People and relation changes with time…..swasan (Episode 1) AJNABI


episode 1

Sorry guys in previous post a lot of mistakes where there due to auto correct

ASL internationals
L…I think u are new here….
Swara ….yes …actually I m working as SR’s pa ..
L oh I see…..actually any ways I will talk to you later miss swara. Bye for now
SR cabin
Sr was busy In typing something. When suddenly the door opened with a bang…
SR : lakshya remember there are some rules in my office… ( he said this without looking In doors direction where lakshya was burning due to anger )
W..hy bh…a…i ( he asked In a broken voice)
Now also SR was busy in his work ….
SR : we will talk at home all the employees have left now let’s leave
L.. as u wish..but u need to explain me
LK face was completely dull …..but still he tried to control
While moving out Sr noticed a cabin’s light on
.so he went to check and saw swara there….working he signalled LK to go and ask her to leave..

Lakshya went in and Sr was watching from doorstep.
L..hey swara
S …without looking at lakshya. …hey lakshya
L…I think u should leave to your house …it’s late
S hmm just a little work is left pls
She pleaded so innocently that it was though to deny
LK looked in SR direction….but he noded head in negative
LK ..leave it na swara
SR knew it by now that she won’t leave so he himself walked in… SR : in a cold bossy tone …ms swara u should leave..
S…offo lakshya don’t u dare to prank me with your brothers voice got it..
SR looked on shocked and lucky chuckledĺ
Sr this time a bit louder swara move out of the office now…
Swara in same loudness now by turning shouted ….chup ..ek dam chup
But soon she realised the one on whom she was shouting was her boss SR.and then her gaze went on lakshya who was laughing like anything
Sara and SR passed a death glare towards lakshya.
Although SR was a bit frightened by swara’s scolding. .but tried not to show..
S..miss swara it’s late pls ..u should go home now…SR said in a requesting manner.
Swara agreed and started packing her stuff
LK‘S eyes almost came out of socket seeing his bhai talking POLITELY TO A EMPLOYE THAT TO WHO IS A GIRL…damn is something done wrong in my ear ah..
Lucky Chale. .SR asked
Yup…Wait bhai…
SR turned to look…
L..Swara it’s late tell us we would drop u to your house
Swara…ummmmm it’s ok lakshya …I m fine u may go
Sr i terupted ..lakshya is right u should come along
But sir

Sr I didn’t asked u ..i have ordered
S ok sir
All three left
With lakshya driving Sr on passenger seat and swara backseat
.SR could see swara from the mirror her hairs were flying the way she was leaning on the window…
SR. ..again closed his eyes
In class same boy and girl
The girl was writing something in her notebook
Then boy came and snatched her pen ..without paying any heed to him she took another pen and
Continued writing.
S..chasmish common yaar leave it na….kitna kaam kare ge..jaan tumhare cashme ka no. Bad jae ga ..he sid in a flirting manner
Shut up sanskar. .
Just then a boy came
Samar….Sanskar kyu uski Jan ke peche padang hai is ki?
Are yaar samar mai is ki jaan ke peche nahi padang ho ye to mere biwi hai .kyu chasmish. He winked at samara and placed a hand on chasmish shoulder

Chashmish …Shut up u idiot …we are nothing to each other .
Saying so she left her work and walked out .

Samar asked SANSKAR
Kyu bhai kya tha ye…tera ye sab chal kya raha hai .
Sanskar who was still looking in the direction she went said …com on dude it’s just flirting man..

Wo jab Gussa hote hai to mujhe maja ati hai
Samara. ..tu impossible hai
Fb ends
Lakshya stop my apartment came
Sr looked at the apartment it was an ordinary one but this girl was not as ordinary as she looks
Before leaving swara thanked them and was about to enter her apartment when turned ans waved at them Un knowingly Sr waved back either a smile
This was noticed by LK but now he has a more imp. Topic to discuss
Sr ..lakshya ye ladki
LK…bilkul chasmish kaise hai na
Sr ha Sach kaha
LK. .dude u like her

Sr no yaar ye surf ek AJNABI HAI aur wo
LK ….wo kya thi…
SR …leave it
………………………. ………….. …………… .
Shivanya bhai why are you avoiding india
Look I’m not and secondly I just want to be here in new york what’s the problem in it man.
As u wish saying so she leaves from there.
Asr on call…
Asr…RK dude do me favour man…
O S…..yup tell ..
ASR :. just plan a reunion some how…
Os What reunion. .but why,?
Dude it’d time for face of …
OS are you sure…?
Yes I m search them all… and do such thing that they can’t deny … need of it all are already coming …that’s ARJUN SINGHANIYA’S trap.
Asr. ..will u be their ..
Os yes I will be

