Pehredaar Piya Ki 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diya’s mother says till now she did not take any decision herself, how did she take such a big decision. Diya says Maan trusts only her to protect Ratan, Maan saved her life risking his life once, even she knows that Ratan’s life is in danger. Mother says even she knows Maan’s favor, but for that she cannot ruin her life. Diya walks towards mantap. Mother pleads her Abhay is her best match and Ratan is just a 9-year-old child. Maan brings Ratan to mantap. Diya says it is a difference of views and she views Ratan is a perfect match for her. Mother asks Sajjan to explain Diya. Sajjan says he is a friend and a father and he cannot say yes or no. He tells Diya that he is proud of her and takes her to mantap. Diya sits next to Ratan. Pandit starts rituals. Pehredar piya k bani ji…song…plays

in the background. Diya;s mother helps Ratan perfrm rituals. Ratan is unable to dorn garland in Diya’s neck. Diya bends. Maan watches live video via tablet on his hospital bed. Wedding rituals continue. They perform pheras and then Ratan dorns mangalsutra on Diya’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Maan throws flowers on tab screen and blesses them. Wedding completes. Maan ges short of breath and collapses. Nurse tries to revive him.

Sajjan’s son and bahu apologize Abhay father for breaking Diya and Abhay’s alliance. Father scolds and leaves with Abhay.

Diya and Ratan return to Maan’s hospital room. Maan blesses them and gives Ratan’s hand in Diya’s hand. He reminds Ratan of his promise. Ratan says he will take care of Diya and will love him, Raja Rajpoot will never break their promise. Maan passes away peacefully. Ratan cries hugging Maan. Diya and her parents also cry.

Sajjan returns with Maan’s deadbody and sitting next to him reminisces Maan coming to celebrat holi, Padma’s car blast, Maan’s request to get Diya married to Ratan, etc. He tells his wife that Maan’s family would be coming here anytime and it is better they don’t inform his family about Ratana nd Diya’s wedding. Maan’s family reaches and cries looking at Maan’s dead body. Choti thakhurayan enters without reacting. Sajjan reminisces Maan telling his own family is Ratan’s enemy. He reminisces Maan telling Choti Thakurayan wants to kill Maan. Maan’s brother yells at Sajjan how did Maan die. Sajjan says his car blasted, Padma died on the spot and Maan died in hospital. Maan’s brother shouts who is he that he did not inform about Maan’s death earlier, just a friend and not family, holds Sajjan’s collar. Sajjan says sometimes blood relationships are untrustable and Maan did not trust his family, so he trust his friend. Choti thakurayan yells to stop it and yells that she will remember Sajjan’s harsh words, asks to bring 2 ambulances, and says Ratan will go in her car. Sajjan says Ratan will not go.

Precap: Choti Thakurayan taunts Diya that god gives either brain or beauty, she will test her which she has more. She burns Padma’s key bunch and keeps it on Diya’s waist.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Richa19

    What an emotional episode yet again!!! ???? just couldn’t see Diya’s state…. She was so helpless ? so sad ?………

    N her mom.. Poor she… Its so difficult for a mom to see her child so helpless and sacrificing her life for some one else…..

    N it was so heart touching when diya put her hand under ratans’s hand during kanyadan ??

    I literally had tears in my eyes. Even my dadi was so surprised seeing this marriage. n the background music was adding to the scene emotionally and dramatically!! Amazing lyrics and music!! ???

    Kudos to teja for taking up this role and portraying it so beautiful and effortlessly. I know I earlier also said that teja is a wonderful actress.. N I can’t stop myself from saying it again…. Just her eyes, her expressions says it all!! ????

    N I really regret that Rashmi Sharma didn’t used her talent amd skills properly and didn’t gave her a good story line. … Well that’s a old thing but still……………..

    N look wht that man said that ” dost se zyada nhi na “… N if diya had became ratan’s Pehredaar like his friend then this would hv only happened…… N thats y maan wanted to see ratan n diya getting married!!!!!

    Choti thakurain ?????

    N the precap!!!!! Finally Diya’s entry in ratan’s house as his wife… But this won’t be cake walk for her… She’ll have to fight for ratan n now for her as well…. I’m soo excited!!!

    In short, I loved today’s episode!! ??? Diya’s mom’s helplessness…. Diya’s dad’s confusion and promise…. Diya’s selflessness….. Her determination….. Ratan’s loss of parents. ….. Maan’s selfish family….. Everything was just perfect!!!! The way diya held ratan’s hand every time…. … She has already became his support system…. And the way ratan said that he’ll always respect diya and will also give her love……. Maan has already told him that he has to respect diya!!!

    I’m already loving their bonding!!! ????

    It’ll be interesting to watch her become his Pehredaar and


    1. Angelk1

      I agree with everything u said richa

      1. Richa19

        Thank you angel!!! ?

      2. Angelk1

        You welcome

    2. agreed to each and every points

    3. Fairy

      Kya baat hai richa puttar????shabbash!!! N yap #ppk rocks?

      1. Richa19

        Hehee thank you fairy di!! ? ? ?

    4. Aditi.Ayansh

      i too agree with u buddy 🙂

    5. Astra

      richaaaaa… congo buddy. u r the first to comment yesterday and today..? I’m trying to comment as soon as update gets posted, but.. I’m sleeping early..? you made a beautiful comment dear..??

      1. Richa19

        Thank you astra dii!! ? ? actually I’m also waiting for its update and when it comes I just write my opinions….. Its okay dii.. I know one day everyone will get a chance to be first…. But I’m glad everyone is watching m enjoying the show…. ?????

    6. Shrilatha

      Amazing explanation richu seriously too good but it makes me feel bad I haven’t seen yet no light????. Even in my line charging is really less.but u guys r there na u will show the epi to me through concept

      1. Richa19

        Thank you so much shri di!! ? ?

        Ik now a days light is going very frequently.. But don’t worry di we e here for u n also u cam read n watch on Sony liv ‘!!! ? ?

    7. IQRA222

      yes richu di it was again an emotional episode
      and do i again need to repeat that teju is rocking the show with her acting skills!!
      an didu i really appreciate the way you took to that mr. or ms kattapa’s bashing.. he totally got fooled!!

      1. Richa19

        Thank you so much iqu dear!!!! ?

    8. Sargam

      muh ki baat chin li richa,absolutely correct…….the episode was rocking

      1. Richa19


        Sorry N thank you dear!!! ?

  2. Fenil

    Hello everyone !!
    Fairy,Shrilatha,Iqu,Lahari,Richa,Micky,Anu and alll….

    Again emotional episode .

    But with happy moments of wedding for provide protection to someone whose life is more precious for someone.Someone takes promise of fire (pure element ever) to protect someone,to love someone,to bringing up someone as a good person , someone sacrifice (Aahuti) dreams in fire and manymore things those attached with many lives.

    1. Richa19

      Hii fenil dear…. I agree with u.. It was indeed an emotional epi… With DiRa’s lives changing forever. …

      Dear.. r u a boy?? Actually I saw in a comment! Idk so I’m asking… Don’t feel bad haan….

      1. Fenil

        Hello Richa.
        Yaa I’m Boy.
        Nothing to worry so ask anything anytime.

      2. Fairy

        Yeah richu he is a boy?

        we never talked properly? so hi fenil!!! I saw ur commnt on IPKKND 3 …U LIKE DAT SHOW??? actually I also loved dat story?n for d frst tym we got a guy in our grp? hehe hope u”ll always be wid us!! Thnku a lot for ur support yaar?!!!!

    2. Fairy

      Hellow dear? yeah indeed emotional n fab. Episode!!!

      Loving it more n more!!!!!

    3. Lahari

      Hiii fenil dear..
      U r absolutely crt
      Keep encouraging ??

    4. Shrilatha

      Hello fenil bhaiyya u can call me shri and by the way u r right well it is the form that fire takes temple the fire is pious and at death bed same fire is used similarly it has taken different forms for our DiRa…it was really emotional..well I just read updates I will watch and then comment again

    5. Richa19

      Oh okay!! Actually never saw a boy on this page na so got a bit…… Idk… But yeah welcome to our grp….

      Do u like ipkknd 3??

      N I hope I can call you bhaiya!!!! ??

    6. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!!
      yup bhai it was an emotional episode. and yes those moments of wedding were superb
      and it is going to change many lives
      and bhai your dp is superb

  3. Angelk1

    T_T such an emotional eps, this choti person is so evil, i hate people like that. An sajjan is right some blood relation are untrustable, its not everything you can tell your family especially if you hit the jackpot.

    1. Richa19

      Yeah n here its abt the wealth worth crore n millions… Who would want to sacrifice or let it go…..

      In case of money u cannot trust anyone.. Just anyone…..

    2. Shrilatha

      If maan did not trust his brother with his son and instead he went to extreme option infact last resort of getting married him t that age it clearly show how unreliable they r

      1. Angelk1

        Yup, and selfish too.

