Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 17)

Radhika came back from washroom saw sam sitting on bed and smiling. She asked what happened are you alright touching her forehead. Sam said yeah I m fine. She said oh then must be neil sam said what neil…rads said nothing..sam said please tell na..rads said no actually I think you are totally mad in his love. You are sitting here but thinking about him but I dont think he deserves you.

Sam boggled said why…she said he never cares for you…never calls you..he doesn’t even give you gifts…and he doesn’t cook for you…see my arjun loves me so much he does everything for me. Sam said yes you are right neil always gets angry from me and he scolds me like hell….radhika was giggling but gave a serious expression. She said look I have to get ready maa is coming and I dont want to spoil aunty’s surprise. Sam said ok but lost in thoughts….

Neil freshen up and was sitting on a couch in living room and was writing something in his phone and smiling…sam was going to kitchen and she saw him laughing and and thought I think radhika is right he is upto something.

Arjun after getting fresh went to sam’s room and knocked the door. Radhika was getting ready she thought sam is there and said come in sam it’s open. Arjun hearing her sweet voice became happy and came inside the room he saw radhika was struggling with her saree.

She said sam please hold this for me without seeing that it was arjun. He closed the door and came near her she felt him and turned and saw arjun their. She closed her eyes with her hands feeling shy and said u why u here now please go I will come after I will be ready…he said how can I go now you only said to come in while hoding her from her waist.

He said you looking hot and kissed her on her neck. She then realised that she had not drapped her saree completely she then took her hands off from her face and then put them on her chest in cross position. Arjun then held her hands and wrapped it around his shoulder as a band and said your hands are for wrapping me and not yourself..

I will take care of you. She said I’m feeling nervous I dont know how maa will react knowing this. He said chill nothing will happen. Then someone knocked at door radhika asked whose it…. it was shanti on other side she said your have reached station neil baba and sirji (samrat) have gone to pick her be ready fast. Rads said ok.

She said to arjun what we will tell her and see because of tension I am not able to wear this saree also, please call Sam she will help me in wearing this. He said when I’m here why you need sam. Let me help you. She said are you sure…in a sbocked expression that he knows how to drape a saree. He said ofcourse stand here and watch me.

He draped the saree and then made pleats and put it inside her skirt touching her waist skin. He then took the rest part turned it once giving a complete round of her and tug it around her shoulder. In whole time they were having eyelock and finally her saree was drapped completely.

He came closer to her gave her a dry kiss on her lips and said its done. Radhika watched herself in mirror and was shocked that he drapped the saree so well. He then said let me help you in your jewellery and makeup also in a hoarse voice. She couldn’t say no.

While drapping saree he touched her everywhere making goosebumps on her skin making her lost in him. He then opened the towel which was on her head and her long hairs came down in onego as if its raining. The smell of lavender was all around. He smelled her hairs kissed them. Then made her wear jhumkas, her mangalsutra, a necklace . He kissed her ears while making her wear jhumkas and gave a wet kiss on her neck while making her wear necklace and mangalsutra.

She had her eyes closed during all this. Then he made her wear her watch and bangles, then kissed her hands. He made her wear her waist chain caressing her waist with his fingers completely which made her shiver. It created a sense of tickle in her which made her open her eyes. He was seeing her face all the while he then applied lipstick while touching her lips from his fingers and kissed her at the corner of her lip and then he kissed her deep on her lips and she kissed him back with same passion. While kissing her hands were on his arms and his on her cheeks.

He then made her stand in a way her back was touching his front completely which made her feel his iron body protecting hers soft one . They stood like that for a while when radhika opened her eyes and saw the mirror. Arjun was holding her from her waist with his eyes closed. She smiled seeing him like that then she moved a little because of which arjun opened his eyes she kissed him on his forehead and made him sit on bed.

She then stood infront of mirror applied a liner, kajal and lipstick again as the earlier one was cleaned by arjun while kissing. She then had a bindi on her forehead. She was looking very beautiful in that yellow georgette saree with golden border and golden cutsleeves blouse. She dried her hair little and took vermillion box in her hand opened it and came in front of arjun. Arjun already mesmerized by her looks took that vermillion and applied in her middle partition and kissed her there. She then half clutched her hairs and was ready. Oh she was looking as goddess.

She said lets go now when arjun held her from her waist and hugged her from her back and said you looking beautiful princess and kissed her on her back. She said ufff arjun what are u doing let me go. He said you are making me crazy I just feel like taking you to bed and just then radhika put her fingers on his mouth and said its not the time to talk this. He opened his mouth and took all her fingers inside his mouth and sucked them for few minutes and took them out after kissing. She groaned a little and hid her face in his chest.

He said you are my wife so I being your beloved husband have every right to do anything with you irrespective of time and therefore I am feeling to give you right now she feeling shy said arrjuunn in stuttering voice maa is about to reach and I have to go and see her. He left her and she went from their blushing. She reached downstairs took blessings from piyali blessed her and said you are looking very beautiful.

