Pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya…. twinj os shot 4….

Hi ppl really this time u guys made me feel that I m wotst writer of tu no comments ast time but thats nt d grudge….
Leave that… I know no one missed me no one I know so bye guys its last piece of writing stay happy thanks everyone mujhe batana ke liye ki I m worst writer…
Ty everyone mera bday na yaad rakhne ke liye…
Dukh toh is baat ka hai ki jinhe main apne boht kareeb samakhti thi unhe hi yaad nahi raha bas….

But love to purvi use yaad tha I guessss ty to preshu too ..

So this is I guess my last writing on tu… No worth given so I wont write its of no use na…

I just wrote this as preshu n purvi asked fr this one so preshu for u…

Pata nahi if anyone remembers or not…

Last writing incomplete always..
M nt gonna comtinue my bakwass writings happy guys always be happy….

Its night time twi is sitting on the swing chair at her terrace….

Kunj comes there
Kunj:hi I dun slept??
Twi:oh hi no actually this sleep dun struck me so thought to disturb the stars and moon by the way why dun u slept.??

Kunj:oh same as urs…

Twi:oh so do u wanna coffee??

Kunj:oh ya sure come let’s make

Twi:ok come

They drifted towards kitchen.
Twi moved ahead n took out a utensil for boiling milk….

Coffee was veing prepated by twinki while kunj was just staring her…
Kunj pov…
Babaji whats happening why I m gettin attracted towards her… I dun believe in love but shes unique….. She is different from all girls… Theres a spark in her…. Shhhh kunj u gettin mad keep quiet love is waste and u dun believe in love ok…. But I cant deny that I am fettinf attracted towards this girl….

A click……
Of fingers by twinkle and he comes out of his thoughts……

Twi:twinki special coffee is ready come…. Choose ur coffee mug..

Kunj:oh no probs give my any umm ya dis plain one…

Twi:no dis ones mine I ll give u another..

Ku:ok ok chill

They went to the terrace…

She sat on swing chair while kunj on a bean bag near her…

Kunj asked while sipping coffee…
Twinkle can I ask u smthing..

Twi:hmm sure

Kunj:I love ur papa so much na??

Twi:is this a thing to ask I love him more than I do love myself or anyone….. My PAPA my SUPERHERO… Aj main jo kuch bhi hun ma kunj sirf apne papa ki wajah se hi hun….. Papa ne mujhe hamesha sabse zyada pyar kiya hai…. Unhone hi mukhe sab silhaya hai…. Unhone mere liye boht kuch kiya hai kunj boht kuch….
Main ek saal ki thi jab mujhe boht zyada infection ho gaya tha sabhi doctors ne jawab de diya tha sab ne umeed chod di thi ki main bach jaungi bas mere papa hi the…..
Jinhone himmat nahi hari…unhone mujhe maut ke munh se nikaala unhone mere liye teen din tak khana nahi khaya… Bimar ho gaye (guys this incident happened with me same as my mum tells me love u papa u r d best…)

Unhone mujhe independent banaya sab se zyada pyar kiya….

Kunj u know today I am so frank open independent strong this all bcos of ny hero… Unhonein apni princess ko sach mein princess ki tarah hi rakha…..

She got teary eyed……

Oh wow….. Twinkle

She comes out of her trance….
Twi:wat happened…

Twi this coffee mug kunj said astonished pointing at her coffee mug..

Its so amazing….

Twi:ya she smile….. This is one of the gift papa gave me it is so special for me glittery pic mug… When I put some hot thing in it my pic shining appears oyt….
Papa gifted me this so that I should drink milk which I hate but u know what I hate milk now also but just for papa’s happiness I drink it n for this beautiful pop out she said pointing towards her mug…..
I love it when papa run after ne even now for making me drink milk and making me eat something …. I just LOVE MY PAPA….
She said while sobbing

Kunj stands up and side hugs her while she too reciprocate…

Kunj:twinkle u r luckiest…. Person u have family…. Best family of the world….

Twi:kunj come sit wid me here…

He sits wid her…

She keeps her hand on his hand..

Look kunj dun be sad u ll get back ur family soon…

She starts tickling him and epi ends on their laughing faces….

Guys bye end of my tu journey only for happiness of u all stay happy cos now I m leaving byeee u ppl will always be in my heart athough I m not….

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  1. Presha

    Loved it…

    Love u…

    1. P.....Secret

      Pagal h Kya tu haan..janne k lite aayi this…go I won’t talk to u…hate u but u know I can’t do that…
      Plz sisa mat kr plz..plz mere liye plz na…we love ur writing…
      U r the best writer…ur writing r one of my favourite…
      Plz don’t do this to me…
      Plz agar tune mujhe kabhi aona friend Mana hoga toh TU nahi jayegui..ty next epi post karegii…

      Plz na plz…
      We love u yaar…
      Plz plz plz…

      Mere liye…
      Plz ??????????????????

  2. Sohi

    When did you become emotional queen from suspense queen Haan ?
    No one forgot ur birthday ou u
    We don’t hate ur writings it’s u who thinks all this rubbish
    Many writers dedicated thier ff episode to u

    Don’t ever say that u are not going to write ok

    About the ff it was too emotional yes we love our dad very much i
    It was sweet episode

    Now it’s ur fault that u being irregular so we are not able to remember anything

    Post another episode soon and also ur another ff too

  3. Hey ishu don’t get mad.. it’s totally wrong many people wished u..even me in my yesterday os it’s ur mistake u don’t read others writing

    And about leaving TU..u should not coz if u think u get less comments Cox u also never comment in others ff..or os
    It’s really hurting when I see ur comment in others writing nd not mine..if u have the time to comment in ur loved once writings than sorry u don’t deserve my friendship

    Now it’s ur decision
    Either u leave or not..
    Sorry for being rude
    But sometimes when the limit is crossed than I have to be rude

    1. Cheena2001Cp

      I agree with Adeeba…..I am also getting less comments inspite of writing so hard….Guess this is how we feel……And in my opinion it’s your decision..