    3. IQRA222

      yes it was an emotional episode and yes this choti is too evil..

  4. So for protecting a 9 year old boy a girl of twice his age marries him. And the reason behind it is if she’s just a protector she’ll not have full rights on him. But if she’s his wife then she can protect him without fearing anyone questioning her rights to do so. It’s really sad to know that a lot of people are ready to accept this ridiculous reasoning just because they are fans of the heroine. But please just answer one question. If the character Diya, who’ve saved Ratan twice and thus convinced Ratan’s father of her ability to protect the prince, was a male, would they still insist in marrying the two? If Abhay was the son of Sajjan and he was the one to save Ratan instead of Diya, would they still ask them to marry? No, right? If that was the situation they’d have thought about some other solution. Then why they’re not doing that in this situation too? Whatever justifications you provide, this is still a child marriage. And even if the 10 year old was a girl and a man was marrying her it’s still child marriage and will face the similar criticism. But before going on about your BKBD please answer my above question.

    1. Richa19

      Welcome welcome!!!

      If diya was just a protector or had stayed with ratan with any other relation then of course that relationship would have limits….. N as Maan said every relation has limit except for WIFE! She can n has the right to stay with her husband and no one can question her!!!!

      Then coming to ur question… If instead of diya it was some other male member…. Then wht would have happened??

      Then dear 1) this story wouldn’t have been there…

      2) at the death bed.. Maan had no other choice to secure his son’s future… His ( ratan.) safety came first for him…..

      3) of course there would be some other solution for this problem if abhay had saved ratan.. But that’s not the case…

      Sacrificing your dreams and life for the sake of others is not easy! Amd this difficult task is done by diya!

      All of us here who are watching n supporting this, is not because we are fans of the ” heroine ” but because we liked the new concept…. Which is unique in its own way!

      At least it’s different from other saas bahu, nagins and nags n chudails n dogs n wht not…..

      N if u hv watched today’s epi then it was clearly mentioned that the show does not promote child marriage… Coz if it was then it would hv never been telecasted…..

      If we’ll keep on debating abt all the serials na.. Then dear we won’t have nay life to live… So leave all this… Enjoy the show if you want… Its interesting amd unique.. N I’m sure u’ll love it in upcoming episodes…. The cuteness between Diya’s n ratan’s relation will steal ur heart…….

      By BKBD we never wanted to hurt anyone or never wanted anyone to stop giving their opinions… But everytime saying the same this is also not acceptable…. ..

      Who knows that same person is writing with different names… Well that’s not the matter….. Ik its a very long comment n I hope I didn’t bored u……

      So keep enjoying the show and spread positivity!!!!

      N here are some flowers for you!!!! take care n keep smiling ☺

      ? ??????????????????????????

      1. Well I never thought I’ll comment again. But I’ve to say your reply was rather sweet ? But still I couldn’t accept the concept of child marriage. And I said about people accepting this due to their love towards the heroine because almost everyone here were taking the criticisms about the storyline like a personal insult to Teja ma’am. They’re are saying the reason behind this much criticism is the hate towards actress. That’s why I commented so. But I don’t understand you saying about “everytime saying the same & same person”. Were you trying to say that people are always taking about the child marriage? But that’s the only thing that irks people. That’s why they’re always taking about it. And if you’re hinting that it’s the same person who criticise the show with different names then take it from me this is the first time I’m commenting here. That was a genuine doubt which arised in my mind while thinking about this and that’s why I commented. But tbh from the way you’re all defending this marriage I thought maybe you’re using different names ?? But you didn’t bored me with your comment and actually it was nice to see the way you handled a negative opinion and gave your thoughts on it without getting offended. And thanks for the flowers.?? Here’s some for you too and tc dear.
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

      2. And yes, about the cuteness between Diya and Ratan. If it’s shown as a normal friendship between an adult and a kid as it’s actually supposed to be then I’m all for it. They shouldn’t show this relationship in a romantic angle like they did with the Steve of hero catching heroine before falling and that anklet scene etc. They should show the bonding between the prince and his pehredar without the cliche scenes of adult hero and heroine. Then I think the show wouldn’t face this much backlash.
        Anyway thanks again and keep smiling all ???

      3. Aditi.Ayansh

        Richu….i love u sis 🙂

    2. Shrilatha

      Hi Nin actually thank u dimming for commenting here and yeah richu sorry for forgetting respects welcome Nin yeah ur question what if abhay saved ratan well if it was abhay is ratan’s bodyguard will u question his character.will u say a unmarried boy is stat no here to protect that boy no instead u will praise him but If diya was staying without marriage there every person will question her presence .and u would say no I won’t agree with this well if people come here to question the concept just because of outer frame then why won’t they question this right?

      And child marriage here diya is not a nymphomaniac who eyes ratan with wrong intentions.she is marrying him to protect t him with the right to do so.and neither ratan is of age to have bad feelings about’s a beautiful bond of Pehredari with unusual perspective.
      And if marriage is ur problem them think of it as her appointment letter.
      Well thank u dear once again for commenting..take care see you. Bye

    3. Aditi.Ayansh

      thank u for watching ppk dr..stay happy and blessed

      1. Richa19

        I love you too adi!!! ? ? ? ?

        PS – replying here coz there was no reply option above…

    4. Richa19

      Hello nin dear once again!!!!

      I’m glad u find my comment sweet… N coming to ur reply.. We know that the concept of the show is being misunderstood by many ppl… And as far as the matter is concerned to teju.. We know how ppl are criticising her for taking up this role… Many ppl who hate her are commenting abt the show n actors everywhere amd that’s y we ppl get offended…….

      N dear we seriously don’t have time to create many accounts on tu coz we have life to live… Everyone here has one account and I cam assure u that coz from past one year ik all of them… Mostly….

      N abt child marriage….. As shri di said…. Diya is marrying ratan coz she wants to save him from all the bad eyes, she wants to express her gratitude towards maan who saved her a few years back…….. She knows that today she’s alive.. only bcoz of maan….. And she wants to help him in anyway.. And when maan kept his request diya was shocked and surprised… If u hv seen the epi… She didn’t instantly said yes… She thought and then said yes ….

      She’s not marrying ratan for his money or fame.. She’s doing so that she can protect him from every evil eye… Like we’ll protect teju n ppk from every evil eye!!!!!! !!

      I hope you understood… N I’m glad u came back to reply… N I hope that from now u’ll comment in support of ppk if u understood the plot.. N thank u so much for the flowers!!! ? ? ? ?

    5. Richa19

      Nin dear… There was no such scene which made it look like romance between DiRa! this bond is called Friendship!! Earlier also I told…. That its not a crime to save ur friend….

      U only tell me if u r falling then won’t ur friend who’s a boy, help u and save u from falling?? Yes.. Right??

      N abt the payal scene… She just asked him to hold her lehnga.. Whts wrong in this??? Ppl who have small thinking will of course mind that scene….. But it was nothing inappropriate… He didn’t touched her wrongly or without her permission….. Thats totally okay….. I hope u understand now… ..

      Keep smiling and keep watching ppk!!!! Thank you so much!!! ? ?

      And yeah any more doubts u cam definitely come here again with a positive attitude!!!!

    6. Sargam

      richa said it all right but i jst want to add 2 things,1st about the anklet scene,well if it had to be romantic in the tv sense then ratan and diya would have had an eyelock with her hairs flying in hair and romanitc song as bg but see it didnt happen ,above that ratan said her to get up as she’s heavy,if it would have happened with a boy and girl and i am sure girl would have been pissed off by the boy and 2nd about lehenga scene ,if it would have a romantic angle then ratan would have taken anklet from her hand and held her lehenga and tied the anklet around her ankle with again that romantic bg and other stuff that happens while was jst a scene where ratan was helping diya,nothing else… romantic feelings for each other,jst help…..
      i hope i didnt irritated you with my commentif i did so i am really sorry.
      be happy and take care

  5. Jayanti

    Emotional episode no doubt….it was shocking that so soon ratan had to loose both his parents…..but it’s a relief that diya is there with him to protect him and be his guardian…this story is progressing soo soon…not dragging the story…now will see how she saves ratan from his own relatives…..but now she even has to protect herself as rightly said by richu….loved the part when ratan said he will respect Diya.

    But with this marriage diya’s dreams are all shattered….she could not get married to her love…abhay….really waiting to see how will abhay react to this marriage..will he turn negative or respect diya’s this decision.

    And this is yet another message for my tejaholics…
    A wonderful decision my friends…really proud of all of you guys….Our mission is going on successfully and…mission BKBD is on
    Shri , Richa , Aditi , lahari , astra , Iqra and all others….let bashers speak what they want…just try to ignore or answer in one sweet message.

    And fairy…we will really be pehredaars of our diya…..such a fantastic name for all of us…love it dear.

    Sorry haan..if I have said something I shouldn’t have or been rude…take care.

