Pehredaar Piya Ki 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Pehredaar Piya Ki 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maan drops Ratan into Diya’s car and walks towards his car. His car blasts. He shouts Padmaa and runs towards it, but car door hits him and he falls far away severely inured. Ratan gets out of car and runs towards car. Maan is rushed to hospital. Ratan insists to meet maa. Sajjan stops him and says maasa went to god and will not return. He cries loudly hugging Sajjan’s wife. Diya also cries. Doctor comes out of operating room and tells that Maan’s internal bleeding has increased and his vital organs are not responding. Sajjan’s wife cries that she is worried. Sajjan asks her to calm down as they have to control both children. Doc comes out and says Maan wants to meet Ratan. Ratan says he is Ratan and rushes to Maan and cries hugging him. Maan says rajput..Ratan says don’t

cry. Sajjan walks in with his wife and Diya. Maan reminisces Diya calling him and asking to send Ratan in her car and then car blast. He says once again Diya saved Ratan. Choti thakurayan calls Maan. He asks Diya to pick call and tell her that everything is fine and he is busy. Diya says same. Choti thakurayan asks who is she. She says Diya and disconnects call. Sajjan asks why did not he inform about Padma’s death. He says he does not need any more problems and if he had listened to Padma, he would not have seen this day. He asks Ratan to go out. Ratan asks if he goes out, will he get well and walks out with Diya. Maan stops Diya. Diya closes door.

Maan says this attack was to kill Ratan and by god’s grace he is saved, he cannot die without assuring Ratan’s safety, Ratan will be attacked repeatedly as he is lonely legal heir. Sajjan promises he will protect Ratan. Maan says he does not know his famil, they will not let him do anything, there is only one way. Sajjan asks what. Maan reminisces Ratan insisting to marry Diya. He requests Sajjan to get Diya married to Ratan. Sajjan and his wife are surprised. Maan says Diya saved Ratan twice in 2 days, this is god’s wish that they came here and Ratan insisted to marry Diya. Diya reminisces Ratan proposing to marry her and she telling to ask her papa to come with alliance. Sajjjan says Ratan is a kid. Maan says these kind of marriages have happened in his family and succeeded. Maan says Ratan is 9 years old and will become 21 after 12, he is sure then Ratan will follow all his responsibilities and keep Diya happy. Sajjan says Diya can take care of Ratan without marriage. Maan says this is tapasya and its power is in wife’s love, this wedding will give Diya a right to walk with Ratan rightfully. Siblings, relatives, etc. have a limit, but wife does not have limit and she can even bring back husband’s life. Diya silently hears that. He further Sajjan that he is asking a big thing and does not have any other option.

Diya closes her eyes and reminisces Maan saving her life, says she is ready to marry Ratan. Pehredaar piya ki bani ji..plays in the background. She says she will become Ratan’s pehredar/protector/guard, holds Maan’s hand and asks if he is sure that she will fulfill her responsibilities, will she not disappoint him, the trust he has on her she does not have on herself. Maan says he did not make a mistake in identifying people, he is sure only she can do this. Even if she becomes weak sometime, marriage’s pure bonding will not let her shatter. He asks her to get Padma’s sindhoor box and says it will protect her while she protects Ratan. Diya picks sindhoor and says if he trusts her so much, then she will marry Ratan. Maan blesses her. Maan asks Sajjan that he wants to see this marriage before he dies and when Ratan becomes 21, he can get Ratan married to Diya legally then.

Sajjan goes out and brings Ratan. Maan says he wanted to marry angel, so he is getting him married to angel, he has to promise that he will love angel similarly always and respect and protect her. Ratan promises. Maan blesses Ratan and Diya.

Precap: Ratan and Diya marry and Maan watches on tablet live.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Richa19

    Wht an amazing amd emotional episode……. ???? tejaaa is such a natural actor!! ??? her eyes speaks a thousand words at a time…..

    I really hope now no one will question on this serial… Now ppl will know y just being ratan’s sister or his guardian wouldn’t hv helped him….

    Poor ratan! Lost his mum and now his dad is on death bed!! ???? N poor abhay! Don’t know how he’ll react after knowing all this……. Just hope he’ll remain positive…..

    Diya will fight all odds and will protect ratan from every danger by becoming his #Pehredaar!! ???

    Commendable Acting by TEJASSWI PRAKASH and PARMEET SETHI!!!!! ?????

    I’m so happy to be part of ppk and of being teja’s fan!!! Now I’m sure everyone can watch and also defend ppk with proof and no one will pop questions on this serial!!!!

    N an amazing precap!!! ??? finally Diya will become Diya Ratan Maan Singh!!!! So excited…..

