Why People Hate Kanchi aka Gayu?

Why Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, viewers hate Gayu?

I don’t get why people hate Gayu, she’s just playing her character. They just hate her cause of she came in between Kaira. She is also a human, if we fall in love with someone and that person loves someone else, it’s not our fault. If then people hate you, how would you feel? I don’t get why people actually really hates her! She can’t do anything, she has to listen to the director!

People are still hating her, even though, she sacrificed! We should say thank you to Gayu, for making our Kaira one. It’s just a show, geez, take a chill pill!

People judge her in her looks! She just looks so cute and innocent! Please guys stop hating on her, she is better than Naira, I love both of them. Why do people hate Gayu? They both are an actress, instead of judging their personality and looks, judge their acting. I believe, Gayu knows how to act perfectly, her emotions are just real. Naira’s acting is also good, but to be honest, Gayu acting is way better!

Guys we all know that one day, our lovely Gayu will get someone way more better than Karthik right?

– This is my opinion, don’t judge

Comment your opinion!

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  1. I don’t hate her…
    I like her the way she is…
    I don’t know anyone who hates her

  2. One side u say u like both and then say she looks better n acts better than naira …same way people also feel other way round ..there is nothing wrong in comparing .. Every actor ia bound to be compared to another based on acting characterisation and performances…I don’t think anybody hates her based on looks…as many have commented on nairas looks n regressive thoughts .
    love triangle everybody hates the third angle u should be happy if ur gayu fan as she has made the character hate …u like it or not third angle will be hated .even rashmi was hated when shw camw in between jasmeet n her guy .and kaira milan misthii was the reason mainly .
    many hate gayu character as it was poorly characterised character since beginning and more over it was too goody goody character which had nothing to explore but naira character was more realistic n relatable .
    thats it …how many people hate gayu there are many ex fans who spread more negative about naira also..u can’t stop people from hating or liking a character .nobody hates the actors juat the character its natural .

  3. Vrushy

    Dude you are just creating a war here by stating that gayu looks better than Naira and that she acts better than Naira !!
    You should have learnt how to write a peace keeping message.
    You are asking people to stop comparing both of then but at the endof your post you have actually compared them !!
    The way you have said that you like gayu instead of Naira there are peoplewho like Naira instead of gayu. Shivangi also gets hate messages from some gayu lovers !! But she just doesn’t go all gaga over it.

    1. Agree with you a lot Vrushy

    2. Trusna

      I too agree wid u vrushy…

    3. NikkiTa

      I’m not a dude, I’m a girl

    4. Vrushy

      Dude is a ‘transgender’ pronoun. It can be used to address a boy as well as a girl !!

  4. Its because her interviews are annoying and her acting is pathetic.
    She is better than naira in which angle my dear?
    And she din sacrifice anything. You dont call returning what is not yours as sacrifice.
    She is slowly becoming like hina khan with her attitude offscreen.. onscreen i really dont care about her presence.. but gayu does come across as a selfish person who wants herself to be important in anyone else’s day for example lehenga in kartik’s tilak..
    Offscreen she speaks as if she is d only person running the show.. whereas she is d one who almost ruined it with her bad acting.

    P.s. i am no one’s fan.just a neutral viewer..

  5. Shivangi is a better actress than kanchi.if u se shivangi has shown tremendous improvement after begusarai.
    But kanchi’s expressions for all emotions be it happy sad or whatever is the same ..and she does look scary … she needs to learn acting. Having been in creative field myself i can easily make out who has good screen presence. Even the guy who plays chitti maharaj acts better than kanchi
    Will not comment on looks but acting wise kanchi needs to improve.

  6. JanviSingh

    I agree wid u…..
    N she looks so cute… At least she didn’t do something like Ragini… I luv her the way she is ..???

  7. I dont hate Kanchi…..she is an amazing actor. I like her character (Gayu) too. But I think Shivangi Joshi is a far better actor than Kanchi Singh.

  8. Aadi

    Hey NikkiTa ! I don’t think anyone hates gayu . It’s just the matter of perspective , everyone has different way of thinking and seeing a character dear !

    1. NikkiTa

      Don’t say NikkiTa for now, because I’m her Juana, her big sis, I hope you liked it

      1. NikkiTa!! NikkiTa!! NikkiTa!! NikkiTa!! NikkiTa!!

  9. Well I think that both of them(naira&gayu) are good and cutiepies

  10. it is simple she is not beautiful

  11. Tvfan1

    um..I don’t think you should have posted this post anyway, many people are agreeing and disagreeing but anyway this is my opinion.

    Gayu is doing well in her character, it’s not her fault okay it’s the cvs and producers fault if anything is going bAd. I agree with vrushy..

    so anyway don’t put posts like this. because…ummm you can see what I mean by reading the comments above

    1. NikkiTa

      Thank you for comment, I’m Juana NikkiTa younger sister
      NikkiTa is allowing me to post it, why are you saying I shouldn’t post this, I said don’t judge people, and I also don’t really care

  12. Fenil

    In the beginning ppls also hate naira (Shivangi Joshi ) for her rudeness towards akshu if u know…

    Ppls are not hating gayu….ppls also happy when gayu support naira in karthik’s case.

  13. the ans of ur ques lies within ur post.one side u r asking y ppl hate her n other side u r putting ur views that shes way better than naira.if u hv the right to put ur thought so as others can.they simply dont like her.stop putting what u think on others.u can say she acts better than shivangi but if other ppl say shivi is miles ahead in acting than kanchi then u r offended.plz dude practice what u preach.it ll help u in future.i dont like gayu coz that character nvr gave me any spark to me to like.even a negative character can b liked if it has spark..her character has no growth.from the start till now shes the same.plus its unfair to compare gayu with naira everytime coz NAIRA IS THE FEMALE LEAD OF THE SHOW n gayu is a supporting cast.u cant really compare just a team member with the captian or vice captian.secondly i dont hate kanchi but her offscreen atitude do put me off.she kinda think shes mmore precious than anyone in the show.how casually she can say that i m looking most different whr there r many senior actors like lata mam,parul mam,pooja mam leave aside new actors who r much more elegant than her.plus she kinda think shes better than shivi which puts me off big time as even if thr is competition u cant bring it to public like that.she blocks ppl if they praise shivi she likes tweet if sumone say u deserve to b naira tthan shivi.this is nothing but downright rude.look at the other hand shivi who still gets hate msgs still she nvr bothers.nvr evr disrespect any costar considering the fact shes slaying as naira n being such a naturally better actor.

  14. My 2yr old kid gets scared looking at the expressions gayu puts.. i.mean kanchi puts.. karwa chauth episode she worea see through offshoulder blouse and her hairdo she looked scary..the way she opens her eyes wide my kid strtd crying and i had to change the channel..
    And here u with your double standards ask others not to compare and you yourself say she is better tgan the girl who plays naira..wah wah..

    Shivangi and mohsin are very down to earth actors and far better than your kanchi .. if she continues scaring people with those expressions.. i wonder no one would watch d show..

    Today too throwing of dupatta was pretty cheap..looks like writer is obsessed with her role and the actress.. because mishti the kid has more right as saali 9of kartik than your ghabrahat nazuk dil gayu ..shameless character

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