“The Perfect Bahus” Part 7

Ms. Malar Ahuja to be engaged to Mr. Divakar Bhutt…!

Mr.Vasudev Bhutt asks the couple to stop it. All are dazed at Mr. Yadav.  Mrs. Rekha Yadav asks him why he wants to stop it. He remains silent. Later, Mr. Yadav takes Mrs. Akhila and Mr. Vasudev aside. He reveals a secret to them.  After an hour, they come to venue.  Mrs. Akhila and Mr. Vasudev call Mr. Divakar Bhutt to the spot and order him to get engage to Malar at the same evening. Malar is shocked. Divakar refuses this Proposal as he concerns for Malar’s opinion too. He explains that he had a thought of marrying a girl with similar qualities that of Malar’s.  He further includes that He accepts it as it is his mother’s order.

Malar goes to the outhouse with crying face. Mr.Anbu Ahuja follows her and makes an apology. As the engagement delays, Mrs. Laxmi Bhutt taunts her for the quarrels that takes place within the people. Mr. Anbu Ahuja asks Malar to do what Akhila Malkin said.  He asks if she calls her father truly then she must agree to this engagement.  Malar agrees. All of them were waiting for Malar and Divakar arrival. However, Mrs. and Ms. Yadav fume in anger.

The pre-ceremonial ritual takes place for both the couples. Everybody is happy except Divakar and Malar. Divakar cares for Malar’s choice of marrying him.  The stage was decorated with beautiful flowers, lanterns, lights and colorful sweet smelling fragrances. Mrs. Akhila makes an apology and announces that Malar will be married to Divakar.

As per the ritual, Aparna-Aditiya and Malar-Divakar exchange the garland. Mrs. Akhila asks his elder son to exchange their rings first. They exchange. Then she asks the second couple to exchange the ring. Everyone claps.  Mr. Yadav reminisces a fb where he threatens Mr. Ahuja to reveal the truth to him. HHH Hhhh    He reveals everything to Yadav. Fb ends. The function ends.

What will be the secret of Malar’s identity? Why Yadav wants Malar to get marry to Divakar? What is the motive behind his decision?


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