    1. Fairy

      Heheheh yeah PEHREDAAR of diya??????? u guys r amazng yaar????????? ppk rocks

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        PPK Rocks!!!

      2. Jayanti

        Thank you fairy dear…#ppkrocks

    2. Astra

      yes dear.. u r right

    3. Shrilatha

      Di this is called Munnabhai treatment for extreme case of

      1. Jayanti

        haha…got your point shri dear

    4. Richa19

      No dii… U hv not said anything wrong…. We r Pehredaars of teju n ppk and we’ll be there to protect them always!!! ? ? ? ? ppk rocks!!!!

      1. Jayanti

        Of course richu….we will always be there to protect them

    5. What is BKBD

      1. Bashers Ko Bakne Do

    6. IQRA222

      yes jayu di episode was emotional. and poor ratan but i am not worried as diya is with him. an dyes diya ‘s dream did got shattered. didu i think abhay is going to stay positive as its going to be love triangale as per the resources say
      and offcource you have never been rude and yes we are pehredars of our diya!!

      1. Jayanti

        Ohhh yes…the love triangle…but I hope abhay doesn’t turn negative because I love this jodi abya..and thank you so much iqra sis

    7. Sargam

      that’s the thing i lyk about sony,they dont drag a serial
      this mission is giving me the feel that we all are like the most intelligent and toppers of the class and students are coming to us to asks doubts
      really love all pehredaars of diya,how gracefully they are handling it,love you all guys

      1. Richa19


        Seriously Di.. I’m really feeling like a topper of the class while clearing doubts of people…. I’m feeling that I’m again going back to my school days….

      2. Jayanti

        I fully agree with you sargam….doubts should be handled with care and politeness only know… you too dear

  6. hello everyone.. im new here. I started watching this serial.. its very November n today’s episode made me cry?.. too emotional

    1. IQRA222

      first of all a warm welcome to our PPK family.. and yes this episode was emotional
      do keep watching PPK!!

  7. hello everybody.. im new here. I started watching this serial.. n today’s episode is very emotional and it made me cry?.

    1. Astra

      welcome dear

    2. Richa19

      Hii vandana dear!!! Welcome to ppk world!!!! Yeah today’s epi was very emotional.. N I’m glad u chose this platform to express ur views….

  8. I started watching the episodes believing that all the bashing on social media is useless hype but after watching today’s episode I am appalled at how can such a thing be aired.. it’s not only illegal but promotes a wrong message by reducing a well educated women’s role restricted to a bodyguard. And about relationship of a wife has no limitations compared to any other relationship is absolutely baseless simply because marriage is a bond that happens between equals not between a kid and a fully grown woman.And about securing the future of the kid they could have involved a brother sister relationship where a sister is following rakhi dharma and protecting her little one. Marriage is absurd.I pesonally have a great admiration for tejaswini and her acting skills but this show is morally disappointing.

    1. Shrilatha

      Hai Saira thank u so much for commenting here .and by the way how is devanshi going on.leave it really thanks again for atleast trying to watch it. Marriage between these age difference people is a hot topic bit what to do dear maan Singh found only diya good to protect him
      And as u said if it was rakhi relations then won’t the person who is trying to kill ratan and unfortunately is the family member question her rights.

      I thought of following BKBD but one thing dear a concept is never wrong it’s the eyes that see and the mind that thinks is wrong.
      From far we feel sky and earth meets but truth is different so aren’t we suppose to find the truth first….

      Well u know I talk much so dear again thanks …love u and take care
      And yes my sissy richu taught me to give flowers so here for u too.she just gave to someone else…here are urs.


    2. Richa19

      Hey saira banu!! I mean saira dear!!! welcome welcome!!

      Glad to know that u watched ppk amd I’m happy u chose this platform to express ur views… I totally respect ur views but wht u said is not right dear……

      If diya became his sister then wht???

      1) she’s not his blood sister. …

      2) Then she’ll have to marry abhay coz their relation was fixed…. So how could she protect ratan???

      3) She can’t take ratan as a dowry to her in-laws house…..

      4) chalo if she doesn’t marry abhay n decides to live with ratan in his mansion! Do u think ppl would not question her?? Of course they’ll…..

      5) n one day or the other she has to marry.. Then wht will happen??

      6) sisters also has limitations towards his brother but a wife doesn’t have nay towards her husband amd that’s wht maan was trying to explain… If u had seen the episode…..

      Well now I guess ur all doubts are clear.. N if not then pls come here again with a positive attitude.. We’ll clear all ur doubts…..

      Keep smiling and keep watching ppk!!! ? ? ?

      N yeah some flowers foe you too!!!


    3. Fairy

      Hey dr..actually m lill bsy now,so dats y i dont have tym to reply u or Nyone else..Bt my Sissy’s r dere to reply? n dat too very politely n sweetly!!! Bt I jst wanna say dat d actress name is TEJASSWI n not Tejasswini!!! I cnt see Nyone typing her name wrong so dats y jst replied u? I hope u don’t mind!! God bless!!!

    4. IQRA222

      hey saira di first of all thanks again for commenting on our heavenly page and watching our princess superb show..
      see first of all if you really would have watched this show properly you would not have questioned it like this. and also it does not promote any wrong as you can see the disclaimer when the show starts
      secondly the show is being aired on SONY TV and as you maybe knowing that sony is known for its shows which are quite unique. and also the channel would have seen something in it then only it is being on aired. why would they on air something which would harm their channel
      thirdly pls dont judge a show just by watching its initial episodes. its been just a week.
      last but not the least her name is tejasswi and not tejaswini
      and yes thanks a lot for expressing your views on our page
      take care

  9. To begin with, Ratan’s unusual and instant attraction to Princess Diya is hard to digest. There are many incidents that do not make for a pleasant viewing and show typical elements of adult romance. The way Rattan follows Diya and clicks her pictures, how he holds her when she is about to fall and saves her from a cockroach – are all examples that validate the bizarre romance between the two. There is also a scene where Diya asks Ratan to hold her lehenga so she can wear her anklet. This is made to look like an elaborate love sequence.
    Where the show is headed in terms of its plot is no big guess. The two end up marrying each other and the rest of the saga follows thereon. Does it all look convincing? It remains to be seen what reason the makers give to justify the marriage that takes place between this young boy and woman.

    1. Shrilatha

      Hii neha thank you so much and thanks again for telling me to watch carefully because I did not find adult romance here .I should search properly.I will watch the show again.ratan held her lehenga and u found romance there wow I should learn to watch show from u ..really hats off. And we’ll it again comes to thinking right really proud of people like u ..thanks sweetheart for commenting but what to do we r loving this show because unfortunately our brain is not filled with mud and cheap thoughts na so we r not able to see any “adult romance” here.but I will try to find.thanks the way which name r u planning tomorrow

      1. In adult romance also they are showing guy following girl and girl s falling guy s helping.i didn’t know that that s mud.that s just romance.i didn’t say [email protected]@@.

    2. Shrilatha

      That is the point sweetheart it is not romance….

    3. Neha dear it is not romance.. From ratan’s point of view we can say diya is like her childhood crush like nearly we all have in our childhood as well… So think in that way please.. Anyways thanks a lot for your views…

    4. Richa19

      Hiii neha chandra jii!!!!

      Glad to know u watched the show amd are now here to clear ur doubts… .. So let me also help u in this…..

      U know there is a relationship called FRIENDSHIP!! I hope u also know…. N in that friends help each other… And support each other…. Amd same ratan did while saving diya from falling and while holding her lehnga while she was wearing her anklet….. .

      I really don’t know how it can be love?? When it’s just abt friendship….. ??????

      N then there’s smthng called as FAIRY TALES!! ur elders might hv recite u some….. So here ratan also heard a fairy tale from his kaki ma sa… And when he saw that the happenings around him n diya are exactly like a fairy tale then he started believing that diya is a fairy.. And so like he was told.. He saved her, helped her and wanted to marry her so that he doesn’t lose his fairy….

      N for ur kind information… Diya and ratan are not marrying willfully… diya is doing because…. I hv written above pls read it…. N ratan doesn’t even know wht all is happening coz he already has lost his parents…..

      They both don’t know wht a marriage is. They just know that they are friends and now they are bonded in another relationship in which they hv to respect amd protect each other!!!

      Hope this much is enough for u… If not then pls come here again with ur doubts with a positive attitude and we’ll try our best to clear all of them!!!!

      Here are some flowers for you as well!!!


      1. Aasthu

        I love the way you reply back to people who have doubts regarding this show…it’s sweet and cute…

      2. Aasthu

        and also mature…

  10. The hope of things improving on the show is dismal. The curious though may follow it to know what happens next. For us, this one definitely comes as another blow to the Indian Television, which has no great reputation, anyway.

