Pehredaar Piya Ki 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After 12 days, guards excitedly decorate haveli discussing new data hukum/Ratan and his wife/Diya are coming. Choti thakurayan does god’s aarti. Chote Thakur yells what happened to her, why she wants to greet Sajjan Singh’s daughter in this haveli. He continues that she took care of Ratan as a mother, but Daata hukum doubted her and alleged her for trying to kill Ratan, police report proved that car blasted due to petrol tank leakage. His family starts brainwashing him that they doubt Sajjan planned to take over wealth and got his daughter married to Ratan. Another relative starts brainwashing choti thakurayan that Daata hukum did wrong by imposing Diya over her as thakurayan even though she took care of Ratan as a mother.

Ratan dorns bridal veil on Diya and asks her to gt ready

to walk with him to his haveli Kesar Mahal. He mimics how his family members will greet her with aarti and remembers each family member. He says he is missing his parents, but is missing kaaki saa’s love more, Kaaki saa has sent her beautiful palanquin and she should get ready soon. Diya reminisces choti thakurayan keeping hot key bunch on her waist and taunting, her mother’s concern for her seeing choti thakurayan’s misbehavior, choti thakurayan taunting she has to come to Kesar Mahal after 12 days.

Sakshi gets ready in a beautiful sari and suggests Priya to get ready soon to greet Daata hukum and thakuryan, describes how much she effort she added to get ready. Choti thakurayan scolds her that she lost her uncle and aunt and is getting ready. Bua comes and taunts that they will not come, choti thakurayan is unnecessarily making efforts.

Sajjan’s wife tells him that she will not let Diya go to Kesar Mahal seeing choti thakuryan’s misbehavior and torture. Sajjan says Diya is beendni of kesar Mahal and has to go there. She panics and tries to slit her hand. Sajjan stops her. Diya comes running and calms her down. Ratan comes and asks Diya why did not she pack her bags and got ready, they have to leave for kesar Mahal soon.

At Kesar Mahal, choti thakuryan gathers all guests to greet Ratan and Diya. Bua taunts they may not come. Sakshi says Shivani has gone for hunting and is not present. Palanquin comes. A boy checks in followed by bua who says Ratan and Diya are not in palanquin, Sajjan insulted them. Choti thakurayan apologizes guests and asks them to have food and go. Shivani comes on jeep after hunting. Bua says Sajjan insulted them and did not send Ratan and Diya. Shivani fumes how can they held Diya and Ratan, at least he cannot stop Ratan there, she will go and bring Ratan. Choti thakurayan stops her and sends her in. Cook asks her what to do with remaining food. She orders to distribute. Phone rings. Maid picks call and informs her it is call from Sajjan’s house and Ratan with Diya is coming at night.

Precap: Ratan knocks choti thakurayan’s room door and requests to open door. She does not. He thinks she must be asleep. He keeps chocs in kalash and asks Diya to do graha pravesh. She says both bride and groom do grahapravesh together and walks in with him after hitting kalash.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Richa19

    Hii my dear sisters n their brothers!! ?? how r u all!! Hope all of u r doing well…. n today i wont be the first one to comment it seems. … buts that’s okay u know……???

    Today I won’t give a long review to BORE you!!!! So today’s episode… I missed a few parts due to some work but…

    Loved DIRA’S SCENE… ??? it was really soo cute ‘!!!!

    Diya’s mom…. I just can’t even imagine the pain she’s going through…. Feeling so bad for her…. ???

    Ratan’s family…. idk y but I’m getting that feeling that ct does not HATE ratan or is behind his property… It can be that shortcut or that flower coat person…. N chota thakur is obviously seems to be the villain… Such a mysterious family they have…. ??????

    I didn’t watched the last scene so can’t comment on that.. But I’m sure it might have been really cute ‘!!!

    Then the precap… Finally Diya’s grahpravesh!! ????? N ct and that moti maid ( MM )….. There’s smthng abt this mm… She’s instigating ct…. Well again as always I’m very excited!! ?????

    SHRI welcome back… Though u never went but still ??? I’m so happy ??? and then there are still ppl who aren’t watching the show but hv guts to comment wrong abt the show here… Big round of applause ? for them for their bravery!!!!!! ??????

    I really hope this time I haven’t bore u with my stupid review… ?? ik na chahte hue bhi shayad lamba ho gaya….. Still…. ???well take care and have a nice night and day ahead ?? will meet u tomorrow or may be tonight only ???? keep smiling guys and keep loving #teja and #ppk!!! ???????

