Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 12)


After leaving sam to her office, neil left from there finally he was feeling relieved. He was happy in his thoughts thinking of sam suddenly a man came infront of his car. He applied brakes bt that man got hurt in legs and lied down unconscious there.

Neil rushed out from his car, people came running and started shouting on neil but he said please let me see him and dont create a mess someone checked his nerves said he is still alive.

Neil with the help of few people put him in the back seat of car and drove to the hospital. He admitted him doctors said this is police case he said you please take care of him I am Neil Mehra I wont run away and have already informed police they are coming. Now you pls go and and take care of him.

After some time police came neil said I dont know how he came infront of my car, I was driving. Police said how is situation?? Neil said I dont know doctors are checking. After some time doctor came out and said he is not having any external injury lets see after he gets up then only we can know the actual thing. Neil said ok.

Doctor said you please complete the formalities he said ok lets go. While he was filling the form then suddenly they heard a noise and everybody went to that side they saw that man throwing things. Wardboy were trying to hold him.

Neil asked what happened one of the doctors said he doesn’t remember his identity. He said sometimes this happens he is under shock of his accident. Neil said now what to do. Doctor said you have to take him with you your home. We can give you a nurse for taking care of him. We cannot keep him here because it will be good if he stays in home so that he can remember everything as early as possible.

Neil said if this is the only option then what to do I will take home. But in how many days he will get his memory back. Doctor said this is just a shock case so he will gain early as soon he will live in homely environment with people around then chances are that he will gain memory at the earliest….

Neil called arjun and told him everything he said ok do one thing take him to your home, I will do rest of the arrangements. Neil then took him to his place and made him rest in guest room. He said you take rest here I will go and bring something to eat….. when neil went out that man is seen smiling a devilish laugh and says radhika I am here now….hahahahaa….

After some time arjun comes there he tries to speak to that guy but he doesn’t speak to him and becomes furious seeing him but show himself calm and composed.

Neil come there with some brownies, omelette juice for guy. He told him to have this and introduces arjun to the guy. He then says hello to arjun. Then neil says u have food I will come after some time and if you need anything then you can tell sister she will inform me.

Neil and arjun left from there, arjun says I dont know why I am getting negative vibes from this man. Neil says its nothing like that bhai it is just a matter of few days you relax I will handle. Neil said sam told me she is going to delhi today. Arjun said yes I know radhika is also going. They will be back in 2-3 days hope this matters get solved till then. Arjun said yes I hope this too.

Arjun and neil went to office from there in the evening sam and radhika came home early they packed there stuff. Then arjun and neil got back home they spent sometime with rads and sam and then went to leave them to station. Sam and radhika got inside their train waving bye to neil and arjun.

After that neil and arjun went to neil’s place to check that guy. He was then better, neil asked him do you remember anything about you so that we can find about your family. He said I just remember a girl with whom I was studying in banaras.

Arjun said banaras…you are from banaras?? He said I dont know that I just remember that girl I loved her alot. But…neil said but what he said I dont remember anything…neil said ok ok dont worry we will try to find something.

Arjun said radhika is also from banaras but I dont know she might be knowing him or not let her come will tell her to meet him she might be of some help.

Neil said bhai rads I dont think and she is here from so many years so I dont think. Anyways we know he is from banaras lets see if banaras police can help us. Arjun said yes let me talk to radhika’s mom she might be of any help. Neil said ok..

Neil said bhai lets sleep here only now we will be going to that house than again would have to come back in morning to check him so we will leave tomorrow only. Arjun said yes you are right.

They went to their room and were sleeping when in night arjun heard some noises he came out and saw that guy in kitchen he asked what are you doing….? do you need anything ?? You should have told the sister. He said sister was sleeping. He came near arjun with a knife in his hand as if he is going to stab him . He came very close to arjun and took an apple from fruit basket and started eating it. He then said I’m not feeling sleepy can you sit with me. Arjun said yes why not.

