Pehredaar Piya Ki 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maan Singh’s brother asks Sajjan who he is to stop Ratan. Sajjan says, father-in-law. Ratan’s family is shocked. Sajjan shows them video of Maan Singh’s message to his family about Ratan and Diya’s marriage. Sajjan tells Ratan’s family that Maan Singh wanted Diya to become guard of Ratan. Maan Singh’s brother gets angry and says he doesn’t believe all this. Sajjan says it doesn’t matter what he thinks. This is the truth. He requests everyone to do rituals when relatives come shortly and also peacefully perform final rituals for Maan Singh at his place only.

Ratan wants to see Maan Singh. Diya’s sister tells him he can’t see him now and tells him that he has very big responsibility now. He questions why his parents left him. Who

he will sleep with now? play? Diya is there. He goes to her and asks whether he is orphan now? Diya’s sister says he has with his wife him now and consoles Ratan. Choti thakurayan hears all that.

Later, Choti thakurayan comes to Diya. Diya takes her blessings. Choti thakurayan says no one gets beauty and smartness both and asks whether she is beautiful or smart. Diya tells her not to refer as Thakrani, she’s very young. Choti thakurayan says age wise she’s young but she’s Ratan’s wife, so she is Thakrani. She says if this incident didn’t happen, then she would have welcomed her Thakrani in the Rajput. Choti thakurayan calls Diya’s sister and asks her to distribute some gift among all. Diya says she’s her sister. Choti thakurayan apologises saying she misunderstood. She says she can’t take gift back either and asks Diya’s sister to keep it. She doesn’t take it. Diya’s mum goes to her and asks her to take it. Choti thakurayan then tells Diya to get ready, she will do her and Ratan’s abhishek ritual. Diya and her family leave.

Sajjan tells Ratan that he will become Dada hukum today. He will be on highest position in his house and he will have many responsibilities. Sajjan tells priest to hurry up for Abhishek as Ratan doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Maan’s brother whispers now 9 year old will take Dada Hukum place. Ratan is not feeling well, but he says he will fulfill his responsibility.

Choti thakurayan gives Padma’s jewelries to Diya and says along with that she has gotten her responsibilities too. They make Diya wear all jewelries. Choti thakurayan says now everyone in house will run on her finger when putting ring in her finger. Other side, Ratan gets Dada Hukum pagdi. Maan’s brother and other men in family do rituals and touch his feet. Choti thakurayan tells Diya now she will get biggest responsibility of Padma.. keys of the house. Choti thakurayan’s servant had purposely kept keys in fire so it gets hot, so when keys is put in Diya’s waise, she throws them away. Everyone over there says seems like Thakrani got scared and such a big insult. It’s not easy to take such a big responsibility. Diya is hurt and is crying under the veil. Diya and her family look at Choti thakurayan.

Precap: Choti thakurayan tells that Ratan didn’t know that princesses are in stories only. In reality, there are none.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Richa19

    Heyyyy!!!!!!! Good night behno aur unke bhaiyoo!!!!! how are you all!!!!!! Last update mein bahut bawal ho gaya tha…. I really hope this time all goes coolly!!!!!!

    Well coming to the short n painful episode…. I just loved it as always!!!! But that CT!!! ( lets think of a nick name for her ) ….

    Diya was looking gorgeous in that Pastel Green lehnga!! ????Her eyes ? man!!! They have so much pain in them…..

    Both DiRa are unaware of the huge responsibilities which will be now poured over them…. Really felt bad for ratan… In this age when he shld get love of all his elders, he’s getting so much hatred…… And when he shld play with children ? he’s getting loads of responsibilities……..

    And abt diya!!!!! Bechari… How she was feeling when CT was again n again calling her thakrani sa…. ???? amd when CT insulted her jiji ”!! Uff…. Yeh bade log n usse bhi badi inki ego….. Mann kar raha tha ki ek jhaap mein deewar pe sata dun…. Huh…..

    Then I was so happy seeing sajjan Singh supporting ratan ?? he’s such a true friend….. Jab family aisi ho toh friends hi kaam aate hain……. N now Diya’s family has to go through so much embarrassment whenever CT will insult them…….

    N I don’t know why always ppl want to give their vishesh tippni whenever something bad is happening with the lead. …

    ” haaye yeh kaise sambhaalegi sab kuch?? ”

    ” yeh toh darr gayi ”

    Uffff!!!! Just hate these typical bhade ke tattus!!!! ???????? khud se toh kuch hoga nhi kabhi bass dusro ko sunane aa jate hain bass…..

    omg Diya’s eyes n lips when she throwed away the keys!! So much pain n fear ?!!!!!!! I was so touched yaar!!!! I got goosebumps!!!

    N I so wanted to kill that jhumkii!! Thr maid who was making diya wear the ornaments….

    Bassss I want to watch the next episode soon to see wht happens next. . N I’m so excited for Diya’s grahpravesh by ratan with popcorns ????????

    Well meri pyari didis bhaiyas chotis n meri humumar ki sahelio…. Do share ur reviews with me…. But pls in a positive way…. n don’t drag any other serials characters here…..

    N also vote for teju in the telly craze poll!!!!!!!

    Good night!!! Will interact with u soon… N also i’ll post my ffs this week!! Sorry for the delay dearies!!!!!!!

    Keep loving teju n ppk!!!!!! Ppk rocks!!!! ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Angelk1

      Yup, richa you always have long review and its always nice to read ?, and i agree with It all.

      1. Richa19

        I’m glad that u like to read my reviews !!?? thank you so much!!!??

