Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 15)


They reached home sam was sleeping on sofa in her mother’s lap and when she saw rads she ran to her.

Touched her cheeks hairs and asked her you fine.

Radhika hugged her tight and said yes I m fine both of them were crying…piyali rubs radhika’s back and says dont worry things are fine now you all are home safely.

Piyali said to sam to take radhika to your room . Sam took her to her room by holding her hand. She said rads to change and then she saw her mangalsutra she asked whats this and then when she saw it clearly and then vermillion in middle partition of her hair she was surprised and happy too…she said you got married and how when why I mean ..and she started shouting mom, dad…rads was trying to calm her down but till then it was late and everybody was there running and asking what happened.

Sam smiling wide said my chasni is now mrs chasni. Samrat and piyali boggled asked what…??? Neil smiling and hiding his face…..rads blushing stood next to arjun….and arjun with his hand on forehead and looking here and there…piyali said what I mean what are talking sam said see and then piyali and samrat saw radhika and they were like oh my god how this happened.

Samrat said radhika beta god bless you I am really happy I know its not the one which we thought off but still you are married and to man who love you and you love him too. I wish you both very happy married life and he hugged both arjun and radhika.

Piyali said seriously I mean this is big surprise I know the situation might not be good in which you have to take this step but I am happy as the end result is best. Wish you guys very happy and merry going married life and she kissed radhika on her forehead and blessed arjun by putting her hand on arjun’s head.

Arjun and radhika both of them were blushing and feeling shy.

Neil then said so tomorrow we are leaving and then a great grand reception. Sam said of course and we have to do alot of arrangements for them now.
Everybody was like arrangements what arrangements.

Sam giving a pat on her forehead said in piyali’s ears they are couple and need privacy and this is there first night. Piyali said this same to samrat and samrat said this to neil.

Everybody said in one go ohhh…so this is the situation and then all four started laughing. Rads and arjun were confused and seeing each other faces as if asking what are they talking….

Sam held rads and arjun’s hand and made them sit on bed and said you guys wait here we will be back in a moment. All of them went out closing the door from outside . Arjun and rads were in the room all alone.

After getting married this was the first time they were all alone. Radhika was feeling shy arjun himself was feeling awkward there was never this silence between them. It seemed as if words are not needed their silence was talking.

Arjun extended his hand and took radhika’s hand in his and said so mrs mehra how are you feeling after getting married ….radhika was feeling so shy by listening her name as mrs mehra and not radhika from his mouth that it created goosebumps all over her skin…her cheeks were totally pink…even though she was weak, harrassed just came out from very bad time but still with arjun she is having sense of being protected, loved, cared, admired, respected all of them comes in her mind and she feels he is with the best man in the world.

Arjun said so my darling princess you are going to blush like this only or are you going to say something. You know after getting married I couldn’t talk to you alone I wanted to know if you are fine with this marriage…I know you haven’t prepared yourself for this and you needed time our marriage was next month but like this we got married radhika put her fingers on his mouth and said arjun I love you and I trust you completely.

I know you did this just to make him feel whatever he did was not correct and I m happy with you. If he loves me then he has to understand this that I love you and I m happy with u. I know the marriage which I had thought of it’s not that.

But you know what the man which I dreamt of you are not that arjun asked what she said ssshhh let me complete you are much above that.

Arjun’s hearing this thought he is on top of the world his eyes were sparkling like two stars. He was very happy…then radhika said but arjun I want to tell you what happened today imean what he did with me.

Arjun held radhika close gave her a kiss on her forehead and then a deep kiss on her lips. He said I give a damn to anything and I want you to forget everything as a nightmare.

Radhika was about to say something but he cut her and said I know its difficult but we together will make it easy for you. Radhika hugged him tight and tears rolled down from her eyes while arjun caressed her hairs and kissed her on head.

Neil sam piyali and samrat were planning surprise for aradhika. Neil was sitting next to sam and was trying to touch her and she gave him an angry look and he was grinning. Neil said that we should book honeymoon suite for them sam said no I think we should decorate my room and give them a surprise. Piyali said but they are sitting in that room. Sam said oh yes we have to think something else.

Neil said there is one more idea sam said let it be u and your ideas both are waste of time. Neil boggled looking at her said what… ?? Sam said ya boring plans…neil said what I have done why you getting angry on me?? She said so with whom should I be angry than on dad or mom or shanti…he said have u gone crazy what I have done…they both were fighting and samrat and piyali were looking at them laughing and said nothing can be done of these two…

Sam said y didn’t you tell me that chasni and arjun got married he said there situation was not good everything was tensed in that situation how could I call up and say bhai is getting married. Sam said pls you could have told dad when he called… neil said we were already on way. She said let it be u did this on that birthday party eve also. Its better not to talk to u rather than wasting my time.