He asked only you two people stay in this house. Arjun said no my fiance radhika and neil’s girlfriend sam also stays with us. They are out of town for some office work. He thinks in mind thats why I couldn’t see radhika. I have to change my plan and get out of here. He asked him does he love radhika… and what about her…how they met all those stuff…arjun was replying him. He could see arjun’s happiness in arjun’s eyes. He said you both love each other alot. He said ofcourse we cannot live without each other. He was getting angry by listening all his talks but didnt showed it . He than angrily went from there saying I am feeling sleepy.

Arjun thought this guy is so weird dont know whenever I see him why I feel something is wrong in him. Anyways now I shall go and sleep its already 4 of morning then suddenly his phone rang he picked up the call by being happy as it was radhika’s call. Arjun said goodmorning princess rads said hii baby goodmorning…we have reached delhi going to hotel now then will go to sam’s place. He said ok my princess take care and have a tight sleep. Love u and I m missing you badly…..when arjun just moved back that guy was standing at his back.

He asked your fiance called?? Arjun oh ya she reached delhi so called me. He said I remembered everything I am going now. Arjun wow yr thats great how come so early I mean sorry if I hurted u I meant this was not expected. He said your love story made me remember everything thanks I m going now. Arjun said hey you can go after 3-4hours. He said no I will leave now. While going he said by the way the girl I love her name is radhika. Arjun said great yaar what a coincidence. My fiance and the girl both having same name. He said and my name is saral their is one difference I love my girl madly and can do anything for her. Arjun said I can also do anything for my rads. Saral said I can even kill anyone in between us. Bye arjun mehra best of luck….

Arjun said bye…later in the morning neil and arjun went to office but whole day he was just thinking about saral. Why he was so rude….the girl he loves in radhika and she is also from banaras quite strange.

Sam and radhika went to sam’s home in the morning. Thay entered the house and saw a lady wearing pure cotton saree in peacock green colour, hair tied as french braid, watch in one hand and bangles in another was sitting on sofa reading newspaper. Sam waved her hii but lady didnt responded. Sam then went inside and said hii mom.

Piyali khanna elegant, beautiful looking was sam’s mother. She was a perfect housewife. Piyali then said oh my god u are really here. I mean cant believe my eyes. Radhika also came touched piyali feet and took blessings. Piyali said oh radhika you are looking so beautiful and congratulations. Your mom called today I will be going next week banaras actually she is alone so she told me to come early.

Rads said its good aunty we will also come early. She said make sam also understand to get married she doesn’t listen to me. Atleast she can get engaged. I have selected so many boys you tell me who she will like. Sam said mom pls stopit all this. Where is dad ?? Sam’s mother said oh as usual he is in study busy in some stupid work. Sam said ok I am going to meet him.

Sam’s mom said please beta why dont you make her understand you know how our society is mostly her age group girl are married or going to get married. Radhika said aunty please you don’t take tension she will also get married soon. Sam’s mom asked is there anyone in her life suspiciously.

She said yeah aunty but you please don’t tell this to her she will herself tell you everything when time will come. She said but please tell me who is he. He is nice guy or not and his family. Rads said aunty please boy is perfect and he is non other than neil mehra. Radhika’s mom said neilll our neil are you sure I dont think these guys can manage for a second also they fight so much.

Radhika said aunty the fights were just because they loved each other and were not able to confess. Dont worry aunty both of them are best for each other.

Who are best for each other asked sam’s dad ?? Samrat khanna a pout bellied man with height 5’9 bald head. He is one of the biggest businessman of delhi. He is having garment budiness.

Radhika’s mom said my friends daughter who got married last month we were talking about them. While sam was watching in suspicion towards radhika. She gave a smile to her. Sam said mom we are hungry. Piyali said oh see while talking I forgot to ask anything lets go we also were about to have breakfast.

Piyali called shanti their maid . A lady wearing saree came out of kichen when she saw sam said babyji you are here I m so happy to see u. Radhika babyji didnt come with u .?? She said shanti turn your head you will see her. Then she saw radhika and said how are you radhika babyji..I came to know that you are going to get married I m very happy for you. Sam said we can talk this all later on we are very hungry can u please make something for us. She said yes babyji you wait for 10-15mins.