    1. Jayanti

      Thanks a lot Neha for sharing your opinion here and only this is enough that u are atleast following the show even if it’s to know what happens next…thanks again

    2. Follybraverl

      Hey hi dear I request you to hear the title song of ppk where all your doubts get cleared
      Ratan lyrics says what diya is for him
      Diya says what he is for her and what is their relationship
      I got tears and goosebumps on hearing the song…..
      Thanks for commenting yaar you will get what you want our teju will never disappoint us…..
      Hope will be friends ??

  11. Astra

    Thank you MA for the update…

  12.  I don’t care what whole world says.. but I support ppk. I know very well who are commenting here, changing their names.

    the scenes happened between ratan and diya.. some ppl are thinking them as romantic scenes.. rip to them..!

    actually, it’s not serial which is showing negitivity, but.. some people’s minds r like that. ratan taking diya pics, asking her to marry him.. is just childish act. even we too adored our favourite barbie, snowwhite fairys during our childhood. ratan is in thatsituation but not what some ppl think, so called ‘romance’

    so many of us think marriage in only one point, husband is not an element who is just used for romancing.
    love has different meanings. marriage has different responsibilities.
    just bcz they married ppl need not think, it is romance btw 9 yr old and 18 yr old..

    diya has different responsibility here. and, her view on ratan is purely pure. some ppl can’t understand it.

    1. Richa19

      I totally agree with you saryu!!!! this story is different from others and is giving a new angle to television industry… But no some ppl just don’t understand and
      Takes everything in a wrong way!! Well just let it be.. I’m glad u r liking n supporting the show…..

    2. IQRA222

      totally agreed saryu di. even i support PPK no matter what others say. this show is different from others and so unique i dont now how can people judge a show in less than a week..

  13. hi guys again a fantastic and an emotional epi Diya what I say about to her ? I have no words I love the bgm sajjan is a true friend and not everyone get a friend like him and diya mom her worries reflecting from her eyes but so diya was too determined that she will be pehredar piya ki. Maan family fake emotions I hate them and that thakurain such a selfish woman we know diya will flop all her plan now guys can’t wait for Monday yeh Monday kb ayega? And abhay plz don’t be negative and please as a friend do support diya and so guys I have a question WHO WILL PLAY RATAN ROLE AFTER LEAP ??? I will wait happy weekend teja love ur work first as Dharti opposite jai sony then as ragini opposite Namish and now Diya opposite a cutie pie Affan.

    1. IQRA222

      hey di !! yes again a fantastic episode. hi fi even i have no words to describe what i feel for my princess and me too love the bgm!! true sajjan is a true friend. but maan’s family totally villain family. didu that’s a big question for all that who will play grow up ratan.
      and didu it is dhara not dharti
      and i soo soo wish that it would be namish

  14. GET WELL SOON FANS OF THE SHOW.???????????

    Your eyes are great to watch this show in the name of cuteness and uniqueness

    Does a mother or sister marry son or brother to protect him.People are supporting this non sense .
    Because of you writers are coming with this kind of shows.

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you neha for ur valuable comment mother or sister do not marry son or brother dear but diya is an outsider dear and her presence will be questioned by people who.has small thinking for example like you.

    2. Lahari

      Thanku so much dear..
      We will definitely enjoy the show..

    3. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Neha di..for ur comments…thank u for spending ur valuable tym..we respect ur decision …be happy tk cr ..always remember we all love u…stay blessed

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        and we will miss u dr 🙂

    4. Jayanti

      Thank you dear…for showing soo much concern…and u snatched my words dear…bad haan…..surely RIP PPK…ROCK IN PEACE PEHREDAAR PIYA KI…..#ppkrocks

      1. Sargam

        jayanti you rocked with this reply .woah…….#ppk rocks

      2. Richa19

        Kudos jayu di!!!!

        Rock in Power PPK ( by becoming no. One show.)

        Rock in peace ppk ( by staying away or by clearing the doubts of haters.)

        Rock in People’s mind ppk ( by ur unique story.)!!!

        Thank you dear for giving ppk rip!! Surely…. RIP PPK!!!!!! ?????????????

      3. IQRA222

        God jayu di fabulous reply
        love you!!
        and yes ROCK IN PEACE PPK!!

      4. Follybraverl

        Awesome reply jayu???
        As per my view haha

    5. IQRA222

      thanks a lot neha di for all your wishes and comments!!
      will really miss you and your comments
      and we will definitely enjoy and support our heavenly show
      take care

  15. Astra

    She stood up on the promise she given to the person who is on death bed. she has taken up responsibility of a kid naming herself as wife. she granted him as husband, sacrificing all her future dreams.. is this is not called sacrifice?

    yes..! it is..!!

    and, only diya made it. only she can do it. it shows how her heart is brave and her mind is strong.

    while taking the marriage owns.. i cam see only the strong responsibility in her eyes, putting all dreams aside which a normal girl should have.

    finally, she has become pehredaar. i know diya protects ratan from all evils.

    but, i love abhay and diya pair.. hope abhay comes soon.

    1. Richa19

      Yup di… U r right… Only diya has the courage to leave all her dreams n aspirations behind to protect a prince!!!

      I too loved abhay n diya… Hopefully he’ll make a come back soon….

    2. IQRA222

      asthu di totally agree with you.out only our diya can do this no one else except her had the power to do this.. even i like abya pair. but yes i know it will not be there as they will show grown up ratan and i soo want it to bee nami!!

  16. hi iqu ,shri and every fans
    emotional episode literally cried watching this. superb episode full credit to diya and ratan.
    respect for diya she sacrifice her love for a promise.
    maan’s family overreacted
    choti yhakuriyan’s eyes’s expression evil
    hope abhay understand diya and do not turn negative
    ratan’s dialogue
    and the main part the song in the background it won heart
    guys anyone know singers of the title song?

    1. Astra

      yes anu, it’s an emotionl part. abhay won’t turn negative.. he is the actual hero..

    2. Shrilatha

      Hii anu.I didn’t watch today’s episode till now but we don’t miss it right and yes agreed yaar song is too good ..but from u guys I understood that our princess rocked.

    3. Richa19

      Hii anu!!! yip today’s episode was so emotional and full of DiRa!!! The song was just sooo good and complementing the situation… Don’t know the singer but it might be some rajasthani singer.. From the accent I guessed……

    4. IQRA222

      hi anu di and yes this was an emotional episode

    5. Sargam

      its asees kaur dear who sang the song,really soulful voice,loved it

  17. Astra

    yesterday some guys are introduced. don’t know who will be the villian in them..? I guess, the blue cap fellow and blue saree lady will be negative roles. but, diya’s father will look after everything..!!

    1. tania-the fairy

      I think all member of family against maan nd ratan for choosing him only heir of property.

      Today s epi was best epi.
      Diya s emotional look nd ratan s promise.Hope he remember the promise all his life.

      1. Astra

        yeah… i think so..

  18. Frozengirl16

    Finally the married had done…but I’m feeling bad for Diya…n have to wait until Tuesday for update

    1. IQRA222

      Yup the marriage . and why ro wait till tuesday you can see it on monday only?

      1. Frozengirl16

        As I’m in Malaysia I can’t watch it…bcz Sony TV is not available in Malaysia… I only can watch on YouTube…in YouTube they only updating after two days…so I’m reading the storyline before watching it…

    2. Shrilatha

      Why not Monday?

      1. Frozengirl16

        The next episode will be on Monday….but the storyline will update on Tuesday rite???That’s y!!!

  19. Hi every one, that was a nice episode diya’s emotional acting, Ratan cuteness and portraying characters on every one is nice, looking forward to next episodes.

    1. IQRA222

      hi ammu di!! are you the one from swaragini only?? and yes it was a nice episode. all the actors are doing a fab job.. even i am looking for the next episodes

  20. Shrilatha

    Hello, fairy di, richa ,Iqu,anu angela,adi,Jayu di ,Astra akka,Lahari akka, and folly,fenil bhaiyya, sargam and many others ….my ppk family.

    Guys I have this feeling that teja is looking younger compared to ragini right .. she is really looking like a teen .and I know she must have rocked the episode today and I am sure many new Family ” guest ” r coming so khatirdari Karo well what was that choti thakurayin doing how she burn diya’s hands like that what is the point of beauty and brain in that hmm

    Was abhay there in today’s episode if yes how was his reaction .ugh I.missing it I want to watch it..did u guys feel any thing wrong with maan’s brother..

    1. AMkideewani

      You are right Shri, I like her look in PPK more than SR

    2. Richa19

      Hey diii!!! Indeed teju is looking much younger than ragini…. Its all abt tge the make up n expression she carries and also the dresses…..

      N she has the capability of looking younger than her age that’s y the makers chose her…. Otherwise sm ppl are getting roles which are much more than their age… I hope u know…..

      Then yup today there was a scene of abhay… But he didn’t reacted.. He just looked at Diya’s bhaiya n bhabhi and went from there… Don’t know whts going on in his mind….