    2. Jayanti

      Richu buddy….how are u dearie……I love reading your analysis….so refreshing and good….and really agree with each and every point…..aaj kaa episode was soooo emotional but diya and ratan looked sooo cute in their them very much.

      yippeee…..really waiting for your ffs…post them soon richu…..#ppkrocks

      1. Richa19

        hey dii! ! I’m fine wht abt u? ???

        I’m glad that u too like to read my reviews !!??

        yeah soo emotional…..

        I’ll post them asap!! !! ) promise??

      1. Richa19

        thank you anu! !?

    3. Astra

      OMG… again a big review.. hehe, i didn’t read it yar, but i’m sure, it will be awesome.. yes, PPK rocks.. 😀

      1. Richa19

        hehe. .. no worries didi! !!??

    4. IQRA222

      hey richu di!! i get soo soo happy reading your reviews. its a bliss you know agree with all your points as always
      PPK rocks

      1. Richa19

        thank you soo much iqu darling !!??

    5. Sargam

      your analysis so much fun to read ri…..this CT well i dont understand her,if you ask me a nickname,i will suggest girgit……you know pal me shola pal me shabnam… she behaved with our diya and how her eyes softened seeing ratan………she’s a mystery still ………
      we all love ppk and teju like anything and love oyu too dear

      1. Richa19

        Awww thank you so much saru!!! ? ? ? I know… She’s so mysterious!!! N I love you soooo much!!! ? ? ?

  2. I am writing this comment why because I ve seen how shrilatha is accusing people for not accepting child marriage.i don’t know whether Teja was not acting in are worshipping her,it’s up to you I’m not questioning that.however you have no right yell at people any time for not accepting this .every time saying people have small thinking eyes have problems all those things for not accepting your favorite show or actor.we are totally against the concept of child marriage first you understand what v r saying.

    I never watch swararagni or devnashi . here I’m talking not because I am a fan of another actress.

    You people are saying if she is staying with out marriage people will question her.if we question that relationship like a sister mother bodyguard or anything and you are saying our thinking is small I should really agree with you.i really dont think any one in real world will question that relationship except his relatives in serial.they are questioning this marriage also .she is facing that question then y can’t she face question without marriage. but without knowing anything you are just bashing at people and saying you are the one who likes the idea of bkbd.please follow bkbd because you don’t know how to speak with people.

    1. Jayanti

      Aree….welcome welcome…neha chandra jiiii….wohh aap hi thhi naa who gave us RIP PPK???
      Aww that was soooo sweet of you dearie…..

      And rahi baat shri ki…then…she was not accusing people of not accepting child marriage no one can accept it but rather making them understand that why it was necessary here in this show..that’s it….u misunderstood her dear….and yup I agree in first 2 episodes we were somewhat rude…but now we are actually now speaking nicely and politely with people…and since u have not noticed…we have launched BKBD with full force and it’s going on smoothly…we are clearing doubts of the people in the best way we can….and we….as u say…..we all love teju ma’am and if u are understanding it to be worship then it’s good..I can’t say anything about that and nothing absolutely nothing can change the fact that we all adore teju ma’am….we are not bashing people but people are putting their comments over here and we like normal individuals are clearing their doubts dear.

      and your other questions I will answer here only…..
      Well if you saw that episode…he did hold her and even if he is a little boy….Diya is not some giant that he won’t be able to hold her…….and then u might have hear him say the dialogue “aap bahut bhaari hain”…..didn’t u????……..And dear please do get your facts correct…..we never included any other serial and characters….there were others…well that’s a closed topic now and I would really appreciate if you just don’t get into that now….because now no one will do that.

      Thank you so much for commenting her dearie…and of course if I or any of my sissies have been rude to you I heartily apologise….
      Well I hope I get to answer your questions more in the future and a healthy interaction would be good.

      1. Jayanti

        And of course…rock in peace PPK…#ppk rocks

      2. Thank you jayanti for your was a healthy conversation now.i told clearly told I don’t want to drag any character. I will explain if someone drag.

      3. I really don’t think this page is for other character.if it is a closed chapter let it be.i get it.

    2. Shrilatha

      Dear neha when did I accuse of not accepting this show u can go through our chat again.but still if u guys r having problem .this is my last comment here.

      1. Hi shrilatha

        Thank you for your nice reply.may be there was some misunderstanding.i was against child marriage and you just want others to understand why they did.
        Any way v can leave the topic.we can have differences of opinion.
        If I hurt anyone’s feelings by saying rip to PPK and get well soon or anything ,my sincere apologies.
        Good luck to you.

      2. no one has any problem wid u but wid ur way of talking….the way u behave wid people is cheap…. I love this show being unique and new. I can’t watch this in TV and hv to wait for repeat telecast so I came here to read writn update…..from the first day I have seen ur behavior towards everyone….I can’t understand wht do u think of urself .if smone doesn’t like the show they will share their pov as it is a public platform but you….I cant say how wildly u behave with others. you love Teju and I love too and that is why m watching her show….loving her doesn’t mean you have to bash other people like befr ystrdy u was arguing wid smome and I don’t knw fr wht resn bt ur replies to tht girl was disgusting……i don’t know other can feel or not but I felt…..jst bcz of sm pepl lik u,,,,, pepl call Teju fans bashing fan….n i hate tht…. Teju is#peace#lover & so#loving.try to wlk on her path… anywy it’s waste to tlk to u….
        #Ppk rocks….#teju rocks….
        waiting for today’s episode…..

      3. I don’t know who you are.and you are saying I’m commenting from first day.seriouly.i didn’t do it.i came very late to the.i have problems with srilatha v solved our issues.i don’t know why did you start it again.i was not that much rude.i just said rip and get well soon.i said sorry for that.i was angry when people said about small thinking and eyes problem for child marriage for what ever.again I don’t from where you see me from first day.

