Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 14)


Driver stopped the car outside a restaurant and said you guys leave your phone over here and go inside .

Rads and arjun went inside the restaurant. A man was waiting there for him. He blindfolded them and took them to another car from backside of restaurant.

They reached the place where sam was kept. Radhika was kept in some other room but sam and arjun were together.

Clothes around arjun’s eyes was opened he saw sam lying there he tried to talk to her but she didn’t responded.

Arjun held the collar of man standing there and asked what have they done with her. They said nothing she will woke up in half an hour now shut ur face and sit else you also will be lying with her.

Then he turned to see radhika but she was not there then he asked him about radhika. That man said forget her now she is enjoying with our boss and started laughing and went away from there by closing the door.

Arjun was caressing sam’s face her face was pale, dirty clothes…he took her in his lap. He was having tears in his eyes seeing her in such condition.

In another room radhika is seen blindfolded room is decorated. A man is seen sitting there on couch.

He came near her she could feel someone close to her and asking whose it..she was calling for arjun then the man came near her he put his finger on her lips she became scared as she could sense that touch was not of arjun.

She stammering said wh…who….who are u…the man then hugs her tight she try to get off from his clutch but the more she tries the tighter he holds her.

Radhika my radhika I know you will be mine one day. I missed u so much…radhika said get off me you psycho I am here for sam not for u better you get this in your mind.
He opened cloth and she saw him after so many years he was infront of him.

She felt like killing him just then and there only. She felt pained, devastated, grieved… she remembered each and everything that happened her friend, her death, his proposal everything.

He kissed her on her forehead and she slapped him hard again and again but still he was smiling. I know you are angry from me but believe me what I did is just for u I love u….she said you dont love me you are crazy devil I only love arjun and my life is for him.

He said arjun arjun I am fed up….I wont let him live…she said dont u dare even think so else I will kill myself. He said no I did all this to get you now u cannot do anything to urself. She saw him scared and thought this is the way I can help myself now.

In other room arjun looked each and every corner of the room and realized that he was being watched ……. to check it he tried to break the glass window of the room and suddenly 2of saral’s men came with gun in their hand.

Arjun understood that and sat down their then sam came back to her senses. She saw arjun and hugged him.

She asked about neil and he said he’s fine. Then said radhika…. arjun said I dont know where is she…. we were blindfolded ….sam said u cant trust this man he wants to kill you he says he loves radhika.

He knows everything about us. Arjun said I know everything long story we will talk about it later. First we have to find where is radhika.

In room radhika said I want to see arjun and sam now. Saral said sure babes why not but stay away from that jerk else I will forget everything.

Then he took her to the room where arjun and sam were locked. She came inside and saw sam.
She hugged her felt relieved that she is fine and then she saw arjun she was crying sam was also crying.

Rads said sorry all this is because of me. I m really sorry sam. Sam said shut up chasni its not your fault dont worry things will be sorted soon.

Radhika said I love u seeing arjun and arjun replied we love you too rads. Saral felt irked and held radhika by her waist and said we are getting married today samaira you make her ready and u mr majnu you do decorations of my bed where radhika and I will be spending our first night.

Radhika, arjun and sam all were shocked they didnt know what this man was upto. Then he pinched radhika on her waist.

She winced in pain and arjun frustated said dont u dare touch her u f**kard moron. Saral said keep your mouth shut else I will f**k ber right here only.

Sam and radhika were then taken from there to a room there a bridal saree and some jewelleries were present. Sam and radhika were crying badly but with no option left sam made radhika ready.

After an hour saral knocked the door radhika opened it he was mesmerized by seeing her like that. He said to sam good work done.

So now u can go, a man came to take her rads became happy and hugged her sam said she won’t go leaving her like this saral said stop the drama before I change my mood.

Sam said can she see arjun once, then she was allowed and she came to arjun and hugged him said takecare and pls help her.

She was blindfolded and made to sit in the car the same one in which aradhika came. As soon sam left arjun pressed a button of his watch.

A flashback is shown arjun said get me the watch having tracking device to neil. He said as soon sam will left from there I will press the button and through this device you will reach where ever I will be.

Neil said ok bhai and arjun said noone should come to know about this. Neil then brought watch and gave it to him during dinner time nobody could notice it and fb ends here. Arjun in his said you are done now saral.