      N don’t worry dii…. Khatirdaari toh bahut ache se karenge… Abb toh aadat si ho gayi hai….. ??

    3. IQRA222

      hello shri didu
      and yes even i thought so and yes she did rock it in the episode
      didu abhay was there but he didn’t react

    4. Sargam

      hi shrilatha,teja is really looking too yuong,god bless her skin and keep her healthy,she surely looks like a teen.this kaki maa has pissed me off in jst 1st glance,lets see what she does and how diya replies back

  21. Pluto

    hello everybody.. well let me introduce myself. well i am pluto. actually there were some doubts in my mind so thought to clear it with you all. and its a request for everybody to answer them as i want to know all yours opinion. and please do answer it HONESTLY AND FRANKLY.

    1. well i agree that the show has a really unique concept. bu`t don’t you all think that they are dealing with a really sensitive matter?? if you think so then you might be knowing that its a controversial show and that the people may not accept it. so why do you either get angry on them or ignore them. why can’t you answer all their doubts in a nice way.

    2. when the show’s concept was told to teja even she was shocked and she clearly told that she is not angry on people for critiscing it. so when she herself accepted the people might face difficulty then why are you all not accepting it and calling people as narrow minded and what not. when she can be so cool and answer all their questions with patience why can’t you people do the same??

    3. how would you people have reacted to the show if it was not teja staring in the show?? would you start loving the show in first glance itself?? if there was some other actress you would have watched it??

    please do answer all my questions HONESTLY…… because they are severe doubts in my mind….

    Comment edited.

    Msg from team: Please do not involve other serials here.

    1. Shrilatha

      First of all thank you so.much Pluto….well I will try to answer this.

      1) it is a sensitive matter sweetheart that is is the reason we r either angry or ignoring them.who bashes this show is they r being discriminate against the show they t jumping to conclusions and creating as if this bond is made on lust .but the reality is far from this yaar and we expect u to understand this.

      2) Teja accepted people do criticise this show and we do as well but Pluto whatever is happening is far from’s called bashing unforgettable words everyone is trying to do.more than criticism example u know what people like karan wahi did.he himself has Brenna part of love story where a girl marries a guy of her father’s age the only difference is it’s the boy who is younger here..and also there has been a show in Sony earlier called me,aaji and sahib. With similar concept except for marriage here a girl of 8 years has feelings for a man of 30 years.this show was responded very well then why not Ppk.don’t u think it deserves a chance.

      3) the whole point is for me teja matters but more than that Concept matters.and I would watch this show already to make sure what I am thinking about show is true or false.instead of jumping to conclusions

      So I guess that’s it if u still have any questions we r ready to answer.

    2. Richa19

      Hii dear
      R Pluto!! Welcome welcome to our page!!!! Hope you are fine… n I’m looking forward for a beautiful interaction with you.. . N I also hope that I n v all r able to clear all ur doubts…….. So lets start….

      1) yup u r right. This is an unique as well as a controversial show n v hv understood this that ppl will be there who won’t support this show n will comment bad or may be giving their views in a negative manner…. Thats y we hv decided that we wont argue with them nor will v ignore them ( most of the time.) we’ll try to clear their doubts amd will try to make them understand this show……

      2) ik dear in first n second update we got enraged with the comments and may be we replied rudely…. V r really sorry for that but we just can’t hold it when ppl call friendship as romance….. But look now we are all cool and replying n clearing their doubts with patience n politely……..

      3) of course…. We wanted to watch the show BCOZ teja was the lead…. But when we started watching the show we found it really interesting, unique and very different from other shows…… I don’t know whether I would hv watched the show if helly was in it or any other actress…..

      I really hope that I hv answered all ur queries….. N I’m glad u r watching the show…. Keep watching and keep commenting here… N if u still hv any doubts u can ask with a positive attitude… We’ll be here to clear ur doubts…….

    3. Aasthu

      Since I was not a part of bashing,I am not answering 1and 2.

      3) I’m watching the show because I loved the concept and also because they are not dragging it. Had it been Helly and not Tejaswini who was roped for the show,I would have watched it. I don’t know if I would have watched it had it been any other actress,because I don’t search for their new shows.

      1. Richa19

        Hey ashthu dii!!! Thank you so much… I’m glad u liked the way I’m replying or rather say clearing the doubts of ppl… Thank u so much!!! ? ? ? ? ?


    4. Richa19

      Pluto mere bhaiiii / behen…… Vaise manna padega aapko… How clearly u said here that u r a neutral viewer of swaragini… But earlier ( on 19 July update.) u said ” we seasanians ” wow man!!!! ??????

      I mean I saw ur comment later that’s y replying now…. N like really u were correcting me with teja’s name saying ” richa her name is tejasvini “…. Like really Pluto????

      Telly updates pls don’t edit or delete this comment so that this person can read it…

      Dear Pluto.. If u r a Swasan fan also we don’t hv any problem with u till u comment with respect towards everyone… So need to say that u r not a Helly fan or a teju fan… We don’t hv any problem with that… But pls for god’s sake don’t lie here….

      Everyone is watching out.. They’ll see ur comments and think that u hv dual personality… So pls be reasonable and stick to ur statements……. N pls don’t drag swaragini series here again bcoz then after ur companions only have problems……

      Here are some flowers for you…


      1. Pluto

        dear richa i am a borst of all…

        and you know that day my little sis had wroye that comment.
        she already told me about it… am sorry on her and my behalf.
        but yeah i am definitely not lying.
        you may believe me or again tell me that am lying.

        but really am telling the truth.
        and for the reason kakali came here is due to shrilatha not due to my comment cause it’s already deleted.
        i don’t care whaat people think about me but i know am saying the truth….
        and no dear.. u clearly don’t respect everyone that day neptune gave her views with no discrimination but i saw how you behaved with her,.

        anyways thanks a lot for the flowers… and sorry if you are hurt but hope you believe me

      2. Pluto

        oops typing error i am a boy

      3. Pluto

        and i really don’t want to be rude… so please you also talk politely..

    5. Richa19

      Pluto dear I don’t know who wrote wht comment.. U or ur sis?? I just read wht was there….

      N if u hv read ny replies to Neptune then u might hv saw that I was talking with her very politely and I tried to control my self till the end……

      Idk why kakli is here… But I know that we didn’t dragged swara or Helly or any of ur favourites… Neither shri di nor I… So stop being so mean….. N if u hv also hurted u them I’m also sorry but my intention was not that…..

    6. Richa19

      Pluto dear of course u only brought swara here and also helly here… I don’t want to blame u but thats the truth…..

      Dear who have commented negative abt the show n actors their comments hv Already been deleted or edited so can’t show u thr proof that swasan fans did that… .

      U asked a simple question and we replied to u simply… But there was no need to drag sr here…. Seriously….

      I don’t, literally I don’t have any problem with you or your questions…. U can ask as many questions as u want but pls don’t bring sr here again coz it’ll just initiate fights which we don’t want… ..

      I never meant to taunt u but if I did it unintentionally then pls forgive me…..

      Pluto dear I would love if u’ll come here again n be a part of ppk family only if u can give positive reviews to the story n characters and actors… Of course u might hv some questions and we would love to answer them…. But pls dont bring any negativity or any other actor here… Bcoz u know comparing means insulting as u said!!!!!!

      Hope to see you again soon… Take care!!!! ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Pluto

        yeah i agree that i was the one who brought swara here… but helly no… not at all… i jst asked your opinion about the show if it would have been helly… but you mistook it…

        never mind, kakali has commented here coz shrilatha di commented about swasan in devanshi page it has nothing to do with me

        i don’t think am being mean in any way but if you still think so then it’s okay you can tell me where am wrong and i will improve….

        and don’t worry dear you haven’t hurt me….

      2. Pluto

        you can blame me i don’t mind…

        i don’t have any problem with the show or the cast and you can see it from my any comments and my questions too….

        it was not me who commented in a negative way it was people who took it negatively and mistook me…

        just like people are taking this show… so hope you can understand how it’s important to understand others pov by this example….

        just like you people mistook me, people mistook the show too…

        of course tejaswi is doing a fabulous job and all my best wishes with the show…
        hope you will not mistook me or ANYONE again…

        i don’t believe in spreading hatred… nor do i believe in keeping it in my heart…

        don’t worry i would never visit the page di [as you are quite elder to me], coz i don’t want to disturb you all further….

        take care dear….
        my all the love to all of you and specially to tejaswi….

    7. Richa19

      *****N yeah I wasn’t getting reply option down there so replying here…. ******

    8. Shrilatha

      Pluto yes I have commented in devanshi but you should read the comment before mine to point that out.when someone points at plot of devanshi mica and kakali bounced on her saying we should not say anything until we know the truth but when the Same thing I said to her she turned her plates such dual faced na she asked me a question and to answer her with relevence I had to drag swaragini.

