Pehredaar Piya Ki 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Choti Thakurayan (CT) prays god in home temple. Ratan happily comes running and hugs her from behind and says she must have missed him a lot, he came last night and knocked her door, but she must have slept and did not open her. She pushes him away. He hugs her again and asks to pamper him. She pushes him again and leaves. Ratan cries. Shivani feels bad for him.

Diya shows Ratan’s room to Sajjan. She reminisces family members insulting him and asks why did he come here, people here will insult him. He says he came here for Ratan and her safety. Ratan comes crying and says kaaki maasa is not talking to her and he knows she even misbehaved with Diya. Diya reminisces CT’s harsh words and insult. Sajjan consoles him. He smiles and asks Diya also not to cry. Sajjan says kaaki maasa

is not angry on him, she is sad. Ratan says she is sad for babasa and maasa’s death. He tells him about Yash who is his nephew but of his same age and his best friend. He says he is second best frend now as Diya is his first best friend now, hugging Diya. Sajjan says best friend always has solution for their problem. Ratan says he talks lovely like his babasa and wants him to suggest good things in future. He runs to meet Yash. Diya says she cannot see his insult. Sajjan consoles her and tells his mom used to apply oil on her wound to protect it from dust and dirt, same thing with relationships, they have to protect them. He applies ghee on her hand and demonstrates, says get ready for her muh dikhayi ritual.

Ratan meets Yash and informs that kaaki maasa is angry on him and is not speaking. Yash says he got love marriage and got irked daadi saa Ratan says kaaki maasa hates Diya, how to make her realize that Diya is an angel and is very good. He sees maid taking lots of gifts and asks what are these. She says these are gifts for Thakurani.

Sajjan enters his room and sees servants taking his bags out, asks where are they taking them. Chote Takur Bhuvan Singh enters and says he ordered maids to take his bags out as it is not good for man to stay in his daughter’s house. He insults Sajjan with harsh words. Sajjan folds his hands and says whatever he says, he will not go away from Diya baisa. Bhuan says he knows he would not go, she is shifting his belongings to hotel. Sajjan asks how can he stay away from Diya. CT enters and comments Hukum is right, hotel is in same building and he can meet Diya anytime, that way people will not think that he is eating in his daughter’s house. Sajjan leaves. Bhuvan praises his wife’s intelligence.

Diya gets ready for muh dikhayi and speaks to her bhabhi over phone, says her parents are supporting her in these tough times. Maid brings tea. Diya sips tea. Ratan comes and asks if she likes tea. She says yes, at least 3-4 cups a day. He says even he likes tea, but stopped when Yash informed that tea makes one black, he does not like his angel to be black, so she should promise she will not drink tea. She crosses her fingers and promises. He leaves happily. Sakshi comes and tells Diya about their family that she should perform aarti to all their ancestor’s photos. Diya goes down with her. Sakshi gets a call. She nervously says her friend is calling and leaves. Diya performs Maan’s photo’s aarti reminiscing him giving Ratan’s responsibility to her. Chandelier starts shaking. She looks up and gets tensed.

Precap: Bua addresses guests that Thakuran’s nanads have planned something for her, they all will like it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Richa19

    Hellooooo lovely ppl! !!!!!! im finally back. …. ummmm. ..missed me? ????

    well i was not well so didn’t watched tv for a few days n today also i entered my home at 9:15 … there was tooo much traffic??????

    so obviously couldn’t watch the show but will definitely watch on sony liv! !!!!! coming to the update. …..

    i salute Sajjan Singh for being knight in the shining armour for his daughter and sil! !! when now a days ppl say that after marriage girls dont hv any right on her parents house n they are no more part of their family. .. here sajjan Singh is show casing a different view for all the parents n daughters …….

    poor ratan! !!! i just cant understand this ct. … she has many layers to her character and it’ll be interesting to watch it. ……

    precap ????? the humiliation diya will face. … we cant just imagine !!! so much of guts n will power is needed to doo the things which diya n sajjan Singh r doing! !!!

    i know u might not be expecting this kind of review from me. . n I’m really sorry if i hv dissapointed to u. … but wht to do? ? today again i got wet in rain n got fever. … im feeling so helpless ki kya bataun. …..

    n I’m really hapoy with the ratings of first week. .. n i really hope that ppk shld come in at leaat top five shows of tv industry !!!!!!!

    vaise i heard that Namish is also coming back with a show on star plus! !! really excited to see him back on tv. … r u also? ?? vaise its amazing yaar ki both teja n nami hv got shows on different channel n not on colors. … i mean this shows their demand and also that ppl r really interested in working with them … n this clearly DOES NOT MEAN THAT I’M DISRESPECTING OTHER ACTORS. .. THIS IS JUST MY POV! ! N EVERYONE KNOWS THAT I’M DIE HARD FAN OF VK! !!!!


    keep smiling … keep rocking…. enjoy your life. … love teja. . love ppk! !!!! n yeah ignore the typing mistakes????

