Hi guys.. I m misbah.. back with my 6th episode.. so let’s start..

At morning..

In Bose houz

Sona comes to dining table to eat breakfast

Bejoy: beta,Raj said that v r going for shopping.. u ready na??

Sona: yes,Baba..

Elina: shopping… Oooohoooo

Jatin: I m not coming for shopping..

Ishita:OMG.. u shd come with me.. plz for my sake..

Jatin: ok..

Elina was sona next…

Elina(whisper to sona): how was yesterday with ur boy friend??

Sona(glare): good..

Elina: tell me na what u guys were talking..

Sona: if u have come u will get to know.. but didn’t come na.. n for yesterday telling lie to me..
I will not say u.

Elina: u will be talking About childhood

Sona (smile): not only childhood memories n something other..
(She just said to irritate elina)

Elina: don’t tell lie..

Sona: why wud I tell lie..

Elina: then say me..

Sona: btw gf n bf ke beach bohot see secret
rehte hai.. I have promised Dev as I will not say to any1..

Seeing elina n sona talking asha..

Asha: v shd not talk while eating.. eat fast v have to go..

At Dixit houz..

Dev was working in laptop

Ishwari: Dev,v have to go somewhere.. u will come na..

Dev: ma.. kaha..

Ishwari: pata nahi.. bejoy me nahi kaha..

Dev: I will come..

Ishwari: then get ready soon..

Dev: now only..

Ishwari: yes..

Timeskip to shopping..

Everyone came there..

Dev seeing mall..

Dev: mall???(with a shocking face)

Ishwari: ha..

Dev: u didn’t say me first..

Ishwari: now I m saying na..

Everyone entered d mall..

Jatin: Dev, u here??

Dev: ha.. ma tell me lie.. everyone saying lie from nowadays..

Jatin: Eli.. me n dev r talking abt bussiness say to ishita..

Elina: ok..

Jatin: where s she??

Sona: she entered d mall..

Jatin: ohhh…

Dev: ma,, exact tym kya he..

Ishwari: matlab..

Dev: kab aapka shopping finish hoyega..

Sona: Dev.. u know v have to buy dresses for sangeet, engagement,haldi, mehendi,shaadi… Etc..

Dev: ok ok bas. Ek dress ke liye kitna tym..

Sona: I don’t know..

Asha: Dev, v r going to buy dulha n dulhan’s cloth.. it will take a long tym..

Dev: aunty 1 hour??

Elina: 1 hour bohat kam he.. 1 dress ke liye 2 hour..

Dev(pout face): ma..

Everyone laugh..

Dev: uncle, Baba y u guys going to shopping..

Raj: beta, hamare biwi me saath hum hi toh jaana he..

Dev: boring ryt..

Raj: boring nai enjoying.. hamaare liye bhi kapda lena he.. tumhara liye.. isme boring kya he..

Bejoy: boring nahi kehna he,Dev beta.. when u n sona marry.. if u guys go shopping alone.. u will just leave her alone for shopping..

Dev(shy): no.. no.. uncle… I will go with her..

Bejoy: hame bhi shopping pasand nahi thi.. biwi me saath ja jaa ke aadat ho chuki he..

Dev:ok.. uncle…

Elina: come on … Tym horaha he..

Everyone go xcept Dev n jatin…

They were shopping for 2 hour..

Dev n jatin were talking.. but suddenly..

Ishita: jatin,, plz meri help Karo na..

Jatin: kya help .

Ishita:Mai tomorrow engagement ke liye ek dress khareed na he.. mujhe 2 dress me bohat confuse he.. plz tum wake kaho na.. Mai kya select Karu..

Jatin: mujhe kya pata.. I don’t know how to select girl dress..

Ishita: I said na.. in two dress..

Jatin: ok coming..

Ishita: come to 2 Nd floor.. will wait for u..

Ishita goes..

Jatin: Dev, shaadi ke baad u shd manage this..


Jatin: ya… U shd manage with each n everything in marriage..

Dev: u love ishita bhabhi..

Jatin: he kya sawaal he.. yeah I love her…

Dev: ok.. she calls u go..

Jatin: ya. Warna mujhse baath nahi karegi..

Dev: oooooooh

Jatin: what u will do alone..

Dev:what shd I do..

Jatin: come with me..

Dev: but.

Jatin: come..

Dev:ok fyn..

They two goes to mall..

They saw evry1 r shopping… Jatin goes to ishita..
Dev sees sona also confuse in 2 dress..

Dev: any help??

Sona(shock seeing Dev): u here.. yes.. plz select 1 in this two dress..

Dev select 1.. which was nice.. sona also like that..

Sona: thank u Dev..

Dev: have u forget??

Sona: what??

Dev: no sorry n no thanks in friendship..

Sona: ya… I forget.

Dev: I m ur friend ryt..

Sona: not friend.. my best friend.

They 2 laugh.. seeing Dev.

Ishwari to asha..

Ishwari: let’s go n select ring for engagement..

Asha: ya. But where s Dev??

Ishwari: there..

Asha(seeing Dev): let’s go..

Everyone 1 goes to jewelry section..

Dev likes one ring,, which every 1 like it. Sona just love it .
Then sona loves 1 ring. Which every 1 also like it. ..

After choosing ring.. Dev goes with jatin..

Everyone gets tired by shopping..

Everyone goes to cafeteria(restaurant) in mall

Everyone one was eating..

After eating everyone goes to Thier home..

PRECAP: Dev n sona engagement..

Guys.. plz comment me below… That encourages me..

Till than bye..

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  1. Akshita

    ??? what an episode bt add some romantic scenes too?
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    Thanks akshita.. romantic scenes will be after marriage… I will try to post soon?

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    Awesowe post soon;-) 😀

  4. Anjali333

    Wow! Story is very more & more interesting with every chapter.
    Pls update soon…
    Waiting for next chapter

  5. Amazing episode dear plz add some romantic scenes

  6. Niki645

    Awesom epi…. post asap

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