Pehredaar Piya Ki 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Diya continues to sleep till 8:30 a.m. and hearing alarm says maasa let met sleep for sometimes. She looks at alarm clock and hurriedly wakes up seeing 8:30 a.m. She sees Ratan still sleeping peacefully, opens door and thinks whom to call. She opens cloth from Hoky Poky’s cage. They both come out and start playing. She panics and asks them to get back in. They both run out of room. She reminisces Ratan telling they should not go out, else big eagle will take them away . She runs behind them. They run all around house and she tries to catch them. She catches one and runs behind another. She throws cloth on it falling on floor and hears someone’s steps. She raises head and is shocked to see whole family watching her. Sakshi laughs. She looks at everyone anxiously

and hurriedly wears pallu. Sakshi asks who is she. She says she is Diya. Bua says this is our new thakurani saa. Everyone look at her in surprise. Bua asks when did she come. Diya says she came at night. Bua says she did not come in the morning during graha pravesh, why did she come hiding at night. Shivani asks where is her bhaisa, where is she hiding her. Diya says he is sleeping in room. Sakshi makes fun of Diya that nobody would have had this kind of royal entry, t s funny. Choti Thakurayan/CT enters.

Poky runs away and Diya runs behind it. Everyone look at her and Sakshi laughs Diya catches Poky. A sword slips from a wall and falls on her. Sajjan on time rescues her. Diya says babasa when did you come. Sajjan reminisces telling his wife that he will stay with Diya and protect her, his daughter’s life is more important than his dignity, he will not let her break promise made to Maan and will go behind her. Out of flashback, he dorns pallu on Diya and walks with her in, greets CT and others. CT reminisces him telling according to Daata hukum’s wish, Diya married Ratan. Chote Thakur reminisces Sajjan insulting him and shouts that Sajjan sent empty palanquin in the morning and sent his daughter at night hiding, what is his motto. Sajjan says Diya is thakurayan of this house and does not need to hide. He says CT that he informed hher that Daata Hukum and Thakurani are coming. He says this place is new to Diya and she will find it difficult adjusting here, so he wants to stay here with her if they don’t mind. Chote Thakur laughs and says he can stay here like already damad is staying, he will be ghar sasur. Damad says chote Thakur means after marriage, someone adopts beendni so that she does not miss her maika, so there is no need for him to stay here.

Shivani emotionally hugs Ratan and tells Ayush that like he is Ratan’s favorite, Ratan Daata hukum is her favorite. Ratan asks if kaaki maasa woke up, he will go and meet her. He runs out. Sakshi and Ayush run behind him smiling.

Sakhsi taunts Diya brought her maika here itself, there is no need to adopt her. Sajjan says Sakshi is right. He is against dowry, but to protect his daughter, he will think he has come as dowry. He asks Diya to take everyone’s blessings as she thakurani now. Diya walks towards Chote Takur and he walks away. She then walks towards CT. CT dorns her pall. Sajjan says CT that she is right, Diya has learnt to take up responsibility and will not drop key bunch. Ratan comes with Shivani and Ayan and tells Shivani that Sajjan is his sasur. Shivani says elders are talking, so he should meet kaaki maasa after sometime. Ratan agrees and walks with Ayush to play game.

CT asks maid to show guest room to Sajjan. Sajjan says there is no need for that, he is staying in guest house since last night, asks why everyone went out and did not greet daata hukum and thakurani. CT says it is inauspicious to see bahu’s face at night, so she did not want thakurani to be in trouble. She asks Diya to get ready and asks others to get ready to shower blessings on Thakurani. Everyone disperse. CT asks Sajjan to go to his room. Sajjan says yes and leaves with Diya.

Precap: Diya lights lamps in aarti thali. Chandelier shakes on her. She notices it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Astra

    Thank you for the fast update MA

  2. This CT? is too much….Hoky poky rox.

    1. IQRA222

      yes choco di this ct is too much!!

  3. Shrilatha

    I guess I am the first one today but no yaar I want Richu views first she is so good at reviews…well anyways did anyone miss me.seriously guys I am fed up with this light problem OK now

    Loved hoky poky…that scene was so innocent but sakshi who is she by the way I guess she is bua’s daughter .and shoving I am liking her but doesn’t know how she will turn out to be and I want to see CT and diya’s bond more than anything else and saajan staying at ratan’s house is a good decision…but I don’t know how others r going to treat this especially bua….

    It was a good episode not too much drama.I am loving this kaki ma her acting is so matured as if she is are for that role .do u agree guys…let’s see how she overcomes manipulation …
    Overall love Ppk and love DiRa.??????

