Perfect Chemistry- Manmarziyaan (episode 10)


The man took pictures from various sides of arjun’s home. Then he left in black Porsche. He stopped outside an apartment, parked his car and went inside. He opened his coat and hat then went inside a dark room.

The room was full of random pictures of radhika. There were some pictures in which she was with sam, her mom and dad. The man was caressing her pictures and kissing it. He than took out the roll from camera and started taking out those pictures.

Later on he came into his bedroom he took his clothes from cupboard then went for shower and came out. He was having well built body a tattoo on nape of his neck and a tattoo on his chest just above the heart. Tattoo is heart shaped with radhika written inside it.

He sat on a big couch took out a remote and switched on his video. It is a school video of annual day function. A teacher came and announced next performance of radhika mishra and saral taneja. Oh radhika is there in video she is dancing on contemporary song with a boy. It is radhika’s school and the man is saral taneja. He was seeing radhika with loving eyes and said u went away from me radhika bt see I m here now nd I wont let u go with anyone.

U are mine and only mine. I love u since we were in standard 9th when I saw u the first day. A flashback is seen where radhika’s dad has left her outside a school saying bye beta and all the best this is your first day of this school so enjoy and study hard. She touched her fathers feet and he blessed her then she went inside. On gate two boys are standing and one of them is staring at her.

Later on radhika after meeting principal went to her classroom. That boy was sitting in that same class, he saw her and became happy. The class teacher introduced her to class and made her sit in first bench with a girl. Then classes went on she was nervous she talked to the girl beside her named alka. They became friends then bell rang it was recess time the boy came to her and said hii radhika I m saral taneja. She said hii with a smile. He held her hand and was not leaving she was feeling uncomfortable so she told him to leave her hand and gave him a look and went away from there with alka.

Alka told her that he is very intelligent boy of our class. I love him bt he dont talk to girls much I dont know why he came to you. Radhika said whatever. She said I think he wants to be your friend if he will come again then can u be her friends so that I can also talk to him. She was literally pleading with her eyes so radhika said ok. After recess classes went on but saral was completely staring her the complete day.

After school radhika was waiting for an auto outside the school then saral came to her again and said can we be friends. I can help u with notes she just nodded her head in yes and then an auto came she said ganga ghat the auto driver said 60rs she said ok and was just about to sit when saral said can u pls give me lift till there. I hv to go to my massi’s place she is staying there only. Radhika said ok and he sat with her in same auto. He sat very close to her. She then moved a bit so that there is some distance between them. He started asking her about her earlier school and tried to be friendly with her. She just gave some answers and rest of the time kept quiet. Later they reached ganga ghat, then saral paid the driver she said u take this money I took auto so I should be the one who should be paying. He said comeon we are friends so u can treat me tomorrow in canteen with this money. She hesitantly nodded her head in yes. Then she went to her home without knowing that actually he was following her. She excitedly went to her house and hugged her mom and told her how her day was. She was happy.

Like this months passed everyday saral used to stalk her at times she felt someone is following but when she used to see there was noone. Saral now talked to alka also and they became friends. Radhika was happy for alka, one day radhika told saral that alka loves him. First he became angry but later on he went to alka and proposed her. After that he used to bring gifts for alka and radhika also. Radhika said to him not to bring gift for her as she doesnt like it.

She always used to give her gift to alka saying u keep it. One day saral came to know when he went to alka’s house as they were going for a movie and were waiting for radhika to come. He saw a statue which he bought for radhika but was with alka. He asked her about the statue and she told how radhika used to return his gifts to her. He became furious at this took a vase and broke it on.her head and left her there bleeding. When radhika arrived she saw her in pool of blood and called ambulance, then she called her parents who were at their respective work places ( i.e they both were working). She called saral and told her that someone broke vase on alka’s head and she is unconscious. Saral got scared and asked her did she tell u who did this , radhika said no when I came she was already unconscious. I have reached hospital uncle aunty are about to come you also come here. He said ok.

