Hi guys.. I m misbah.. back with my 5th episode…

So let’s start..

When sona comes out of room.. she saw every one is standing outsyd her room.. now she remembers they r standing for her answer..

Sona(yawning): what u guys doing here??

Elina: have u forget??

Sona: what??

Bejoy: answer.. tell me answer dear..

Sona: but dad,what answer,what r u guys talking about..

Bejoy: wahi.. Kal Mai bola na us Ka jawab..

She smiling comes down to dining table.. everyone follows her till down..

Jatin: don’t act.. tell me..

Sona: what u r saying??

Ishita: sona.. come on say dear..

Sona: hmmm… I don’t no what r u guys talking about??

Elina:don’t act.. v r waiting for your answer..

Sona (smile): I got to know abt shopping ryt??

Everyone: shopping..

Sona: ofcoures.. meri shaadi hone waali he to shopping to Hona hi he na..

Everyone (relax) : sona..

Elina hugs sona..

Elina: tum me to hame daraa hi diya..

Ishita: congratulations sona..

Sona:thanx bhabhi…

Everyone get some happy time..
Suddenly bejoy..

Bejoy: me to Raj Ku jawab dena hi bhool Gaya..

Bejoy calls Raj n said sona says ‘yes’ n raj says Dev say ‘yes”…..

The Bose family n Dixit family gets happy…

Elina,jatin,ishita plans something…

Elina: y don’t u come with me n have a coffee..

Sona: ok..


Jatin: congratulations Dixit…

Dev: thanx…

Jatin: come let’s have coffee n say abt ur business client in London..

Dev: yea sure..

Jatin; yesterday u was busy with sona..

Dev: aisa kuch nahi he..

Jatin: ok meet u there…

They two disconnected Thier call….

Sona gets ready to go to coffee with elina..

Elina: sona u go.. I will come there..

Sona: but Eli…

Elina: plz… I will come there..

Sona:ok ..

Sona reaches d coffee shop n wait for elina in a table..

Dev reaches there n sees sona sitting.. goes there..

Dev: sona..

Sona sees Dev n get shock..

Sona: Dev.. tum yaha??

Dev: yes, what r u doing here??

Sona: I came to drink coffee with elina.. but elina says she will come.. but she didn’t come.. btw why did u come here??

Dev: actually.. jatin says we can talk.. but he isn’t here.. I don’t where is he.. I shd call him..

Dev n sona calls..

Sona: Eli.. where r u.. I m waiting for you…

Elina: surprise…

Sona: surprise.. u.. u done this because me n Dev can meet ryt??..

Elina: yes.. kaisa laga meta surprise..

Sona(angrily): surprise.. c what will I do when I come to houz..

Elina: u can do anything but u two talk.. bubbbyeeee.. I don’t want to disturb you too…

Sona: Eli.. Eli..

Elina disconnects the call..

Dev calls jatin..

Dev: jatin.. where r u???

Jatin: sorry Dev.. but what shd I do.. u n sona shd talk bcoz u r going to marry her.. sorry.. I tell u lie.. business ke siwa tum kisi our ke liye nahi aaoge.. so.. aur my aap loga Ka waqt bekaar nahi Karna chahta hu.. Bye… Enjoy…

Jatin disconnects d call

Sona was abt to go..

Dev catches her hand.. she turns.. they have an eyelock..

Dev: it was a plan…

Sona: yes.. I m sorry

Dev: it’s ok.. now where r u going..

Sona: home..

Dev: its surprise for us.. so b here na..

Sona: aaaaa haaa…

Dev: just talking ryt.. I shd also wanna talk with u..

Sona: ok..

They two sit…

The waiter comes there n they two order coffee

Sona: u want to say something.

Dev: yes..

Sona: what’s d matter??

Dev:u really wanna marry me??

Sona: yes..

Dev: for family??

Sona: no.. u r my best friend.. I like u.. what abt u..

Dev: same as ur answer..

Like this they were talking.. n after sometimes th

Sona: Dev.. I m leaving now..

Dev: ok.. can I drop u..

Sona: no thanx.. I will go…

Dev: it was my best day..

Sona: me too..

Dev: so let’s go..

Sona: I will go..

Dev: come on..

Sona: ok Baba..

They two were talking in car too.. Dev drop sona at home.. then he reached his houz..

PRECAP:sona family n Dev family went for shopping..

Sorry guys for typing in episode 4 PRECAP engagement..

Plz comment…

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  5. Amazing

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    Both said yes for marriage.?
    Waiting to see how their relationship chamges with their marriage…

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