Hey guys.. back with my second episode. ..

Bejoy puts a party for sona returning.. every1 I invited n Dixit family is also invited.. the party is at nyt..

In Dixit houz..

Nikki: Bhai u know that sona come from Toronto yesterday..

Dev: really..

Guys bejoy n Raj r best friends n business partner.. so sona n Dev were best friends.. when Dev was 7 yrs old.. Raj send him to USA for studying.. he came before 2years n that tym sona was in Toronto.. so they didn’t c each other..

Nikki: Bhai u r very happy..

Dev: I m not happy just aise hi…

Nikki: Bhai.. u didn’t c sona in last two years ryt??

Dev: yes..

Nikki: Bhai she s so beautiful.. u know..

Dev smiles..

Nikki: ooooh Bhai.. come on I m ur sister.. mujhe nahi bataaoge..

Dev(angry tone): kya bataana he.. today v r going to Bose houz so then v can c sona n plz go n study..

Nikki goes from there..

Dev(Mind): sona.. I really miss u .. I m very glad to meet u..

In Bose houz..

Elina comes from Australia today.. and give a surprise to every one.. sona n elina were giggling n talking..

Jatin enters

Jatin: sona u know today Dev will come to our houz..

Sona hearing Dev.. standup in bed.. they were sitting in bed..

Sona: Dev s coming??..

Jatin:yes.. he a coming..

She jumps on bed..

Sona: Dev s coming.. dev s coming..

And jumps in bed n suddenly sees ishita,elina n jatin r watching her.. sit down..

Every1 laugh.. sona become shy..

Jatin: tumhara bachpana me aadat an take gayanahi..

Every laugh..

PRECAP: Dev n sona meet…

Sorry for small episode.. next tym the episode will be bigger .. plz comment me if u lyk it.. it encourages me??

Misbah ?

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  1. Awesome

  2. Vinya

    Tho the episode was short it was sweet….pls post a longer update next time….see u soon….keep writing and keep smiling ☺….

  3. Rahman

    Thank u princess??

  4. Aamu

    Heu,i read u previous chappysm’s today only…
    It was awesome….i loved it….
    Post soon n konger1 pls..

  5. awesome. post soon and a big one.

    love u?????

  6. Priya12

    I read the previous chappy now oly,..
    It was awesomee…
    But pls post nxt epi longer…pls

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