Hey guys.. I m misbah.. so let’s start my episode 1 of my favourite pair devakshi ???

Guys.. sona s coming from Canada n Dev s coming from London after a meeting with a foreign client.. so let’s start..

In Bose mansion..

Asha: jatin jaldi aao.. ye flower vase shona ke room me rakho…

Jatin: haa maa.. coming coming..

Ishita ask jatin..

Ishita: jatin.. itna decoration kyun..

Jatin: bcoz she’s coming after two years.. u know every1 will miss her ryt.. if u went to ur mom houz.. will u miss me??(holding close)

Ishita: of course.. I will miss u my hubby..

Jatin: just lyk mom n dad misses sona.. now she s coming.. so every1 is excited.. I m also very very excited..

Ishita: ok baba bas.. mom say to do tat vase to shift in sona’s room ryt??(strictly)

Jatin: yes.. madam(wit a pout face)

Ishita laugh m then they two does Thier work..
(Guys in my ff Bose family n Dixit family r in same religion not lyk in serial)

In airport??

A girl wearing a modern dress with a high black heels which match her black short dress n i-phone in hand an a black sunglasses in her eyes….

And a boy wearing a black suit n black shoe with a white watch…

There were coming straight sona s calling n busy in phone.. and Dev s seriously watching tym in d watch.. they were busy in Thier work(yes it s sona n Dev.. sona s modern in my ff) suddenly they clashes each other n sona’s phone calls n sona falls in Dev arms..

Hareya in BG…

Suddenly sona stand n started scolding Dev..

Sona: how dare u(take her phone which was broken n bcme angry) how dare u( faces Dev) how can u broke my phone.. idiot.. u don’t have sense kya..

Dev doesn’t mind her n leaves from there.. she bcme more angry n stops Dev n take Dev watch from his hand n leaves it.. n it brokes….

Dev bcme angry..

Dev: how dare u?? (Takes his watch)

Sona: tit for tat.. u broke my phone n I broke ur watch…

Sona goes from there leaving Dev frustrated..

Jatin comes to airport n take sona to home..

Every1 gets happy in Bose houz of returning of sona.. they all hug n Thier talking starts..

Eevry1 gets happy in Dixit houz seeing Dev after 1 week..


Guys sorry for spelling mistakes..

If u lyked it plz comment… Plz n plz…

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  1. Vinya

    Nice start….. Takkar se ya pyaar se… Ishq ko toh shuru hona hi hain….. Keep writing and keep smiling ☺…..

  2. Awesome

  3. Really awesome plsss post soon

  4. awesome. seems interesting. post soon. waiting desperately.

    love u?????

  5. Rahman

    Thanks ritika..

  6. V.V.harshita

    Nice one post asap ????

  7. Yvonne Codner

    Rahman, your story is shaping up to be extremely interesting! Really looking forward to the next episode..Thanks!

  8. Rahman

    Thank u.. yvonne codner… Actually my name s not Rahman.. my name is misbah..

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