Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 7)

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Scene 1
Pratima bhavnà rags men did the gudbandhan and they started taking rounds saaware plays…
Yuvarj made her wear mangal sutra eyelock and pandit ji said him to fill sindoor on her maang she closed her eyes
Yuv: now v R gonna start a married life with only one emotion hate, Suhani I won’t leave u , u R just finished I will show u who i am I?
Suh: Mr sadu , u R my husband now and I will show who AI the real girl

They reached birla house
Sau: achha yuv , now lift her and enter in house
Yuv: y ,
Sau: that’s a ritual comeon do it
Yuv fumes and he lifted Suhani eyelock saaware plays…
Sha: achha guru bus usse neche rakho all laughed
Suhani ‘s earrings get stuck in his shirt while taking that they both touched each other’s hands

Rags : Suhani now go to his room
Menka: remember today is ur suhaagraat
Bhavnà : chup kar yar
Suh: actually bhabhi what will happen in suhaagraat
Rags: chup kar besharam go to ur room
Suhani entered in yuvraj’s room she felt awkward

Suh remember their romantic moments and she remembered how he talked to girl in phone and get sad, her eyes was filled with teares

Suh pov
Kanha ji now iam married to taht guy who doesn’t know the correct meaning of love how can I live with such a person

Yuv enters in the room
Suh git nervous , he was coming closer to her she was totally nervous she was about to move but yuv blocked her
Suh: leave me I need to go and change
Yuv : y , should I leave u , u R my wife my LOVE
Suh git shocked hearing his words
Yuv: hey I mean my love infront of my family
Suh: so what.
Yuv: remember that day when u slaped me ???
And what did u say me I can’t touch u becoz I don’t have any right now I have rights on u iam ur hus yuvraj birla.
Suh: so???( said nervously).
Yuv : again came closer to her , he removed he shawl from he head and removed her necklace
Suh: I will scream now??
Yuv: and if my family asked for what u were screaming what u will say becoz I was about to touch u ??or will u say the whole truth about ur relation then what will be ur parent’s condition??
Suh eyes was filled with tears
He moved her hair a side from her shoulder and was about to kiss her , but he didn’t kiss her he lifted her and kept her on the bed
He slowly touched her waist and removed her waist jewellery she was feeling tickling then he removed her bangles her earring and necklace he came near her face and came near her lips tear fell from her eyes it touched his face he moved back
Yuv: I won’t touch u , I just wanted to make u nervous thats it now go and change ur dress and sleep
Suh went to washroom and changed her dress , suh went near the bed suddenly yuv came and Sat in the bed
Suh: hey I need to sleep here?
Yuv: this is my bed and I will sleep here.
Suh: but now it is my bed too, I will sleep here suddenly yuv lifted her and kept on sofa
Suh: hey what R u doing???
Yuv: should I so it once more to make u understand??
Suh: uuuuuu
Yuv: now shut up and sleep tmrw I will sleep in sofa and u can sleep in bed ok?
Suh: mm ok.
Yuv: so gud night
Suh: gud nght sadu
Yuv smirks but turned and smile

Precap : reception

Spoiler : yuvani turned to friends
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