    9. IQRA222

      hello pluto!!! nice name
      i am very much glad to have you here and its a pleasure to answer all your doubts. thanks a lot for choosing our heavenly page to express your views
      so here are your answers:
      1) yes its a unique show as well as controversial show. and we know that many people out there would not accept it too soon. you know we have no problem if they suport it or it not because we always we will support it. you know some people really do not express their views in a humble way as they should. and you can very well see that my sisters are quite answering them very very politely if not you can scroll the page once again

      2) i agree we did not take it calmly on the first day it had bashing’s but as you can see we quite well trying to do it now!! and we are doing it very well too

      3) i agree that i wold not have loved the show in first glance but yes i would have watched even if teja was not there because its quite a unique show

      hope your doubts are cleared. if not we are still here you can come anytime
      take care

      1. Pluto

        thanks for commenting iqra.. my di talks a lot about you… well this is what i exactly wanted to explain them that if it was some other actress it would have taken time for you people to love the show…

        the same is going with other people glad you got the point…

        just give them time, i am sure they are gonna love the show

    10. Richa19

      Dear Pluto…… Whtever happened has happened… We can’t change it now….. . So just let it be… . N if u think that I hv been mean or rude to you then I’m really sorry dear!!!!!

      N now lets end all this and be friends may be!!!! N I would like to interact with you again!!!! ????

      1. Pluto

        u r right di, we can be friends……
        but what to do di, i like to be a silent reader….

    11. IQRA222

      hey pluto bro!!!!! which sis of yours talks about me?? i really want to know . could you pls tell me the name!!

  22. AMkideewani

    The episode was very emotional, I actually cried, while watching it and I can say that Teja nailed it like always????

    1. Richa19

      Yup sam I too cried while watching… N TEJA is just an outstanding actress!!! ????

      N now I got it AM means armaan mallik!!! Earlier I was confused ??

    2. IQRA222

      yes sam di the episode was emotional and me too cried while watching it
      and yes our princess nailed it!!

  23. Interview of PPK’s producer Sumit Mittal.. A must read for all..

    According to Indian law, a man below the age of 21 cannot marry, neither can a woman below the age of 18. Yet, the new Sony Pictures Television show Pehredaar Piya Ki centres on a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and an 18-year-old woman in Rajasthan, which culminates in a wedding.

    Diya (Tejaswi Prakash) is engaged to the wealthy Ratan Singh (Afaan Khan) in order to protect the Rajput scion from his property-minded relatives. A sequence in an early episode, in which Ratan stalks Diya with his camera and then catches her as she loses her balance, has proved to be especially contentious. Actor Karan Wahi was among the few television personalities to voice his anger in a Facebook post. Wahi wrote, “Dear producer and channel… plz dont sell me stupidity in the name of content whch gives trp because honestly noone is watching this…. Not to sound arrogant but we can be better than this.”

    Pehredaar Piya Ki has been running with a disclaimer that it does not promote child marriage even though events have been built up to ensure a marital union between Diya and Ratan in the fifth episode. The show has been produced by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal, whose company Shashi Sumeet Productions is also behind Diya Aur Baati Hum, Dil Se Dil Tak, and Punar Vivah. Shashi Mittal is credited with the concept development of Pehredar Piya Ki. In an interview with, Sumeet Mittal defended the show’s premise, stating that the objective was to explore “a rare friendship between a little boy and a woman”.

    What motivated you to make ‘Pehredar Piya Ki’?
    It is our foremost passion and interest to create different kinds of stories that engage audiences. That was constantly on our minds when we were brainstorming for the show. This is how the idea got generated. When Shashi narrated the idea, we all fell in love with the script. It gave us a good feeling that it would run for a long time.

    What explains the marriage of a 10-year-old boy with an 18-year-old woman?
    The best part we all love about the show is the freedom of Diya’s character. She is not forced to take the decision. It is her own choice to marry the boy.

    In today’s generation, we see a young girl marrying a 40-year-old person and it is taken as a vow and her choice. The same way, Diya has made this choice out of certain circumstances, where she marries to protect the boy. That is very brave.

    Was marriage the only way Diya could have protected Ratan?
    The circumstances that Ratan goes through in the show is such that only a person close to him can protect him. Even a friend or a well-wisher cannot be a shadow to a 10-year-old boy. That is why she decides to become the wife. We have definitely worked out the story in a manner that it doesn’t look like we wanted both the characters to get married. It is a need-based decision and the brave effort of a young girl.

    Couldn’t Ratan’s parents have protected him without bringing in the element of marriage?
    It will become clear in the upcoming episodes as to why that cannot happen.

    The controversial stalking scene. Image courtesy: Sony.
    The controversial stalking scene. Image courtesy: Sony.
    Don’t you think the show legitimises child marriage?
    It is nothing related to marriage. Boys at that age talk about fairy tales. It is a very innocent fascination, which has nothing to do with marriage or romance. A 10-year-old boy cannot understand the meaning of marriage.

    The show has been facing backlash since it was aired. What is your reaction?
    We have never experienced this kind of backlash. While in a way it is good publicity for the show, a 30-second glance is generating the controversy. It is very easy to pass judgement by just looking at the promos without knowing the base of the story or the concept.

    I don’t think it is wrong on people’s part to react this way. But they will definitely change their view once they watch the story unfold. I am very confident about that. We don’t make content that is not good for society.

    The early episodes show an element of romance between Ratan and Diya when they meet.
    The first dialogue that Ratan says after catching Diya fall is, “Aap bahut bhaari hain” (You are heavy). No boy with a romantic thought will say that to anybody. He will say, fall on me, rather than saying “Get off, you are very heavy”. There is no element of romance in the show.

    So you don’t feel that the show is a love story?
    Of course not. It is the story of a rare bonding and a friendship. Even after their marriage, it is a story of an innocent bond.

    The YouTube description says, ‘Will Diya and Ratan rewrite the pages of history with their love story? Is age only a number when it comes to finding true love?’
    Love has no particular definition. We love our parents and kids and that is love. We love our friends and that also is love. And bonding is again love. The boy is in love with the girl only because she is his protector. I don’t know why love is restricted only to a man and a woman. It is a weird thought.

    1. Richa19

      Thank jaanvi dear foe this iv!!!!

      I totally agree with him that y love is only restricted to a man and woman???? Don’t we love our parents, brothers, sister, friends……. Its such a pure emotion but some people just see it between a man n woman!!?

      I’m glad that shashi sir cleared everything with this iv!!!!


      1. Priya15

        absolutely agree with you richa dii…

        love doesnt mean the feel a man and women gets btw then..

        we can also say love is the other word for care which is in every relation..friends,mother,father,brother sister..

        thats common..our society has made that word for a particular thing…its a mindset which should be changed..

      2. Priya15

        Yes… I m waiting for that day too diii….

    2. Priya15

      i just love this iv…its very much needed to those broadminded people who r bashing…

      this is not a love story this is an unusual love story thats how sony promoted it..people take it in a wrong way..

      thanks for sharing jaanvi dii

      1. Richa19

        Yes priya dear… U cannot define love only as an emotion between a man n a woman… love has various forms n layers to it… Everyone has different view on different love but here ppl are misleading themselves and so v r here to correct them…. N I really hope that day comes soon when ppl will take LOVE as a pure emotion and not just a bond between man n woman…

    3. Sargam

      thanks jaanvi for this iv,its really superb.if anybody has qs. kindly read it ,you may get a clear picture as to why it is all happening…….
      i hate it when love is jst protrayed in that lustful sense and why cant any other love be justified……is it always needed that marriage will have that relation only?cant it be carried on with affection,care,respect,support,guarding each other…….
      well said sumeet sir

    4. IQRA222

      jaanvi di thanks a lot for this article!!
      love you soo much for posting it here
      its a great reply for all those who have doubts about our heavenly show

  24. Fenil

    Hello Good Noon.
    Heavy Rain here ,what about you place ??

    @Richa and Fairy,Yes i like IPKKND-03 but not more than season-01 Arshi. I’m big fan of YRKKH positive show ever ,if u will fail to find me anywhere u will surely find me on YRKKH.

    Sure sisters,i will not leave u all.I’m not only boy here there are Rahul ,Aniket Bhai,Sidharth Bhai,Santosh Bhai,Ritik,Arjun….

    My Intro:-
    Name:Fenil Soni
    City:Currently Ahmedabad for study,Home at Surat and Rajasthan
    Hobby :Cooking,,painting,Badminton,
    Shows(On Air):Yrkkh,Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman,Ipkknp,Piya Albela,Meri Durha,KQHAK,Naamkaran,Swabhimaan,PPK,Beyahadh.

    Ask if u want ….

    1. Aasthu

      cooking??? you know how to cook???

      1. Fenil

        yes, very well .

      2. Richa19

        I’m in first year…. Which course??

    2. Richa19

      Wow bhaiya!! U r just of the age of my real brother!!! N u r soo multi talented!! ????

