand on her feet again….oops she wasn’t able to stand…..

He held her close so that she doesn’t fall…and he put on the shower….water droplet was making them wet touching every nerve of theirs…and the pain got finished slowly…..they were lost in each other when radhika’s phone bell rang making them broke their eyelock….she came out wearing towel and went to pick the call…non other than sam was their….sam said is he fine as soon radhika picked the call….rads said still he didn’t wake up.

Sam said how long will it take she said may be till coming morning..she said can I come now…rads said ok come…sam hunged up the call. Arjun was still in washroom…radhika wore a knee length skirt and tshirt….she called him he said coming jaan…..she said I’m in kitchen and went out..arjun came from shower wore a tshirt and track pant and went to kichen…rads was making coffee…and white pasta…it smells delicious arjun said devilishly….radhika felt shy and blushed saying shut up giving him pat on his stomach….he said hey I m talking about pasta..she said ya ya I know…she then told him to go and give med to neil…he said aree I forgot..ok will come back….

Sam wore a long skirt and crop top took her night clothes in handbag then came to piyali and said mom I’m going to office will be late but radhika will come till afternoon…piyali said no problem….sam took her car and then left for neil’s home…. radhika took coffee and pasta on table and bell rang…she went to open the door…

Hii chasni..hey sammy…how is he still like that haven’t gained conscious. Sam said I will kill him this tym…. then she saw coffee and drank few sips and went to the room where neil was….at that time arjun was coming out with neil from washroom. He layed him on bed…she said any progress arjun looked back and said no not yet but now you are here so take care of him..i will talk to both of you after he will revive back….

Sam went and sit on the bed next to neil…she said you go have something I am here….arjun said ok..and came to radhika she was drinking coffee….he kissed her on her head….and sat with her they had pasta and coffee…basically it was brunch…..after that they went to neil’s room sam was sitting their reading magazine.

Radhika said we are going now…..u takecare if anything needed than let us know…if he wakes up then gave us a call. And if he doesnt than you have to give this medicine to him in the evening….sam nodded her head and hugged rads and arjun. They went waving bye….

Sam then opened her laptop and then was completing her office work. Then she went to her room actually she needed space for putting things. While working dont know when she felt asleep…

It was evening neil woke up…his head was aching from hangover…he went to washroom got freshen up and changed into track pant and cut sleeves tshirt…..he came out of room went to kitchen made coffee for him and drank it while drinking he checked his phone and then he remembered that after being drunk he became unconscious and he didnt remembered anything he was surprised how he reached back his home…then he came back to his room while he was going to his room he saw someone in sam’s room. He came into the room and saw sam sleeping with all her stuff around.

He smiled then took all the things and kept it on table…and put a quilt on her…as he was leaving sam woke up…he said neil…you woke up…she became excited and stood up and hugged him…..but he didn’t hugged her back…and said let me go…she then left him and said neil yr sorry….he then put his finger on her lips and said not a word and next thing which came out from his mouth was not expected it brought tears in her eyes ….

He said Get lost and dont show me ur face ever again….

PRECAP : Finally a wrong turn taken


Hope you will like this…. you know guys I dont like winter season yeah so much clothes to wear……and here from last 2-3 days weather have become so cold…in morning 9 still it looks as if it’s morning 6….so much fog ufff very difficult to drive…I love rains….getting drenched in rains with your beloved ahh iska mzaa kuch or hai….

Nywaz do comment after reading hope you like this…love u guys…take care…

Credit to: KIRTI

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