Neil said ok fine I think we can arrange something on terrace. Piyali and samrat said yes its perfect idea. Sam was making faces but have to agree as everybody else was ready. So it was decided on terrace they did bedding for them decorated the bed with rose petals. Sam said I think they will need a single pillow and she took one pillow. They lighted scented candles in surrounding.

Sam and neil together said its done now lets call them. Piyali said not like this lets go and make them ready. She said yes I forgot. Piyali gave red saree to sam and matching jewellery for radhika and samrat gave clothes for arjun. Neil and sam went to the room and knocked it and then opened it from outside.

Arjun and rads were sitting hugging each other. Neil and sam entered the room and said sorry for disturbing the love birds. Neil said bhai come I have some work. He took arjun from there then sam closed the door and gave radhika saree and said go change. Radhika said we going somewhere sam said not we you are going radhika said but where and I dont want to go alone. Sam said go and change first.

Radhika went to washroom took shower. She washed her hairs with shampoo twice. Then used bodywash for bathing and wore bathrobe and came out. She saw the packet and unopened it oh no saree why….sam said wear it please after all you are married.

Radhika changes in that saree its a silk one with golden border. Blouse is single hooked and strap one. From front its deep v neck her br*ast line is visible. She applied vermilion in her hairs, a bindi on her forehead, wore jhumkaas, bangles, light makeup, waist belt, mangalsutra and necklace . She was looking perfect as a newly wed bride.

Sam saw her and said I am sure arjun will not leave you seeing you like this. She was blushing which made her porcelain skin pink. Here arjun also got ready he wore black jeans with pink tshirt and waist coat. He said lets go neil, I m ready. Dont know where are you taking me… neil than said to arjun to go on terrace he is coming. Arjun went to terrace. Neil messaged sam informing the same. Sam then said to rads to go to terrace she is coming. Both arjun and radhika reached to terrace.

Actually arjun reached earlier he was seeing the decorations and was smiling just then radhika reached there and when arjun saw her he was mesmerized as if adrenaline has increased in his blood. He felt like just holding her tight take her to bed and make her groan till his innerself is not satisfied. He never saw her like that she was looking an elegant, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect lady, her curves could be seen and saree was tugged just around her waist line so her stomach was visible and that red saree on her white complexioned stomach was looking as if cherry on vanilla icecream. She saw him looking at her like that. She felt shy. Then his eyes travelled back to her red luscious lips. Oh god she will kill me said arjun. He couldnt take his eyes of her.

She came closer to him and entwined her fingers with his and saw the decorations then she realised what actually was that and felt shy and excused herself by saying she is about to come. Then arjun held her hand made her close to him her back was touching his front. He pressed her more into him. She could feel his breadth around her ears. He was smelling her scent lavender was what her smell was. He wrapped his hands like a band one around her waist and second one below the neck and just above her br*ast. Both of them have closed their eyes. They stood like that for may be 10mins.

Then rads was about to go and arjun kissd her that made her heart skip a beat.

”I love you, Mrs.Mehra.” He said.

”I love you, too, Arjun.” radhika said.

A tear rolled down her cheek. This was their first of everything. They were each others first crush, then love and now married and first night.

”What wrong?” arjun asked radhika

”I’m just really happy right now.” radhika said.

Then arjun caught her off guard and picked her up. Radhika squealed of course who wouldn’t. She said arjun please get me down sam must be coming. Arjun said you really think she might be coming by seeing all this. No one will come its only you and me. This is our world. Arjun set her on the bed and was hovering on top of her. He started kissing her with a crazy passion, but he slowed down and started kissing her neck and he took her saree off slowly as she took off his coat and t shirt. Now she was wearing blouse and skirt. Arjun was in his jeans. His 8packs were visible. Radhika saw him half naked various times but today he was different. Arjun never saw her like that he could see her curves completely. Nothing was extra anywhere. Everything was just perfect. He felt like eating her up.

He started kissing down her body and she stiffened and groan when he kissed her stomach, her bosom line, neck everywhere. He made her wet by kissing all over. He gave her a bite on her back which made her jump and she groaned. Then he kissed her on her legs came up and kissed her on her inner thigh that made her groan more. He was enjoying her groans. He kissed every possible place unless he was satisfied to feel her on his lips her every part.They foreplay with each other about an hour until he entered a little, it was painful. He looked at her and stayed still.

Radhika it won’t be for long. He said.

When he did it after some time the pain stopped and she moaned and sigh as he made love to her. He went slow and gentle into her and they kissed every second. Then he kissed her neck right on her sweet spot which was the strongest one. She started breathing in the love he was giving her. He didn’t care about his pleasure, he just cared about radhika’s. While she cared about him more than her own. They both were groaning and moaning nothing could be heard except their loud breathes and groans and moans. They were loving each other like they never did. Their bond became more stronger.

”Arjun…..I love you.” radhika said as he kissed her neck.

”I love you, too.”He said which made it more loveable.

Don’t know for how long they did it but they both were completely wet. Then they talked and fell asleep in each other arms.

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PRECAP : sam’s scream and new chapter of aradhika

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