Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 13)

All of them reached back home. Police were also accompanying them. Whosoever calls the phone should be on speaker. I have told the telephone department they will record this call and will try to track from where exactly the call is coming..said the inspector

They waited for call time was passing but the man didn’t called all were restless already 3hrs passed. Then suddenly phn rang radhika picked the call but it was a wrong number…..

In undisclosed location sam got conscious but was not able to move. She heard some voices but was not able to decipher what exactly they were talking.

Then saral came to meet sam and said hello samaira khanna how are u hope you don’t have much difficulty over here else I know how can I make this easy for you. He removed.the cloth from her mouth. Otherwise also all this happened because your boyfriend neil so I dont want you to have much difficulty. After all I am going to have my jaan back after so many years and that arjun who touched her I m going to kill that bastard.

Sam was shocked hearing this she said how do you know arjun and neil. Who jaan ?? Why have you brought me here I dont even know you?? Oh poor girl you are here because of the mistake of my men dont worry you will be a free bird soon. I want radhika my radhika….

Radhika how you know her ?? Shut up girlie or else u won’t be left with anything to show to ur boyfriend. Dont ask questions from me just listen u are my radhikas best friend so now you will make her my bride. Sam was surprised to hear this she said are u mad she loves arjun and they are going to get married soon. So please u get off from our lives else you wont survive much days.

He started laughing and said whatever you just get ready. He then went from there and called at sam’s home. Radhika has slept on sofa in lap of arjun when phone rang she got up to take it and said hellooo jaan ….rads said wrong number and was about to cut call when voice from otherside said radhika then radhika again put the receiver on her ears.

Arjun put the call on speaker. He said get ready if u want to save sam…… in an hour I will call you and tell you where you have to come and yes arjun hii I know you are there listening to my talks you also come with her and neil ……..don’t worry I m not interested in your sam she is all yours, but I hope next time inspector will not be there else I dont know what you will get of her. Neil said dont u dare touch her you scoundrel else I will tear you into pieces.

The man hanged up the call while laughing mockingly.

Rads was sitting unmoving with wide eyes open. All others were boggled that who the man is how he knows so much about them when arjun saw radhika. He said rads but she was not responding.

Arjun shaked her body and said radhika she said yes …….arjun said what happened why are you so disturbed do you know that man. She didn’t replied and went away from there in sam’s room called her mom and asked her about saral..? her mom on the other side became dumbstruck by listening his name. She heard everything what rads said but never responded. Then she called to the jail authorities where saral was kept and they told that his jail term was finished so he is out.

Radhika’s mom was very much horrified she didnt know what to do how to tell radhika about it. Here rads was crying badly by having sam’s pic in her hand and saying sorry all this is because of me. Neil and arjun were knocking the door and asking rads to open it. Then rads mom called and told radhika that he is not in jail.

Radhika came out of the room and said to neil I m sorry all this is because of me. Sam is in this condition because of me. Neil boggled dont know what to say to her. She said dont worry I know what I have to do. Arjun was standing there asking u know him?? Who is he?? She said a dark phase of my life. He is a murderer and we cant risk sam’s life I have to go to him.

Arjun was standing there he didn’t said anything actually he dont know what to say to her. Piyali came to radhika and hugged her said dont worry we will fight that devil. You are same to me as sam and I cannot deal of my daughters.

Radhika was also crying but she showed herself strong and said dont worry aunty this time things will be perfect. Neil asked her who is he and how do he know u I mean atleast tell us something. We all are together and we will fight back and will get our sam back.

She said no e everything would be done as he wants he can do anything. You dont know him I cant risk sam’s life. Neil said what about you and bhai. She said arjun will move on….arjun hearing these words sat there on floor with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly then phone rang saral was on other side he said hey baby remember who i’m she said yes you are devil. He laughingly said oh dear you remember me see the power of my love. She said no its power of my hatred. He said now dont waste time give the call to that f**kard arjun. She said dont you dare take his name from your mouth. He said oops how can I forget you also love him. Any ways lets see who is man he or me and then I will f**k u infront of him and started laughing.

Everybody was listening and were shocked by hearing his shameless words arjun became angry and said hey you whoever are you I dont care but believe me whenever I will get you….. you are gone… neil said yes your life will be hell. You wont be able to die neither you will live. We will make sure. He said hey chill guys u didnt remembered me I guess my darling radhika didnt told you anything about me. Oh neil I m saral remember the accident.