      4. Ruhi you are saying waste to talk.i didn’t ask you to talk.give respect and take first comment was just about the serial. I never told anything to anyone.when people started yelling I also replied back.if some one is saying sorry it doesn’t mean that you should start yelling again

      5. You go and check I ve commented only on 21 St. my name is Neha chandra.i don’t think anyone else have my name.i am not responsible for what others are saying.
        I’m not coming back or have interest in watching this show.i want to express my feelings against child marriage and I did that.hope you understand whoever you are.i m not interested in talking to you

      6. Hello tell update please don’t post my comments to ruhi.the 3 one I wrote now to ruhi.becoz she was talking to shrilatha and I misunderstood.please delete.

      7. Tell update please delete my comments which is waiting for moderation.dont was a mistake from my side

      8. Astra

        shri, don’t say like that. stay here.

    3. excuse me neha….i didn’t say to u… I said to shrilatha…..
      guys can anyone tl me he to mk Id in tu……

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        sry but Ruhi di Shri di was trying to solve it…and she was not the one who started the fi8..pls dont tell like this di…like all others Shri di was just trying to express her pov..ans she didnt forced anyone to watch ppk..i also love teju….and sry if i sounded rude..

      2. U r boasting about it as if u met PM Modi!!!!!!
        how can a girl disrespect another girl????????
        well i don’t know how but u must be perfect naa
        so dear don’t waste ur tym here go and audition I am sure u will bag a Vamp’s role

        Wait r u a vamp in reality also?????????

      3. Kudos a person who can not even make a TU ID also is calling a A registered member cheap?????????????

        Great work dear now tell me truly u never knew meaning of cheap also right but got to know it from our khidkitod annika only naa????????????

        shame on ppl like u

    4. Richa19

      heyyyyy neha pls calm down dude. … no need to get hyper. .. idk that which shri di’s comment offended u but pls talk calmly. …

      1) this show does not promote child marriage dear n thats wht v all r trying to explain …. in first two epis v crossed the boundaries of our patience due to sm ppl but after that v hv maintained that v wont fight or be rude with anyone ….and all r follwing the same. ….

      n no one has problem if u dont like the show or the actors in it. . we hv problem when ppl without watching the show n without knowing the story ..they r commenting bad abt that. …..

      2) n i really don’t understand y ppl hv problem with ratan saving diya? ?? she’s his friend.. b frnds do help eo. …

      n ratan did not hold her in an inappropriate way that everyone is giving ” tag “to that small boy! !! he even said that? ” aap bahut bhari hai?” … wht does that mean? ???

      n if u hv watched the episode where maan singh explains y diya n ratan needs to be married then idts that i need to give ans to ur last question ……

      n if u feel shri di or anyother person here has been rude to u or anyone else then I’m really sorry …..

      we never wanted to hv any kind of fights here but we know smthng else only happened. .. n we’ll make sure this wont repeat in the future. …

      n app bhi shant raho dont get so hyper. .. its okay… it happens sm times. ….

      n I’ll be waiting for ur comments in next epi if u wnat. .. would love to interact with u! !!! hv a good day. . take care! !! ??

    5. oh common sweetie dare u say anything against my shri di
      look if u wanna bash someone about child marriage bash the cv’s they introduced the show not shri di , she is a teja fan just like everyone here who has just asked everyone to not bash teja
      but some mindless morons like u who don’t even know her properly are bashing her
      bye dear do never visit this page if u wanna post bogus materials here
      and yes tu has strictly said all off topic comments will be deleted
      i wish if they cud ban ppl also like u

      and yes one more word against shri di and i shall report tu against u for bashing a registered member.

  3. he was following her thinking she is a pari v should agree with you.but y should they show she was falling and he hold you really think a cute little boy like him can hold her.they should have people are saying v don’t have Brian to understand all this.karan also criticize mainly because of that and idea of child marriage.

    1. watched koi laut ke aaya hai????????????
      but u had no problem wid it
      watched gulaal???????????
      but u had no problem wid it
      watched jee le zara?????????
      but u had no problem about it
      then why only ppk haa
      this is a newly launched show with a very vivid story line
      it requires a patient n calm mind to understand the situation
      but i guess either u r not patient n calm or u don’t have mind only

  4. Every time you are dragging other serial that here.saying a girl marry a fatherly age man.are yaar she was an adult.after 18 everybody can choose their life partner.i don’t want to say whether I support that or not because that’s not needed here.eveytime you are saying that so I gave reply.

    1. it is just a serial stop using ur mind
      and yes u cn tolerate all animal tracks of ssk , brag stretching of saathiya but not ppk
      why so????????????
      it is not happening in reality n thnx to u coz bcoz of u we completed with 100 comments on ppk

  5. Asw


    1. IQRA222

      yes it was a nice episode!!
      and by the way you dp is soo cute di

  6. Berdilla

    Awesome episode i loved it

    1. IQRA222

      yes berdi di it was an awesome episode
      loved it
      and your dp is just wonderful!!

      1. Berdilla

        Thank you iqu darling and how is your exam dear?

    2. IQRA222

      my exams are over and they were fab!!!

      1. Berdilla

        Ok darling

  7. Emotional episode,omg it’s horrible☹,Diya got hurt by hot keys?,stupid maid???? ,it seems it’s hard to find main villain,don’t know how Diya will live with this villains maans family,Ratan is unaware still.,Diya has to face maans family,specially stupid maid backstabber?? ..&,precap is sad&helpless☹ ,, any way waiting for next episode ?
    Loves Diya❤

    1. Jayanti

      Hey dear…welcome on ppk page…..and I agree emotional episode..but Diya will handle everything well…and I hope that …that maid gets to be punished.

