Pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu kar diya…. twinj os shot 2….

hlooo meri sweeties hwz u alll!!!!
hooe u all like my os first part it was long enough and i hope dis will also be long a si want to complete it in next shot… as i m already having tooooo much to write and i n bzee toooo…
read at last imp note……

sorry to all those who askedfr my ff bcos firat i want dat i shld complete dis so sat one work shld be over srry i have four ffs more left so i ha e to do dis…..

and tyyyyy tyyyyy soooo much i m soooo sooo sooo sooo happy by all of urs lovely comments i asked for 24+ commnts and said den only i ll write but no problem i got 20+ and dats so enough but mind guyz plssss dis epi wants 25+ commnts guys i m telling u i ll write den…
dis i am writing den also even i dont get 24 commnts bcos d ones who commented are sooo lovely and are waiting fr it hw i can dishearten and i m sooo happy ritzi u commnted

ty sooo much ritzi ty sooo much first time u commnted on my writing

and ya one silent reader sweta broke her silence tooo…
she says she read all my writings and love dem i was like sooo happy aww shes soo sweet and she said as i asked for 24+ to continue soo she broke her silence…

and all those who commnted are pretty awesome and lovelt hw can i hurt dem soo here it is

dekha aj kitni bakbak ki srry fr dis much bakbakk srry ab 2nd shot….

pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu akr diya……. shot 2

twinkke stood leaning behind the terrace door shocked wid mouth open like anything…..

baby and shivi runs from der shicked and giggling … .

they went towards hall and started to laugh like maniacs on floor….

haha he hahr

baby:aj toh humari shwrni gayi todays shes surely gonna die…

shivi:haan di wo foh sach mein gayi aj toh mar hi jayegi oar saath mein un sabko bhi maregi….

guys note un sabko will be revealed who are dey why will she die and wht she ll kill des un sabko and all….

twi stood leaning to door like a statue and didnt showed even a bit of movement. ….

her face was opened….

wat she saw was enough to open anybody’s moutha nd even kill dat person

guys noe read properly wid full attention….
suspense and shock unfolds….

kunj was der on d terrace wearing his track pants and uooer body fully bare
(ab samajh aya guys wat was d shock)
suno aage suno

his perfectly carved toned body was drenched in sweat drops which were dripping from his perfect abs…
perfect forehead and hairs….

he was doing push ups on the teraace floor and twinkle remain shockekddd

twi pov
why he us making me mad main ho toh chuki hun pagal iske pyar mwin toh phir ye kyun aisi cheezein karke mujhe aur pagal kar raha hai….
bhagwaan ji apne isse itna hot kyun banaya… ty bhagwaan ji isse mere paasss bhejne ke liye i love him and i ll make him mine…..
main pagal hoti ja rahi hun isse dekhkar par mujhe pagal hona hai aur hina hai…

mujhe ismein doobna hai…
kunj tum meri chahat ho meri zarurat ho aur maim tumse itna pyar karti hun jitna aj tak kisi ne kisi se bhi nahi kia….

tumhari uss ek nazar ne mujhe tumse pyar karva dia jaadu chala dia aur yeh sacha pyar hai…
main tumhe nahi janti par tum jab mere upar the uss wakt main tumhe jaan chuki thi main tum se jud chuki hun main tumse bandhna chahti hun
main tumhare saatj jeena chahti hunnn
i love him….. ysss i love him ….. ..

kya tum mujhse kabhi oyar kar bhi paoge…..
main tumhara pyar jeetkar rahungi par uske liye mujhe tumse baat karni hogi na twi u can do it chal twi sherni mode on…

par kya karun iske samne jaate hi mera sherni mode gayab jo jata hai …..

pls baba g himmat dena

twinkle starts moving putting hands in her shots and walks as a model …..

she is looking soo beautiful…

she acts like she havent seen anyone on terrace….