Neil and arjun were shocked. Arjun remembered evey word of him and was startled. He said to arjun remember hero I told you radhika banaras hahahaha she is the one I was talking about. I did all that intentionally. Now you see what I will do with you and how I will f**k her like hell.

He said today at 12 midnight radhika and you will sit in a car that will be standing infront of ur house and dont try to play trick else sam will be punished I will strip her and video will be online and whatever you will be doing I will know that, so its better that you guys don’t act smart. Hahaha and he hanged up the call.

Radhika sat on sofa like a statue everybody were tensed and dont know what to tell her and how to console her. Arjun took radhika’s hand in his and took her to sam’s room he said we want to stay alone for some time. Radhika didn’t say a word and went with him. Arjun then left her in room and came back and said something to neil and went back to her again. In the room radhika was sitting with sam’s pic in hand and tears in eyes.

Arjun came and closed the door and when he was closing the windows he saw someone standing outside the gate. Arjun called neil and told him about this. He closed the window and came to radhika he took the pic of sam and kept it aside. He then held her cheeks and said do you want to share anything…..

Radhika told him all the story. Arjun listened each and every word and said dont worry I know how to teach him lesson. He hugged her tight she cried and because of her tears arjun’s t shirt was wet.

Arjun was also in tears but he controlled it so that radhika wont feel weak. He was trying to give her strength and therefore he cannot appear weak in any sense. He kissed her on her forehead and said you will be mine always. If you are not there than my life is lifeless. We are one and no can separate us. He kissed her on her lips a deep kiss which diverted radhika’s mind from all her tensions. It created goosebumps on her skin, she could feel him inside her it felt as if no one is there in this world except them…. her hands were on his chest and arjun’s left hand was around radhika’s cheeks caressing her skin her ears her hairs and other one was inside her kurti touching her bare skin her back he cupped her br*ast. Her hand was moving from his chest to his neck then cupping his cheeks into his hairs. They were completely into each other.

Arjun unbuttoned her shapewear and then his hands were on her bosom caressing it, squeezing it they were moaning and groaning like hell. The were kissing like this from may be an hour or two. Someone knocked at the door and then they both left each other. Arjun’s eyes were red as if completely drunken. Radhika’s lips became blood red in colour, her cheeks were totally pink and when she saw arjun she wasn’t able to see in his eyes, she just tried to run away from there but he held her from her waist tight ….his front was touching her back completely he was kissing her neck his hands inside her kurti feeling her curvy figure. Oh that knock again radhika giggled and ran away to washroom. Arjun in his husky voice said coming yaar coming wait….

Neil was there at the door bhai lets have dinner. We dont have much time left. Arjun said ok u go I’m coming. He closed the door again and gave a knock at the door of loo. Radhika was washing her face said coming. She came out and arjun hugged her tight saying love u princess. You got saved today because of neil or else I would have given you all of that.

Radhika gave a pat on his back saying shut up arjun and she kissed him on his nose and said I love you. He said hmmmm I know….yeah I forgot neil called for dinner lets go and have it.

They went for dinner. Everybody was silent there then arjun said what happened why u guys are so silent. Radhika said dont know I think aunty and uncle are planning about sam’s marriage and therefore they will be alone after that as officially she will be Mrs Mehra and it would be difficult for her to give time to them so they are sad. Neil was smiling hearing this, payal and samrat were smiling but with tears in their eyes and said yes we are thinking to marry our both the daughters together. Rads was blushing hearing this.

After dinner they sat together had some talks everyone was trying to make radhika happy and then a car was giving honk from outside. It was only 10 neil whose that…he went to check it the driver gave him a chit neil came back and read the chit in it was written PLAN CHANGE RADHIKA AND ARJUN IN THE CAR NOW .

Everyone there got pain again but rads held arjun’s hand and said lets go baby we have to get sam back. Arjun blinked his eyes and then they hugged everyone and sat in the car. They were holding hands inside the car also and radhika had kept her head on arjun’s chest.

PRECAP : Meeting with the devil and molestation


Hope you like this. Sorry for typos didn’t read this again…..if you dont like it then let me know guys I will stop writing or will try to change the storyline.

I am very big fan of Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and A. R Rahman just love them…..vaise I like Avril, Rihanna, Enrique also but desi ki toh baat hi kuch aur hai hehehe….

I watched spectre the most recent movie loved it…..waiting for bajirao mastani thanks to nisha…my musician friend I heard its song and now eager to watch the movie.

Love you guys…keep commenting and supporting me lots of love and tight hug to all of you….take care

Credit to: KIRTI

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