Pehredaar Piya Ki 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratan with Diya reaches Kesar Mahal. Guards stop car and ask who are they. Ratan peeps out and says it is him. They happily greet him and open gate. Ratan takes Diya in and says everyone must be eagerly waiting for them. He describes how kaaki maasa/Choti thakurayan/CT will greet them and others react. Maid informs that everyone have gone to kuldevi mandir. Ratan says kaaki maasa’s room light is on, she is inside. He asks Diya to wait and see how kaaki maasa will react seeing her angel and runs towards CT’s room. Diya reminisces CT’s misbehavior and telling Ratan does not know there are no angels in real life and tearing photo. CT hears Ratan’s voice and asks her maid to close door and windows. Maid asks if she does not want to greet Ratan and Diya. CT reminisces Sajjan confronting

her husband and says she was acting in the morning in front of people and does not want to act at night. Ratan continues calling her and thinks she must have got tired and slept. He runs to kitchen and searches rice and bowl, but does not find them. He then runs to home temple, takes pooja bowl and says god he will return it soon. He then adds popcorn in bowl and runs towards Diya.

Diya waits for Ratan and thinks why he has not yet returned, if she should enter alone. She tries to step in when Ratan stops her and says kaaki maasa has slept as she must be tired, so he will perform her grahapravesh. He keeps popcorn bowl and says he could not find rice, if this will work. She smiles and says it will run, perfect, says they both should do grahapravesh. They both enter holding each other’s hand. Serial’s tile song…pehredaar piya ki…plays in the background. Ratan asks her to walk holding his hand and takes her to his room. She slips in darkness and pulls thread. Thermocol balls fall on her. Song continues….She gets happy. Ratan says they fell from his magic boat and asks her to relax on bed.

Ratan brings her bag and asks what is in it, it is very heavy. She feels someone touching her hand and gets afraid seeing a puppy. Ratan laughs and says it is pet Hoky and the one in cage is poky. She gets more afraid. He asks her to repeat. She says Hoky poty. He says it is Hoky Poky. He says she must be tired, gives her night dress and asks her to change and sleep. She sees his dress and says it is small. He laughs and says it is his dress, he was joking. She can get dress from her bag and change in washroom while he changes in room. She returns changing her dress. Ratan thinks kaaki maasa will be happy seeing his angel. Diya sleeps on bed and he dorns her blanket. She says it is small. He keeps chair below her feet and pillows. She smiles. He sleeps next to her and asks if she gets afraid after lights off, she can hold his hand and sleep. She smiles. They both sleep looking at each other’s face. Pehredaar piya ki…song..continues.

Preap: Diya gets arid seeing Hoky and Poky free and running out. She runs behind them and falls in living room. Whole family looks at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. IQRA222

      yes choco di it was a fab one!!!

  1. Ratan is sooooooooooo caring cute hubby
    loads of love for him and yipee am I the first one to comment????????

    I love this show , wow wow wow and infinite wows

    1. IQRA222

      yes nayu di ratan is a cute hubby!!
      love this show!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a lovely cute couple. Oh god its so nice of diya and Ratan say. 😉

    1. IQRA222

      yes gethu bhai they are a cute couple!!

  3. Angelk1

    Superb EPs. It was romantic, but I wish it was with him all grown. But rat an is so sweet an smart, using popcorn instead of rice. Astra your right so far, ct isn’t bad she’s just being manipulated but let’s see how far she will continue to react to their manipulation.

    The bed scene was cute and so was the puppies.

    1. IQRA222

      yes angel di it was a superb one…all the scenes were really cute

  4. Fenil

    Hello everyone.

    Episode was so cute and sweet.

    Loved it…love hoky-pocky:):) …Ratan’s pari afraid of his pets:P:P:P:):).


    1. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!!
      yes the episode was cute and really sweet
      and those pets were really cute!!