  4. Awesome..
    Plz don’t leave..
    Srry for not coming earlier

  5. Fabulous….
    Post soon…

    Plz don’t leave

  6. Nyc…
    U r the best writer…
    Plz don’t go

  7. Amazingg….
    Love u…
    U r best plz don’t leave

  8. Fantastic..
    Plz don’t leave

  9. Cute one…srry for not
    Cmmntng previously

  10. Comendible

  11. Awesome

  12. Fantabulous

  13. Sidmin ki sadia

    Till know i was a silent reader i didn’t. Comment on ur ff but i luv it infinity
    How can u say that you dont write. Good haan how dare you
    I love ur writing. Di pls dont leave tu for our beloved sidmin pls pls
    I love ur ff di pls
    Awesome. Epi luv it soo much

  14. Diiiiiii
    What are you thinking di
    It’s totally wrong
    What are you thinking
    What are you thinking
    I am saying many times
    All of them remembered your birthday
    All TU writers
    But I am very much angry on you for thinking this???
    You know I dedicated my episode to you
    That’s My Chef Sweetheart -episode 9 by mistake it is written as episode 96
    Don’t you dare say yourself a worst writer
    We love you and your writing
    I am going from TU till August
    And today I thought to open TU
    And I was very happy to see your post
    But what you said made me angry
    Choro in sab ko
    The episode was marvellous
    Loved it to the core
    Post soon
    Love u ????
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺
    Take care
    And please don’t think like this

  15. it was awesome..
    please end mat karo…
    every writer in tu r good writers..
    so never ever say u r worst writer..
    Still hoping u won’t quit tu

  16. Pls don’t. Leave

    It’s awesome

  17. Loved the episode…Plz post soon…and ur other offs too…l love them very much…l am waiting for it from long time…plz di post your ffs,os ,ts all

  18. SidMin23

    Nice and your amazing writing and don’t quit the tu and I was waiting for this ff and finally u post but your saying this will be last one hope not do post it soon.

  19. amazing episode dear??

    plz paavu Jane ki baat mat karo yrr mujhe pta nahi tha tumhara b’day srryy yrrr

    Happy belated happy birthday jaan?????????

    luv u

  20. Aamu

    U r not worst writer u r ullu..
    Ullu ki patththi…
    Kisne bola tuje…ke hame teri bday yaad nahi hai kamini..??….
    Jaa jakar ye read kar
    Jaa jakar shammu ka ff read kar..
    Are yaa jz for low cmnts u cant leave.. N stop writing cm’on..
    Be a man..
    I mean women..
    Dont quit…..
    Achcha i m sorry tooo..kabhi reax ni kiya..but mene jaan buj kar b nahi kiya na..!
    Are yaar chal pkka promise ab me read karungi..but me roz TU open ni karti..tu insta par hai kya..ho gto pls msg kardena…ki u me read karsakhu..
    Or chal bye..
    N sorry for kutti kamini language..wo kya hai..laato k bhoot baaton se ni maante?

  21. Supriya18d

    awsm one

  22. Shalini15

    Oye meri angry bird, how dare you call yourself worst writer nd think about quitting TU??.. dekho aajkal sabko less comments mil rahe hain but phir bhi everyone writing so can’t you?? Hope you won’t do quite. For those who loves your writing nd ffs.

    Anyways episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd too emotional. Really loved it. Post next soon.

    Love you ? ? ? ? ?

  23. Ramya

    Pagal ladki kya ho gaya Tujhe
    Itni kyu hurt huyi hai
    Please mujhe maaf karde meri maa
    I’m so sorry for forgetting
    Per mai kya karu mera phone ka sara data delete ho gaya n sabka B-Day bhul Gayi
    N tell me who said I forget u
    Tithe Kabhi bhul sakti hu kya
    Bilkul nahi
    Then how can you think
    So bad aur ff end karne ka sochna bhi mat bcoz I’m heart dying fan of yours writings so dare you do that
    N please meri suspense queen upset Hoke upset queen mat bano
    Because you are only my suspense queen and Mount caramel so please give a cute smile to me
    N don’t think I forgot you bcoz its not going to happen
    Love u alot
    Keep smiling

  24. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  25. Baby

    pagal jhalli ullu gadhii…….
    huh sry yrr i love you haan ab i wont tell u mene terko yeh saare naam kun diye bas samjh le khud hi…… i love u ishu schii sissy u r best
    bhottt cute episode tha…….♥
    bhotttt rulaya mujhe tune aaj schii muccchiii botttt jyada rulaya i wont talk to u at all now huhh m angry tune mujhe kun nahi bataya chodd mein hoti kon hun…………
    srsly bhottt cute episode tha n boh mug bhottt pretty thaa…….♥
    emotional yet cute just like you……♥
    love ya ♥
    goody nighty…… 🙂 😉 🙂

  26. Baby

    or sch mei sch mei sch mei mein angry hun merko toh thanku kaha nahi gaya madam se hainaaa huh…..hahahaa……koi naaa……chalta hai ab toh pata hai na merko byee love ya……. ♥♥♥♥♥

  27. loved it

  28. osm
    please don’t leave
    you are amazing
    you knw because of you I am missing my papa now
    you portrayed the emotions beautifully

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