Perception of Life (Part 1)


Part 1

Anika’s POV

I stand there numb as he announces his wife “Tia Singh Oberoi”. I stare at him while stares back with a hidden smirk behind those kanji eyes. The time stops and my body goes numb. I can hear the clapping around me but I can’t seem to stop staring at him. Then I see Tia take the microphone and start speaking about her fairy tale life and I couldn’t take it anymore. I turn around and leave from there. I know Dadi, OmRu, Priyanka, Sowmya, Tej uncle and Janvi aunty are looking at me as I leave, but I don’t care. I have to get out of here. I continue walking and I am just about to leave when Dadi stops me.

“Anika puthar, where are you going? This is your house no matter what happens.”

“No Dadi, this is not my house. I only came for you, and now that everything is over I don’t have any reason to be here.”

“What are you talking about puthar, you are the bahu of this house. No matter what anyone says that is the truth. Your wedding stands before the gods eyes and that is all that matters.”

“No Dadi, please just let me leave. This is not what I want. I don’t want to be here. Please Dadi.”

Shivay’s POV

Shivay who came looking for his family hears their conversation and is about to leave when he sees Dadi drag Anika into the house and towards her room.

“What was all that Shivay?”

Shivay turns around to see his brothers standing there glaring at him.

“How can you do that with Anika bhabi? Did you not think before you did something like that?”

Shivay looks at his brothers, “you know I don’t consider Anika my wife. I only married her to save our family respect. As far as our society knows I married Tia, and only our family members know about Anika. I am not going to make our family a laughing stock by proclaiming to be married to Anika by announcing her as my wife. What would our business partners and everyone think of me? Me ‘Shivay Singh Oberoi’ married to a roadside girl who has no bloodline, no sir name, a middle class girl who would do anything for money. I don’t know about the two of you, but I am not interested in being on the front page tomorrow with this news.”

As Shivay says this he turns around only to come face to face with Anika and Dadi. Both were shock and Shivay could see the hurt reverting from Anika’s eyes as silent tears fall down from her eyes. Anika looks at him then turns and leaves from there.

“Billu, I don’t even know what to say. I know you have grown to be a great businessman, but I don’t know where the human in you went when the businessman grew. One day you are going to realize her importance and that day you are going to regret this day. You forced her into this marriage, and now you don’t even accept her as your wife?”

“Dadi, you know I only brought her into this house for you. I will be giving her a divorce soon as possible, and then I will marry Tia, and what I said tonight will become the truth. What I said about that girl is the truth. I will not stand to be the laughing stock of everyone when they come to know the truth.” Saying this he leaves from there, while Dadi and OmRu look after him.

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