    Guys how excited are you guys…. Coz I’m toh very much excited… And how will be reactions of those biased ppl who were saying ill abt the show and actors n channel!! This is definitely a tight slap on their faces…….

    1. Yashu24

      Yeah diii her acting is just amazing I can’t describe how flawlessly she performs her role ???? and yes diiii her eyes really speaks each emotion perfectly ❤❤

      1. Richa19

        Seriously… Her every dialogue was coming from her heart… Her natural acting is the reason why we get connected to her so easily…. Best Actress!! ????

      2. Shrilatha

        Has Mickiu she is the best actress ever who can just express anything through she was beyond limit

    2. Shrilatha

      Andy the way richu no need of describing the shine of diamond it can be seen ..such is our teja

      1. Richa19

        Yeah I know she’s a fantastic actor…. Now I again realised that Teju was so underestimated n underutilised in Swaragini… She could hv done more better if she was given a chance. … But… I’m happy here the makers r giving her everything she deserves and she’s also getting ample opportunity to showcase her talent….

    3. IQRA222

      yes richu di di episode was amazing and emotional. and our princess really rocks it with her acting skills. i felt just too bad for ratan
      and yes the precap was fab!! and i am also too much excited

  2. Yashu24

    Ohhh no little Ratan’s world got destroyed in a day ,poor Ratan
    Emotional episode ?
    Teju di’s acting was superb as usual ????? completely flawless acting ❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Shrilatha

      Hmmm micku it’s not just ratan even diya and abhay’s life also got destroyed in just 1 sec.but today along with teja .ratan was also very good.his pain could easily give tears to anyone

      1. IQRA222

        Arey shri didu i know she is mickey di only and i used to call her angel not princess only when i used to commet publicly. On private chat i knew hwr name so i called her yashi or yashu di??

    2. IQRA222

      yes yashu di the episode was emotional
      and poor ratan my cutie lost his parents in such a tender age
      and offcource teju’s acting was flawless

      1. Shrilatha

        Iqu yashu is mickey of swaragini.u call her princess na all of a sudden di?

  3. woah…. today’s episode was terrific….. some bits and pieces of the plot were cleared…. now we know why will DiRa marry…. because rightly said by Mann…. it will give Diya the right to walk beside Ratan without any problem…..I really liked today’s episode… but feeling sad for Diya all her hopes and aspirations crushed….. her love Abhay…. they will get separated….. but now DiRa’s bonding will begin ??????????????

    P. S. In the last episodic update there was rift between some people…… and I hope my comment is first so that all others can read it first…. Please guys give ppk a chance to show what is the actual story…. don’t start making assumptions because we don’t know and if you ppl cannot tolerate the story better not to read it….please don’t create negativity here….ppk has already not started on a good note with all this back lash…. just drop now…

    Message to all Tejuholics:
    Its a request to you guys… to either just ignore the bashers or just reply just with one line “thank you for watching the show” and not more than that…. We need to support teju ma’am…. and all this fighting, givibg justifications won’t help ryt now…. let’s wait and let the story line only close all the bashers mouths….and nothing more.

    My love to all tejuholics ????❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????
    Keep spreading positivity and if I have hurt anyone with the above message I apologise

    1. Richa19

      Di!! I agree with you from now onwards we won’t fight with anyone coz this will never stop…..

      N also ppl will think wht they want.. We can’t change their thinking… .

      But I really hope today’s episode will clear all the misunderstandings…..

    2. thanks di for giving the message I thought you will forget

    3. Shrilatha

      Di our mission is going successfully

    4. IQRA222

      jayu di i so love you for spreading this message it was the bestest way to give this message to our PPK fans!! i thank you for this step

    5. Sargam

      rightly said jayanti.yes maan gave all the explanation and soon it will be seen why actually he needed a pehredaar………..
      really feeling bad for diya and abhay….it was painful when diya remembered his msg.,her expressions jst expressed wat she felt……
      i actually dont reply to bashers and i jst love to ignore them but ppl should also know how they are presenting their views and not hurt any1 in any sense but well sid,really appreciatied your way of dealing with bashers…….
      love teju always and forever and love all tejaholics too

  4. the song reminds me of dia aur bati hum and meera serial(little bit) songs but love the song.awesome episode now,they provided the base of the serial,from next week onwards actual serial will start,enemies will try to harm ratan and how diya saves him in every case,her would be (either he may try to convince her and wait for her or turn to be a negitive character)

  5. Great episode! Only Diya can protect Ratan. It’s going to be a long challenging journey for Diya but she’ll fulifil it and overcome every obstacle. Phewww, I’m tired for her.

    1. Shrilatha

      Count me in too.mean was right when he said I can understand people

    2. IQRA222

      yes it was a great episode!!

