So.. hi guys.. I m misbah.. back with my 4th episode…

At Bose houz..

Jatin: I thought u two were talking about something special..

Sona: v did not talk any special vecial… V were just lyk that..

Ishita: jatin.. why r u troubling her.. she s ur sister..

Jatin: I know ishita.. but I m just asking.. u don’t know about Dev n sona ryt??

Ishita: yes,I don’t know.. u

Jatin: wo kya he Na Dev n sona were best friends.. best friends means they were lyk couples.. she does not leave him n he doesn’t leave her..

Sona: Bhai.. stop it..

Elina: itni jaldi kya he abhi to hum ne start kiya..(laugh)

Jatin: but unfortunately Dev dad send him to USA for studying.. when he was going. They two cry itna ke v can’t count kitna.. after he gone,, sona was sad n he doesn’t talk properly.. and then(stop by sona word)

Sona: stop it,stop it, plz… I don’t want to hear…

Bejoy,dadiba,asha was hearing all this n come to sona room..

Bejoy: jatin,y r u troubling her..

Sona: dekho na baba.. he s torturing me..

Bejoy: can I ask u 1 question??

Sona: yes, papa..

Bejoy: u lyk Dev??

Sona(shock): wo.. baba.. kyaaaa.. he Na ke…

Bejoy: answer me,don’t u tell truth to ur Baba..

Elina: tell Na shona..

Sona: ya Baba… I like him..(seeing down)

Elina,jatin, ishita: hurray…. Sona lyk Dev.. sona lyk Dev..

Bejoy: stop it..

They 3 stopped..

Bejoy goes to sona taking her hand

Bejoy: will u marry him??

All 4 gets shock..

Sona: Baba..what r u saying..

Bejoy: I lyk Dev.. Raj comes n said abt alliance.. Thier family lyk u..

Sona: yes Baba.. but..

Asha: u lyk Dev.. u r friend.. usse acha life partner tumhe nahi milega…

Sona: par ma..

Dadi: jawab diyo… Kal tak jawab dena he..

Sona: hmmmm… I want tym.. I will say u guys tmrw..

Every1 goes from d room..

Sona start thinking about Dev..

In Dixit houz..

Dev was working in laptop n all family enters Dev room..

Dev: aao log yaha.. what u need..

Every1 c every1 face..

Dev: u want to say something kya..

GKB: wo kya he Na Dev.. tumhe aaj Ka din party me kaisa tha??
(Guys. In my ff GKB lyk sona n vikky is also a gud person he s living in London to study.. )

Dev: acha tha Na Mami..

GKB: tum chahte ho me aise din Roz rahe..

Dev: matlab..

Nikki: matlab.. u want u wanna sona always..

Dev: what r u guys talking.. ma.. what they r saying..

Ishwari goes to Dev..

Ishwari: wo kya he na.. tumhe sona pasand he na..

Dev: ya I like her.. she s my best friend..

Ishwari: we lyk sona.. u lyk sona.. can u marry sona..

Dev(shocked): ma.. what r saying.. me n sona marry?..

Ishwari nods her head.. Dev see everyone they were nodding Thier head..

Dev: what will sona think..

Ishwari: v talk to her parents.. tmrw answer will come… First u say me.. will u marry..

Dev: ha.. maa… I will marry my best friend..

Every1 smiles.. n goes back to Thier room..

Dev(minds): sona.. I m really happy today.. I saw u today… I don’t lyk u.. balke I love u… I love u so much.. I don’t know u love me or not.. but I love u…

Dev thinks abt sona..

In Bose houz..

Sona wakes up in d morning,gets fresh n wear a jeans n a short dress n does some makeup..
Comes out of room n gets shock…

PRECAP: Dev n sona engagement..

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