Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 16)


Sam was sleeping in her room when she heard some noise which disturbed her sleep. She opened her eyes and opened the door but there was no one.

She walked some steps and tried to look in the hall and out there but no one was there so she went back to her room and closed the door.

While closing she felt someone standing behind her but she looked back then there was no one.

She was already feeling sleepy so went to her bed and slept again. After some time she felt someone in her bed and a band of hand around her waist. She opened her eyes and held that hand and was about to shout when other hand was on her mouth she was very much scared so closed her eyes with fear.

After sometime that hand removed and she opened her eyes and to her surprise smiling neil was there seeing her like that. She stammering said u…what..what u doing here….neil said I scared u …she said no I m not scared. He touched her forehead she was sweating he said so u are not scared she said no I m not….he came close to her and asked again and she gave same answer.

He came more close and asked again she said no and pushed him away feeling irked. He said oh so u wanna fight with me. She said no I m not interested in talking to u or fighting with u…. please leave I want to sleep.

He said please sammy I am sorry but believe the situation was not good so couldn’t inform. Please forgive me my baby, cutie, dolly, shona I love you please.

He had his cute puppy face and by seeing him like that how can she say no she said ok fine forgave you but this shouldn’t happen next time.

He hugged her and said ok babes. Then he went to bed again, she said now what go I want to sleep. He said ya u can sleep here, she said of course I am sleeping here you get lost from here.

He said how rude this is not done. We guys can adjust on this. She said no ways you go to your room. He said ok but after kiss. She said no way..I wont kiss u he said no issues I will kiss you and he kissed her on her right cheek.

She said neil whats this he then kissed her left cheek and said kiss. She started beating him and he was running in the room to save himself. Accidentally they both fall on bed.

Sam was on him and they shared an eyelock. When sam realised she was about to go but neil held her waist and turned her down. They were pretty close seeing each other deeply only their heart beat could be heard.

Neil came more close his breath was falling on sam’s face and was creating goosebumps on her skin. He held her cheeks, sam closed her eyes and then he kissed her deep on her lips caressing her hairs and cheeks. Her hand was on his arms.

Neil said kiss me back….sam nodded her head in a no…he then took his hand below around her waist inside her tshirt. She felt his cold hands on her warm skin and that made her shiver…neil asked will u kiss me now…she again said no swaying her head..he took his hands more inside on her bare skin touching her back completely and coming closer…and asked will you she said no breathing heavily…her chest was moving up and if creating crest and trough.

She was feeling tempted but was contolling herself…he said u are not wearing bra…this alarmed her and she pushed him feeling shy her cheeks were scarlet but poor she his hands were around her and because of the force he got down but she was again on him as he held her tight.

He said I love seeing you like this but dont know why I feel u have gained weight. She said what and gave him a punch on his chest and he was like aaahhhh…and she got up and said now go from here opening the door of her room… but their bad luck as she opened the door piyali was standing on the door in a position of knocking the door….and she was shocked seeing neil there…he got up from ground and his hands were in his hairs…sam said mom I can explain…but piyali said disgusting and went away from there sam and neil were following her.

But all in vain as she got inside her room and closed it saying will talk about this in the morning. Sam and neil were standing outside the door with their faces down. They moved from there and when sam was going inside her room he then held her hand and forced her towards him saying atleast now give me a kiss.

She said neil you are mad leave me else inplace of kiss you will get a slap now. He left her and because he suddenly left her she fall down and he was smirking and left from there. Sam face became totally red with anger she got up cursing him.

She went inside her room and closed the door and went back to her sleep.

Sun rays fall on radhika and arjun faces because of which radhika got up she saw arjun beside her sleeping she kissed him on his forehead and remembered night and started blushing. She saw that he was having disturbance due sun rays so she came in front because of which rays were coming on her arjun opened his eyes and saw her sitting infront of him and blocking sun rays. She was feeling uncomfortable because of rays and was sweating. Her back had became red due to heat….

Arjun seeing her got up and came inplace of her. He said are you mad…and saw her back…f**k what the hell how can you do this and he hugged her. She said goodmorning baby smiling…he said how can u smile see what you have done to yourself lets go I will apply ointment first… she held him back and said first my goodmorning kiss….he smiled and kissed her…she said I will tell sam to apply ointment, he said ok and they came down.

Radhika knocked sam’s room sam was still sleeping she opened the gate cursing and said neil let me sleep but she saw radhika and then said you this early and hugged her asking how was the night….radhika blushed but said whose mine or yours…sam felt shy and said yeah its nothing like that rads coming inside the room said ya ya I know.

Arjun went to neil’s room and went to sleep again remembering radhika and their moments.

Sam said radhika ur back she said ya I need ointment sam said ok wait then sam applied ointment on her back and said but how you got this radhika said because of rays of sun. Sam said oh ahem ahem someone is very protective rads smiling said yeah shut up. Then sam went to loo for getting fresh.

