Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 11)


Radhika said its not a bad idea lets get married together. Sam became amazed listening to this and saw radhika’s face in anger. She said no if you are really excited then no issues we guys can get married together.

Sam said rads pls its nothing like that I want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. She said is it but seems you are more crazy to get married. Sam said ok then I m leaving u enjoy with your fiance and brother in law.

Rads said sorry I was just joking she said no its fine u guys enjoy I m going and she went out of the house.

Neil ran to her and held her hand, are you crazy we were just pulling your leg. By seeing neils face she started laughing mockingly.

See your face you are so scared.

He came closer to her held her from waist very tightly hurting her over there, pulled her chin up. By seeing him in anger she stopped laughing.

He said you really feel the way you behaved was a joke. You came out from there with such an angry face. We thought you are actually leaving us. He kissed her on corner of her lips and said don’t ever do this again. She blinked her eyes in a yes.

Lets go and check rads she must be crying neil said.

Then they both went inside rads was crying while sitting on sofa and arjun was trying to calm her down. Sam saw radhika crying she hugged her and said I was just joking I didnt mean to hurt you. I m really sorry rads. I was just playing nd u know me, …can I be ever angry on u, rads said no…sam said then why these tears. Come on now give me a smile they both hugged each other.

Neil and arjun were standing there holding there heads arjun said neil get ready these two are going to create havoc in our life and will make us mad. Neil started laughing said yes bhai I also think so….

They started planning about reception as it is to be held in mumbai.
Neil said it should be great one so that everybody will remember it lateron. Arjun said book taj for reception. I think 8th will be perfect.

These are some of the names which me and radhika have finalised, you and sam just check once if anyone is left or you want to add anybody’s name. Neil said ok.

Arjun said I was thinking why not u guys shift with us time is less lot of things we have to do so it will be easy. Sam said yes this is best idea then things will become easier in handling. Neil said hmmm we will shift tomorrow.

Arjun said after coming from marriage I was thinking that we will.go to yours place first that is ancestral house so we can get their blessings. Neil said and I will see the decorations of both the houses. Sam said I will see that everyone will get invitation. Radhika said I will do shopping and shopping. Arjun with his brows up seriously I thought you will plan our honeymoon. She said what arjunnnn u r …feeling shy she went from there.

Arjun said get ready princess will be going to disco. She said yeah….neil said I was also thinking to go out somewhere. Arjun said see I have had already planned.

Neil said ok you guys go we will be joining you after some time. As I have an important work at home. Sam said I will come with him. Arjun said ok then when you guys will be leaving then let us know we also will start the same time from here. Neil and sam left from there.

Arjun went to rads room she was taking out some clothes from cupboard. He hugged her and took out something from his pocket oh it was a small box she asked what is it he said for u…she opened diamond earing oh these are so pretty thanku arjun and she hugged him.

Aah thank god becoz of this gift atleast you hugged me she hitted him on his chest saying shut up arjun so mean. This means I dont hug u otherwise, he said yeah u do but very less. You should learn something from your friend she is so much into neil. She feeling shy hugged him tightly.

Arjun then said ok now get ready. She said hmmm…hey wait she went to her cupboard and took out a large box and put that on side table in her room. He said what is it she said u check that out.

He said ok and opened the box there was a shirt of light pink shade and few more boxes he opened them one by one gold cufflinks, watch, pen he was so happy to see that all and asked her so many things for me. She said no I bought all this for the guy living in our neighborhood.
He said oh shall I call him, she said arjunnn he said ok ok I was joking. Come now give me a hug.

She said not now still one box is left he saw it oh yes the smallest one he opened it but it wasn’t having anything it was empty then radhika came and kissed him on his cheeks, earshell, forehead, nose, eyes and finally a deep kiss on his lips. He said oh so many things in just a small packet. I loved it the most.

He said ok keep all this with you I will wear it on some special occasion except this watch I will wear it now and pls get ready in 20mins will be going to disco.

She took shower got ready wearing a golden off-shoulder knee lengh dress and light makeup with some matching accessories and open curled tresses. Arjun wore a blue jeans light pink shirt and a black v neck sweater on it. He wore his new watch given by radhika and black shoes.

Arjun saw radhika and said uhhh you are looking hot. Let us not go out and do something at home only with a mischievous smile on his face. Rads said arjun dont be naughty lets go. They both went out, but somebody entered into radhikas room through terrace. It is not shown who the person is. He opened her cupboard smelled her clothes took something from it and went away again through terrace.

Arjun and rads were sitting on a sofa in disco when neil and sam also came. Sam was wearing gown having slit from thighs with straight locks. Neil wore a black ripped jeans with purple sweater and matching shoes.

Sam and rads hugged each other. Sam ordered apple juice rads pineapple and both the boys ordered drinks. They all.were chitchatting when music stopped and somebody made announcement for arjun and rads to come on dance floor.