she walks ….
kunj was doing his push ups wen his eyes went on beautiful legs moving fro his eyes…

he lifted his face upqards and was mesmerized to see twinkle wearing shots amd open crop top looking beautiful wid her hairss flying wid wind…..

kunj ignored her and continued wid his push ups…..

twinkke was shocked and madr a hawww face….
she was bit angry but was melting due fo kunj…. her love
now she thought of a plan and went downstairs in her room…..

she came after two mins…. on the teraace and wat she did was shicking foe kunj…..

she came and as she entered kunj was doing push uos and wen he was doing dat his glaze went on the hotest hirl twinkle singhania…..

he was on support of his elbow in push uo position wen he jerked shockingly and thudded to floor….

twi was wearing sports vest i.e.sports brazer for girls and track shots…. looking soo hot ……

then she came near kunj and started doing some warm uo exercises kunj was looking at her shocked… she winked…

now she started doing push ups……
kunj was staring at her doingss ….

twi(towards kunj):wat!!!!!!!
its my hone i can do anything why u staring???

kunj:i said u anything u continue wid ur work by the way i m going now……

twi:den wat shld i do??

kunj ignored her and started to walk away….

twinkke was now thinking how to stop him while doing push ups…..

twi:(screaming ) ouhhh s ouhhh….

kunj turned back listening the scream and saw injured twinkle….

twinkle twisted her leg and crashed her foot with the floor while standing and now blood was oozing out of that scratch of hers.also her keg being twisted she fell and cant stand…… it was paining she satrted crying a bit…..

kunj ran towards her and

kunj:hey are u ik how u hurt urself really u r a siyappa queen…

twi (while crying): cant u see its bleeding and paining too and u r being rude sadu …
u r really sadu der wer met in morning u were being so rudr wat i did to u nthng den u behaved liek dis to me…

kunj:hey listen dun cry i was nt rude i was just frustrated dats it and u were soo heavy…

twi (crying a bit): m i heavy!! m i heavy!!! look i m soo thin i think u r blind u r d frst boy being rude to miss ywinkle singhania l… u dun knw whole amritsar drools over me … wants me and ahhhhh…
ummm ummmm umm

kunj has kept his hand on her face….

kunj:ok i agree u r not fat but u r a siyappa frm d tume i met u u r creating siyappas and if u feel i m sadu u r wrng i m not… lets go…
and ya one more thing …
if whole amritsar drools over u whole ca…. srry mumbai drools over me…..

and he lifts hus hand frm her mouth…

she was soo happy to feel her love’s hand on her mouth…..

she was just smiling…..

kunj:wat happen i think u mad smtime ago u were crying and nw u laughing even in pain

twi pov
yess i m mad fr u fr ur love fr ur touch fr u smule ur eyes ur cologne and everything i have gone mad fr u ysss

kunj push her slightly

she cms out of her dreamlands….

twi:im nt mad why i so rude sadu
ahhhh (she cries on her injured foot)

kunj:ok watever.. wait lemme call ur sister or ur cupcake…

twi:dun say cupcake to her only i can

ku:wstevr leave it u ll call ur sister…

ku:pretty lady…. pretty lady
(guys shivi ghar pe hi thi na wen twi was ay college so shes bonded well wid kunj)

shivi cms wid baby

shivi:yss bff

twi pov
dekho mere saath itna rude hai main isse itna pyar karyi hun huhh aur amshivi ko bff ab meri behen ko intro karvani padegi meri isse… par pls kuch aisa ho shibi yahan se chali jaye
. lo baby came meri cupcake aa gayi isko kehti hun…

baby:(came rumming) twinkle wat happen yeh chot oh my god shivi doctor ko (and she comes near her)

twi pulls her towards heeself and
twi (in baby’s ears) :cupcake dekh yeh chot achanak lag gayi bt acha hai i ll spend sm timw wid him plssss go ytr tum dono jao na koi bahana bana ke shivi ko keh de na pla apni twinki ke liye itna karegi na

baby smiles and says anything fr u meri sherni…

baby moves towards shivi

baby:kunj hi i m baby shivi and twi’s cousin frm ameeica..