  6. hi everyone and iqu
    emotional episode. wanted to watch but I have exam and I can’t. its OK I will watch after my exam.
    I think the next villain will be abhay and I also think that maid from ratan’s is somehow suspicious.
    I wonder how anyone can plant bomb in the car in that security.

    1. Shrilatha

      That too when ratan is at diya’s place must be some servent

    2. IQRA222

      hi di!! yup didu it was an emotional episode. didu all the very best for you exams
      and yes i also sort of think that it will abhay or kaki ma!! lets see

  7. tejaswi what a performance it made me emotional lovely epi I m in love with this and about bAshers they love the saAs bAhu and this show is different and they can’t digest it I m totally in support with Ppk and her fans as when I saw promo from that day I was waiting for it telecast and after watching this i m so happy and glad to watch such a show . Ppl like diya were few who think of other before themselves love affan and teja lovely good job everyone and I want abhay to be positive and now I m waiting for trp

    1. Angelk1

      This channel always have unique concepts thats why i love watching shows from Sony.

      1. Aditi.Ayansh

        I agree with u

    2. IQRA222

      yes di teju’s performance was just mind blowing!!

    3. Sargam

      teju is such a versatile actor,she can do jst anything and everything,thats why teju rules our heart…….even i want abhay to be positive

  8. Astra

    emotional episode. literally got tears looking at ratan sa’s condition. And Diya has finally agreed to be his wife.. but, just for being as his guard.
    Hope Diya protects Ratan always from every enemy. she even risks her life to save him.
    now, I’m waiting for suyaansh entry. how he will react after seeing his love being married to other.. and finally, what is he going to do to gain her? and what will be diya’s reaction?
    i guess, diya still loves suyaansh…

    everything is suspense.. what will happen next???

    yes sibilings, family have a limit… but wife doesn’t have limit.. only a wife has power to save her husband.. only she can fight selflessly for him. ratan’s father kept this trust on diya. and I’m sure diya will handle this..
    eagerly waiting for suyaansh now.

    1. Angelk1

      I think suyaanshi will turn negative, and try to ruin their bond.

      1. Astra

        no no, i wish he shouldn’t turn negative. after all, he is to be hero in next parts..

    2. IQRA222

      yes asthu di the episode was emotional. even i cried on that scene.. affu is a good actor
      yes even i am waiting to know how would abhay react! and hi-fi me too think the same

  9. Astra

    Thank you for the update MA..

  10. Fairy

    Epic episode!!!! Diya is such a brave charecter!!! Kuddos to teja for choosing such an amazng show!!dis charecter perfectly suits her!!Teja is as cheerpy and as well as strong as diya?…
    Coming to d episode it’s reallly emotional yaar!!! One side ratan lost his parents n other side diya lost her new formed dreamzzz to marry abhay ..!!!! Bt from here a new journey wl strt of DIRA ,let’s see how it”ll go on!!N how our PEHREDAAR wl save her piya….
    Teja ws lill upset yesterday due to some reasons ,I hope u all know about it!!I ws also affected by it n dats y ddnt cAme here !! Bt we all r always dere for her ? to support n love her!!!personally saying I love dis show!!it’s something fresh n new!! N teja ki acting ws litterely marvelous,so natural!!! N her dialogue delivery uff!!!superbb!!!n d bg music always creates goosebumps in me!!!its really a verypromising show!!
    Everyone has dere own POV bt dere should have to b a way to say his or her view regarding d show!!
    Wtsoever!! We love #ppk n it”ll surely rock? always forever tejaholic?

    1. Shrilatha

      Fairy di I also felt bad about her so I send a message to her twitter account but I know she is not active much on it.but we are there for her na.di could u please let me know the trp once it comes.this show for those who really understands the depth is a wonderful journey of two souls who r bonded by marriage but a new definition to friendship

      1. Fairy

        Shri ….u send her msg on twitter account???? Bt dr teja is not on twitter!!! It’s a fake account!!plz dont follow dat account!!! She is nly in insta dats it!!! N ofcourse dr I”ll let u know about d trp ?? hope it”ll be good enough? loatz of love ..umaah?

    2. IQRA222

      yes fairy di!! the epic episode. and offcource our tigress is an amazing actor
      and yes the episode was emotional
      and anyways we are always with our tigress!! so we should not care about others views because even they have the right to speak their opinions
      PPK ROCKS!!

      1. Fairy

        Aww???? xactly sweetheart??? loatz of love umaah? #ppk rocks??