  5. Asw

    This episode is awesome so cute ratan & BG music is amazing

    1. IQRA222

      yes asw di the episode was really awesome

  6. Wow awesome episode ?,i really loves ratan mature behaviour&his care,protection towards Diya?❤? cutely he taken gruhapravesh responsibility to welcome his wife,and his orders as husband,simply innocent and cute and loved it ??,,anyway waiting for next episode ?
    Loves Diya ?
    Loves DiRa?❤?

    1. IQRA222

      yes ks didu!! the episode was awesome! totally agree with you !!
      and yes Loves Diya….. Love DiRa

  7. hi guys today epi was cutest and thank god nO family drama while watching whole time I was just smiling and can’t put my eyes away from Dira. CUTIE PIE AND CARING RATAN . First he do diya grah pravesh then room scene and when he try to keep her heavy bags and intro of two cute little puppies and diya was so scared ha ha ha funny one then The dress scene And ratan laughs that it wasn’t her it his. And when he made her sleep and put chair and pillow so that diya can sleep peacefully its so cute and so his cAring nature . Love it how they sleep and ratan said don’t worry I will not hit u with legs or if u get scared just hold my hands . How can someone be so cuTe. In love with today epi and so I will watch it again and again love u teju and affan and love to see dia smiling good nite guys

    1. IQRA222

      yes bhai totally the episode was cutest one and an episode free from family drama.

  8. Today’s episode was awesome ????the way ratan did and his childish behavior ?✌… specially tat scene where he said diya u r beautiful ??? it was so cute?? and his care towards her….. Teju as usual rocking??Superb episode.. ✌✌?

    1. IQRA222

      yes the episode was awesome
      and ratan is really very very cute

  9. Vivian20

    Hi everyone…
    Today’s episode was too ? funny…so finally we could see the popcorn ? grahpravesh…..
    Hoky poky are kinda cute and the thermocol balls were funny too….
    tomorrow’s episode will be even more funny hopefully with Diya’s adventures with hoky and poky..

    1. Ur dp is awesome. I love FRIENDS. Specially Joey nd Rachel. Whom do u like most.

      U must b wondering dat who da hell I am??? Jst 4 ur nd others info I m a silent reader of PPK. I don’t comment on serials mostly. I only comment on ffs. But 2day after seeing ur dp I couldn’t held myself back.

      1. Vivian20

        Hi mahi…I am a diehard fan of FRIENDS…my fav characters are joey and chandler…
        Even though I love all the others. I’ve seen all the episodes twice or thrice or maybe even more…

      2. friends?????????i love phoebe the most
        most impractical and huffy girl
        i loved lisa’s character
        she was the perfect phoebe

    2. Vivian20

      She indeed was the perfect phoebe….princess conseula bananahammock…

    3. IQRA222

      hello vivian bhaiyaa
      yes the episode was funny and yes that grahpravesh was lovely
      and yes hocky pocky and balls were funny too
      even i think soo bhaiyaa

  10. Astra

    it’s an cute episode. cutness if diya when she was afraid to puppies, and ratan scaring her.. haha, i laughed. and, how sweet ratan is.. he has arranged everything for diya.. his fairy naa.. the pari. he treats her as his fairy as many of kids does. finally that pop corn scene was.. awww… too adorable. loved ratan’s innocence a lot.
    in precap they showed a guy looking at diya.. maybe he is the villian. I’m getting bad feeling from the day i saw his character. 

    btw.. did anyone rememberd the puppies names.. hockey dockey… hehe, diya scared to them as small girl.

    1. IQRA222

      yes asthu di!! the episode was a cute one!!
      yes diya looked so cute and that time.. they both are really too adorable
      didu i agree with you!!! that person is suspicious
      and yes the puppies names are hoky and poky

  11. wow…. soo nice episode lovely

    1. IQRA222

      yes the episode was lovely!!

  12. wow soo….. nice episode lovely

  13. Berdilla

    Today’s episode is awesome and i loved DiRa bond superb ????

    1. IQRA222

      yes berdi di the episode was awesome and DiRa bond is really superb!!!

