Pehredaar Piya Ki- 12 years later (episode 1)

It was finally the day Diya had wished for all these years…it was Ratan’s 21st bday….no no it was HH maharaja Ratan maan singh’s bday…her Ratan saa’s bday. He was finally coming home today. All of 21, ratan had made a mark in archery now. He was selected in the national archery squad. After all he got introduced to the sport by diya. Soon after their marriage when kaka saa’s plan was exposed by her and he was caught she was the most relieved. Ratan could finally attend the most reputed boarding school in the country as now he was out of danger.

He went to a boarding school then in the national archery academy and now he was busy in tournaments that took up all of his time. Their marriage has been kept under wraps as society may not accept it and it would create a lot of issues. Diya had been living a good life in the kesar mahal looking after the family legacy. During the initial years ratan had been his usual chirpy cheerful self but after sometime he started behaving strangely, always avoiding Diya as much as possible. She wouldn’t mind as she knew that in that age it probably happens to everyone. He used to be very awkward and formal while talking to her.

He knew that he couldn’t defy his father’s last wishes but he always felt uncomfortable talking to her. He knew that he will have to accept her today as he officially become 21 today. He doesn’t hate Diya but doesn’t love her as well he has always seen her as his friend and well wisher…..


  1. Kashu


    |Registered Member

    Good start.. But I think u should introduce a new male lead in Diya’s life as Ratan is almost 8-10 yrs small from her. No one will accept this kind of marriage… And sorry if I hurted u….

    • Vivian20



      Gr8 suggestion…but I already prepared the storyline for the next few updates, maybe I’ll inculcate it after those…this is supposed to be a long ff though…btw what do you think of a jealousy track as 12 years of waiting for a new male lead won’t justify…..

      • Kashu


        |Registered Member

        Yeah…I would love the jealousy track…and haa u should not change the storyline if u have already prepared.. I would read it anyway. Waiting for the next part. Please update soon…

  2. Anu

    lovely and very well portrayed and looking forward to see whom u r introducing as young ratan all the best update soon

  3. Shrilatha


    |Registered Member

    Hey bhai good start and yes ratan’s behaviour is not wrong it’s justified and I loved the fact when u said he doesn’t hate her but he doesn’t love her as well…well it would be fresh start….loved this

  4. avi_sun

    New ff ✌fabulous start and nice story line πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œcontinue it… πŸ‘waiting for next one… Update soon yaar …

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