      1. Thank you dear ?,ya want to see strong Diya ? let’s see ?

    2. IQRA222

      yes ks di. it was an emotional one. and really our princess has to face so many villains
      love diya!!!

    3. Angelk1

      Ks u in here too lol

  8. Angelk1

    Omg that was so cruel of choti, i wonder if she does this to all the wifes that came to that house. Shes just jealous of diya because she thought no one will come between her plan after ratan dad dies. She underestimate them.

    Poor ratan he has so much responsibility and hatred on him. His gonna go under stress and i hope choti dont try to manipulate him. That tends to happen in some series.

    1. IQRA222

      yes angel di that was really cruel of that witch to do so much torture on our princess.

    1. IQRA222

      yes it was a nice one!!

  9. Guys ,I just want to say onething ,if you watched episodes,in this serial,child Ratan don’t know the meaning of romance or something lust feel,he helped Diya because she is was falling,she wil get hurt,that was innocent care.don’t rub false allegation on kid. its weird to see that wrong feels or intention on kid or on pair DiRa which is not shown in serial.both are helpless based on story.

    1. I never said he has wrong intension.dont misread.

      1. I don’t think if I explain then also you will understand.i don’t think a 9yearold boy is phsically fit to save her from reality they should have fallen.its my point of view. i didn’t ask anyone of you to not like it.i don’t like it.i have all right to express my views.

      2. Obviously you have right to share your view,i was just said it’s weird to see physical feel comments when its not shown,ok enjoy it

    2. IQRA222

      yes ks di totally right!!

  10. Interesting episode….Idk the chaos that this serial is generating…..but anyways how does it matter…….when people can accept Ganga and Balika vadhu….I guess this one will also leave its mark as well..
    When they can make the serial, why can’t we just decide whether watch it or not and then chill??

    1. IQRA222

      yup it was an interesting episode

  11. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!:):)
    How are you all ?

    Today Episode Was Average but emotional.

    How can they do all this rituals when two persons death happened in family and that also in marwadi family because i know what rituals and all we do i’m marwadi so ……

    Iqu sissy glad to know about you .

    I want intro if u r comfortable.

    1. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! i am all fine
      yes bhai it was an emotional episode
      i dont know about that bhai.. and you are marvadi wow!!!
      happy that you got glad knowing about me!!

  12. Jayanti

    Diyaaaaaa…….(I am typing on laptop….so no emojis….otherwise I would have filled this with heart eyed emojis……uff…..never mind)…….aaj bilkul pari lag rahi thhi Diya……and teju’s acting…it literally gave me goose bumps……her and ratan’s responsibilities have increased….and I was literally cursing that maid for putting that burned keys on Diya’s waist…ohhhh i felt like smacking her right against the wall….and that choti rani….such an evil being she is…..I felt soooo angry

    And the last part….diya crying in pain and fear……oh nooo how will she manage herself in ratan’s home full of evil people and also be his pehredaar…..but I know she will manage all her responsibilities efficiently

    And those people….richu u are right…ek jhaap mein deewaar par sat jayebe……..but precap?????

    Diya is a strong girl…..and she will fulfill all her responsibilities…haina doston??????

    1. IQRA222

      hello jayu di!!! yes our princess was looking just like an angel.. didu even i agree they should all be deewar pe sat jaybe
      and off cource she is our tigress.. she will do all her responsibilities

    2. Astra

      yes sissy.. agree with you…

    3. Sargam

      really diya si the love of uor life………she looked heavenly in her dress…….sab teju ka kamaal hai…..
      yuo know i wanted to also smack her head against a wall but alas i jst couldnt……..and yaa choti rani..arrgghhh…… i guess she is highly irritated to give her dream of becoming thakurani saa and thats why she behaved that way…….evil…….well i can say that……but loved seeing her irritated… much she tried to hide it in her courtesy but jst cant…..
      the last part was jst so painful….cant get over diya’s tears and her painful look…….
      diya will surely fulfill her responsibilities but it may take some tym to adjsut….bt i am sure she will……

  13. again a fantastic and a emotional epi teja lehenga I can’t put my eyes away from it guys and really sajjan is the person who proves that heart relation is much big then blood relation and poor ratan can’t see his dad one last time due to a rasam and guys do u notice one thing after watching yesterday epi I saw two shades of Choti takurain she love ratan and something there nO one knows and saying the harsh words to diya and her sis may she is testing her whether she will really guard ratan on not any way let see what will gonna happen. But guys affan he is sooo cute any one will want to marry him his eyes and earrings I must say when he will grow up girls gonna die on him and So I will love to marry this cutoO ha ha ha any way have a nice day guys

    1. IQRA222

      yes anu di it was an emotional one again. and teju really looked beautiful.

  14. Astra

    takhurani sa..! ? diya has become the thakurani now. but I’m hating that old lady for doing like that with diya.. how annoying she is..!!! omg..! she made that hot key chain keep on diya’s waist. poor diya supressed her pain. and in precap that old lady tore ratan’s fairy tale book..!

    with thesw situations i understood very well in what a dangerous environment ratan is now. and diya is also on same situation. the 18 years simple girl can fight with all those cunning people?

    now it’s very interesting.. I’m waiting how diya is going to protect ratan from all evils.
    i think abhay won’t come back.

    1. IQRA222

      yes asthu di!! our princess is now a thankurani. and yes that old woman is a witch..
      and yes it is going to be too interesting now!!
      no didu . abhay will come back but i think maybe he will be negative
      yes mee too waited for the episode
      and the precap was superb!!!