    3. Sargam

      teju ki jitni bhi tareef karo wo kam hi padegi… could some1 be so talented……
      really emotional epi but excited for DIRA’s future and see her transforming nito the pehredar of her piya……
      teju’s friends and family are with herto lift her mood and if that’s less then her tejaholics family could lift her mood by giving her sweet comments and msgs…… is only i could say when i think of this show……..haye sony meri jaan thank u for giving this show

  11. Lovely7

    I don’t know about others but I like this part
    Thank you so much for the Amazing written episode

    1. IQRA222

      even i liked the episode lovely di

  12. Angelk1

    Toda y eps was so emotional. Poor ratan he doesnt know anything. When he finds out his life will be ruin. Im glad diya is with him to Make decisión for him and Make sure no one takes advantage of him. That so me times happen especially with people you trust. Maan did the right thing by marrying his son with diya.

    She will definetly keep himsafe an vis versa especially from who ever is trying to kill him.

    1. Shrilatha

      Agreed with u Angela she is just taking the post of protecting him and that needs a right which this marriage will give her

    2. IQRA222

      yes angel di right
      ratan does not know anything poor him but no worries cause diyu is with him

  13. Asw

    This is time story takes place to what will diya ratan do in their life tejasswi did a such a nice performance ??

  14. Fairy

    M so happy to see such a strong n beautiful family here!!!
    A warm Hellow to everyone?????
    Keep loving d show,coz it’s really amazng???
    So from now ,We r d GUARDIANS/PEHREDARS of dis show??
    Love love love!!!

    1. Richa19

      Yeah dii… diya is Pehredaar Piya Ki… N we are Pehredaar teju ki n iss show ki!!!! ? ? ?

      1. Fairy

        Hahahah xactly richu??????????

      2. Shrilatha

        No richu we r Pehredar diya kae

      3. Shrilatha

        Actually this was the name I thought if I write an ff on DiRa

    2. Shrilatha

      Di do you know how to make sure our opinions reach teja.because I really want her to Know that many are loving this show

      1. Fairy

        Hahaha xactly PEHREDAAR diya ki? !!! Don’t wry dear suyyash is dere,he”ll let teja know how much v r loving dis show!!!N moreover she reads commnts on insta also …so she knows dat we r silupporting n loving dis serial????

    3. Sargam

      indeed we r family and i m really glad to get such family
      and now we have to protect our house(this page) and we will do it together
      ghar aaye mehmaan ka bhi toh khayaal rakhna padega family ko woh bhi ekdum ache se….we wil lwelcome them and let them stay how much they want but make sure we wont hurt them or let them hurt any of us
      yup now we all are pehredars,wow i am loving this word…..


    Show is getting interesting..
    But following are my doubts, which will may come true-
    1. Mann said- ratan will get 21 yrs of age after 12 yrs, it means Diya age will also increase which must be 32-33 yrs, but team will show her younger as now.

    2. Diya is scarificing herself for what mann did for her in childhood, that is saving her from horse, thats why she is doing so.

    3. I am 99% sure, when show will take leap, after diya saves ratan from his enemies, ratan will forget diya as he will be send to boarding or may be he deny marriage.

    4. Why did Diya family not informed her old would be inlaws, so that they show love triangle??

    Though Show is different from saas bahu but have many loop holes.

    1. Shrilatha

      Hii shraddha I will try to clear these points for you.
      1) after 12 years diya will 30 and I do not think women look aged in that age.moreover nowadays in shows girls are not shown aged.moreover protagonists are shown much younger than their roles.example gopi, archana of pavitra rishta and akshara of I don’t think it matters.

      2) If you have seen first episode u remember she does that risky swing wala scene when her di tells her to come down she will ask the choreographer to change it.diya replies saying I have given a word so I will stand by here diya is not doing anything out of gratitude .in this case it’s diya’s father who gives a word to maan Singh and diya is bound by she is guarding her word infact her father’s word. And that shows her dedication.she won’t be doing it as favor.

      3) He can forget Diya and that will be fresh start for their relationship and if he doesn’t forget then from that time he will be the Pehredar.

      4) Do you really think Abhay’s family won’t come to know about it come on its marriage they will Know about it .and love will be there and what is wrong in that.Here abhay’s character was important to show that diya’s dreams were she sacrificed them .so it is necessary.or may be suyyash supports this marriage I do not think this chance is there but if he supports Dira then there will be a Beautiful bond of friendship shown..both ways it’s good.

      So in clear words I do not see loops hole.


      Hi shrilatha, you tried best to clear. Thank you.
      But I feel this show is just another copy of gulal, though concept look different..

  16. Berdilla

    Awesome episode but feeling sad for ratan he lost his parents and diya. Superb

  17. Fenil

    Hello Everyone.

    Emotional break down in 4th episode itself.

    Almost Ratan’s world snatches by destiny,whom he love his Kakisa (As per his parents she is culprit but i don’t think so someone is shooting bullets by putting gun on her shoulder .)