See u soon
Just wait for next 3 months .we will meet.
……. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ………… ……. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ………

Singhania house
A boy with full arrogance enter in the house ….
Rp…ADARSH **gautam rode ** wait I need to talk to you
A..I don’t have time for u Mr singhania
Rp..Beta we are a family
A….Sorry but u are wrong
ADARSH u are talking to ur chacha talk with respect
Ohh so now I need to learn all this from a KILLER
A…dont shout i have proper ears. And yes u are a Killer . U killed my parents
And My brother. . U broke my family ….hate u
Dp..hum ne jo kiya…..
Adarsh …Mr singhania. ..a agar ek bar ke liye us ki akho me dekhte to Sach khud ba khud pata chal
Jata apko….
Saying this he walked to his room leaving behind his disheartened father and chacha
This all was seen by Sujata and Ap..
Sujata : sab

Ap _ mai is baare me kuch nahi baat karna chahte Sujata is ghar me surf kuch AJNABI rehti hai..
Saying this a tear escaped from her eyes …she still regret jeer decision of leaving her children like that before….she hate her self for all the decision which caused the down fall of singhania family..

Said a handsome man sitting on table with a notorious smirk
…dialled some no.
A..hi how are u my best..ENEMY

OS phone kyu kiya
A…are itna Gussa ….at least say hi to me

Os…to he’ll with ur hi…tell me y u called
A..actually I wanted to ask are u coming
Os yes after all u played so well
A…. haha… see u soon and hate u bye
Os stupid ..
ARJUN SINGHANIYA was a man though to understand. .he loved his freedom and always tries to escape form the fight between his BIG boss and bhai.. he loved ADARSH but can’t understand the reason behind their fight
MALIK mansion
Rags. …Rags yaar tujhe pata hai ye kya hai …
Ragini malika who was tired of all her daily work just saw the pic on cover page and sat all straight

Rags…called out her over enthusiastic sis SHANAYA
R..ha….he..IS LAKSHYA LK
S…WHAT…ARE idiot ye nahi mai apn favourite movie ki launching pic ki baat kar rahi thi
Rags ho see
S..Wait Tum janti ho lakshya the rockstar ko
Rags with hatred and tears in eyes nahi ye me elite sir ek AJNABI hai
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  1. nice. post soon

  2. Elzabeth

    I’m really sorry to say but I didn’t understand anything….. plz clear it out

    1. Navya

      It’s alright I will give u a summary
      So …
      Till now we came to know that
      SHANAYA MALIK(SHANAYA irani ), RAGINI MALIK (tejaswini) are sisters
      Ragini is an architect whereas shaman is a fashion designer.
      SR(varun kapoor ) and Lakshya are brothers.lakshya is a rockstar and SR is a business man
      Swara ( helly shah)an orphan works as SR’s pa in ASL internationals ( SR’s company )
      Lakshya and Ragini are connected by some past. ( which is not revealed yet)
      Sanskar often have some flashback of a girl and boy studying in same class and the boy is teasing her and he call th egirl as Chashmish .
      ADARSH AND ARJUN are brothers .
      Adarsh is not having I nice relationship with his family ( Except his wife * Jennifer winget * and ARJUN )
      ARJUN( ARJUN bijlani ) is unaware of the reason behind the fight.he is a cunning lawyer.he called ASR( barn sobti) to INDIA, by traping him in a contract.
      Shivanya ( mouni roy) is ASR’s sister.

      In short all the characters are linked to each other some or the other way. ( there relationships will be revealed later on)
      Pairs are
      Varun and helly
      Lakshya ragini
      Arnav khushi (SHANAYA MALIK )
      ARJUN shivanya
      Adarsh parineeta
      # hope it will be helpful

  3. Navya

    Guys the last line is
    Nahi ye mere liye sirf ek AJNABI hai
    Ugh I hate this auto correct

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    😉 😉 😉

    1. Navya

      Thanks a lot ☺

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    1. Navya

      Sure dear anything for my readers☺

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    Nice I think the girl and boy in Sanjay flashback or dream is him and Swara and wondering what is lakshya and Ragini a past love it and can’t wait i fro next post ❤️❤️

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