They all were talking sam told them they reached early morning delhi then checked in hotel then piyali said hotel why hotel why didnt you come straight to home. She said mom we are here for some office work and therefore booking was already done. Hotel was near to station so we thought to get freshen up.

Piyali said I thought u are here to meet us but no you have come here for work. You never get time for us. Rads said no aunty we have work of 3-4hrs only after that we will sit and talk. Piyali said ok then its fine. They went to have breakfast after that sam and went for their meeting.

Neil when woke got ready and went to check that guy but he was not there then he went to arjun’s room said bhai that guy. Arjun said he remembered everything and went away early morning. Neil said suddenly arjun yes I dont know he was a weirdo, dont you feel so neil said yes strange na he lost his memory and in a day he got back. Dont you feel something fishy…

Arjun said yes but I dont know what anyways you talked to sam he said no actually she called but I was sleeping at that time now I will talk to her in evening…. arjun said ok.lets go to office alot of work has to be done, we are already late.

In the evening sam and radhika got free they were getting back from office then a man forcefully kidnapped sam and took her to an isolated place. Her mouth, hands and legs were tied.

Radhika kept shouting and tried to help sam but she couldn’t as one of the kidnappers slapped her on her face so hard that her mouth started bleeding and she hit a wall and became unconscious. When security guard saw her there like that he called other members from inside the office and called police also. They took her to hospital she became conscious and started shouting for sam. Everybody came there listening to her shouting piyali and samrat also reached there they also heard that sam was kidnapped.

Piyali started crying samrat called arjun and told him everything. Arjun said dont worry uncle we will be there as early as possible.

Arjun then told his Secretary to book two tickets for delhi of today and treat this as most important work. Then arjun called neil, he was busy somewhere so couldn’t pick call.

In an undisclosed location sam is seen, she is unconscious some men are sitting there playing cards and sitting. Then a man came wearing long coat and hat the goons sitting there say him that they have brought the girl she is unconscious right now he just shut them up and went inside but when he saw sam there lying he became furious and came back beating the goons.

They asked what happened boss what we have done. He said you brought the wrong girl. She is samaira khanna. I told you to bring radhika she is her friend. They said sorry boss both of them were wearing same clothes so mistakenly we brought her. Sorry boss please give us another chance boss please. Shut up idiots get lost let me think now what I can do….

When neil saw his cell and arjun’s missed calls he called him back arjun told him to reach airport by 9. Neil asked why bhai anything urgent. Arjun said do as I say and come on time. Arjun here called police station to check about rajan but he was surprised to know he was still in jail. Arjun was thinking who might be behind this then he checked the time and left for airport. He reached their and called neil he said I m about to reach. Neil reached and asked arjun what happened bhai where are we going.

Arjun held neil’s arm they checked in and sat in flight. Neil said bhai delhi why…?? Any problem? Arjun said sam….she is kid ..kidnapped. Neil.said what how when and who did this ….?? Bhai why sam always…I mean why this world is snatching her from me. Arjun said relax we are going lets see what exactly happened.

Neil and arjun reached delhi they straight went to hospital where rads was present. Arjun when saw rads he became furious but hugged her tight she cried in his arms saying I couldn’t help her dont know who those people were. Neil was standing there listening everything. Piyali saw neil came to him and said I need my daughter back that too absolutely fine without any scratches. He hugged her and said dont worry we will get her back.

In undisclosed location that boss was non other than sarl he then called at sam’s home shanti picked the call he said tell radhika to talk to me I have information about sam. I will call exactly after an hour. Shanti than hurriedly called samrat and told him everything.

Samrat then said we have to go to home right now. He said somebody called and said he knows about sam but he will tell only to radhika. Arjun said what rubbish how come radhika got involved in this. Rads said no problem lets get back home.

PRECAP : A deal of life….

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Credit to: KIRTI

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