    Melodious music !!:):)

    I’m sure Kunwar Abhay will also protect Kunwar Ratan unless CV’s would take ought to prove me wrong by making him negative.

    My views : I found Tejssss fans very sensitive ,u fans are very short temper.Ppls just putting their point of u yrr. I m sure u friends of mine will understood me just reply them:” i’m glad to know about yours opinion.”

    1. Lahari

      Ha fenil..
      Actually we r fed up with those comment seeing on fb twiter nd Insta..they r abusing without knowing anything we had to react like this..
      not wrong to give opinion but the way they choose to giving opinion is wrong..
      Im sry if my comment hrt u

      1. Fenil

        yaa Lahari Dear, i understand your mind.
        Anyway i m not taking anything seriously so no worry dear

    2. Aditi.Ayansh

      Yh Shri di..w r on that mission ri8 …so keep smiling 🙂

  18. CLA

    Loving this Pehredaar Piya Ki ???!!! What an episode it was??.. I was waiting for teju to perform such a role where she can explore herself ?… Seriously she s beyond expectations ??✌…samma actress teju drling???!!! Just loving ur role✌✌?… Finally very happy keep going teju?..& Feeling sad for ratan??…. Very emotional episode…? whether it will take a leap????? ?

    1. Sargam

      all tejaholics have waited to see teju in such role and we all are reallly glad she is doing a role of its kind……
      the show will take a leap for sure but not any soon

  19. Madhuchhanda

    Just loved today’s episode and now definitely all ppl have got their answers that why diya gets married to ratan sa but feeling bad for ratan hope diya can manage him single handedly.Also suyyash sir has confirmed that he will be again joining the show from 30th epi or afterwards that so,hope abhay’s character stay positive but really guys you all have to admit that abhay and diya made a fantastic jodi.

    1. Shrilatha

      I totally agree madhu they do make good jodi.and I really don’t want suyyash turning negative .I feels more bad for him? .

    2. Astra

      yes, even i love diya abhay. abya.. ?

  20. I really don’t understand why people are watching this stupid show and yelling at those who criticize this stuff.

    Did Salman marry Karishma to protect her in bodyguard.

    did all celebrities are marrying all bodyguard to get protection.

    Which century you people are living

    If she become his body guard than becoming his wife she would have get lots of appreciating instead humiliation..
    Instead of understanding that you people are scolding others.
    We are fools to watch this show.
    Now you will ask me to get out from this page

    .for your kind information I’m not watching this show and won’t watching.i clearly read todays episode .so I understood why she is marrying him.using this platform to show my anger to the story writer and to those who supports child marriage.she has no right to marry him at any cost.someone s saying serial are showing lots of illegal things and then n the end most of the culprit are getting she going to get punished for child marriage

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much kattappa for you comment.Thank you for taking out to.e to write this .bye bye.before going it’s kareena not karishma.get ur concepts clear next time.till then please take care of your self?????

    2. Shrilatha

      *your time

      1. So you know the movie.thank good.i thought you people watch only this stupidity.anyway good decision of saying thanks instead of yelling which you always do for a stupid show.

      2. Child abuse is very high now a days.people are getting entertained with this child marriage show and saying it’s cute.shame on you you really make your child marry at 8 . some body should ban this show.insted of that people are enjoying. because of you guys makers are showing this kind of ## shows .* saying they are not romancing so no issues.if they romance then also you will say its cute.its unique .*Your time too.

    3. Shrilatha

      Yes Astra di I agree ita such a cute name .u know once in beyhad there were bahu bali and bhallaladeva also.

  21. Today episode is awesome..Hope ppl got their answers why diya is marrying ratan…I think abhay will become negative..teju di love u so much what an acting

  22. Aditi.Ayansh

    Hi everyone..well i am here to express my point of view on PPK Well honestly i loved the concept its different from all the other shows..and all the actors are doing a great job..loved it !!! it feels so natural..Also i am not praising this show just becoz i am Teju fan..oh pls dont think like tht..i LOVED this concept and i am watching it..thts it..And just becoz i love this show all others may not share the same opinion as mine if u dont like it stop watching it..and dont bash guys pls..u can give -ve comments..but bashing is seriously not cool..So its a request …And i totally agree with Jayu didu ..Let the bashers bash pls dont reply them. and guys why cant we watch PPk peacefully …so lets not make a war over here..calm down and enjoy ppk …so who all r with me ?