      Bhai even I love swabhiman and in that nairan the most.. Though I like meghnal also…..

      Yeah I also love arshi ??? they were just so cute… I don’t watch ipkknd 3 but hope it goes well…..

      1. Aasthu

        Hey!! How old are you Richa???

        —– I commented here because there was no reply option up there ——–

      2. Aasthu

        I’m 19….so what are you doing now???

      3. Aasthu

        Hey!! I’m a college student too…second year…

    3. Aasthu


      1. Richa19

        I hv just turned 18 dii!!! wht abt u??

      2. Richa19

        I hv just entered into ny college life dii!! N wht abt u??

    4. IQRA222

      hello fenu bhai!! good evening . not heavy rain in indore its just drizzling!!
      yippie my bhai is not leaving .i am all relived and too happy to know that!
      actually bhai i know you are not alone but i have never talked to any other bhai other than you that is why but yes i know Siddharth bhai
      bhai my intro
      name : Iqura Khan
      DOB: 20.03.2003
      City: Indore (MP)
      Hobby: Dancing, singing, reading. and hifi mine is badminton too
      Shows: Ishqbaaz, PPK
      shows (off air): Swaragini ke Ram and Dil Boley Oberoi

  25. Well Ratan is a child who is now orphan and his blood relatives only will get his custody as per law but major problem is those blood relatives are only biggest threat to his life. His wellwishers are probably only diya n her family but they are nowhere related to him so they can’t make any decisions related to Ratan because they don’t have that right. Only way to give Ratan’s responsibility to right person who will actually protect him from all the evil (diya) is marriage only. Marriage is not only romance here well romance will be nowhere I think.its about jis insan ne apki jan bachakr apko nayi zindagi di uske ehsan ke badle unke orphan n helpless bacche ko bachana hai for me.

    1. Richa19

      I so agree with you raksha dii…. The last line!!! And also everything u said… I really hope ppl understand this…..

    2. IQRA222

      raksha di totally agree with you!! ratan is just all alone now with no one other than diya!! and yes agree with your last line!! well said

  26. Asw

    Amazing episodes diya ratan are nailed it & background music kuddous to singer

  27. Priya15

    i dont understand why they are making it a big issue ..and y people say bad about this show..

    when we can accept the fact of simar becoming makki ,a dead body coming alive,a memory loss patient getting memory very soon, dyan vagera vagera drama and ofc a mata getting married to a dead body and the body come back alive…last but not the least the unwanted saas bahu drama with misunderstanding of husband and wife(that too in every track)..we give chance and trp’s to those unreal drama’s…then y cant we give a chance for this unique serial..

    i can completely say that the people who are against this show dont know the meaning of PEHREDAAR….the title itself says the completely meaning of the show..
    pehredaar piya ki ; CARETAKER of the beloved..and not the meaning of love…

    i have seen all the episode there is nothing wrong its all innocent..its all about a kid seeing a pari in the particular girl..his kaki maa said him the story ..and when he meets diya the interaction btw them make him feel that he is the rajkumar of the story and diya is the pari..thats it..i do agree marriage btw a 9 year old boy and 18 year old girl feels a bit annoying but the same people who make question on this have watched balika vadu where a small girl got married to a person…the same audience and cast have given chance to sns when a young girl was married to her dad like person they even accepted when a sister become mother in law.. even they shipped that pair..then y cant we accept this cute innocent story where there is no such things like the above..

    the biggest annoying thing is the people in the industry speaking bullshit about the show..

    1. IQRA222

      totally right priyu di!!
      and yes di that title is totally emotional
      cheers for the song writer and the singer

  28. Priya15

    i got tears when i listened that title its sooo emotional…..

    it says the whole plot..its a description of the plot…

    especially the line where it showcases like ratan singing..mein nahi jaanti hun yeh dhuniya…that whole stanza was soo emotional…and the voice of singers make it more emotional…

    whoever didnt understand the concept should hear the title song..they will get to know what they misunderstood about …

    1. I thought the same priya di , the song , how fabulous it is . I am just loving that song . The lines are so meaning ful and the singers have sung it beautifully .

  29. Sargam

    the mother and daughter’s convo was superb,oh my diya……..she is behaved so mature,loved her lines…..teju……i am jst left awestruck by her acting……..aww my baby…….the marriage scene….i was jst numb looking at it….how diya bent to wear varmala……how she kept her hand to support ratan’s hand… showed that now she has become his pehredar in true sense and is ready to take up anything which comes in her way……….the title track……..gosh i am in love with it…..i felt really delighted to hear it fully…..evry word relates to the story and i could clearly imagine DIRA’s meeting scene when that pari line came……….such superb song………….
    the hospital scene……loved he promised his father to respect and love diya…..maan ensured that diya also stays happy in this marriage…..hats off…….how could teju potray evry emotion so well………my teju is jst too perfect………thuthu nazar na lage kisi ki meri teju ko…..
    well the family members seemed too fake……i jst got negative vibes from them…..god evryone looked like villain and specially kaki maa……..i dont know if she is or not but her expressions made her look creepy…may be she’s being the pehredaar of her piya….i mean she knows her hubby is trying to kill ratan and she jst keeps taking blame on herslef so that her hubby’s respect is not tormented…….but who knows……..
    this is why diya was married to ratan…..we saw naa how that chota bbhai of maan singh spoke with sajjan singh ,trying to cut off relations so that no one lese could come to protect ratan…….how kaki maa passed an order to be said precisely that ratan will come with her…….hated her……..but really looking forward for monday…..jaldi se aaja monday pls…….
    the precap……..kaki maa aapko jaldi pata chal jayega ki hamari diya buddhi aur khoobsurti ka mel hai….that too rare one…now see how she protects her piya and flops the evil plans of ur beloved family…….i jst flinched at my seat and wanted to snatch the key bundle and throw it away…….how will diya handle it…..
    you guys saw the grahpravesh promo……ratan looked too adorable while saying his dialogue and he made diya giggle……tab toh dil aa gya ladke pe…….DIRA’ journey starts from omnday ……looking forward to it eagerly……#ppk rocks#teju rocks
    so glad to have such a family you all yaar ,the way you handle situations with so much ease,hats off……tejuholics rock…… you all dearies……

    1. Richa19

      Yeah sargam dii…. I watched the promo of grah pravesh it was just sooo cute ???? grah pravesh with pop corns. …. Ratan is quite mature than his age as well as has that innocence in him… Just love #DiRa

      We love you too dii!!!??? I’m glad to hv one more sister here… ??? I hope I can call you dii….. ?????

      1. Sargam

        ratan is looking really cute and mature in that,really lovve DIRA ,
        hi richa,well i read in a comment you are also 18,me too,so you can call me sargam,and now on i hope i can call you ri…..i hope its fine ri sis…….

    2. Richa19

      Hii saru…. I hope I can call you that as v r of same age n now friends cum sisters!!!! N of course u can call me ri!!! Omg.. I got another new name here…. Thank u so much saru!!! ? ???

      1. Sargam

        hey ri ,i am also glad to get a nick name here,i heard yuo also started your college life,me’s your college going?mine is fine ,exploring new things and seeing the world around….love you ri and take care dear

    3. Richa19

      Hey saru… Its just been two days I hv been to college… n I’m already enjoying it!!! Wht r u doing???

      N I love you too!! ? ? ?

    4. IQRA222

      yes saru di you are totally correc!! and yes even i watched that promo it was choo cute. waiting so much for that scene
      and yes #PPKROCKS #TEJUROCKS
      didu glad to have you with us and yes hats of to all my sissy’s for handling those situations
      love you too!!!!!

  30. Madhuchhanda

    Hello guys yesterday’s episode was so emotional,all dreams of Diya are scattered but hope when ratan sa grows up he can fulfill all her dreams.The title track of ppk describes the whole story just love Dira’s bond but feeling bad for Diya.Hope she can protect ratan sa from the unknown enemies.All the best Diya.

    1. Priya15

      Ur dp is love dear ????rikara!!!

      1. Madhuchhanda

        Thanks priya you are also a fan of rikara ??

    2. Richa19

      Yeah madhu… We too hope when ratan grows up he remembers his promise to his dad… ..

      N ur dp seriously is ????? lovely rikara!!!! ???

      1. Madhuchhanda

        Thanks richa and seriously hoping that ratan remembers his promise and pls makers when ratan grows up don’t introduce another girl in his life.Hope he fulfills all dreams of diya’s

    3. Priya15

      Yes……. fan of rikara and shrenal..

    4. IQRA222

      hello madhu di !! yes the epi was emotional. the title song is really awesome
      and yes all the very best to our princess

      1. Madhuchhanda

        Yes iqra hope Diya can manage her married life with ratan and guys have you all seen the new promo of ppk where ratan does the grahpravesh of Diya ??