    ((( well I just saw that on 29 July ” LAMHE ” is coming on Sony Max 2 from which this serial is inspired….. If u guys hv time do try to take a look at that… I’ll also try ‘!☺?)))

    1. Astra

      hahaha, but you were the 1st as usually…. boring..? more than update i wait for ur review. i’m waiting for grhapravesh from many days.. finally today at 8.30 our dream fulfills. i have already watched lamhe movie, but, i didn’t like that movie much. but, i guess all will enjoy it..

    2. Shrilatha

      Well I didn’t watch the show yet richu.but ur reviews are enough for me.

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        Awesome yaar Richu buddy 🙂

    3. Asra

      u always rock richu dear to gave thz review…

    4. IQRA222

      hello my richu di!!! i am all fine and hope that you are fine too and didu congo for you are the one to comment first as always so cheer up.
      didu dare you call your review boring. its not at all boring in fact it is a bliss
      didu as usual i agree with all your points.
      #loveppk #loveteju

    5. Sargam

      hi ri……congo you are the 1st one ot comment again…..
      DIRA are really too adorable…..
      diya’s mom pain toh even i cant imagine…..poor she had to see her daughter suffer in such a tender age…..
      this family ,i cant say anytihng about anyone,evry episode jst brings out another layer of the characters…..
      i feel the maid jhumki could be the modern day mantra……evil amid..her face when she picked the phone…..i doubted her more at that instance…..
      even i am really excited for lamhe,i hope i will be able to watch it… till i know ppk is not inspred by lamhe… jst takes the concept of a young boy and an elder girl…..
      take care dear and keep entertaining us with yuor reviews….

    6. Berdilla

      Hi dear friend good nows trp of Pehredar Piya Ki 0.9

      Trp of kuch rang pyar Ise bhi 0.5, Hanuman of 0.7, Beyhadh 0.5

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everybody.

    Episode was average.

    Kakisa was so happy for welcoming Ratan and Diya.Negativity start actually i don’t like negativity because of this i stopped watching many show.

    They are rushing they should show 12days how Ratan stay at Diya’s home,how he miss Kakisa,How Diya and family console him or how they Kakisa for him…etc.

    Maa is Maa:):)she and Kakisa again nailed it.

    1. Shrilatha

      Fenil bhaiiya..u watch ishqbaaz na. I had a doubt.isn’t diya’s mother played by same lady who plays gauri’s mother in ishqbaaz

      1. Vivian20

        Yes she is!!! I think she has also played ananya Rawat’s mom in airlines (star plus)

      2. Fenil

        Hello Shri.
        Yaa she is the same actress who plays Gauri’s mom,Iccha’s mom,Diya’s mom .she is Anjali Gupta also played role in SSK.

    2. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai.
      yes bhai even i felt that they just rushed it
      yes both the ma ‘s nailed it

  3. Jayanti

    Hello dearies…my sweet little sisters….missed me?????
    Sorry couldn’t comment in the last update….My college is starting from tomorrow so bas ussi mein busy thhi….btw I saw the comments…and I saw shri’s comment….love u lots shri for this…hip hip hurray….such a brave girl u are dearie…hats off to you….J baat Shri….I feel like dancing to dhinka Chika for somne unknown reason…hehehe……

    Aur aaj kaa episode….Kya kahun dekha hi nh abhi tak…Bas comment karne aa gayi…sorry guys….par I will watch it and comment ekdum double double to compensate for missing last update.

    And iqu…meri behn…I love this name which u gave me… u lots bacha…muahhhh

    Aur haan bas one more thing…don’t u all think that Kakimaasa is NOT the villain but that over acting ki dukkan…That bua…who had those crocodile tears to be the one…..and that chota bhai…well I don’t find kakimaasa to be the villain…kya kehnaa is baare mein sabka??????

    well as usual ppk rocks and guys…abhi toh bas shuruat h….ab bas aage kaa intezaar h of conversion of sweet innocent Diya into a brave pehredaar of her piya….hahaha…ye toh rhyme ho gaya bhaaya….sorry haan aaj kuch zyada hi bol diya.
    well meet u all in the next comment

    1. Jayanti

      Btw shri….u figure out that unknown reason haan…I know u will dearest

      1. Shrilatha

        Sorry di mera dimmag is tube light …I can’t find it.please tell na

    2. Astra

      yes, missed you.

