Perception of Life (Part 2)


Part 2

Anika’s POV

Anika sits against the wall in her room crying thinking about the words she heard from Shivay. “Why, why does this kind of thing happen to me only? What did I do to deserve this? I can’t be here anymore. I need to leave. I only came here for Dadi, but after tonight there is no point in me being here.” She gets up and leaves the room. She starts walking to the door only to have Dadi stop her again.

“Anika puthar, are you trying to leave once again?”

“Ha dadi, I can’t stay here anymore. I came here for you, but I cannot stay here anymore. I need to leave. Please Dadi, don’t stop me.”

“No putar, until I am here you have to stay here as well. Come with me.” Without listening to her
Dadi takes Anika along with her. Instead of taking Anika to Shivay’s room, she takes her to another room. “You can stay in here until the two of you decide to get your act together. Until then this will be your room and he will stay in his room.”

After a lot of compulsion by Dadi, Anika agrees to stay there. After Dadi leaves her room, Anika goes and stands by the window looking out. “Why? Why do these things happen only to me?” She breaks down crying. After a while she stops crying, wipes her tears and promises herself “from this day onwards, I will ignore you and stay away from you. This is my promise.” Saying this she gets up and goes to change.

Days turns into weeks which then turns into months, and Anika’s promise stays strong. She has not spoken a word to Shivay nor has she looked at him or stayed in his presence for then a minute. Unless Dadi brought up another rasam for them to do or whatever the case may be she stayed away from him and his “wife”. Everyone in the house witnessed this but no one said anything as there was nothing they can say. Shivay still has not accepted Anika as his wife and Anika doesn’t feel anything towards Shivay to call him her husband. While he doesn’t show it, OmRu can see that Anika ignoring him is affecting him, but of course the great Shivay Singh Oberoi will not accept that a simple middle class girl can affect him in any way whatsoever.

Three months after the wedding…


Everyone comes out of their respective rooms as they hear Shivay being called. When they come out they are shocked to see Daksh standing there. Daksh looks around and sees everyone’s shocked face and looks on confusingly. He sees Shivay and goes to him and hugs him. “Congratulations dude. Now don’t be upset that I didn’t come to your wedding, but mom got ill when I went to meet her and so I had to stay back to look after her. Now where is your beautiful wife? I want to congratulate her as well. Where’s Tia?”

“Daksh, what a surprise. It’s good seeing you. You missed our wedding but that is okay now you are here.” Tia says coming in front of everyone. She talks to Daksh as Shivay looks on.

“You guys continue with your conversation, I just have a call to make and I will come.” Saying this Shivay turns to leave.

“Wait man. Where is she? It’s been 15minutes since I came and I have not seen her yet. Where is she?” Daksh questions Shivay.

Shivay looks at him confusingly. “Who are you looking for?”

“Oh come on man, who else will I be looking for? Where is my beautiful fiancé? I came all the way here looking for her and she still hasn’t come in front of me. I came to tell her that mom has accepted our wedding and will be coming soon to ask her and talk to her about the wedding and the date. Oh man, I cannot wait to marry her. These three months being away from her were so bad. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I wanted to call her and come see her but I couldn’t. Where is she man? Can you please call her to come?” While Daksh continues with his ramble of missing Anika, Shivay looks on with a hint of jealousy. He cannot understand the feeling but he knows that he doesn’t like it that Daksh has come here looking for Anika.

“Wait a minute, what am I thinking. I can’t believe this. Why will she be here at your house? Her job here is done. She’s no longer your wedding planner, as your wedding is over. I should have gone to her house straight away and brought her here to tell you guys all this after I told her. It’s okay I will go and meet her now and then I will come back.” As Daksh turns to leave he sees Anika coming in with Sowmya. Daksh gets happy seeing Anika but then after looking at her clearly, he gets a shock of his life. He can see the sindhoor in her mang and the mangalsutra around her neck and all he can think of is WHO?

“Anika?” Anika looks up hearing her name and gets shocked seeing Daksh there. She couldn’t say anything as he looked at her questioningly. She looked past him to see Shivay looking at her. She didn’t know what to do. Daksh walks up to her “what is this Anika? Why are you wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra? What kind of joke is this? I came here to tell you that mom has accepted our wedding and will be coming here shortly to talk to you about all of this and here you are looking like a new bride!” Anika looks on as he screams at her not knowing what to say. She wanted to tell him what happened but couldn’t say anything as she was feeling numb. “Who is it Anika? Who did you marry?” As he looks around he notices something that he didn’t a few minutes ago. “Tia why aren’t you wearing sindhoor and mangalsutra?” As he finishes the question the answer comes to him. He looks at Shivay questioningly and storms towards him. “What have you done Shivay?

How can you do this to me? You knew how much I loved Anika. You knew I wanted to marry her then why did you do this to me? Shivay answer me! I did everything I can to keep the two of you apart and still you found a way to marry her. How can you do this to me? I will not leave you Shivay. I found a way to separate the two of you first and now I will find another way.” He holds Shivya’s collar questioning him. Shivay couldn’t say anything as he sees a rage in Daksh’s eyes that he has never seen before. He looks past Daksh to see Anika staring at them with tears rolling down her eyes and Sowmya and Priyanka comforting her. OmRu come and put Daksh away from Shivay as Daksh continues thrashing against OmRu trying to get at Shivay. “I will not leave you alone Shivay. I will not leave you. You will regret the day that you stabbed me in the back!”

He picks up his bag and turns to leave. He stops in front of Anika “You will be mine and I will make sure that you and I will be together soon. Don’t worry about him I will get you at any cost!” Saying this he leaves from Oberoi mansion. Anika watches him leave with fear and tears in her eyes. Sowmya and Priyanka continue comforting her.

Dadi walks over to the girls “Priyanka, Sowmya take Anika to her room and stay with her.” She walks to Shivay looks at him and walks away to her room. One by one everyone disperses to their respective rooms thinking of the days event.

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