  14. IQRA222

    hello!! my ppk family!! all fine??
    coming to the episode it was a cutie episode
    totally loved it!!
    DiRa were fabulous and rocked it totally
    thank god no sadness was in this part
    the episode was at its best
    so guys today’s question: who is your fav bollywood actor.. mine is akshay kumar and varun dhawan
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all

    1. Sargam

      hi iqu……
      todays epi was worth watching with all the good mmoents we desired for…..we tohught it would be jst grahpravesh but see it came like a bundle of joy……
      my fav. actor is indeed akshay kumar….love himas an actor and admire him as a person….same pinch….we like him…….
      love you too dear

      1. IQRA222

        yes saru di !!! toally it was worth watching!!
        didu we are soo soo similar !!!

    2. Vivian20

      Again same pinch, sis mine too is Akshay Kumar….

  15. Sargam

    i loved today’s epi a was jst too cute,sweet,adorable,superb,fantastic,fabulous and what not.
    starting with the 1st scne,when diya lifted her ghunghat and looked around,aww……she seemd to cute,my heavenly beauty…..her expressiong were jst bang on.
    ratan went in to CT’s room bt she didnt opened it and her reasons…….arggh….lets leave CT for some days……
    the much awaited grahpravesh was jst awesomeeeeeeee,popcorn……aww ,he made diya giggle and i was here smiling contently seeing this.they stepped in the house together……how cute…..
    so many cute moments we had today…..isliye comment karna toh banta hi hai…..
    diya’s folding hands in fornt of maan’s photo showed her maturity and her sense of responsibilty she has…..a girl with many shades….my diya…..
    loving the title song like anything….it jst feels too known and gives me a joy hearnig it with DIRA scenes…..
    when diya entred ratan’s room,the showerof those small thermacol balls (i dont know its name) on her…….her face… seems to expressive…..she was smiling,enjoying……and thanks to ratan and his cute antiques……..
    her reaction to hoky doky was worth watching……she looked like a small kid…….my bacha……
    ratan’s effort to make her comfortable…….the bed scene..his putting chair….he is trying evry possible way to make her feel home…..
    the bag scne was jst too hilaroius……chot ratan and that big bag… manana padega inki strenght to itna bada bag uthane ki koshish ki….cho sweet……
    the night dress scene ……diya itni pyaari kyu ho tum……i felt like pulling her cheeks and muttering “aww mera bacha”
    the precap seems superb…..for getting hoky doky back she will run out in her night dress ….the family reaction would be worth watching and diya’s face looked pricelss……flushed with embrassment… to see her bachpana……
    this epi was filled with aww mera bacha moments…..loved it
    love teju ,love ppk
    #ppk rocks

    1. IQRA222

      saru di!!! yes saru di we totally cannot describe what this episode is like!!! because it was a perfect one. our princess is really the expressions queen
      didu totally right lets leave CT for some days..
      thier moments were too adorable and wonderful!!!
      yes the episode itself was just like Awwww mera bacha!!!
      love teju, love PPK
      #ppkrocks #tejurocks

  16. Tania-the fairy

    wow.,..Nikky nice u are doing really good dear.the show is getting attraction for its uniqueness.Dont worry soon it will be in top of trp.Just hoping for its best.

  17. Tania-the fairy

    Awesome epi.Ratan looked perfect husbend.

  18. Asra

    omg it’s cute and sweet epic…ratan s chooo cute and caring hus….Ohhh my princess got fear of dog…hockey packey….noooo hockey pockey na…so cute name…
    Instead of flower petals thermocol welcome our princess in ratan room….
    luggage lifting scenes superbbb…
    last scene s awesome yar…omg omg after seeing ratan cuteness and smart behaviour love him…
    precap make me little scared…but am so excited…
    cuteness overloaded epic…love ppk

  19. Follybraverl

    They are adorable……Diya Asusual breath taking and Ratan’s care towards her is cool……

  20. Saloni2128

    Why are you doing this ? Why are you encouraging others to watch this stupid show … yaaar get some life that guy is nine year old 🙁 🙁

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