Pehli Dafa-I love you, but are we destined to be together?

Dev,a 19 year old boy,goes to the same college as Sonakshi,a 19 year old simple girl.Dev hails from a middle class family,where he,his sisters and his Father live a happy and simple life by being true bengali. Whereas,Sonakshi is from a rich South Indian family where her parents are orthodox.
Dev,although simple,is liked by all the girls in college,and he is the most popular guy in college.Dev changes girls every 2 days,and this habit of his is hated by Sonakshi.As Dev and Sonakshi sign up for a trip to Bangkok, they both meet personally on the flight,by having their seats next to eachother.Dev,a complete flirt, expects sonakshi to start the convo but Sonakshi, a complete egoistic feminist, expects Dev to start.Like this, 2 hours pass by.

Dev:It’s so funny na?we have been sitting next to eachother for 2 hours and don’t even know eachother’ name!hahah.*cuts his laughter halfway because he sees Sona isn’t laughing*

Sona:So ask my name na. Sonakshi.Sonakshi Jayaraman
Dev:Both are the same na?
Sona:nope.Two categories,Tam brams and tam bram.
Dev:Dev.Dev Bose.
Sona:Bengali??oh…I had a Bengali Boyfriend.
Dev:you’ve had exes?
Sona:why?cant I?
Dev:No I mean not that..I mean..a girl like you..
Sona:Girl like me meaning?
Dev:I u..
Sona:Whatever.*she goes to eat*

2 hours later,plane lands.
Sona is walking on the travellator.
{pls ignore the spelling mistakes}
Dev:O madrasi kudi!
Sonakshi turns,a bit offended.
Dev:I’m calling you’re name for 2 mins and you’re not replying.
Sona:U haven’t been calling my name.
Dev:arae…I have been saying madrasi kudi 45 times.
Sona:that’s not my name hello?i told you,my name is Sonakshi.not madrasi.Racist.
Dev:Ok ok sorry..

They reach the college they are gonna stay in and have the activities at.
Girls boys room together.

Camp manager:We have one room short.Who is willing to share room?

Everyone backs out.
Manager:Dev,Sonakshi,why don’t you share room.
Both shocked in their own languages.
Sonakshi: naan evinudan room la share pannaporthillai(Im not going to share room with Him)
Dev:Kichu bolbe?(what did u say)
Sona:I said I won’t share room with you.
Dev:Ya…I’m dying to share room with you na?
Manager:Ok calm down guys it’s a big room,u guys don’t neeed to share bed.
Dev:Ok fine.

Dev and sona end up sharing room,where is this a sofa and a double size bed.
Dev:U can sleep on the bed.ill sleep on the sofa.
They end up sleeping.

2 weeks later.
Dev:oi madrasi!
Sonakshi:For god sake,My name is Sonakshi.
Dev:You are a madrasi.
Sona:How would u feel if I called you bengalan?
Dev:I would feel proud.Well I am a proud Bengali.
Sona:Uhhhhhhh…*pissed off*anyways,it was nice being your room mate.
Dev:Teke teke..Same here…
Sona and dev shake hands.

They reach back Delhi.

Sona’s home:

Sona’s Father(Venkat Jayaraman):Va Ma…Eppadi erunthatha trip?(how was your trip?)

Sona:Seriyaga erunthatha Appa.(it was ok dad)

Sona’s Mother(Mohini Jayaraman):Chellam,You look very tired.Dinner venuma?(do u want dinner)

Sona:nope.Where is Sundari?
Venkat:These kids nowadays,they modify their name.

Late night.
Sona is thinking about Dev.
Sona’s POV:
Kazhudai,muttal(swear words).Wait..why am I smiling and referring to him?I hate Him. But u know what makes him so cute,is him always telling the truth.WAIT,Sonakshi jayaraman…are u in love?is this love?

Dev’s POV:
Dev Bose are u in love with Sona?is this love?No no…Dev…tumi ekta boka…

8 months later.
Dev and Sonakshi are dancing,looking romantically in eachother’s eyes..Yes,they are dating..
Sona:Dev,I have a offer letter from A hospital in Mumbai.Nutritionist

Dev:wow!!Im so proud of you Sona.Even I got an offer for architecture in Paris!

Sona:Dev,what about us..our future?
Dev:Sona,We are seriously going to get married.
Sona stops dancing:Wait,meaning you don’t want to get married?
Dev:I mean Sona..I want to marry you..but Maa…
Sona:Don’t worry…we will convince her..and my parents too…
Dev:we’ll do it na?
Sona:Of course.
Dev:I love you Sonakshi Jayaraman.
Sona:Same here Dev Bose.
Dev:So ready to become Sonakshi Bose?
Sona:yes mr Bose!
Both laugh..they are both Travelling in the car…
Dev and Sonakshi are both pulled out by their college friends and they are both brought to the hospital.Falak and Farhan,a dating couple and friends of Dev and sona,wait at the hospital.
Falak:Doc,how is Sona and dev?
Doc:I’m sorry to say,they both have suffered from critical amnesia.This means,there is only 3% chances that they can remember their past when they are conscious.
Farhan:What?Doctor..anything we can do to help.
Doc:Are they related?
Falak:No…but they are lovers doc.
Doc:I’m so sorry to say ms Falak,but both of them have to stay away from eachother.If they see eachother,Brain can be traumatised and the patient can go into coma.Im sorry.