    1. Shrilatha

      Guys how r u all …well yesterday after Vivian bhai ‘s comment I got this question well it’s iqu’s job I would love this …who is ur fav character of friends…ots my favourite show…u know Vivian bhai I have been watching it again and I reach 10 season again I go to first …so guys mine is pheebs… her so much …

      1. Jayanti

        Well ask…which is not my fav character..I love all of them…absolutely all…friends incomplete without any one of them…I adore the couple chandler and monica…just amazing story of their friendship and love…I have seen each and every episode I don’t know how many times….whenever I am feeling low or upset I put on any of its episode and laugh as if I am watching it for the first time…I am helpless but can’t get over friends.

      2. Vivian20

        That’s great Shri…I practically remember all the episodes word by word. My fav is joey and then chandler even though I love all of them…..

      3. Astra

        ohhh, ok.. i didn’t read it properly. i thought nv friend’s ki istamina character evaru? ani anukunna..

    2. Suma123

      Diya is damn cute in this episode…. ofcourse in all but while running to catch pocky was ….!!!!man she is like pari

    3. Astra

      but i was the 1st… haha. don’t know why, richu didn’t come yesterday also.. today also she is not there yet. my friend’s fav character is obviously, ‘ragini’. who else? many like her only…

      1. Shrilatha

        Ragini??? Akka memu friends gurinchi matladutunnamu ..adi oka show.

    4. Sargam

      hi shri,really missed you yaar…..and yaa ri too,her review are superb…..
      even i am eagerly waitnig for diya and CT’S bond….it will be something special ,like a saas turning into a maa…i hope so…..
      this bua….she seems to irritate me with her looks only….what else should i say…
      kaki maa’s acting is really good and she seems apt for this role ……i think she is jst listening from one ear and throwing it out from another…..cant tell anything seeing her neutral face….
      yaa love ppk and DIRA

    5. IQRA222

      hello shri di!! off cource i missed you and richu di too!!
      yup didu loved hoky poky and that scene was really innocent but a witch spoiled it!!
      and yes kaki sa role is nice and the actress for it is really fab!!
      didu i am soo sorry i have not watched freinds so i dont know about it!!

  4. Astra

    Now it’s the peak time Diya has to open her mouth. all the kesar mahal people are talking annoyingly with her. i know she is just 18 amd eveything is new.. but i loved the way her father protecting her. that hokey pokey scene was hilarious. I’m annoyed with over acting sakshi and other over acting girl.. i forgot her name. and that middle aged lady.. thatman with cap.. i think whole family has a big problem with diya. however, i have disliked choti takurani in statt but, I’m liking only her now. may be she gives training to diya to be strong.
    i really wish diya should be strong and rule whole kesar mahal soon. she is takurani after all.. she has that right..!!

    1. Angelk1

      That’s true, I will pause on my thoughts about ct, but I wonder if she was just being overly protective towards ratan, how come ratan father doesn’t trust her to take care of him.

      1. Tania-the fairy

        Exectly,I m thinking the same.Maan nd Padma didnt trust CT.First padma then maan.what was the reason behind this doubt that she is not well wisher of ratan.but I like her.want her to be positive.

      2. Astra

        yes.. agree with you

    2. IQRA222

      yes asthu di !! really princess must really open her mouth. those people are just like devils with her.. and yes ss is too good.. and hoky poky really too cute!! yes those people are really overacting. didu i totally agree with you!!

  5. Angelk1

    It was a good EPs and scene in the begining before the drama started. The family is definetly up to something, and I really hope diya dont just kill them with kindness. Hope she stay strong and show them shes just as important in rat an life.

    1. IQRA222

      yes angel di the episode was good..

  6. Nice episode ?,it seems someone planned attack on Diya.who will save her this time?any way waiting for next episode?
    Loves Diya ??

    1. IQRA222

      yes ks di it was a nice episode!! yes that was a planned one!!! and i think it would be ratan , SS or CT
      love diya

  7. Tania-the fairy

    Todays epi was so u diya..Awesome .
    .Diya run behind hocy pocy.
    waiting for next….

    1. IQRA222

      yes fairy di the episode was nice..mee too waiting for the next part

  8. Fenil

    Nice episode

    1. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! yes it was the nice episode!!

  9. Follybraverl

    Awesome episode diya rocking day by day

    1. IQRA222

      yes folly di.. it was an awesome one

  10. nice episode diya is very beautiful even though in simple dress and with out jewellery.