    1. Vivian20

      Hi richa….love your reviews…’s episode was too good….just give it a watch….

      1. Richa19

        Thank you vivian!! ? ? I’ll try to watch…

    2. Angelk1

      You were sick? Are u better now.

      1. Richa19

        Yeah dear a Lil fever ‘!?

        Now I’m better than before…. Thank you so much!!! ? ?

      2. Angelk1

        A fever! You should stay in bed, drink soup and put a rag on your head while sleeping to cool it.

    3. Astra

      how are you now? really missed u yar..

      1. Richa19

        I’m fine akka!! ? ? ? ( I hope I can call you that….) I too missed everyone!! Thank you so much ‘!!! ? ? ?

    4. Berdilla

      Hi dear friend how is your health now?

      1. Richa19

        Hii diii… I’m fine now thank you!! ? ?

    5. Sargam

      ri……….thank god you came………really missed you a lotttttttttt……
      take care of your health……..this monsoon season na leaves people sick…like me too……..
      sajjan singh…..what a father yaar ,really….what you said i really agree to it,this show is jst giving us sweet surprises and a new perspective to look at things………
      yes really felt sad seeing ratan crying bcoz of ct….
      i jst dont wish to see the precap bt you know i cant stay away from ppk……hehe….bt i saw a video ,jst a glimpse…..that she will answer sakshi and shivani…….with boldness….a lil’ bit…
      dear take care of yourself……where do you live?i am from delhi……you ?
      and you havent disappointed anyone infact evryone is happy to see you commenting even after bein sick……
      yes 1st week ratings were good for the show.highest on sony…….wow…..
      yes,really happy namish is coming back with star plus…….bt ifelt sad for a bit coz i wanted him to be ratan….bt its fine……he will rock with his new show….
      yes we all will keep loving teja and ppk……

      1. Richa19

        Hii saru!! I too missed everyone!!! Yeah I too agree with u ‘!!! ? ? ? ?

  2. Vivian20

    What a cute episode….
    Ratan hugging Diya, the tea incident… friends, Ratan crying….then telling Diya not to cry….this episode was epic…..btw I’m still confused for ct and even kaka saa, I think it is Sakshi….

    1. Astra

      yeah.. it was so cute..?

  3. Nice episode ☺ …i like saajan Diya scenes nice to see both bond as father and daughter…?…it’s rare to show in serials like father protecting daughter in sasural home.unique&loved it.?.&DiRa scenes was cute&innocent ??..but Ratan likes to give importance to promises what will happen when he comes to know Diya broken his promise?&sakshi intentionally left Diya under fallen Chandelier….waiting for next episode eagerly ?
    Loves Diya ?

    1. Astra

      i think maybe shashi is good.. but, let’s see..

      1. Hi ? dear …i felt sakshi husband is villain too bcoz dada hukum accident before he called for enquiry were about and gave villain look to hukum pic,.&i observed when sakshi took diya down while she saw I felt she is with him. let’s see

  4. Angelk1

    I love the fact that ratan isnt oblivious to whats happening with diya. Hopefully when his older writters will keep it that way. It seems thats ratan wants his two most beloved people to get along, but kaaki maasi dont want to play nice.

    I wonder if she feels threaten by diya for having rights on ratan. Now the real trouble will start for diya since they kick her father out. That sakshi girl is up to something and it seems like its a set up for diya.

    1. Astra

      may be ratan’s parents have ordered CT to be far from ratan.. I’m thinking like that..

      1. Angelk1

        Maybe, but the question is why?

  5. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Finally Wait os over.

    Superb episode.

    Isqu, Madhuri Dixit Nene,Hema Malini,Shree Devi,Juhi Chawala,Tabbu,PC,Shraddha kapoor,Anushka Sharma,Anushka Shetty,Kajol…..last question ‘s answer.

    1. Astra

      Hello bhai…

      1. Fenil

        Hello Astra , How are you ?

  6. Hi everyone
    Episode was nice
    Diya’s smile ?
    Ratan hugging diya ?❤
    His request to her his bonds with yash so nice and cute
    Feel bad for ratan as how he was trying to convince CT but she was not responding.
    How he try to stop diya from crying impressive
    I don’t know why CT is reacting like that
    Day by day episode are being better along with suspension about villian
    First CT then that maid jhumki then nitya bua and now that sakshi but I doubt to that husband of sakshi I don’t know his name.
    Precap is horrible diya is gona get humiliation from that ratan family. Mostly from sakshi shivani and that bua .she has to bear all that humiliation and get embrassed but we know she will handle it in best way to protect ratan
    And lastly ratan is gonna give a big surprise to our diya at the completion of ritual and that would be ….
    I shouldn’t not reveal na it will be surprise ? if u guys don’t know then and if u know its ok.
    And richa get well soon ? dear
    Hope for the best
    #live happily
    #love ❤ ppk
    #love ❤ teju

    1. Astra

      surprise? what surprise? I’m eager to know about it.. what it may be..?

