Pehredaar Piya Ki- 12 years later (episode 4)

Ratan explains everything to Aarav…everything including his family’s visit to Sajjan saa’s house, Diya , the circumstances that led to their marriage, how she exposed kaka saa, his boarding school phase, her handling all the responsibilities, his promise to his father, and his present day dilemma……

” Itna kuch ho chuka tha aur tumne mujhe bataya hi nahi? I don’t know what to say?” Aarav said after hearing his story.(sighs)

“Listen Aarav, hum batana chahte the but darr lagta tha bhai. Society kabhi is baat ko accept nahi karegi yeh hum jante hain. Hum nahi jaante hume kya karna chahiye. I know aap naraaz hain, and aisi situation mein naaraz hona jaayaz bhi hain. I don’t blame you, but I just don’t know hum ab kya kare. I need your help. Itne saalon tak avoid karte rahe par ab hum avoid bhi nahi kar sakte. It’s just so awkward.” Ratan said.

“Ok, I forgive you, but agar tumhe meri advice chahiye toh suno, tumhare paas two options available hain,

One- tum Diya “bhabhi” ko accept kar lo and settle down and fulfill your father’s wish.

Two- you refuse to marry her, hurt your family, marry one of the thousands of girls who are after you and lead a life of pain and uncertainty. And as tum dono ki shaadi register nahi hui thi, tumhara divorce bhi nahi hoga, so live with a regret of having another wife in your whole life…this adds in breaking your promise as well.” Aarav explained..

“Personally I feel that Diya deserves you. Bro, she saved your life countless times, you owe it to her. She waited twelve years for you. She risked her life for yours. She managed all your responsibilities so happily. I think you should talk to her first. I know you are nervous, even she would be….but leave it aside and talk. Please Ratty, be sure of what she wants and then take a joint decision. Any step taken now will lead to disastrous consequences. You understand?” Aarav told.

“Yes, I do, thanks Aarav, I needed this very much.” Ratan thanked.

Ratan proceeded out of the airport. He was representing the royal grandeur. Thousands of people had gathered just to get a glimpse of the Maharaja. He walks out of the airport.

“Good morning, your highness. I am Kristina Martinez from Inlook magazine. We had a photo shoot and interview due today….” the lady spoke.

“Oh, yes my manager informed me about it. Would you mind if we have the interview in my car? You can have the photo shoot at the palace that way.” Ratan stopped her in between.

“I would be honoured, your highness.” She said.

(They went inside the car)

” You may start your interview now.” Ratan permitted.

“Sir, my first question would be how did you manage to make a mark in archery at such a young age. How were you introduced to the sport?”

This question triggered Ratan’s thoughts and he remembered the day when Diya taught him the basics of archery.

“Actually, being from a royal family helped in that case. You get access to many sports like polo, shooting, archery, equestrian etc. In your childhood. As for me, it was a special friend who introduced me to the sport 12 years back.” He replied.

“Your highness, congratulations on your birthday. You have turned 21 today and what changes do you see in yourself over these years?”

Ratan laughs.” I’ve obviously become more shy than I was before. My friends from boarding school are always telling me that.”

Sir, here’s a question I would like to ask you, “There a thousands of girls who want to marry you. What is your take over marriage? ”

Ratan was left speechless. He just didn’t know what to speak. No one knew about Diya. Whatever he speaks, everyone will come to know about Diya soon. He then decided to go with his real feelings.

“Well, I have not given it a deep thought but I am sure of one thing, she will have to respect my culture and traditions, if this doesn’t happen, I won’t be sure about our relationship. And if she’s a sport lover too then it’s icing on the cake.”

What had he just spoken? Wasn’t it all about Diya? He wasn’t sure yet about what he wanted…………………………… . To be continued.

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  1. Komal

    Its awesome..loved it!!

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      Thanks kashu…hope you love the next part as well…

  2. Suma123

    I love aarav…he suggested very good….

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  3. Fenil

    First toh Aarav me j chu, kem ke me j aavi anmol salah aapi saku tamaru kam nahi mota bhai.:P:)B)

    The way Aarav explained Ratan was so realB)8)O:)he is lucky to have friend like me.

    The way interview started heartbeats of Ratan might be increases with every second thinking what will be the next question.i want more interview.

    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. Vivian20

      Saaru chalo bhai aarav nu naam badli ne fenil kari nakhiye….what say bro..,,,.and yes there is a. Surprise coming along……which is certainly more interesting than the interview so watch out bro……… btw thanks aarav…

  4. Arav rocked in this epi…I think ratan will understand his feelings for diya through this interview..any way epi was so nice

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks rk….hope u loved this episode….

  5. Awesome update.Loved Aarav’s suggestion.Waiting for the next part.Hope Diya and Ratan meet each other in the next update.

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      Thanks a lot pranavi…..will update soon…..

      1. Plzzzzz upload the next part.

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        Will post soon..

  6. This is going really well! First time I’m commenting on this serial page. Good going brother ???

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      Thank you so much geeti…..glad you liked it…..

  7. Shrilatha

    Well I cant say anything on ratan right now but aarav is right bhai…let’s see how this is gonna take a turn and especially with media as they think of diya as ratan’s manager.and to add to that they think he is unmarried..hmm waiting as usual…

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      Thanks a lot Shri….?

  8. It’s awesome…. I loved it so much….

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    Awesome…loved the way Aarav explains Ratan …..

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