Radhika called her mother mala. She picked the call and said radhika what happened you are fine na. She said yes mom I m absolutely fine but why this train sound you are travelling somewhere. She said yes I m coming to you only. Yesterday night piyali called and said to come earliest she told me you and arjun are back. I got scared but finally listening to your voice it seems you are happy and safe.

Radhika asked what more aunty told u she said nothing more. Then radhika in her mind thought that means aunty wants to surprise maa so I shouldnt spoil it. She asked how long will you take she said I will reach there in 3hrs rads said ok maa bye cya soon takecare. She was checking her clothes and thought what should I wear. Sam came after getting fresh. She asked u need clothes rads said yes mom Is coming aunty is giving surprising to her about my marriage.

Sam said oh great so when is mala aunty coming. Rads said she will be here in 3hrs. I dont have clothes what will I wear. She said dont worry yesterday when me and neil went out for getting decoration stuff I bought some clothes for you. Sam took out 2sarees she said see how are they….rads said wow these are so beautiful u are darling sammy love you and she hugged her.

Sam said I can smell arjun’s perfume from you rads shied away saying shut up sammy dont pull my leg. Rads went to washroom. Sam went downstairs saw her mom sitting and readig newspaper. She came and sat beside her and said mom its nothing of what you thinking. He just came to say sorry mom believe me. Piyali smiled and said ok so you are ready for marriage with neil. She didnt said anything but was blushing. Piyali asked you love him right.

Sam said no piyali then saw her giving shocked expression and removing her specs and said what…sam said oh no I mean yes I love him. She said but you dont want to marry him …sam said no no its not that I want to marry him…piyali smiled and ok let me know when should I start preparing . She looked at her mom happily and hugged her tight saying thanku mom I love you and ran from there.

Piyali said god bless you smiled and started reading newspaper again. Samrat came and said what happened why are you smiling and what happened to sam why she was running like this. She said nothing we have to start marriage preparations. Samrat asks what I think for that we need groom first.

She said yes I know he said so..then he paused and said oh that means you found who is he and why you didn’t told me. Its about my daughter and I dont know anything…its not done tell me who is he. She said neil…..he said neil who neil tell me about him I will check his background what he does all….she said no need.

He asked why …its about my daughter and you are saying no need. She said u know him. He said I know him I only know one neil and he said u mean our neil …she said yes he said neil mehra…she said yes dear neil mehra…he said wow I mean its great both of the daughters will stay together. I am so happy. She said yes I m also very happy.

Sam went to her room called neil. His phn vibrated and he took the call and in sleepy voice said yes princess she said neil mom…neil got up and remembered incidence of last night..and said what happened what she said is everything fine…shall I talk to her…sam said she is saying that I should get married. He said so its good lets get married. She said no you are not understanding. He asked what I m not understanding. She said she wants me to get married. He said wait let me talk to her about us and he hanged up the call and ran out to piyali.

Sam tried to call him again and again but he didnt pick the call. She said oh no hope nothing bad happens. She also goes out. Neil get to his knees holding his ears and saying sorry.

Piyali and samrat were boggled that why he is behaving like that. Samrat said what happened. Neil with tears in her eyes said uncle aunty I know I am not very good for sam but I love her alot and cannot live without her. I want to marry her and I promise I will always try to make her happy will always love her wont fight with her whatever you will say I will do that but please dont make her marry any other guy.

Samrat and piyali were laughing, then piyali said you dont need to say this we know all this and we have already said to sam that we will get you guys married. Neil said then sam…samrat said omg she must be joking with you.

Neil got up and was going back to his room when saw sam standing there. She was having tears in her eyes. Neil’s eyes were red because of anger he just went inside his room ignoring her. She tried to stop him but he didn’t. Then she went following him to his room and said sorry I was just playing a prank.

He said prank you think all this is joke… she said sorry neil I am really sorry and held his cheeks and kissed him his hands automatically went on her waist touching her soft skin. He kissed her back. They kissed like they will eat up each other. Neil’s hand was travelling all around her back touching her skin, feeling it’s softness all over his hands.

Sam’s hand were in his hairs caressing him. They kissed like this for dont know how long and then left each other. Neil kissed her forehead. Then sam opened her eyes. Neil said I love u and she said I love u too and both of their forehead were touching each other. Then arjun said if you guys are done then can I open my eyes. Neil in a surprised posture was looking at arjun and sam shocked ran away back to her room feeling shy. Neil said bhai when did you came here. I mean I didn’t know. He said when you were sleeping then I came. Neil feeling shy said bhai u should have told me look now again she will be angry. Arjun oh really you guys should have seen before starting your romance. I think I should talk to radhika about your marriage. Neil said bhai I m going to freshen up will talk about this later and went away smiling to washroom.

PRECAP : Back to home and grand reception

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