kunj:hi pretty lady

baby smiles

twi pov
dekho aab pretty lagtu hain iase bas main hi hun ek jo ise ugly lagti hun…

baby:hi pls can u take her to the room and do her first aid if u dun mind or call doctor plss wo i and shivi has to go smwwr important work of misha massi srry as she says to call misha maa and manish mosa g….
pla plsss plsss (makes a pout)

shivi shputs:bt baby di wh… ahhhh ahhh
baby stamps her foot hardly on shivis foot…
and den drags her..


before kunj say anything dey leave kunj feels lil awkward…

baby makes shivu undrstand and dey bth go out fr a coffee

tqi smiles bt den dramatically shouts louder… bt due to oain she cries in real….

twi:ahhh mom ahhh

kunj comes towards her and bfore letting hwr know anything he picks her up in an instant…..

twi:ahhh leave (she acts as dis bt in real she is more dan happy)

twi wraps her arms arouns him fr support…
(he picked her up cos her leg waa twisted and she was nt able to walk)

kunjs hands were on hwr bare back and other on her bare thighs…
as she was wearing sports bra and shots…….

dey both were seeing in eo eyes…

bas itni si tamanna hai plays in bg…

twi was looking on his face bt he aas looking straight…

twi pov:
look wat intense look dis killee carries……

ya he is a killer only he us killing me by his looks bu his eyes his hair his vologne nad his touch…

oh hus touch is making me go mad gor him…
i want dis moment to stop here only…

main cahti hun yeh pal yahin tham jaye iski bahon mein hi mujhe maut aa jaye….

wah amin yoh shatar bhi abn gayi hun main kunj ke pyar mein pagal ho chuki hun…

jaise he is holding me and his lil hild of hands on my bare high back and bare back is amking me mad mujhe kuch ho raha hai..
god i m getting weak mujhmein nahi aur himaat hai no i m lissing my consciousness my hormones are rushing up no i m giving up i m lossing my grip on my body bt i dun give it a f**king shit cos he is holding me…

his cologne is making em urge to smell it forever his lips are forcing me to join mines wid dem …
his perfect sweating body’s cooling effext after exercise is killing me…

his messy hair are saying me to adore him more…

and my reason to.lobe him is his eyes.
his eyes have thousands of mysteries i dem and main chahti hun ki poori zindagi main in aakhon mein dekh yeh mysteries solve karti rahun forever bt i m lossing my consciousness no i cant bear his touch i m fainting i dun know why his touch is making my hormones rush up…
why his touch is making run to s of butterflies in my body…
and i lose i gave up…
he is my soulmate
pehli nazar mein kaisa jaadu akr diya
tera ban baitha hainmera jiya…..

with dis twi looses her control on her body and fully loses in his arms and dis increased load in his arms.. bt he noticed she has losen all her body grip…

he reaches room and makes her lie on bed…..

kunj:i ll call d doctor….

twi thinks smthng…

twi:no need i ll first aid myself just a small injury…..

kunj:den why u r crying as if a car has gotten over u…
and laughs..

twi:hey why being soo rude.. bt seeing him laughing she also laughs…

kunj:ooo u laugh also???? i m shocked….

twi:wat u mean dat i dun laugh abhi u have not known who is twinkle singhania whole amritsar is scated frm me…

kunj:laughs louder bhootni wali shakal hai hasenge hi…

twi:wat haww h said dat to me does i look bhootni and now her injury hurts her and she cries.

kunj observed silent sobs of her and went near her…

kunj:hey look srry if i hurt u srry i have been rude na srry dun cry… (wipes her tears)
wo actually in morning wen u fell down and was nt getting up i got frustrated soo ok look srry dun cry ok….. will u also be my friend as ur sister is…

twis face lits up
twi pov
mujhe tumhari dost aur tumhara pyar banna hai… the way dosti ho jayegi toh pyar bhi ho jayega … .