Saral closed the door and started coming close to radhika and she moved to a side away from him, he came more closer she moved more a side.

He grabbed her arms and started kissing her on lips. She was trying to hit him on his chest so that his grip will loosen.

But he held her more tightly. He was being brutal on her she was wincing in pain,tears were rolling from her eyes, but he was continuously kissing her deep taking everything of her from inside.

He then left radhika’s hand and held her from waist while kissing and removed the saree.

She was in shock because of which her eyes were as if they will come out. She wasn’t understanding what was happening.

She was just in blouse and skirt now even though she was hitting him but it seems his body is made of steel having no effect.

Her lips were bleeding badly because of various cuts which that moron did. He then made her lie on floor she said what areyou doing get off me.

Have you gone mad. He said yes let me mark you first as mine after that will get married. She couldn’t say anything it seemed as if words were not hitting her ears.

She screamed to the top of her voice and called arjun but arjun could not hear her. He said stop barking else will first f**k you in your mouth.

Listening this she stopped saying anything words seem were not uttering from her mouth as if she lost the control over her word dictionary.

He opened his shirt he was naked from upper side. He said I waited for this so many years.

Radhika said you can’t do this. He said I can do anything Arjun sitting there with his hands in his hairs thinking how to go out from here.

Saral comes near radhika. He cups her cheek she sways her head to remove his hand from her cheek.

He said dont.
He smelled her around her neck u smell like lilies u know I just love ur smell…. he kissed her on her neck.

She was shouting for help pleading to him to let her go…but the voice was going on dumb ears.

No one was there to help her. She was covering her chest by crossing her hands on it.

He was kissing her everywhere on stomach, waist, he gave her love bite on her neck….. he bither ear and removed her earing he opened her hairs and smelled them oh you know your hairs I love them when they are open.

He removed her hand from her chest and was unbuttoning her blouse she was trying to stop him bt he held her both hands in one and then unbuttoned her blouse she was shouting for help there arjun felt pain in his heart.

He said I cant sit like this, have to do something. He knocked the door a man came arjun said I want to go to loo that man took him to loo and he was standing outside the loo.

Arjun saw broken glass window and then he took some pieces of glass from there.

Saral then hugged her and while trying to remove the blouse it got torn. He squeezed her bit her all over she was crying like hell.

He then made her lie completely on floor and now he was on her. He tried to make her skirt up she shouted with all her energy and hitted him on his stomach.

She went towards the door and tried to open it but before she could do that he held her hand from back and said you did mistake now no one can save you from me.

He took her to the wall forcefully because of which her forehead got a hit on wall and she cried arjunnnn her forehead started bleeding and she got unconscious….

Arjun in washroom heard her voice he became restless. He came out from washroom and hitted the man on his head and locked him inside washroom and took gun from him.

He then hiding tried to locate the room where radhika is he then silently was going from here and there to search her. Some men saw him and he had fight with him.

Then he held one of the man and asked him whereis radhika. The man told him they are in left corner room he said comeon take me there.

Saral tried to wake radhika but she got unconscious he then said no problem when you will wake up u will know that you are completely my now and then no one will be able to come in between us.

You will slowly start loving me as I love you he was caressing her face kissed her on cheeks and opened his belt just then there was knock on door.

He said who is it get lost I m busy the man other side said please open its urgent he then wore his belt and opened the door and bang he got a hit on forehead and became unconscious.

Arjun came inside the room and saw radhika he was shocked to see her, he ran and took the saree wrapped it around radhika.

The man who helped in opening the door ran from there and rang the bell alerting all the men.

Arjun closed the door first and tied saral and then tried waking up radhika again. He saw her forehead bleeding then put his hankerchief over there to stop bleeding ran towards washroom and got some water and put some drops on her because of which she became conscious gain.

She saw arjun and cried loudly hugging him. Arjun was also crying. He said dont worry nothing happened everything is fine. He calmed her down and told her get freshen up till then I am handling this bastard. She said dont let him live. He spoilt me he tried to enforce himself on me. Arjun promise me you wont let him live he said promise princess I wont let him see the next morning.

Radhika went to washroom and was standing below the shower. The droplets of water were making her feel as if saral is touching her everywhere. She was rubbing her cheeks, lips hands everything. She was having a felling of shit from inside. She cried loudly really loud and got down on her knees. She changed into her earlier clothes and came out. Her eyes were red, body bruised , dark circles were so much visible, she wqs looking weak as if there isn’t any strength left in her.