He was sweating he thought what to do she has to die at any cost this is the way I can get radhika. He went to hospital alka’s mom and dad were crying radhika was also standing there tensed and with tears in her eyes. She saw saral and said you have any idea who might have done this. Its very strange we have planned for movie but she is in hospital. Saral hugged her crying saying I love her alot dont know who did this. I wont be able to live without her. Radhika consoled him and made him sit on chair and then gave him water to drink. Operation was going on of alka. After 4hrs doctor came out and said due to excessive bleeding we couldnot save her. Saral became happy bt hugged radhika by holding her waist nd started crying radhika felt awkward she said him to control his emotions we have to find the person who did this and why he/she did this. He became scared and asked her how will you find it she said I have already informed the police when I saw her with pool of blood they are doing their duty. Saral suddenly said I have to go I cannot stay here I feel like dying. I m going home I want to stay alone with my and alka’s memories. He went away. Few weeks passed by but police could not find the killer, in the mean time saral by taking sympathy from radhika came close to her and she thought that he is actually missing alka and loved her alot. Then annual day preparation started they both danced together and after that he proposed radhika but she said no and he became furious at that and slapped her hard on her face in that anger he himself told her that he killed alka because of her, alka for him was a means through which he reached her. Radhika was shocked hearing this. But then more students came there and.held him and called the police. Police took him but due to under 18 he was given punishment under juvenile custody. While going to jail he said to radhika I will come back and take you with me and no one will be able to help you that day I promise…I swear of my love that I will come back radhika and I will ruin u…. u wont be left with any choice except coming to me….and he laughed loudly a winning laugh , shameless laugh……..flashback ends….. I haven’t forgotten you radhika I m back….u r mine and I wont let u live with any other person and we will be man and wife….. hahahaha…..

At arjun’s place its morning radhika got ready for office arjun said he will drop her…her mom said to come early as I will be leaving in evening…. she left with arjun for office….in office she met sam she was at work after around a week both of them were happy sam showed radhika the ring which neil gave her radhika became happy and they were talking about lakme fashion week how will they do it as marriage preparations has to be done then their boss called them and said it has been postponed due to death of a famous designer both were happy and then he said to both that now u can take leave also for marriage preparations they both happy and excited hugged each other and took half day leave and went away….radhika told arjun about this he was happy and he said u reach home I am also coming richa is waiting for us for finalization of card. She said ok…

Sam and radhika reached home she told her mom about cancellation of lakme fashion week and told her that now she can accompany her everywhere with sam. Richa said its great I have arranged a grand wedding for mr khanna in banaras so I m having idea of their it would be great we will have a blast. She showed some cards out of which they all finalised two cards and finally were waiting for arjun to decide between the two as they were confused between the two. Arjun came and then they show them the cards and after much discussions finally one of the two card was finalised. It was decided that radhika will leave ten days early for all haldi, mehendi, sangeet ceremonies. Arjun said ten days but these function can be finished in three days so why ten. Then everybody started teasing arjun and rads was blushing…and feeling shy she ran into her room followed by sam. Radhika’s mom left for banaras and richa accompanied her. Later in the evening neil came sam showed him the card very excitedly he said it looks as if we are getting married. You are so excited shall we also get married in the same aisle. She said neil shut up and all four of them started laughing….

PRECAP : Marriage preparations and nok jhok of nesam

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Credit to: KIRTI

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  1. Oho so it was saral…. cunning fellow he is like a pscycho dr in reality also some persons are there….. i think saral will try to take away rads but our arjun is there na ha ha ha

    1. YEAH things can be changed also 😉

      1. Oh my god change kuch bhi change hoga par arjun radhika bonding change mat karo yaar i cant see that plzzz dr

  2. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Kirti,

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, What a phadu entry of our devil .

    Its really interesting to read aboout him. Heart shape tatoo of radhika . ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Its a deep love . Pehlaa pyaar from boy side. Interesting dear.

    Loved ur episode this one more and more and more . Actually this is the highest twisting point. Luved it dear.

