“The Perfect Bahus” part 11

Kundli checking ceremony for the Jodis….!

The next morning, Akhila organizes for Kundli checking function where the pandit will check the Kundlis of the jodis and will foretell the future.

Akhila asks “When will the pandit come?”

Vasudev reply “He will be coming soon.”

Akhila says” I can’t wait for my son’s Kundli”

Vasudev Says ”Eagerness will bring madness” and asks her to wait till pandit comes.

Laxmi taunts “Marriage is fixed by God, not by status”

Akhila gets irritated and says” You won’t know the meaning of the old customs. It will take atleast seven births to understand the meaning of it.”

Laxmi looks on.

Pandit ji comes to Akhila’s house. He takes the Kundlis from her and starts counting their stars.

Pandit Ji asks “Where is the second Jodi Kundli?”

Akhila asks Vijaya (her P. A.) “Go and Bring the Kundlis of the second Jodis”

Aparna arrives to the spot and asks whereabouts of Aditiya at Akhila.

Aparna says “Where is Adi, Aunty?”

Pandit announces”The Kundlis matches exactly well”

Akhila observes his tone of speech and says “I feared a lot as to get the best bahu to my house. My Saas insisted me that being elder Bahu holds much of responsibilities.  Till Now I swear my vow when I came to this house as Elder Bahu”

Aparna says “This is new to her. I have not taken responsibilities before and hence I seek help from you aunty.”

Akhila agrees to her and hugs her emotionally.  Aparna smirks.

Malar comes with tea to the Pandit.  He blesses her with sweet words for knowing the service to be done to a Purohit.

He blesses “live happily forever and ever.”

Aparna smirks ”This girl is more clever than me.  A special gift is waiting for you from side.  Be ready to face it.  This happy face will not be pleasing you hereafter”


No precap.


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  1. Fenil

    Finally complete reading all 6-11 chappied in one go…all were awesome and nicely written Jaya.Getting interesting and Malar and Diwakar’s terrace love confession moment so beautiful and room decor.

  2. Jayasuriyadheva

    Wait for twists and turn, my dear, Fenil.

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