  15. Astra

    i have waited for ppk for two days a lot..!! my mom was also asking about it..? i expected gruhapravesh popcorn scene.. i think it will be in today’s episode..

  16. Astra

    Thank you for the update simmy

  17. Oh my God, this neha.. Don’t u have shame.. Why are you accusing and trying to defame others..

    If someone doesn’t like concept then why the fish u r here. RIP neha

    1. Wow hena.good thought.keep going.proud of you.

      1. For your show you are saying rip to who told you if the people doesn’t like the concept they have no right to express their is not a fan page.anyone can comment here.i really don’t know why are getting irritated.i never said anything to you or your family clearly said rip to me for a show.teja fans rewrite that by saying rock in peace.they never said rip to me.

  18. Teju fans so shallow that all they can commemt on is teju clothes.we all know she Uglý and cant act.teju = epic failure

    1. Jayanti

      Arre…U again here??????? welcome welcome…That day I didn’t get to answer…thanks for giving me this opportunity dear…well u see we notice all the dresses of our princess and she looks heavenly in them and since u are saying that she can’t act and I feel with this statement of yours u know acting better then why don’t u go and teach her but she need not to because she already does her roles very very very beautifully…well u see she ain’t ugly but a beautiful and a very talented girl…….And thanks a lot for commenting here. And she is actually a successful person and I need not give any proof

    2. those people who dont have guts to do something by themselves and comment about other are failure. and about teju her dressing sense is good atleast better than yours and dont you see she is soo beautiful.and offcourse sandy you dont need to say something about teju because she has proved herself and doing really good and . she will get more confidence and encouragement by this types of comment like yours. so thank you so much sandy

    3. Richa19

      o hooo the great sandy is here. … how r u girl / guy!! !! not very happy to hv u here again with a negative comment. ..

      so acc to u teja’s fans are so shallow,teja doesn’t know acting,she dont know how to dress. ….. n the list continues……

      if u dislike her this much then y r u here dear? ?? go to that actress serial page who knows acting,who dresses properly ….. whom u like ….. dont come here and show that u hv so much negativity inside u. …

      n as jayu di said. .. if u know acting better than teja or u hv ur own acting school then will u pls bother to invite some actors to teach them acting !???

      or rather i hv better option for u. why don’t u urself try in acting ???? wht say? ???

      dear if u cant appreciate someone then u dont hv any RIGHT to degrade or disrespect them. … understand this. ….

      n here are some fresh flowers to refresh ur mind. ….???????????

    4. Lahari

      Oh u came again..whats ur pblm ..if u dont like teju nd hershows..y d hell r u here..getout frm this page..

    5. Follybraverl

      Jealousy at its extreme ????????

      1. Richa19


        so true folly di. .. ????

    6. Varshni

      Haha thank u so much for commenting !!!! Ur comment won’t change the truth !!! We all love teju for her off screen character and her beauty and the way she acts !!!so go and do some other work other bashing teju !!!!! Grow up kiddo !!! Go get a life !!!!

    7. IQRA222

      god!!! what a joke. it was really funny miss sandy. thanks a lot for making me laugh by your sense of really are soo soo jealous of my princess

    8. Asra

      sandy i like ur name yar bcz I know one dance master in ur name i like him so I said I like ur name…
      really teju s ugly…Thn definitely u consult one eye doctor dear….

    9. Asra

      and u say she can’t act…omg if she didn’t act well in previous series means how can u hate her thz much…more person hate her for her previous series means she nailed her character….so only u hate thz much na…. and ya some point u r correct….she didn’t act infront anyone except camera

      1. Asra

        Sry except in her series (infront of camera in serial)…

    10. Sargam

      hi sandy…..well you have observed us so keenly and came to this conclusion naa.sorry for your painstaking reserach bt i guess it turned out wrong…..really sorry……
      but if we are shallow then why do we treat some ppl so politely ,some ppl who dont deserve it?…i guess we are too naive to understand it right?yes we are shaloow thats why we dont go to other pgs and spit venom…..some ppl have problem here with content ,they are saying it,i understand it but you girl…….i dont understand what is your problem?
      teju clothes……you see most of here are girls and what actually evryone notices is clothes also ……..then why cant we comment that her dresses are good…..isse kisi ka kuch bigdta toh nhi hai naa then…….
      and ya if she ugly then she would have donned that make up all the time……i cant see any other actress’ profile on insta filled wtih the most no. of pics without makeup,if not hiding your real face is being ugly then i guess you are right…….she si not like other actors who roam round evrywhere putting their make up on…….
      and abuot acting,yes u r right she cant act ,stupid PH of ppk chose a girl who doesnt knows acting,teach them something yaar…….a girl who had palyed a shy,calm ,introvert and then a villain in a show ……how could she be taken to play a lead protagonist in any other sohw……..right?such transtion is not possible……really teju’s acting skille are bad otherwise she wouldnt have been approached by shashi summeet mittal productions……
      teju is failure……haha……well decide for yourself,you are what?a crybaby who is admant on hating her and is so blind in own prejudices that cant see anytihng……
      she is successful and our love and your hate clearly proves it,you would know it.

  19. Saloni2128

    Crap show !

    1. is it thank you

    2. Richa19

      so would u like to make a better show for us to watch? ?? or would u pls stop being so mean. …… if u know wht it takes to make a show dont say smthng like this again…… learn to respect ppl n their work. …

      1. Saloni2128

        It is not about appreciating their hard work… they are not doing anything extra ordinary…our ffreedome fighter has done a lot to stop the child marriage and what they are showing is totally nonsense. nine year old guy is flirting.. yeah it was like body guard protect karne k liye she can becm his sister as well and best frnd too but why this shadi ka drama stupid show seriously…

    3. Varshni

      If so don’t watch it !!!! Who asked u to watch and comment !!