    5. IQRA222

      yes madhu di i have seen the promo it was just totally fab!! and too cute

  31. Who likes to watch Hollywood movies,they will like different scripts will understand it…i love to watch only Beyhadh for Maya,now I found another one,i love Pehredaar Piya Ki serial for DiRa(Diya+Ratan).?..?..i enjoyed more to watch this week Ppk than beyhadh.I love it innocent care&protect between Diya Ratan with BGM.? ?..?❤
    Waiting for next episode ?

    1. Shrilatha

      Hey KS how r u .do u remember me I used to comment on beyhad.when ever bashing comes up I remember u in a good way of course u can handle them really well.and glad u liked it welcome to Pehredar family.

      1. Fine dear,yes i fought well,&this week less drama of Mayas,so i felt bored,Ppk covered it.i enjoyed.??❤

      2. Actually started fight for Ppk too but not here in twitter,i saw more hate comments there than here.? so i was started comment there.?.

    2. Shrilatha

      KS I am smiling broadly when u said u enjoyed Ppk more than Beyhad this week as this the most Honourable comment as I know u love beyhad more than beyhad…this is so sweet of you..thank u for loving it dear.

      Love teja and Ppk??????????

      1. Yes dear I remembered you.?..thank you for welcoming me????.&.it’s true this week i enjoyed Ppk.eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes ??
        Loves Diya ??

    3. Richa19

      Hii ks!! heard a lot abt u for ur bravery and for ur stand for ur favourite stars!!!! I’m glad u r liking ppk!! And I also welcome u here in our sweet family!!!!! ? ? ? ?

      1. My pleasure,Thank you dear????

    4. IQRA222

      hello!! welcome to our PPK family. yes our show is a different one!! love DiRa hi fi even i am waiting for the next episode

      1. Thank you IQRA222 ? ?

    5. IQRA222

      di pls do call me iqu as all my friends do!!

  32. Shrilatha

    Guys I have read misket verma instagram post regarding ppk he was supporting it and the article I went through I felt like slapping my head for not remembering it was an example which most of us r familiar but didn’t thought if it it was an example of twilight.remember Jacob imprints on renesmee a new born baby now it was all a part of director imagination but I guess no one found wrong in that .why as the article goes that this concept was loved in India as well but when Indian makers are doing a show on it people are blaming everyone.why?? so does it go like this that Indians do enjoy certain concepts but hate when they r done in Indian shows .why so much of difference in thinking.
    And the writer of article also said that if his grandmother is watching this show and complain that an elder girl is marrying a small kid I can understand but if the young generation of today is saying g this then I must say I am getting doubt on their thinking….this is what he said .guys isn’t he somewhat right in his opinions.

    So my dear family “GUESTS” who come here to expresss your “VIEWS” please read this and you to understand.

    1. Sargam

      yuo i also read his post,it felt really good to see him standing in support of ppk.
      and audience jst sees the visuals and makes their own views,you see they see the truth in the sense they like….moulding a thing according to their likeliness and the environment they are in,our thinking is different from them,but its good that people are presentnig their views,atleast ppk is not going unnoticed by them,it has hooked its audience…..
      i hope people jst understand the main essence of the show soon and get out of that mindset……

    2. IQRA222

      shri di cheers for mishkat for doing this great step
      its so nice of him
      and thanks a lot for posting it here so our guests and family members could see it

  33. Follybraverl

    My dear friends I am very happy to hear the title song of ppk Awesome in lyrics full story is portrayed I got tears ratans cuteness and diyas sacrifice purely portrayed in the song……
    Thank you music composer and singer….
    TEJU gonna rock

    1. IQRA222

      yes folly di the title song is really awesome i am in love with it!!
      and yes teju is going to rock

      1. Follybraverl

        Yeah iqu baby and I have downloaded that song???

    2. IQRA222

      folly di could you pls give me the link for that song
      poor me i cannot find it

      1. Follybraverl
        Download it from YouTube downloader baby

    3. IQRA222

      thank you so much didu!! love you

  34. Evil child marriage is anti-human, but there are a lot of supporters in India. What does this mean? The basis of divine marriage is true love, the combination of soul and body, and it is immoral and should not be left to leave this point. Any excuse is ridiculous and evil!

    1. Follybraverl

      Shit is in your mind dear not in story… Combination of true love means pure heart is enough for that
      You people want something more than a care that’s what a problem
      Sorry for being rude but being criticise the serial affect not only the actors but the every technicians so Plz avoid if you don’t like it..

      1. Richa19

        Thank you so much Folly di!!! ? ? ? ?


    2. Richa19

      Dear!! Ur name is very unique.. I must say… Never heard a name like this…..

      N abt the story if u don’t know then pls don’t comment… Marriage is not only about romance n being in physical romance.. Its abt friendship, care amd respect for each other… N I’m sure ppl like u who have stone heart won’t understand this…. So don’t put pressure on ur lil brain!!!

      N here are some fresh flowers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? for u!!!!

    3. IQRA222

      hey hello!! first of all a quite a unique name you have!! please its a request do not comment about anything you really dont know about dear.. its really a bad thing. this show is about love care and friendship. so pls dont involve anything else in it

      1. Shrilatha

        So sorry iqu about fight but my point was not to fight just to make them understand that if u think talking without knowing is wrong then u should also not talk without knowing.the same thing happened there .u saw the way Kalli and Neptune fought here u know kakali was taking my name 3-4. Times saying that I started it then why doesn’t she say how it started why because her true face will comeout.I know iqu I was wrong but u should know what happened .in devanshi some girl commented bad about the show and said kalki character played by jelly as whore so mica was like don’t comment if u do t know about the show what happened u don’t Know not only mica ,kakali and Neptune also pointed her out ironically yes Neptune and kakali the people who opened Their mouth here without knowing truth .so I said to mica.that she is right and people should get good knowledge of things before saying anything .so miss mica who was till now lecturing so greatly about not jumping to conclusions turned her plates so she was like Ppk is child marriage and all that and she asked me a question.that was marriage only way to protect ratan .so I had to answer her so I gave her an example that about swara ..was faking a marriage the only way left for swara no na…sometimes it becomes necessary to take extreme steps.and hence this madam came here….Iqu…if Kalli and mica and others can’t stand someone pointing fi gets at them I don’t think they should do it to others …they love their fandom doesn’t mean their fandom is somewhat different even we r fans. Even we r hurt.tum karo to jai jai kar or hum Karo to haha kar.not done na iqu.and u really don’t know what that Neptune did to me.and this kakali supported her in that….

        I am really sorry iqu but I can’t tolerate these people.

  35. Sargam

    guys our ppk completed 1 week,lets celebrate and our family here also completed a week,i am really thankful to some people to make this bond of the family really strong.
    love you all tejaholics and ppk fans who come all pehredaars here……..

    1. Richa19

      Yeah lets celebrate ? ? ? ? it!!!! I’m so happy we successfully completed one week with lots of fun n emotional moments……. Got some new friends and got to know each other……. I’m so happy!!!!! Enjoy guys… Have a piece of sweet from my side!!!!! And keep smiling and keep loving teja and ppk!!! ? ? ? ? ? ?

      Love you all!!! ? ? ?

    2. Shrilatha

      Yes dear let’s celebrate .and I really it meets heights of success and receive praises from every one

    3. IQRA222

      yes sargam di our ppk has completed a week!! yipppie!!!
      and love you tooo

  36. Ufff !! Too much of analysis. Why don’t people stay with their own work instead of debating on a tv show’s genre???????.It is just a pure wastage of precious time

  37. Jayanti

    Hi guys….this is my request to all of you guys….everyone on this page to please not write any abusive language regarding any of the serials or characters…I agree you people have right to say whatever u people feel like but please in limits everything is tolerated…neither you nor me is interested to fight on petty things….all people do not have same thoughts regarding one thing…and I would really appreciate all of you if you would just try to maintain peace because there are many people who are fed up of these fan wars and we are trying to clear doubts in the politest way possible and I hope each and everyone of you reads this and try to understand what I am trying to say…because now its high time guys….I don’t really know what happened in other pages but in this page no fights are allowed please. In a proper and a normal way if you guys can express your thoughts that would really be commendable.

    And once again I really apologise if I have been rude in this message or earlier..please do not start bashing after reading it but just try to understand this message.

    Thanks a lot everyone for taking out time to read this

    1. IQRA222

      jayu di totally right. no one is interested in fights except some foolish people
      and di you are not at all rude so dont worry about it!!

    2. Aditi.Ayansh

      Yh Jayu di u r absolutely right..why r we making war here? pls stop really hurts.. lets stop war and make peace guys pls

  38. IQRA222

    hey guys a request for all teju fans – guys pls do vote for out princess on this page
    it is the poll for most loved indian actress and our princess is already on the top but we have to maintain the place. multiple votes are allowed so pls do vote
    pls pls do vote and vote and make our princess win its the last day today

    Vote for our princess she is lacking
    Save teju before 12.00

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