    1. Jayanti

      I am with you ….choti

    2. Berdilla

      I am with you da

  23. Shrilatha

    Guys I watched it now .well I always say my princess is such an amazing actress and real actress can express her views with her eyes and today teja did it.her every tear drop was just pouring her heart her dialogue when she said that if maan singh believes that she is the person to protect ratan she will do that it was filled with determination.
    In one blink three lives and their dreams were just shattered .uff and Maan singh was right if diya just takes the responsibility of pehredari without a right any dog will question her about her rights now it is her right to protect him and no one can question her regarding this .Today’s whole episode was swept by Teja and the person who played Ratan’s father.they just rocked it.It was so emotional.Ratan lost his family.Diya’s dreams about marriage are shattered and Abhay who went to London with dreams of marrying diya dont know what will happen to him.
    Iqu and RIchu you guys may be right about kaki maa but I do not feel that.I may be wrong may be she is really evil .if she is evil then diya not only has to save her relationship but also her relationship as ratan loves this lady.But why I feel that she is not the culprit do you remember when ratan was put in the car she made sure that he had his story recording with him to ensure he has good sleep.this may be small but this gesture is making me trust her.well we cant say anything.
    Now our tigress has to fight unknown enemies.known ones are easy but unknown ones she should transform her self into real pehredar now keeping her fears back.hope she does that.and I dont want Maan singh to die I wish he goes into coma or something.he is a good actor.

    and yes our superhero Suyyash .bechara I feel so bad.I really fell in love with this guy’s mentality.and acting is also so good.He might turn negative.but I wish he doesn’t and instead help diya in protecting ratan .this will be something different and proper justification to Suyyash whose dreams are shattered without his fault.And why do the third person of triangle love story has to be villian.right? If suyyash is made positive then this show will enlighten another unknown spot with good perspective.

    Ps: guys we have decided something yesterday.we want peace in this page .I am really sorry if I had hurt anyone yesterday but I cannot tolerate if anyone says anything against teja.I am bit sensitive about her.but now Me ,Richa ,Jayanti di and Aditi Ayansh decided that we will follow a mission called BKBD:-“Bashers Ko Bakne Do “.so according to that we will say thanks to them who says any rubbish here thus totally ignoring them.and it works guys.just now I did that with that Kattappa.i feels so good now.SO from now let them say what they want.

    Love you teja and love PPK

    1. Go and marry her

      1. Because according to you anyone can protect anyone through marriage.if you are too much sensitive you should protect her.

      2. Asra

        Thank you sooo much kattappa…we didn’t thought like u…marry her….but u give us a idea….we everyone r sensitive and love her equal…but everyone not marry her na so we all love her soooo much…Our love can protect her…thank you for visiting our ppk page…tkcr

      3. Shrilatha

        Nice idea kattappa.I really wish..but leave it by the way nice name it’s kind of cute..

      4. Jayanti

        Thanks for this wonderful advise dear…will try to send your all the messages to teja ma’am if possible and thanks a ton for commenting here and increasing the comments on this page…..God bless you .

    2. Astra

      I wish really suyaansh should come back soon and marry diya.. in ppk, i’m loving this pair.. but, don’t know what twists we are going to see next..

    3. Lahari

      Im sry dar i dnt knw about ur BKBD..
      I will follow now onwards..

    4. Sargam

      really teja and parmeet sir nailed it today……..their acting was fabolous,amazing and what not……we all could feel the pain teju as diya was feeling jst bcoz of her acting…
      i think that kaki maa is not bad……they r jst trying to create a picture of a villian,i guess but i hope she’s not the vamp…….
      this show will become more good than ever if abhay helps diya in protecting ratan,really i will fell in love with this character…..i hope they dont spoil abhay’s character…..
      BKBD… a step….really appreciated and i am in it……want peace on our beautiful pg. and only we tejaholics can ensure that……..

  24. Anyway this serial is infamous. If the people who hate this show come and comment on a regular basis the makers will think v r getting attention so let us continue this @#$ I’m not commenting everyday. they got lots of attention now so they won’t stop easily.but hoping for the best.

  25. I just can’t understand that how people can judge a show in 2-4 episodes only.. These people only like typical saas bahu dramas with overacting and all.. Why they can’t accept a new concept.. At least give it a chance.. If you can watch typical drama of forced marriage, memory loss and all crap repeating in all serials then PPK should be a treat to Watch due to uniqueness… Moreover all the actors are doing commendable job…

  26. Asra

    am really soooo sry frnds,choti and didi’s….am really upset with that problems….so only I didn’t come to thz page…sry frnds…i didn’t know onething y everyone r bashing thz much…and I didn’t saw one normal viewer bash thz show…i say bashers everyone’s r teju haters…omg we didn’t go and bash or say anything against any show no na…Thn y everyone r behind ppk and teju…
    if one man 30 married one little girl for his so called revenge…that time everyone watch that series….but if one girl 21 married one little boy for his protection…that time thz called social evil, child marriage blah blah….
    ppk against person everyone have social responsibility na…Thn they didn’t watch any show…bcz every series show some social evil like revenge, rape like that…
    In ppk diya didn’t married ratan to protect him…i didn’t saw any way…bcz ratan enemy s his family member….someone say about adoption…if blood relationship s with him Thn diya shouldn’t adopt him…and arrange bodyguard no way if enemy offer money to him that bodyguard vll kill ratan…so much complications to protect ratan…so only ratan dad decide thz decision….
    love u teju for taking thz bold step….love u Tejuholic everyone…
    and important i don’t need any ppk and teju against person in my comment…so plz….