      1. Saloni2128

        I seriously dont watch this stupid show and I have just cm across the news or some ad so I know the concept Thanks!

    4. IQRA222

      well thanks a lot for expressing your views on our heavenly show.
      its so nice of you to stop by and increase our comments
      do keep trying to come daily and comment
      take care
      keep smiling and commenting

    5. Jayanti

      ohoooo guys…my sweet little sissies…don’t take her wrong…u know aajkal sms laguage she said in short..what she meant was…CReative And Phenomenal show…isn’t it dear????

      Actually I like to take out positive from what’s negative….so thanks a lot dear…..God bless you for your sooo kind and positive views.

      1. IQRA222

        God!! Jayu di you rock seriously love you for your positive attitude????????????

      2. Sargam

        jayanti i jst love your positive attitude.your rock like always…… you yaar

      3. Saloni2128

        Jayanti you mean language ? lol meaning of crap in Hindi is ‘BAKWAS’

      4. Richa19

        oye hoye meri jayu diii.. … love u for this! !!???

    6. Richa19

      first of all its not promoting child marriage. .. n if u hv seen the episodes u wouldn’t hv been asking this question ……

      in earlier times this all used to happen in the parts of Rajasthan …. n if it was a crap show it wouldn’t hv been airing n doing so well. …..

      1. Saloni2128

        it is crap only… Nine year old guy is stalking some girl. so you mean if nine year old guy is getting married then its not child marriage right? hhahaha

    7. Richa19

      he’s not stalking her for god’s sake dear. …. ????

      n if u really think its a crap show then y r u wasting ur precious time here? ??

      n thank u so much for expressing ur views here. .. nice talking to you !!???

  20. Aditi.Ayansh

    i loved it…ppk rocks and shines brighter as always 🙂

    1. IQRA222

      me to loved it adi di!!!! PPK rocks!!

  21. hi iqu shri richa19 and every one
    painful episode
    all the maan family on one side and teju and her family along with ratan in one side
    this choti why saying thakrani sa all the time irritating woman
    now teju should use her power and show them their place.
    but all the members are doing really well as we ar loving protagonist and hating antogonist.

    1. IQRA222

      hey anu di!! yup this episode was painful one
      that witch thakuriyan is an irritating woman

    2. Richa19

      hiii anu! !! u can call me Richa or any other nickname u wnat to give me like others! !! ???

      it was rather a painful epi. … im so excited for the episode where teju will take class of that CT! !!!=

      NICE TALKING TO YOU! !!!??

  22. Shrilatha

    Guys all teja fans and everyone who is commenting here good or bad especially yes I was being rude to the girl day before yesterday .u found my answers ride yes I was rude to her bit u found her very calm right see ….u r right I am no one to judge anyone .I don’t think of myself as anyone here and neither I was wild yes.was answering but it was only two girls I have been extreme rude to obtain page but Ruhi can u say that they’ve here just expressing their pov…so according to u I am the one who is causing these fights.,I am the one due to whom teju fandom is known as worst fandom…I am the girl who is cheapest…thank u so much Ruhi for making me realise this and yes as I have said above I am not coming back on this page….good bye guys…

    1. o plz shrilatha….m nt intrstd in ur drama n it’s upto u whthr u stay or go…. I said wht I saw n felt…..if m wrng thn m wrng……n yes jst ””pepl like u””’ fights r hppining more……i didn’t pinpoint u but gv ur exmple n that’s true….all want peace hre so as me…. at lst I wnt to rd d writn updt in peace…..n u r nt chepst bt ur wy of tlking is chepst spcly wid othr ppl…..try to chnge it….. m rpting Teju #loves#peace…..try to wlk on her pth…..u didn’t understand my cmnt abv n sying lving Gd bye n all…… it ws my mstk to try to mk u undrstnd….. anywy
      #ppk#rocks…..waiting for more DiRa cute scene…….#love#teju

      1. Jayanti

        Miss Ruhi….Thanks a lot ma’am for your comments…but please do not open a closed chapter IF YOU WANT PEACE…..alright miss???…and U don’t know what happened so do not come to conclusions.
        Thanks a lot for #ppkrocks

      2. Richa19

        Ruhi mind ur language pls. .. this is not the way to talk to anyone. …. its ur right to give ur pov but that doesn’t mean that U’ll say ill words to others. ….

        n mind it shri dii is not at all responsible for nay kind of fight on this page … we all hv tried to maintain our patience but when water goes beyond the level the bridge has to break. ….

        so pls keep calm. … as u respect teju. try to respect other ppl also. … this is all i can say. .. n if u found my comment also rude then i really cant help it. …..

      3. Aditi.Ayansh

        pls stop it nw pls pls…Shri di is not the responsible one she was just expressing her pov ..and she tried to stop these fi8s… and i agree with Richu…we tried to be calm but bashing was at the top level thts why Shri di started replying them ..and Shri di i am with u infact we all r with u pls dont leave….and Ruhi di..u love teja we also love teja u respect teja we also respect teja…so lets maintain peace and its a request nxt tym dont put any blame on my Shri di…she is so gud …and i am with her…i was ..will and always be…sry for being rude..i just couldnt help it..Love u Shri di 🙂

    2. Aditi.Ayansh

      Shri di pls dont do this..pls we need u

    3. Follybraverl

      Hey shri what is this yaar they are trying to part us Plz be calm..
      Don’t forget we guys are here
      Ok don’t comment if you don’t want but why did you say goodbye
      Try to understand you angry queen?