He was non other than arjun’s friend the owner of the disco he waved a hii to arjun and played a song they danced on it later on more couples joined them sam and neil were also dancing. All four were lost in each other without caring of people around. Then song changed a s*xy number was played but they were still lost in each other unless people around them started laughing…when they came back to their senses.

They went from there and dinner and were having dessert when a girl came to neil she kissed him on his cheek and said hiii you here. He said yes enjoying with family. Sam was giving him a wild stare. She became angry because of the kissing of girl. Then she took neil for dance also and danced with him being very close. Sam was getting burnt as if she will turn into ash….she said to radhika I m leaving …..rads and arjun were like he will come till than wait. She said no lets leave….

Rads said ok and arjun told neil that we are leaving he said wait I m also coming….neil came with arjun he saw sam’s face she was sitting in arjun’s car he understood that she is angry. Arjun said u go I will come with her.

Neil nodded his head. They drove to house arjun left sam at neil’s place then he and radhika went to their place. Sam came home neil was standing in the middle of living room sam just ignored him and went towards her room.

Neil stopped her she said neil get off my way I m not in a mood to talk. He said I m sorry she is just a friend and you saw how she said for dancing I couldn’t say no. Sam said whatever it is I had told u earlier only I don’t like u being with girls that too this close.

He said ok sorry please. She said no u hurted me I dont want to talk to u. It’s good tomorrow I will shift with radhika and won’t come back. He held her by her waist tightly and said u will go away from me she said yes I will because being with you means hurting myself and I m done with it. He left her said ok I cannot force u but I m being clear I love you and if you dont trust me this much also then what is the need of staying together.

She said fine I vl leave tomorrow. Neil said please sam don’t go….i love u pls…but she went to her room with tears in her eyes. No neil not this time you have to understand I am not comfortable with this said sam. Neil sitting in living room was crying saying I m really sorry I wont repeat this again.

Sam packed all her stuff and in the morning she went to radhika’s place. Radhika seeing sam understood that their is something wrong but she didnt asked her anything. Then after getting ready they went to office.

Neil got up in the morning and got ready and came out and went to sam’s room. He saw her everywhere but couldn’t find her then called her several times but she cut his phone. Then he checked the cupboard of her room and realised that she actually went away from him.

He then called her many times but she didn’t picked the call. Then he left a voice msg I m coming to meet u its important. After some time sam saw her phn she had 30missed calls of neil and one voice msg. She heard that and became tensed. Her mind was still not ready to talk to him. She needed some time.

Sam was thinking all these things when rads came and said boss is calling, she went with her. Their boss told them to go to delhi today only to meet the clients. They both nodded their head and then went out of the cabin. Neil reached sam’s office and called her. She picked the call and said be there I m coming.

She told rads that she is going to meet neil will be back till then pls handle everything. Rads said ok go dont worry about here and said dont stretch this thing I feel he is really sorry for what he did. Sam hugged radhika and said ok. She went down neil was waiting there for her, girls in the office were all staring at him and saying he is so handsome. She went out to him and the girls there opened their mouth in surprise by knowing that sam is dating him. He just looks like prince and she doesn’t stand anywhere in front of him.

Neil when saw sam he ran and hugged her, held her hand and made her sit in car. Everybody was watching sam said I dont want to go anywhere neil. Have to go back to office. He said I wont take much of your time.

He sat inside the car and drove away from there. He stopped his car infront of a garden and said you left me. So u dont care of me even if I will.die. She thought he is saying like this only so she said yes.

Then neil said u know why I brought you here because this is the busiest road of our city. He came out of the car and started walking in the middle of road saying I love u and if u r not with me then what is the need of this life.

Sam came out of the car hurriedly and said pls neil come back here. He said no I won’t. I hurted u so this is my punishment. She said I forgave u neil pls come back. He said no I should die today.

She was crying and she ran towards him and hugged him. She said you are a moron . Have you gone mad, what were you going to do? If anything would have happened to you then, what I would have died neil. You never think of me, I love you not from today but since school days. Whatever I dont like you do it purposefully just for teasing me or hurting me. But this is it I cant take any more. Remember last time I told u clearly I cant see any girl close to you and you danced with her that too this close.

Neil let her speak her heart out and then cupped her face and kissed her on her lips on road. He said while kissing I m sorry my jaan please forgive me and I promise this wont be repeated in life. She said pakka promise he said yes I wont ever go close to any girl except you.

Then they both hugged each other tightly and got back into the car. She said I m hungry, he said me too. They both went to nearby restaurant ate something then neil dropped her back to office. When she got off the car she told him that she will be going to delhi today evening and will be back day after tomorrow. Neil said no she said important meeting have to go.

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PRECAP : Delhi trip

So sorry friends for this late update got busy in something. Hope you enjoy this. Next episode is going to have a surprise…….

Credit to: KIRTI

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