Just than mala reached with neil and samrat. She called radhika and became shocked seeing her. Radhika saw her mom and ran to hug her. They hugged each other sam also came from kitchen by then. Mala said radhika you got married how when and no body told me….didnt you thought of informing me even and why you married in so hurry and what was the issue oh I feel like my head …rads said maa you first sit here come.

Piyali said malaji dont worry what may be the situation was but our children are safe this is important. Actually it’s my mistake I thought to surprise you thats why I called you in hurry and I wasn’t knowing this will happen. Sam gave water to mala and arjun came and took blessing of mala. She blessed him with tears in her eyes. He sat next to her and said maa don’t worry things are fine we married but couldn’t inform you or ask its all my fault. Radhika herself was not knowing that I will take this step, but believe me this was important. Radhika said we are really sorry maa. Please forgive us.

She said no its ok I shouldn’t have reacted this way I know you must have taken this decision after thinking. It doesnt even matter you guys were to marry after few days but I want you to marry infront of all the people like we actually planned. You know na radhika how much dreams me and your dad had of your marriage but now his situation is that he can’t even react to anything. I have told him this news that you guys will be marrying and that day I felt a sense of response from him. So may be there is chance of his recovery.

Arjun said I dont have any problem. Neil and sam together said its great idea. Then sam looked at neil making a face gave him an angry look. He was like now what happened to her. She is always angry from me god knows how will I live with her. Piyali and samrat said yes this will be really fun and we also will be able to see your marriage radhika. Radhika smiling said she dont have any problem. Sam said yes I would be able to dance and do all masti which I had planned.

Neil said it means we will reception after marriage sam said ofcourse idiot, don’t you have mind. She hugged radhika and said I am so happy. You know I became so sad that I couldn’t see your marriage but now I can get chance to see your marriage. I love you my chasni. I think we should have marriage theme but everybody said no. Neil said no issues I will be having theme marriage. You can fulfill your wishes than. She said huh as if I care.

Mala said why both of you are having cold war. Rads and arjun said leave them maa this is normal for them. If they wont fight then you have to think something is wrong. Everybody started laughing at this while sam made face towards neil. Neil was boggled as he couldn’t understand that why she is talking to him like that.

Piyali says to mala to rest for some time. Arjun gets a call and he excuses himself for taking the call. Rads, mala, sam and piyali goes together. Shanti brings tea for all. Arjun then comes back and says to neil that we will have to leave early as tickets couldn’t be arranged so we will go by taxi. Neil said ok. Arjun said pack your stuff I will inform rads and sam.

Mala got freshen up and then was having tea with sam, radhika and piyali….mala asked radhika what had happened how saral got you guys. Then sam told her his goons took me by mistake actually planned for radhika then demanded exchange deal but the mistake he did was that he was overconfident and he hated arjun….he wanted to marry radhika bt dont know what happened after that. Actually radhika I remember I got you ready as bride and that f**king shit was there to take you to marry. Mala asked you got married to arjun na not saral.

All of them were looking at her in surprised expression thinking that she might have got married to saral. Radhika said no I married arjun but…. mala asked but what radhika you are taking by breath . Radhika then told that horrific incident and her tears were rolling from her eyes continuosly. All of them were also in tears with their hands on their mouth giving a shocked expression.

Arjun came there he understood something serious was there. He asked what happened why you guys are so serious. He looked towards radhika he could see the pain and said coming close to her we will be leaving abit early pack your stuff and no crying now. The thing which is over I dont think it should be discussed now. Radhika nodded her head in yes with hardly smiling.

Arjun held her hand and said I want to talk to you. She said arjunn…he said please excuse us we will be back… then he took her to other room and hugged her tight. I told you not to remember that incident then why…he held her cheeks with both of his hands standing very close to her and said I can’t see tears in your eyes. You know this right then why are you doing this you know you are hurting both of us by this.

Promise me you wont ever talk to anyone on this topic ever… she said yes I wont and then he kissed her on forehead and said so pack now we will leave for our home now. Our world in which we both live, but I have decided one thing she said what he said I wont have kids with you she was like what ….he said ya you are already a cry baby and then other kids who will handle them. For me its difficult to handle one baby how will I handle others. Radhika was blushing all pink and put her head on his chest and gave him a punch on his chest saying you are so mean….I am not a cry baby… he said ya I can see that….

Then he said ok now pack your stuff will leave mid afternoon actually couldnt get tickets due to some issues so planned to go by taxi….so lets go and pack…she said but maa she came to meet us here then how can we leave her he said ok let me talk to her we will take her with us…..

Piyali was talking to sam that she couldn’t even spend time with her. If you stay het for a day then we could talk just then neil came and said its ok aunty you should also come with us. Sam said ya mom that would be great if you can come with us please. Arjun came and said yes aunty we all will go together. Piyali said but samrat he said dont worry I have already talked to him he said he cant come he will reach directly to banaras so you all pack and we will go to mumbai now and then after few days u and maa can go to banaras together. Sam became happy. Mala said but how can I come. I will go to banaras. Radhika said no maa you are coming with us.