hi i m twinkle singhania….
miss punjab….
and miss amritsar also and sherni of amritsar as all says as aj tak mere se jitne bhi ladkon ka samna hia hai sab ja ke hospital meim hi mile hain (she speaks in one go)

kunj (his eyes popped out):tum itna kaise bol leti ho huuhhh u not get tired… waise tum na siyappa queen bhi ho cos tum aj hi mujhse mili aur aj hi siyappe kar diye….

twi:haww chalo tum kehte ho toh ok sadu…

kunj:sadu ab nahi ok chalo tum kehti ho toh amin bhi man leta hun

twi:waise ahhhhh my foot its bleeding ahhh mommma
she screamsss…

kunj:chup chup bas chuo raho first aid kit kidhar hai????

she points her finger towarss a drawer. ..

kunj brings d box nd starts applying ointment on it……

twi:sss ahh

kunj:drry dard hua

twi smiles saying its ok…

kunj:hmm sherni…

dry both smiles…

ku j blows air on her foot…..

twi smiles
twi pov
wow his lil air blow is drifting me as its a storm kmg i ll die plsss god save me……

twi was lost wen kunj did her bsndage and den he just slightly pushed her as she was nt responsing…


twi cms in senses


kunj looks on her body and says..
kunj:twi waise can i ask u smthng…..

twi:hhmmm bolo

kunj:u dun feel awkward kisi ke bhi samne aise kapde pehn ne ko…..

twi:wat ismein kya awkward main shuru se hi aisi hun bindass cool hot s*xy and my mom dad never say no cos dey are loke my bamest friends dey are my best frnds and i also cant hurt drm so ders a balance… so ya i dun feep awkward…

kunj pov (finally)
kya ladki hai life apne teems oer jeeti hai….

kunj:gyd i have frst time seen girl like u and parents aslso bst frnds gud waise shall i say smthng …


kunj:u lok really hot in des clothes bt…

twi:sachi line mar rahe ho hann …

kunj:siyappa ji pehle sun toh oe meri pooro baat …. tune kabhi suit oehne hain??

twi:wat suit and me neverr…

kunj:nahi na try karna usnein hot ke saath saath beautiful bhi lagegi…… and he moves forward towards her….

both have lil proximity now…

both people’s breaths are mixing

moves towards her face and twi loses senses again closes her eyes….

twi pov
main kamzor pad rahi hun babag pls kuch karo….

and wen she opens eyes she aaw kunj was stanfing now he has opened hair pin…..

kunj:twi teri bandage toh ho gayi tera foot sprain uska kya….

twi:superhero oooo srry papa par unki toh aj zaroori meeting thi… kunj do u know pls try once…..

kuni:ya lemme try
kunj hold her foot and twinkle starts screaming ahh ahh

kunj: are ruk na

kunj twists her goot and her sprain gets ok…

twi :wow my sprain over nw i can walk yeah ty kunj ty soooo much ty..

twi stands up…starts jumping
kunj:oye siyappa ek aur siyappa ho jayeg..

and he was stopped as twi kissed his cheek and went to her room

kunj wiped his cheek and sad is she mad…. bt cute…

twi went to her room and smiles……..

in evening….
everyone is at home…
twi mom dad shivi and baby…
kunj was also sitting wid dem on sofa….
but twi was nt der…

misha:kunj beta ty sooo much hamari jhalli ka dhyan rakhne ke liye pagal ladki ty sooo much pata nahi tum pehle ladke ho who could help her nahi toh….
dekho kunj beta isse apna hi ghar samajhna tum theek hai….

manish:meri princess kahan hai

kunj pov
wo siyappa aur princess hehe

twi cms
main idhar hun

all look towards her and gets shocked…………

precap:yet another big shock…….

imp note:so sweetieis i wanna ask u smthng dis os i have very ghd idea fr it bt fr dat it ll take five epis or 10
bt i can finish in next wid jst small desc if u all guys want..
now tell me ur choices plssss…..
bye hope to see u soon…

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