Saral’s goons were knocking the door bt arjun gave them warning that if they will do anything then saral will be dead so they were standing.
When radhika came he gave gun to rads and said hold this here I will handle his men.
Then arjun opened the door and fought with the goons and being scared they all went out.
Meanwhile saral became conscious and tried to free himself but radhika aimed gun on his forehead then he realised that radhika was standing there.

He said oh u just an inch left bt still you might have enjoyed whatever we did. Radhika’s hands were shaking.
He then said oh baby this is not your work, you are meant to be on bed for me and I will enjoy the ride.
Comeon let this f**king arjun go I can give you more pleasure than what he might give or has given. Believe me you will forget him.

Radhika gave him a tight slap and said you utter one single word and I will shoot. He said oh really you can’t do that it needs a lot of courage and she shoots. Listening to the sound of bullet firing arjun came back to check and he saw that she had fired that bullet in air. Saral said you f**kard lets have fight who ever will win will take radhika. I gave you an equal chance to prove yourself arjun. If I loose radhika is completely yours and I wont disturb u guys.and will go out of your life.

Arjun said sure but before that there’s a surprise for u. He took radhika from there and outside there was an aisle actually which meant to be for saral’s marriage. Pandit started enchanting mantras. They both exchanged garlands. Arjun took rounds around those aisle put vermilion on her forehead and mangalsutra around her neck she was shocked but happy tears were coming from her eyes but these were of happiness.

Finally she was Mrs Arjun Mehra. Even though rads wanted a dream wedding but what she had gone through because of saral this was too much for her. Panditji sitting and enchanting mantras declared them husband wife. Just then neil came with police. Neil was boggled to see both of them married but was happy. He saw rads and hugged her asking how is she, she trying to hide her pain the hell she had gone through and gave him smile.

He said u dont need to give me a fake smile. Radhika hugged him and cried very badly arjun tried to compose her neil didnt understood what had happened there but he tried to make rads smile by saying so are you crying because you are hitched for life with my bhai or u missing sammy.

Police asked about saral arjun said just a minute inspector he wants to have fight with me and if you can help us then he may be out of our life completely. Please inspector help us….. inspector said ok then arjun and radhika went to the room.

Saral saw radhika like that and starts behaving crazy. He says how can u do this. I loved u radhika not from today but still from school life. You betrayed me and I will punish you for this. I wont let u live happily nd arjun said so u wanted to have fight lets have it.

The fight started radhika was standing with arjun and saral on opposite side. Fight started saral was very fast, attacking …..arjun couldnt react this fast and therefore saral punched his face twice and hit him on stomach also.

Neil than told rads that why bhai took his challenge he is a very good boxer. I got to know this from jail where he was kept. Rads said what ……then she says we have to help him. Neil said how…then rads said wait first round get finished arjun was bruised all over his face. Blood was coming out from nose and mouth. Rads tried cleaning a bit and told him that saral is clever he choose this game because he is very good at it. He was champion of the jail where he was kept.

Rads says now we will together teach him lesson. She kissed arjun deep on his lips saral saw this and become enraged. When second round started he gave many punches to arjun but arjun just was in defensive mode. He just tried to defend himself and actually was making him loose his energy.. second round was finished radhika hugged arjun and cleaned his wound a little and kissed him and said I love u arjun being loud so that saral could hear her words actually she was attacking him mentally.

She was making him mad so that he will do something which he shouldn’t and therefore in the end it will help arjun win the game. Last round started saral was now aggressive and his mind was not stable he was seeing radhika and arjun’s closeness during fight also because of which Arjun punched him twice and he was on ground.

Radhika became happy and hugged arjun. Saral was completely disheartened. He was furious at radhika lost in thoughts he didnt heard the numbers and couldnt . Then police came and handcuffed him and took him away. Arjun radhika and neil hugged each other. Radhika then asked neil how he came here and neil narrated the whole incident and their plan. While they were coming back home samrat called and told neil that sam is fine now and asking for radhika and arjun …neil said we are coming on the way to home.

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PRECAP : First night …

So finally aradhika are hitched for life a new chapter will unfold now in their lives a fresh beginning…..

Hope u guys will like this…love u take care

Credit to: KIRTI

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