  27. Asra

    I love thz epic…omg it’s sooo emotional yar..maan and diya nailed it…maan ask diya to marry and become his wife…that time diya say na I am ready to marriage and become his pehredaar….u rock it diya…love u…her eyes speaks lot…love u diya…am excited after thz really serial going to be start….
    tkcr everyone

    1. Astra

      hey asru.. welcome yar.. we missed u. but, it’s ok dear.. how r u feeling now? yes dear, it’s awesome show. I’m watching everyday without missing.

  28. Madhuchhanda

    Guys I don’t want to break your hearts but the whole world is against this show many television actors,audiences are not accepting this show and some have started to complain to sony about this show just don’t know if this show will be continued and as we know sony pulls off the shows that recieves low trps.Just don’t know what will sony do ?? And very sorry if someone is hurt by my comment.

  29. Fairy

    Guys don’t panic!!! Dis serial is doing amazngg!!! See you tube commnts n likes ,it’s mostly positive? n some people r putting allegations on d show widout even seeing it!!it’s a well known production house n Sony is such an amazng channel …dey have such reputed cast n crew!!! Dey must have thought something na before doing dis show!! Have faith in tejasswi !! She wouldn’t have chosen dis show without even thinking!! Dis show wl surely do great!!! Jst keep on loving it like u guys r doing? it wl surely be a super hit?? loatz of love!!! #ppk rocks

    1. Lahari

      Yes dear we have faith n our queen..
      Ppk gonna be rock..

      1. Fairy

        Yeah sis for sure??????

    2. Sargam

      we wont panic di,we have full faith in teju,sony and shashi sumeet productions,they wont just shatter it.and i am sure ppk will become a hit some day soon.#ppk rocks

      1. Fairy

        Aww!!!ofcourse sweetheart ????????

    3. Tell me something dear.. When they watch simar from ssk transforming into fly nd find no nonsense in that.. Then how people can say bakwaas about PPK.. It is much better then many shows…

    4. Asra

      ya chocopie surely ppk going to rock…jzt 3 epic ppk gather thz much popular means whn the real story start it’s got soo much success dear….and ya chocopie we trust our teju….
      how r u chocopie…what about mumma….tkcr dear