    2. Richa19

      Thank you so much anu dear ‘!!! I’ll surely take care of myself ‘!!!! ? ? ? ?

  7. Astra

    Thank you for the update MA

  8. Astra

    coming to the episdoe, why why CT is behaving with Ratan like this?? and yashs answer was too funny.. she js angry bcz u did love marriage.. haha.. and ratan says let’s make ct know that diya is angel.. *cuteness and innocence overloaded*

    the way whole family behaving with sajjan is not at all good. once ratan’s parents gone,, everyone’s real face is coming out. if ratan’s parents are alive, they didn’t let this humilation done to sajjan.

    so, diya shouldn’t drink tea.? poor girl.. she loves tea. 3 cups a day?? haha.. is it enough diya?

    teju looked gorgeous in yellow attire yesterday. when she kept veil on her head, she is looking more pretty.

    i think shakshi is good. but a little stupid like. but I’m still not understanding whom to believe. however i don’t have any doubts on CT. she is good. may be she iz not letting ratan near her bcz.. his parents might have ordered her so..

    and chandelier scene.. I’m thinking it’s made by ratan’s father’s soul..? *just a guess* I’m imagining that he wants to say something to diya.

    as usually waiting for next episode.. ppk rocks..

  9. Astra

    Hello all my dear friends shri, richu, jayanti, lahari, fairy, Iqra, angelk, ks, taina- the fairy, vivan, fenil bhai, sargarm, suma, asra, folly, asw, ammu, naymaz, saranya and all other ppk lovers, ppkainans, tejuholics, and all othe readers my dear frnds..

    I’m just here to say hai to all and how ru guys doing? i heard Namish is going to enter in star plus.. i was like.. *raising in the sky.. dancing on wind..* I’m really very very very eager to see my lovely nami..? is the news was correct guys? if yes, I’m the most happiest girl of the universe… ?
    btw, how u guys felt about today’s part.. ratan’s cuteness overloading day by day.. ?

    1. Vivian20

      Hi Astra……even I heard of namish entering a new show…..I’m not sure though! And as for the episode, I agree Ratan’s cuteness is increasing day by day….

      1. Astra

        yes.. it is confirmed.. nami is entering new show.. I’m damn happy..??

      2. Vivian20

        Me too..

    2. Sargam

      hi astra…..i am toh totally fine bt a bit tired……and i hope you are doing fine…
      yes i also heard he’s coming back and that too on star plus……really good news…finally my fav. trio will be back on tv.though in different shows…..
      today’s epi was really cute with ratan’s cute antics…..emotional when sajjan and diya talked and sweet with dira moments in it and in alst the chandelier…it jst left me in thinking what will happen today……
      really ratan’s cuteness is getting overloaded day by day….i hope it increases only..

      1. Astra

        yes dear… I’m totally happy..

    3. Angelk1

      I just saw this, but how are you? Im well thank you. I agree rataan cuteness is too adorable. Makes me want a Brother to spoil lol

  10. Berdilla

    Superb episode and ratan diya scenes is nice

  11. Sargam

    hey pehredaars… are you all?
    well today epi’s highlight was surely the father -daughter moments……really a father is a girl’s superhero and sajjan proved it in the most heart warming manner possible……such cute bond…
    this CT….what is she trying to do?not even reacted to ratan saa…….
    ratan cried bcoz of her ,felt sad seeing him….bt when he entred DIRA’S room,both dira forgot their pain and wanted to comfort each other….so cute
    yash and ratan are the cutest chacha-bhatija jodi i have ever seen….
    ratan will gift diya something…..hmm excited to see his gift……..
    diya drinks 3 cups of tea a day……i am fine with 1… same like her… day doesnt starts without tea…….her expressions when she was drinking the tea……so cute,innocent…..
    she made promise to ratan……bt she drank the tea…….hmmm i hope it doesnt creates a blunder…..when i saw this scene a thought came in my mind…after the leap they will show diya not even touching tea…….jst for her promise to ratan……stupid me.ignore it ……..
    this kaka saa na…is too much…….shifted sajjan singh to hotel…..and his harsh words……i wanted to slap him…..stupid idiot…….he aslo has 2 daughters ,what does he thinks?bt kaki maa saa came and sent him …..i really want to know what goes in her mind all the time……
    this sakshi…..why did she lied that it was her friend when it was shivani on phone….doubt hota hai…….she eflt diya under the chandleir…..was she behind this chandelier kaand?i hope diya saves herself……no one else comes for her help…..i want to see her overcoming her fears…..
    the precap is jst so pianful….this bua’s smirk said thousand things….diya will cry…..i really wish her to stay string andi know she will make herself strong…..
    loved the episode……..
    love teju
    love ppk
    love you all guys and take care of yourself….apne dukho main bhi hasi dhoondna ek mazboot insan ki pehchaan hoti hai….and i know you all are strong……take whatever life throws at you ,embrace it ,accept it,improve it and try to be happy in whatever the situation be……..
    #ppk rocks

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