Farhan:Falak,Sonakshi can live with You,Dev can live with me.
Falak:no farhan,We’ll get married eventually and sona and Dev will see eachother.We need to search for an alternative.
Farhan:Omg.Their parents don’t know of their relationship.We can leave them at their own houses.

Falak drops Sona at her house and Farhan drops Dev at his house.

4 years later…
Light rays are shown into a room.

The girl under the blanket snuggles even more into the blanket.

A lady’s voice:Sonakshi kanna!(Dear)
The girl opens the comforter,and rubs her eyes.Yes,it’s Sonakshi.Her hair curled at the ends,(unlike before because before it was straight)and she looked more mature.

Sona:Coming Amma!
Sona quickly gets ready for office(now she is 23) and gets into her white salwaar and yellow palazzo.she takes her bag and rushes down.
Mohini(Mom):kanna,you’re late!u have to be at the hospital at 9.its 8.20!
Sona:Sorry sorry Amma.
Mohini:now u won’t even eat properly,u will take 1 sandwich and rush out without even telling me.
Mohini looks around and sona isn’t there.Indeed,Sona had taken 1 sandwich and left.
Venkat:These kids nowadays.Mohini!Un chellathai handle panatharku learn pannu(learn how to control your darling Daughter)

Sona is on the road driving her car and eating her sandwich.In a hustle,she bumps into a white car.
Sona:Oh hello bhaisab!dekhe nehe chalasakhte?
The guy in the car comes out:It’s none other than..Dev!
Dev:Hello,it’s your mistake.’s yours.U were using your phone.
Dev:how did u know I was using my phone.
Sona:yena nee pannakarar mathari erukai.(u look like a rich person)
Dev:What?Are u madrasi?
Dev:Same thing.
Sona:no…not the same thing.
Dev:tumi ekta boka.
They leave with their cars giving eachother frowns.

Sona reaches the hospital(Nutritionist):
Sona reaches her cabin.
Secretary(Tina):Ma’am,your patients for today.
Sona looks thru.
Sona stops at a patient:Tina.
Tina:Yes ma’am?
Sona:This patient..Ishwari Bose..her appointment is now?why is she late?
Tina:Sorry ma’am,but she just called.Actually her Son met with an accident.
Sona:Oh it serious?any major injuries?’s the car that got dented.
Sona:What’s her Son’s name?
Tina:I’m not very sure ma’am,I think Dev Bose.
Sona:that echos in her ears…
Sona:Dev Bose…I have heard that name somewhere…
Sona remembers shattered and unclear pieces of her past with Dev.
Tina:ma’am are u ok?
Sona:yes..I’m fine…call in ishwari Bose.
Ishwari and Dev come in…
Dev:tum Nutritionist Ho?
Sona:Que mein nehi hosakthi?
Dev:Ho sakthi Ho..but u can’t take care of my Mother.
Sona:kya tum advice karogi..brand new advice hoga.
Ishwari recognises Sona from the photos.She knew that they were dating even if Dev didn’t tell her.
Ishwari:Dev beta..lets go to another Nutritionist.
Dev:Ma..she is the best nutrionist.She will be your personal Nutritionist.
Sona:hi Aunty ji.

9 months later:
To note:current date:31 st September 2020.
The wedding preps are going on!yes!This day marked the Unison of devAakshi.
They completed their wedding with full traditions.

1 month later:
Sona:no Dev!u listen to me.u have insulted my family enough!enough is enough.

Dev:just get lost from here.
Dev and sona had been fighting for the past 2 days.And now they were in the middle of the road.
As both of them walk separate directions,they both meet with an accident and is admitted into the hospital.
As the doctor declares they have both lost their memory,they are sent to their respective homes.

7 years later:
Dev:have we met before?
Sona:I don’t think so….
Dev:hi,Dev,dev Bose.
Sona:Sonakshi,Sonakshi jayaraman.
Dev:Nice name.
Sona:yea Sure.

As both of them sip coffee from their cups,their hands they used to shake,remain there without noticing,it just seemed like a “PEHELI DAFA”

Hey guys!hoped you like my OS!

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  1. ShrutiP

    Wow dear it was awesome..Finally they had to meet …I loved it to the core…Please come up with more such os …Will be eagerly waiting…
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    1. Erica

      Thanks!yes I will!Love u too❤️

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  5. Vinya

    Very nice os ?….. You’ve portrayed the fact that ” no matter whatever happens devakshi will always be together ” very well… Thanks for this amazing os…keep writing and keep smiling ☺…. And don’t forget #devakshirocks#devakshiunite

    1. Erica

      Thank u vinya.Thats a beautiful name u got!as u guys like my OS’s so much,I should continue writing more!anyways!be tuned into the Maha episode of kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang,my fan fiction)for epi 140

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    So ur tamilan as well as punjabi…
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    But the story is so nice nishi baby….
    I seriously luved it…
    I didn’t think , story will change like this…
    Really nice…
    Waiting for ur works…

    1. Erica

      yup u got me right.more of tamilian cuz Mom was tamilian.So like tamil is what I learn in school.yea,I know some dialogues may not be correct,as u know Priya di,it’s not very easy to type tamil words in English.But if u tell me to write them in tamil it will be correct!thanks Priya di!i just posted Kuch Rang pyaar ke aise bhi(ek aur rang)-ep 140.!!ℓσтѕ σf ℓσνє❤️

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