Hey guys.. back with my 3rd episode.. comment me if u lyk it…

So let’s start..

At Bose house..

Evry1 was present in d party
Sona was wearing a gown n left her open she was looking gorgeous.. soon there Dixit family came there..

When Dev enters,jatin calls him so he went with jatin..

Bejoy: sona, come here..

Sona: ha baba..

Bejoy: ye he Raj uncle n ishwari aunty..

Sona: ha papa.. I know..

She takes blessing from them..

Nikki: sona Di come with me..

She take sona with him.. sona was searching someone.. Nikki notices it..

Nikki: kisse dhoondrahe ho?

Sona: what.. no one..

Nikki: boy friend??

Sona(with a glare look): no.. no boyfriend I was finding..(stops)

Nikki: Dev..Dev Bhai ryt..

Sona(hearing dev name): yes,yes, Dev only n (stops n saw Nikki)

Nikki: oh come on sona Di,, I know u r finding him.. actually maybe he s also finding u..

Sona:what u mean by??

Nikki: he was very happy hearing u r coming but now I don’t know where he gone.. (searches dev,, she saw Dev) u saw my handsome brother Dev..

Sona: handsome(smiles)

Nikki: stop blushing I will make u meet to him.

Nikki n sona went to Dev

Dev was talking to someone n suddenly when Nikki pat’s on her shoulder.. he excuses the man n sees Nikki n sona..

Nikki: sona Di c my handsome brother Dev Dixit n Bhai c my beautiful friend sonakshi Bose..

They two:tum( with a shock face)

Ria calls Nikki n Nikki went from there

Sona: Dev.. ( with a shock face)

Dev: sona(shock face)

They two for 5 minutes didn’t talk to each other n realise what they done..

Sona(pout face): sorry.. I m really sorry…. Dddddeeevv

Dev: I m also sorry.. I didnt know tat u r sona.. sorry..

Sona: it’s ok.. I m sorry broking ur watch.. I did bcoz u broke my favourite phone..

Dev: it’s ok.. but I didn’t broke ur phone eventually.. we two clashes its our mistake. We two..

For sometime they were talking n giggling remember Thier childhood moments.. seeing Dev an arrogant business man smiling and giggling with sona.. ishwari becomes happy.. she goes n says Raj..

Ishwari: why don’t v make our friendship with Bose family into relationship..

Raj:what u mean by??

Ishwari: dekho(pointing Dev n sona) they two r happy.. c our Dev he s smiling with sona.. he didn’t talk with gigling.. I think Dev lyk sona.. sona bhi bohat khubsoorat aur ache character ki he.. isse achi ladki v will not get for Dev..

Raj: ha.. u r saying is good. But how can I ask bejoy??

Ishwari: mouth.. jaao baat kijiye.. aur hamara Dev bhi kuch kam nahi.. us as acha ladka sona ku nahi milega..

Raj: theeke.. theeke.. jaa raha hu..

Here asha sees Dev n sona talking n giggling.. goes to bejoy n says abt alliance with Dixit family..

Raj: bejoy.. mujhe tum we kuch kehna he??

Bejoy: mujhe bhi kehna he..

Raj: tum bataao..

Bejoy: tum bataao tum ne to pehle bolne ke liye aaye..

Raj: woo.. wo kya he kyu hum dost rishtedaar banjaaye.. mere matlab kyu Na hum Dev air sona ku shaadi karaadenge..

Bejoy (hearing of alliance gets happy): ha ha.. why not.. Mai be bhi yahi poochne ke liye aaye that..

Raj: to tumhara kya jawab he..

Bejoy: mujse nahi.. meri beti ki zindagi he.. uss se hi poochlete he..

Raj: I shd ask Dev too..

Bejoy: today I will ask her.. tomorrow I will say d answer..

Raj: as u wish..

Then the party end sona, elina,jatin n ishita bid bye to everyone especially Dixit family..

At sona room..

Elina n sona was talking..

Elina: sona.. u were talking to Dev..tell Na what u were talking..

Sona: childhood moments..

Elina: don’t tell lie to ur sister…

Jatin n ishita enters..

Jatin: ofcoure tell me,, ur brother..

Sona: I said na.. childhood moments n abt Toronto..

Jatin: c truth s coming.. tell me more..

Sona: what u guys thought abt me..

PRECAP: will sona n Dev will agree for proposal..

Comment me plz tat encourages me..


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