  30. Sargam

    Today’s epi was jst mindblowing.the actors really pulled it off,hats off to them and teju awww I cant tell how I felt,it was like her evry tear pained me too,her evry face expression said everything,how she cried,how she looked at rattan when maan started speaking,her eyes speak more than any1 else’s u teju for this.maan singh’s actor was really commendable.superb……felt hurt seeing our cutie rattan crying..when teju said that dialogue’I will marry him,I will become his pehredaar’,her eyes had that spark of determination,they screamed of courage and responsibility.loved this scene and I have fallen in love with this show’s title gives me chills everytime…….precap was jst superb,diya is really brave to leave behind her dreams and take up a responsibility so huge but I am really glad how maan singh put his faith in diya.his explanation must have shut people’s twisted views about the show.
    Waiting eagerly for nxt epi…….how will abhay react?what about ratan’s family?i hope atleast now his family members will be shown……..
    I was sitting in my room late at nyt and I thought to myself about all this bashing and I thought would I have watched it if not for teju?…..and after 1 min. I had my answer YES i would have watched it even then…….why?audience watches everything new tht comes ,one with different concept,diff. story and unique approach….yes it strange for the male dominant society to think an 18 yr girl marrying a 10 yr old boy but wat could she have done in such circumstance…..if she had taken his responsibility ,became his guardian then wont her would be family,her in laws as would have questioned her,she would have too leave him,break the promise being a guardian,if she would have moved in with his family,would ratan’s family with those evil people let her stay there with peace,wont the ppl aound questioned her staying in his house and that too a girl of marriage age sitting in someone’s else’s house,more fingers would have raised then also but with this marriage she has atleast the right to stay with him,save him from dangers,from unknown enemies….no one then could speak up anything…….i don’t say its right but still atleast its better than other possibilities………and where could you see love in this realtion .i mean romance……it just that diya will fulfill her responsibilty of guarding ratan saa and nothing else and even when you stay with an animal you start loving them,caring for them and here its a small kid who jst lost his mum and dad then wont a unique companionship develop b/w the 2?they will take care of eo’s choices,thoughts,comfort and evrything that a friend does for his friend……
    And about promoting child marriage….if people would have been that much realistic about serials and connected reel and real lives and implemented them then some stupid shows with imaginary things wouldn’t have gained high trps…….people jst show watch thse shows for entertainment.i don’t know why some ppl are hell bent on criticizing it so badly,thrashing it like it will actually change ppls views and they will get their child married at young age……
    And about actor karna wahi,well he himself had worked in a show where the girl was I guess atleast 15 yrs. Younger than her lover…..he didn’t placed any objections then?why?yaah it was his show but if I dare become more shameless then see the serial carefully and u will know what relation the leads of that show had……I am jst soooooooooo mad on him that I cant explain how I felt seeing the news of him bashing ppk……..i know I shouldn’t have done this but I wanted to vent out my anger somewhere…….scream on his face that reflect on ur past first then speak but I couldn’t reach him ……..i am really sorry for creating a bit negativity here with my comment but I jst couldn’t help it…….i am too tired of these people who are backlashing a show which didn’t even completed its 1 week……….really our society is too much judgmental…….and they couldn’t see a female taking the role of a male,guard her spouse…..
    I will keep loving ppk and teja and it will never reduce,no matter what happens…….
    And now I wont feel anything if any1 says anything bad about ppk,you know I just got to know a story of Buddha,he had went to lunch with his disciples and after lunch the invitee abused Buddha,insulted him but he remained calm,when the invitee was tired of abusing him,he asked Buddha why u didn’t even reacted,you know what he said?you gave it to me but I didn’t took it means……..that you wasted your energy no me but I didn’t took it as I know I haven’t done anything that I should feel for your thrashing…….so guys what I want to say is jst keep calm,we tejaholics and ppk fans know there isn’t anything wrong in it ,nor wont it affect the society that the show wshould be closed …… chill and ignore some unwanted people…….
    Love teju,love ppk,love DIRA,love you all guys and support ppk
    p.s. –I know I should have implemented the saying on myself but I will surely practice it after this comment.

    1. Shrilatha

      Dear sargam please do not worry I can see this show promising so I will watch and I know you will too and Mr.Karan wahi well unemployment is not suiting him .I had put that example when this whole karan drama came.u r right he should not overlook his past.and moreover he is determined not to understand the concept.I thought being in limelight he would have some common sense not to judge book by its cover .and suyyash told him same but he was like then don’t give me misleading covers.this genuinelueans he did that comment deliberately and doesn’t want to accept that may be more is coming in this show.well by the way we all have started mission just say thanks to the honourable people for whom outer looks are more important..
      I really liked ur comment

      1. Sargam

        yaa iread about BKBD,its really a good step to overcome such ppl…really loving our ppk family

    2. Fairy

      It’s awesome dr! Yeah ignorance is bliss!!! It’s really a very calming comment? love u yaar!! Ppk rocks? n tejaholics also rocks hehe!!! Let dem say wtever dey want!!! We”ll keep on watching dis show forever?

      1. Sargam

        ofcourse di,we will surely watch this show,ur words always make me feel light and now also i am feeling happy to see evryone here supporting teju and ppk…….yup ppk rocks and so does our tejaholic family

    3. Asra

      sargam dear I didn’t talk to u…can we become friends….i love ur reply dear….now am also thinking if it’s not teja show i should watch and support thz show….
      thinking thinking thinking thinking thinking….
      After so much of thinking….definitely i support thz show but honestly say it’s take little time…but for that i didn’t bash anyone…
      Buddha story superbbb…now am also going to follow thz….ignorance s bliss…love u dear…tkcr dear…

      1. Sargam

        hi asra ,yup its our first convo.,yup it’s take time but still we wouldnt have bashed anyone like this but lets leave it
        but you did bad by asking to becoming friends ,come on yaar we are family and now sisters …… asra sisso tell me what should i call you di?choti?or asru?…….
        love you too dear

  31. one side “Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaagey” on other side “Pehredaar Piya Ki” sony chosen nice shows, very emotional and unique, keep going.

  32. Today is my first and last day in this forum.
    Don’t want to give any attention to this @#$ serial as I told earlier.i came only to express my frustrations.dont want your advice.

    Wishing Death to PPK.


    I am glad that you learned some manners of saying thanks instead of yelling.

    Any way brilliant decision of not bashing out to those people who express their feeling out of frustrations of this stupidity.
    Thank you in advance.

  33. long live ppk

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