    4. Fenil

      Dear Shri , See what happened u got hurt right. i requested u all too just ignores or say “Glad to hear u here”

      now you took decision for leaving this page good .I m watching u Tejsss fans giving them Mile long replies.

      Don’t take me wrong but u r running away from this situation. Stay here and stay strong.

      I’m new for u all but love to continue friendship with u all.

    5. IQRA222

      shri di!!!!!!!!! pls dont do this to me!! to our family. just for someone who said something to you you should not hurt your sissy’s. we know you are right at your point..
      didu maybe ruhi dosen’t knew what happened that is why she said something like that
      so pls dont take this step!
      and how dare you tell your self cheapest you do not deserve. and its not because of you our fandom is known as worst
      so pls dont blame yourself!

    6. Varshni

      Oh please shri !!!! Don’t do like that !!!! Everyone does small mistakes !!!! Be cool

    7. Shrilatha
      As I told v can leave the topic here.
      A small request to you don’t leave the have lots of friends here esp teju fans.thank you.

    8. Astra

      no shri, don’t do this plz. it’s my side request. if you really respect me as your sister, you aren’t going to leave. just ignore the comments which make you feel bad. but, going away silently hurts many of your friends like me here. we need you. stay back and stay strong along with us.

    9. Lahari

      Shri no need to take them seriously..we knw about them right..ignore them..dont be wk dear..we always with u..cheer up chelli..
      Love u

    10. Richa19

      shriii dii i respect all ur decisions… but pls dont do this to us. … u know na how much we alk love u! !!! just bcoz of sm ppl u cannot leave us. …. dont give them the chance to create distance between our family ….. i k dii u r hurt. . n u never thought that ,that girl will hurt u. . but pls dont give her the importance she dont deserve …. pls di its a request …

      n no one on this earth is cheap di so stop calling urself that. …. pls dii final decision will be urs but pls dont say goodbye to us to teja to ppk! !!!!!!!!!!

      we all love you! !!!???????

    11. Jayanti

      Shri..I need not tell because u already know that of of us really want u here and are always there for you..but I know u will really be back with a bang… darling sissy…..because of some people do not take this step because we all really want u here . So its a request…please do not go anywhere and stay here…we all are there with you…keep smiling always.

    12. Berdilla

      Dear Friend pls stay here dear friend

    13. Asra

      shri dear what a big decision….nooo dear…don’t say like that am going to leave thz page good bye….what dear….
      nooo u r not our shri…definitely u r my shri…
      my shri s sooo strong and brave…Once she told us…whatever others think am not going change anything for them….she told thz for one ff….if I didn’t got one comment also am going to write thz ff…how much u r going to bash me bash me i didn’t stop my writing for u…i vll write for my readers….she told like thz…that’s my/our shri.where that shri now….
      misd ruhi i really don’t know what happen in previous epic comment…bcz most of comments r deleted…but i trust my shri….she didn’t use rude words against any one….if she speak means that opposite person speak like that or bash teja….and ruhi u don’t have a rights to talk about cheap things….how did you say shri like thz…what did u know about shri….u didn’t know anything about shri so plz don’t say anything whatever u think….ur teja lover for that we all like u…but shri also teja lover…how should u talk against ur own person….
      shri dear u said we are one family…how can u leave ur family for one person…someone talk against u means u leave ur family…it’s not fair dear….plz ignore ruhi speech….u r angry kkk dear..take a little break dear…but plz don’t leave thz page….without one of friends our family s incomplete shri….plz shri…come back to ur family…ur family s waiting for u shri…..plz come back for ur frnds didi choti…Most importantly our teju our ppk

    14. Sargam

      shri dare you go from this pg……how could you jst let some ppl effect YOUR LIFE,YOUR DECISIONS,come on its your family here…..and we know why you did all that……..evryone has a limit and when one crosses that you jst cant keep quiet……you have to do something to get it out or it will only stress you…….some ppl jst dont know the whole matter and blame others…….you cant let evry other person affect you…….you know how much you love teju..this show…..your family…… much we ,your sissies love you then how could you jst think of some ppl and go from tihs pg…….are her words more powerful than our love?no naa then why…….and i want you to stay back……..not even a break……..get that…..tumhari behenien itni asaani se tumhara ppecha nhi chidengi aur nhi hi tumhe chodne dengi……… have a smile and i want ot see ur comment in today’s epi and let ppl speak..logon ka toh kaam hai kehna…..

  23. Richa19

    so would u like to make a better show for us to watch? ?? or would u pls stop being so mean. …… if u know wht it takes to make a show dont say smthng like this again……

  24. Follybraverl

    Awesome episode
    Again ppk is trending
    Thanks to all bashers who is boiling with jealous…..??
    We guys
    Was Loving Teja ?
    Is loving Teja?
    Will be love teja???

    1. Astra

      yes folly, ppk is trending..