    3. IQRA222

      hello jayu di!! is that a question to ask?? off cource i missed you and that to tooo much!!!
      didu all the very best for your college to start!! i hope this year will bring you the best results.
      didu so happy that you love the way i call you!! love you too lots lots and lots
      yes didu agree with you about the villain. you know this question who is the villain of ppk?? is just like as if in 2016 we kept on asking why kattapa killed bahubali?? right. he he
      meet you soon!!

    4. Sargam

      hi jayanti……..
      i also think that kaki maa may not be the villain…..
      chota bhia is surely the villain as per media reports about show and about that bua…..she seems to fake her emotions….stupid lady…
      eagerly waiting for diya to become her piya’s pehredaar….

  4. average epi fill with emotions of diya parents and selfish RATAN family CT I know she is hiding something DiRa scene was cute and so the hug was nice now waiting for today grah pravesh and start of this anokha rishta as today is Thursday so guys hope today will come first trp of ppk All the best let see what it will be

  5. Astra

    i didn’t watch yesterday episode.. went to movie. I will give my review after watching serial at 9 today. Thanks for the update MA

    1. Shrilatha

      Which movie akka…I am excited to watch nene raju nene mantri….trailer is so captivating. .after bahubali..Rana rose to fame….I love his acting

      1. Astra

        even i love rana a lot.. i watched fidaa yesterday.. it was lovely movie

      2. hi shrilatha and Astra, are u from telugu states.

  6. Astra

    so, these family members are spoiling ct’s mind. but, i think ct is clever and she has purpose to do all the things to bring out real culprit. ratan is too silly little kid. haha, he is cute. what will happen next and what’s the next plan of the villains, still their faces aren’t reveled. and when abhay is going to come..??
    hmm… waiting for next epi as usually,

    1. IQRA222

      asthu di! agree with you
      yes didu dont know when this abhay will come..

    2. Berdilla

      Hi dear friend good news
      Trp of Pehredar Piya Ki is 0.9

      Kuch rang pyar Ise bhi is 0.5

      Beyhadh is 0.5

      Hanuman series is 0.7

      1. Astra

        wow.. it’s a great news yar

  7. Follybraverl

    Nice episode diya acting skills be like wowwwww..Ratan is cute

    1. IQRA222

      yes folly didu the episode was totally nice. and off cource teju’s acting is rocking and cutie ratan!!

  8. Vivian20

    Me too….didn’t watch today episode, had some really boring work to do, but lookin frwd to watch it today.??

    1. Vivian20

      Watched the episode now…good one though and that scene where ratan was standing on a stool was too cute…??even though I feel that the interiors of kesar mahal doesn’t suit a royal family ?.but overall good!!! I’m planning to write an Ff on it soon…..half of it is already completed…will post it soon ???

      1. IQRA222

        hello vivian bhai!! yes bhai this episode is a good one. and yes that DiRa scene was fab!! bhai its an awesome news you are going to write an ff on PPK!! WOW!!i will be eagerly waiting for it!!

  9. Nice episode?,DiRa scenes cute ?,and after a week episodes, first time im confused to find names& relationships between persons in this fiction?..any way waiting for next episode ?
    Loves Diya?

    1. IQRA222

      yes ks di. this episode was wonderful!!
      and love diya!!

      1. Iqu dear this week trp of sony tv show ppk is 0.9???,happy ??…congrats to ppk family?????after much negative talks show got positive trp.??

  10. Berdilla

    Superb episode i loved DiRa bond and i really excited to watch popcorn grahapravesh and Dear Friend Shri i happy you came Back??

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u berdilla…love u yaar

      1. Asra

        Ohh our shri come back to our family…am soo happy dear….love u dear….

      2. Berdilla

        Hi dear friend good news trp of Pehredar Piya Ki is 0.9

        kuch rang pyar Ise bhi 0.5

        Beyhadh 0.5

        Hanuman serial 0.7

    2. IQRA222

      yes berdi di this episode was a superb one. and yup loved the DiRa bond

  11. Shrilatha

    Guys even I didn’t watch the show yet I do t think I will see today so I am dependent on updates only well as fenil bhaiyya said they hurried with 12 days …may be they wanted to start diya’s battle soon…and that shivani and sakshi seem too arrogant???? and I guess priya bhabhi is good person but can’t say anything.???..let us see….who becomes what

    Who is missing abhay…?????..well I am missing him …I just don’t want him to turn negative cool it will be if he helps diya in protecting ratan ….?????

    Well jayu di sorry to say but na this shivani looks slightly like u.very slightly she has got this cute smile of yours …hope u don’t feel bad..??????

    1. IQRA222

      hello shri di!!! did you watch the episode now!!
      you know it was a totally fab one
      and yes we have to wait to know who is the villain.
      and didu even i am missing abhay..