    Aur baadam khao , aur baadam khaao aur aise hi phadu story update karo.Love u sooooooooo much.
    Once a friend always a friend.

    1. thanku nishu …………..nishu saral ki entry ka ek song btana mujhe……..he is a devil……hahaha…………

      yes u are right once a friend is always a friend…………love u …….muuuaahhhh

  3. Saral ke naam sunte he gussa aa jaate h mujhe.. Bt nice update

    1. Mujhe bhi hehehe

  4. Our devil enters. One sided lover, mad for the girl nw this is going to be more interesting.;-) if he waited for so many years then he is nt gonna loose her so easily. Lot of twists. But atlast plz make ardhika win. That’s all i can say. Lovee u so much.

    1. Hahaha vl try bt I m thinking otherwise ….








    1. Thanks nishu I think deewangi saral ki vaisi hi h so perfect match….

      1. kirti i too feel the song is so apt for saral in ur story. nisha kaha aate hi ye ideas. i am eager to meet u girl. when r u going to meet??????

  6. So saral is bak in actn… :-/

  7. I don’t have words to express how good ur update is !!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting 4 next part
    Lots of love n warm huggg dr

    1. Thanks zayn…keep reading upcoming episodes lot of twist and turns I have planned

  8. Nic episode kirti. Keep going. Want to know wat happens. But never separate our ARADIKA….
    Update soon.. Will be waiting for upcoming episodes…. Take care

    1. Thanku ananya….love u …

  9. OMG kirti such a bigggg twist…..everyday in every episode u make things sooooooooooooooo interesting…….I’m happy that saral came…ik it will hurt aradhika now but will make them close when he will leave….keep going buddy….I wish we all can see eachother nd live together in one big house like sisters than life will be soooo easy…than all fan-fiction writers write stories for us nd we read it a night while sleeping….cuz tellyupdates take sooo much time to update….I WISH SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS….hahaha ik it will never happen like this….anyways plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update veryyyyyyyyyyy sOOOOOn….plzz…love u from all my heart…

    One loveee

    1. Ameena very true….I love u too baby…….nd.will update soon almost done with,it

      1. ohhh great…u r done with it…plzzzz update it….really want to know wot happened next…OMG soooo excited…plzzzzz update soon

        One lovee

  10. wowwwww!!! kirti i realy love your story i will be happy to know u will continue to update plzzz update soon…….

  11. saral nte entry adipoli…iniyum kududal twistukal u dr :*

    1. Yr I could nit understand what u said bt I Love u too..nd love ur story also….

  12. @Sree -if u r on this page then plzz see my comment…u told us u will not be able to update till 16 november…plzzz if u r free now then update ur story…really missed u sooooo much…ur story is fabulous….plzzzz try to update sOOn….missing u u from all my heart..??

    @Kirti–hope u dont mind Im writing for sree on ur page….plzzzzzzz update soon…if u r free today then update it today plzzzzz….

    1. No issues ameena… u muuaahhhh

  13. awesome kirti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ohhh wow now saral is back with his devilish plans…woooow now I thing saral’s entry will make all four’s life terrible… really awesome fb you shown!!! and that scene, radz name within heart shape tattoo is also mindblowing… it gives proper devil’s love looks.!!!
    yeah song jadoo Teri… given by nisha is perfectly matches with his character.
    keep writing… loved your all epi.
    can’t wait for next…Plzzzz update soon.
    tc and good ni8

  14. Nice cant wait to know sarals plan to spoil aradhika marriage……u r an amazing writer

  15. Wowwww kirti awesome episode, and villan’s entry was blasting… saral is real devil and his character described really well…and nisha’s song for this ‘jaadoo Teri nazar’ perfect as always…she has real talent…love you dear for this twist…but please keep ardhika and nesam pairs together and this saral should get big punch by arjun…can’t wait for the next episode, eagerly waiting, love you loads

  16. Plzzzzzzz kirti…update ur story veryyy u from all my heart..??
    One lovee?

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