    1. Hi Shri(Ammu), Astra and IQRA222 how are u all, i am very much happy that to got a new friends here.

      1. IQRA222

        hello ammu di!! even i am too happy to have you as my friend. and di my friends call me iqu so if you like even you can call me iqu!!
        and yes the episode was nice and our princess is really beautiful!!

      2. Shrilatha

        Awww ammu u r the first person to call me ammu here…love I yaar…only my family calls me that

    2. Ha Ammu (Shri), for me that was a touching name “Ammu” , dear i always wanted to hear.

  11. Sargam

    hi fellow pehredaars here,well i felt a void seeing many of you not here in y’day’s epi bt i am sure you are also busy ni some imp work…but will be glad if yuo manage to come here……
    this title i have for this episode is’sugar coated pill’.evryone jst evryone was taunting each other ,hiding their sarcasm and taunts behind that sweet fake smile.
    the epi started with a shadow entering diya’s room ,it isnt written here bt i saw it and i think its kaki maa saa only…i dont know what this lady is upto… i wont stress my brain thinking about her.
    diya remebered her mother even while sleeping…..aww…bt i hope soon she adjusts to this royal palace of maan singh ji and take her responsibility as thakurani saa…..
    her smile when she saw ratan sleeping….haye such sweet smile in the morniing…..
    hoko poky very bad you ran away from my diya and diya had to run after you… she looked really cute….her expressions… my hold me or i will fall deeply in love with her…..again and agian….
    her expressions when she found other family members tensed baby….bt glad that his father was standing beside her……thanks cvs that he came on time and saved diya or she would have been harmed by that sword and evryone else were jst looking at it like a drama going on…….stupid people…*huff*…..
    shivani seems good with her bro ratan bt i doubt her behavoiur towards diya.arrogant girl
    this saksh itoh i hate her…..stupid woman when your hubby can stay in his sasural then why cant diya’s father….i wanted to scream to her face…arrgghhhh
    when diya bent to take blessings that kaka saa went away…..atleast should have respected a new bride……
    and kaki maa…what to say …..she’s still a mystery….and i could see a glimpse that she is jst trying to behave so hard that diya flees away fearing her…….
    over all this epi was jst a promo of the upcoming peoblems diya has to face….i hope she stays strong…,
    guys did u saw the spolier where on the name of a rasam that sakshi and shivani were making fun of diya and her marriage with ratan……wanted to smash their heads to th e
    love teju ,love ppk
    #ppk rocks

    1. IQRA222

      hello saru di !! di even i was feeling really bad seeing that there were so less sissy’s of mine but as there colleges or school have started.
      didu totally agree with all your points!!
      love teju love ppk!!

  12. IQRA222

    hello my ppk family!!! how r u all!! i hope all fine.. so today’s question is who is your fav bollywood actress?? mine is alia bhatt, madhuri dixit and deepika padukone.. do tell me yours??
    so ocming to the episode it was wonderful!!!
    the scene where she thought she was talking to her mom was simply fab.. she looked so beautiful and also that hoky poky scene
    this sakshi is such a witch.. i so hate her
    thank god!!! that sajjan singh(ss) is here to protect his daughter and he saved her from that sword!! i so hate everyone who were making fun of my princess and ss when he came to kesar mahal.
    the promo is really scary. dont know what my princess has to tolerate!!!
    thanks alot MA di for the updates
    guys pls do comment as we are getting decreased comments day by day.. so pls pls do comment everyday
    do take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all

    1. Shrilatha

      No one iqu…I love only anushka sharma

      1. Shrilatha

        Oops so sorry I meant anushka sweety….I love her so much and that too with my prabhas…

      2. IQRA222

        good choice didu!! but really you like no one from bollywood???????

    2. Vivian20

      Iqu….I love all of them…….but most fav will be Priyanka chopra….and then madhuri…and then anushka sharma….and yeah we’re getting less comments…….so guys pls comment everyday..☺☺☺☺

      1. IQRA222

        wow bhai really nice choice!!!

    3. Shrilatha

      No I don’t watch Bollywood movies

    4. Sargam

      hi iqu……
      my fav. b-wood actress is sridevi……i love all her movies and her acting is so heart touching.she moulds hereslef in the character she gets…..

      hoko poky scene was good.
      yes i hate that sakshi too..dumbhead….
      yes ss is there for his daughter
      the precap is scary,yes
      love you too dear

      1. IQRA222

        hey didu!! nice choice sissy. sridevi is really a superb actress..

    5. hi Iqu my fav is Alia and bahubali Sivagami, and i like some one’s acting like Kajol, Priyanka and Sonam.

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