Mala said no preparations have to done over there and you know your dad is also not well so I would go to banaras but I will come after your marriage function will get over. She said ok maa making a sad face. Arjun said maa but we wont make a very grand marriage. After marriage we can have a grand reception because you know already people will be talking and asking the reason that why we married in so hurry so better would be small family function. He said if you think it is fine. Mala said its ok beta I can understand. All went for packing there stuff while arjun and rads sat with mala for sometime talked to her …then radhika went out saying she will pack her stuff and come else they will be late. Arjun then was sitting with mala. She saw her tensed and then said to her holding her hand that maa you dont worry everything is perfect between us and we are happy. She said I know but what we will say to people of society, we have to answer them and if this incidence will come out then radhika’s respect people will not see her with respectful eyes. He said maa what are you talking. Which society the one who blames without seeing the fault of person. Maa you dont worry important is that we are happy and I dont have any problem with radhika. So u dont take tension. Arjun wiped her tears and said you please teach her some good culinary skills. She doesnt cook good food like you. She said ok, I will smiling….

Radhika went to room for packing sam asked you here why she said I came for packing…. sam said chasni you go and talk to aunty I will pack your stuff. Radhika said no its fine arjun is sitting with maa I will pack and go. Sam said chasni I’m saying na I will pack you go and talk to her. Radhika said ok but before leaving she said sam I wanted to tell you something…sam said yes say it then …rads said in morning whatever I said about you and neil I was just joking…I hope you didnt fight with him for that…I was just trying to pull your leg but we couldn’t get time after that so I could have said this. Sam said omg you know what complete day my mind is stuck at that only now I can feel relieved. Yes I didnt fight with him but I was angry..rads said sorry because of me…sam said yeah no need yr nothing is like that and when you said after that I myself felt that he doesnt care for me ….and while they were talking neil heard everything standing on door… sam then saw him and said neil but he got away from there angrily…sam said oh no now he became angry….rads laughed then and said you guys are always getting angry on each other on one or the other issue….sam said yaa …

Rads then went back to mala, arjun and mala were talking she said so what you guys are taking..arjun said nothing I was just telling maa that you dont cook good food and should learn something from your mom..radhika was like what you were complaining to her…and became sad …arjun and mala started laughing after seeing her getting angry like small kid…..she said maa you also laughing on me with him. I am angry on you also. Mala then laughing said arjun now you only tackle this small school girl and went away from there. Radhika said maa but mala went away from there.

Arjun then closed the door and said so you are angry …she said yes I am…arjun came closer to her and took her in his arms she said arjun put me down. He said why you are angry na toh I dont listen to anyone who is angry on me. She said please get me down he said no she said ok ok I forgave you. He smiled and put her down then and made her close and give a kiss on her ears and she went away from there pushing him.

They all had packed their stuff…driver put the suitcases in the car mala sat in another car for going towards station samrat was going to drop her and piyali, neil, sam, arjun and radhika sat in taxi for leaving towards mumbai…they all said bye to mala and samrat and both proceeded towards their destination.

PRECAP: angry neil in sam’s room…..

So the next part is here, hope you guys like this….take care friends….

Credit to: KIRTI

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    Ardhika scenes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

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    Paisa vasool wala epi totally awesome.

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    1. Nisha my musician my lovy dovy ek song dedicate kr dena for rads and arjun’s saree moment ;-). My song selection is not so good as yours my darling. You are the best person to do this ……love u

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  7. hey kirti dear , loved u doesn’t matter musician or not .

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    When arjun came into the room and touch rads neck and hold her waist then this song plays in bg and their moments shown…………………………….

    ( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
    Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
    ( Esi Chale Jab Hawa
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    ( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
    Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
    ( Esi Chale Jab Hawa
    Ishq Hua Hi Hua )… (2)
    Ishq Hua Haaye
    Ishq Hua Haayaaaeeeein
    Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai
    Gujare Na Wahan Se Yeh Teri Galti Hai
    Palko Se Hoton Tak Jo Rah Nikalti Hai
    Rehte Hain Abb Hum Wahan
    Ishq Hua Hi Hua
    Esi Chale Jab Hawa
    Ishq Hua Hi Hua

    Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
    Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua
    La Alal Ala A
    Ishq Hua
    Kadmo Ko Sambhale
    Nazaro Ka Kya Karein
    Nazro Ko Sambhale
    To Dil Ka Kya Karein
    Kadmo Ko Sambhale
    Nazaro Ka Kya Karein
    Dil Ko Sambhale Zubaan
    Ishq Hua Hi Hua
    Esi Chale Jab Hawa
    Ishq Hua Hi Hua
    ( Hulcul Hui Zara Shor Hua
    Dil Chor Hua Teri Aor Hua )… (2)
    Ishq Hua… (2)

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  16. Hey kriti,Sorry,everyone are praising you,please dont think that i always come with a complaint
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    1. Hey sasha how r u….I dont mind u asking any questions or complaining dear…its like she was there with saral and one or the other person do comment may be not in front but at the back this is how our society is …so just tried to potray that thing…sorry if u felt bad….thanks for commenting….and questioning….means a u…tc….

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