    2. IQRA222

      yes folly di our ppk is trending

  25. very emotional episode, looking forward to further eiposodes

    1. Hi IQRA222, no dear i didn’t watch swaragini.

  26. IQRA222

    hello to my lovely PPK family. how you guys doing??
    coming to the episode!!! god it was totally awesome as well as emotional for me
    the starting scene was nice loved the way sajjan answered that evil uncle of ratan
    this choti thakurian is just so like a witch!! i hate her already. she hurt my princess
    but DiRa scenes were superb as well as awesome. i so loved thier convo. the way my princess told she would always be with ratan was so touching
    and she looked soo pretty and ratan did look good too
    so today i have a question for you all- what is your birthdate.. mine is 20 december 2003
    guys i am soo happy that we people had crossed comments upto 220. that is a record and it would never be possible without your lovely comments so i thank all the people out there who have made it possible:
    my lovely PPK family: richu di, angel di,anu di, fairy di, adi di, asthu di,shri di, sargam di, fenil bhai, lahari di,jayu di, priya di,vandana di, jaanvi di, aasthu di, saryu di, anu di, anu di, tania di, frozen girl (sorry i dont know your name), ammu di, sam di, priya di, raksha di, Asw di(sorry for i dont know your name too), varshu di, madhu di, ks di, folly di,guys belive me you did a great job without your support it could never happen so do keep loving and supporting PPK and pls do tell me you age so i can call you according to that
    our some lovely guests: miss/mr stoneheart, pluto bro, kaku di, mr/miss shitstory, miss neha chandra, saira di, nin di. guys believe me even because of you contribution we were able do this so thanks a lot for your contribution of or heavenly page.. if possible do keep commenting and do try to support our show
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all

    1. Varshni

      My birth date is 8 th Jan 98

      1. IQRA222

        wow!! that’s so good

      2. IQRA222

        that is good varshu di !!

    2. Astra

      aww dear lil sis.. even i’m glad for it. i was eagerly waiting for next part.. 8.30 time..!! love u too dear. my dob you know right… 🙂

      1. IQRA222

        love you di
        and off cource i know yours: 18 july

    3. Richa19

      awww love you sooo much iqu! !!!??? I’m so glad to get new friends here. .. u, saru, anu, folly di, astra di, aasthu di, fenil bhaiya! ! n many more. ….. baaki sab pehle se hi the ??

      n my dob is 19 dec 1998 !!!!!!

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        hey Richu main bhi december hoon yaar

      2. IQRA222

        Yayy didu your birthfsy is just one day bfefore mine??

    4. Aditi.Ayansh

      so sweet of u iqu darling..well my DOB is 2nd december 1998 hey same pich we both r december borns 🙂

      1. IQRA222

        Woww didu that is so superb . we trio are in December????????

      2. Richa19


    5. Jayanti

      Hey iqu…how re u sissy??…well my dob is 13th september 1997….and am sooo glad that I got new sissies over here…love you

      1. IQRA222

        didu i am all fine!! woh so just 2 months for my peacemaker didu’s birthday!! love you too too much

    6. Asra

      Ohhh my little choti…Hw r u dear? …After 3 days I talk to you…my birthday Jan 16 1996….
      i think in my absence soo much happen our page…leave all the bitter things….tkcr dear

      1. Sargam

        hi asra di,you know my best friend also shares the same birth date as yours,jan 16… glad to see you here again…..

      2. IQRA222

        asra di you are back!! yippie!!i am all fine and hope you are fine too
        yes didu just soo many things happened!!

    7. Sargam

      hi iqu……really agree with you…mine is 26 march,1999..
      i also felt happy that our pg is doing so well not even a week passed and above 200……..and yes its the contribution of evryone…….our ppk family and the guests too……
      take care dear and love you too

      1. IQRA222

        wow!! jan 26 on independence day!! too good

  27. Saloni2128

    please stop this show its a crap 🙁

    1. IQRA222

      If its a crap for you than pls dont watch it or comment on our page.
      We have a quite a lot of people who love it and are enough to support it. So if you support it well and good and if not then it was nice meeting you.????bye bye

    2. Richa19

      pls saloniiii make an intresting for ppl likr u. … who cant appreciate others. … btw thanks for the comment…??

    3. Jayanti

      Thanks for correcting it dear…yup it’s language……and as I said earlier…I like to take out positive from what’s negative so yess…the meaning of crap for me would be that only…thanks for being here

      1. Saloni2128

        haha yeah I can understand your pain ! Flop show

    4. Jayanti

      It doesn’t matter what you think miss saloni.

      1. Saloni2128

        I don’t have time to think so please…

  28. Sargam

    today’s epi was so emotional……….
    loved sajjan today,afterall he is diya’s father,how he fiercely replied “sasur hai hum unke”wow,and chote thakurs face was worth watching,even his wife’s
    dira’s convo…… painful…….but choti thakurani came and jst went seeing it……..i dont understand her,whether she’s positive or negative………lets leave it on time
    the cornation of ratan…….he was unwell……felt really sad seeing him ni that condition……bt loved when chote thakur had to take blessings from the daata singh now,he was really pissed,,,,,,,hehe….
    bt one person from his family said let ratan do cornation and then rest…….dont know his name still bt he suddenly looked postive and i heaved a sigh of relief………i hope he is……..
    choti thakurani,you stupid woman u did it intentionally naa.insulting diya’s sis,hated it…….
    it seemed that that choti called diya thakurani saa jst like abusing her,that tinge of sarcasm in her voice irked me…….stupid woman….
    aww diya looked heavenly in that cream lehenga and seeing her in ghoonghat i was remembering the song’parde mein rehne do’…….
    but that witch servant……how could she…… diya got burnt……good she threw the keys…but some useless ppl have to comment…….society ke rakhwale…..hunnn……
    it pained my heart to see diya crying in pain holding her waist……god i could feel her pain… jst gave me goosebumps…….her evry tears seemed so true…….my teju……
    precap……..well i wasnt able to see it due to rain…..signal not found…….but choti thakurani saa what’s the use of tearing the books….kuch aur nhi mila toh books pe hi gussa utar do……wow…..
    i jst couldnt get over this show’s title song…….i kept humming it the whole day y’day and even today…….in love with it
    love teju,love ppk and ya#ppk rocks
    love you sweet family

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