    2. Sargam

      hi shri,
      yes they jst hurried it and show a 12 days leap but we all wanted to see diya’s battle soon and they r giving it
      yes these sisters seems to be too arrogant
      i also wanted abhay to come back soon…..

  12. Fenil

    Hello Shri.
    Yaa she is the same actress who plays Gauri’s mom,Iccha’s mom,Diya’s mom .she is Anjali Gupta also played role in SSK.

  13. Nice episode, wow what a precap, waiting for today episode.

    1. IQRA222

      yes ammu di it was a nice one!!

    2. Shrilatha

      Yes ammu me and Astra akka r telugu.infact my nickname is also ammu…same pinch

  14. Asra

    I didn’t watch previous 2 epic… sooo sad…but now am happy…bcz I watched the previous epic….
    ohh our diya….whn i saw u crying…am also crying….ratan cutie u r amazing yar….
    omg am excited to watch popcorn wala grahapravesh….diya reaction whn she saw popcorn in galash….omg diya ur really princess yar….
    maan Singh brother he s aryan father in krishnadasi na…and another one person s bother in law of aryan na…i like them both…In that series also they are like villan but not they are positive…hope in ppk also they are positive….
    tkcr everyone…

    1. IQRA222

      asru di !!! dont be sad. okay !!
      didu even i cried on that scene and yes our ratan is cutiepie!!
      didu give me a hi-fi. even i am all excited to watch that grahpravesh..
      take care didu!!
      love you

  15. IQRA222

    hello my PPK family. how are you all doing?? i hope you all are fine. right?? so today’s question is your fav color. mine is red. so tell me yours
    coming to the this episode it was fab!!
    the starting scene was nice as i thought that choti thakurian is not that bad as i think because she was actually ready to welcome my princess and her prince. but these negative people trying to brainwash her.. huh!!!
    DiRa scene was totally cute and wonderful. and i dont have words to describe what i feel about it..
    precap is mind blowing. i just cant wait for the next part!! it is just so very very awesome!!
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    love you all

    1. Vivian20

      Hey sis, my favourite colour’s red too…same pinch???

    2. Sargam

      hi iqu,i am fine and i hope u r too.
      my fav. clour is black and white too……
      i am sure CT is clever enough to not come in anyone’s talk……
      DIRA are jst superb companions for each other……
      i also cant wait for nxt…..
      love you too iqu

    3. Shrilatha

      I love blue and black

    4. Berdilla

      Hi iqu darling good news
      Trp of Pehredar Piya Ki is 0.9

      Kuch rang pyar Ise bhi is 0.5

      Beyhadh is 0.5

      Hanuman series is 0.7

      1. IQRA222

        oh god berdi di it is an awesome news!!
        i am soo soo happy

  16. hi PPk family so PPK TRP 0.9 lets hope its increase from next week as cast is doing such a hard work and teju u rock as always and I have trust on u love u teju Dira rocks and guys do watch on tv @ 8:30 pm and if busy so just on the tv and went anywhere and tell ur family member not to close it . Any way who were watching just keep supporting

  17. Sargam

    I wont comment about CTtill i get to know her real face…..she is really a mystery… for now…
    i felt that chote thakur was giving that police report to justify to CT that he didnt do anything …..i felt like this…..
    whe the veil felt on diya …….aww she looked so heavenly…..DIRA convo was too cute…..ratan made diya smile…i lost my heart at that time to DIRA…….teju looked really beautiful in that yellow lehenga……
    sakshi seems a but dumb bt i hope she remains one and not turn out the villain……priya,well she seems nice but cant say anything…..
    this bua now seems to be the nxt suspect …..her talks jst irritate me…..
    doli toh aa gyi par dulhan nhi aai…..hehe….coz she will have the most unique grahpravesh by ratan saa…waiting for it……
    diya’s mom care so much for her daughter…..she even tried to slit her wrsit……diya is really very lucky to get her but alas….she will have to go to kesar mahal……
    shivani seems the fiesty,fierce girl of this family but i hope she wil lstand as a pillar of strength with diya…….hope so….
    guys you saw sony posted the characters of ppk and their names too…..kaki maa sa is said to be the amin suspect and seeing this i think she wont be neagative at all..serial ki duniya mein sab ultaa hi hota hai isliye…..
    waiting for today’s epi….
    love teju and ppk
    #ppk rocks

  18. Shrilatha

    Guys the trp is 0.9 not bad for first week …guys keep on watching

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