“The Perfect Bahus” Part 9

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The next morning Malar makes tea for Akhila and brings to her. She admires her sincerity as dutiful girls even after being chosen as her bahu. She brings haldi milk to her and takes her blessings. Akhila informs her that Divakar wants to meet her in person. She nods. She then decides to go and meet Divakar. On the other hand, Miss. Aparna comes to the spot to inform the family about saree buying ritual and requests Akhila to come immediately with her. Akhila replies that she will come with family altogether. And then, she asks Aparna to inform this to both the sons. Aparna calls Aditiya and informs him. She looks forward to meet Divakar and goes to his room. She is shocked to see his room.

After a minute, she comes out of the shock and hears someone is knocking at the door. She hides in the screen. Malar comes in. She is glad to see different unordinary things in the room.

(The below description is about the room decorated for love confession by Divakar to Malar)

The objects in the room were red in color. In the center, a bed is placed in white bed cover and heart in made with rose petals on it. Below the bed, a red mat “Welcome to Mrs. Divakar Bhutt” written on it. For every corner and center red candle was lighted. At the top bunches of red rose flowers were hanging. The fan was red in color. At the either side of the room a lamp having red color and at the other edge of room leads to balcony. When she peeps into the balcony she sees a fountain with rose petals floating on it. The fountain is covered with varieties of lights and lamps. At the table, she sees a cover and inside there was a red gown, a pair of long ear-rings, a brace let and a letter. Malar takes it and reads aloud

” My Dear Sweet heart,

This is for you. Please get ready and come to the roof. I’m eagerly waiting for you.

With love,

Divakar “

Malar feels excited while Aparna feels jealous as Aditiya is not caring about her. Aparna goes to Aditiya’s office and says whether he care for her or not. He is busy in his business and so he did not bother about her. Aparna goes out of the room angrily.

On the other hand, Malar wears the accessories gifted by Divakar and she was the beautiful Helen in the world with that dress.

Divakar sees her and mesmerizes at her beauty. His feet were moving to and pro and he could not look at her charm. Divakar asks “Can I confess something?”

Malar says “Tell me” and looks downward out of shy.

Divakar says “Your smile is the prettiest smile I have ever seen”

Malar asks”Can I have a confession as well?”

Divakar asks “What?”

Malar says “Loving you is the second best thing I have ever did.”

Divakar says “Second thing”

Malar says “Finding you was the first best thing in my life.”

Divakar says “Can I tell you something?”

Malar asks “What?”

Divakar says “I have two words to tell you”

Malar says “Tell Me”

Divakar says “I Love You”

Malar says “That’s three”

Divakar replies “Nope because you and I are one” and he holds her hand says “Will you be my better half?”

Malar nods with a smile.

Divakar then takes a diamond ring and puts it in her hand and says “I Love You Malar”. He kisses her hand. They have a romantic moment. Divakar takes her to room and had dance with her. At last they hug each other.

Why Aparna feels jealous about Malar? Why Aditiya does not show his feelings to Aparna?

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