Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 6)

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Today is shadi
Shivasthav house
Lata: Suhani beta today u will become a bahu
Pankaj: u R righy lata , now our daughter have to go and stay in another house
Suh: I don’t want to go pls Papa I will stay with u guys
Pan: whta?
Suh: I didn’t study in boarding school or hostel as I cannot stay with out u guys no how can I go
She started crying
Lata: meri gudiya pls don’t çry everyweek we will coem and meet u
Pan: u know Suhani u R really lucky becoz yuv is going to be ur hus , u love him right?
Suh: ya papa u don’t need to worry about me

Suh pov
Papa iam marrying him just for u he doesn’t love me…

Suhani got ready as a bride she is living so pretty
Lata: kisi ka nazar Na lega meri beti ko
Suh luuked in the mirror

Suh pov
Kanha ji iam doing correct only right? Today is my wedding with someone who broke my trust iam doing this for my dad and mom

In birla house
Menka : u both see I will be Suhani jiji’s best frnd
Rags: I will be her best bhabhi
Bhavnà : I will be her best sis
Pratima : oh no anyway iam her loving ma
Anuj sau ßharad : v will be her bro
Dadi: aur sabse zyada hum uske pyari si dadi
Yuv heard this actually every one loves her so much but…

Yuv got ready
Yuv pov
What I did to her was wrong but now iam not ready for a marriage but iam have to do this for my family who loves me more than anything

Birla ‘ s R waiting in Temple
Shivasthav comes
Yuv saw Suhani he got mesmerized by seeing her
Yuv came near her and said : hai
Suh: hai sadu
Yuv: don’t call me sadu now ur going to be my wife
Suh: really so what iam gonna be ur wife so be careful
Yuv: u be careful
Suh: let us see
Suddenly yuv got a call he went back and started talking: hey my sweet heart how R u I love u so much my love
Suh heard this and for heart broken
Suh pov
What ! Today is our marriage but still he is in love with someone else . I thought after marriage I came change him but he won’t change he is not right for me iam gonna marry him just for my parents .

Actually yuvraj’s talked to his friend they were simply planning how to talk to Suhani

Yuv : hey jkr I need to say u something
Suh: shut up not a single work from ur mouth
Yuv: what happened ??
Suh: nothing, nothing have happened to me but I got to know something about u that’s it
Yuv : whta u got to know about me
Suh: y should I say that ??? Any way I hate u
Yuv: come on yaar what happened he was going to catch her hands
Suh: how dare u tried to touch me u idiot u R the worst person in this world u R a demon
Yuv : shut up Suhani
Suh: no I won’t u R a cheat I hate u iam marrying u just for my parents she was going by saying that yuvraj catched her hands
Yuv: how dare u talked me in such a way then what do u think I love u I just hate u hate u more than anything he holded her hands tightly and her bangles got broken she cried in pain
Suh: how dare u touch me leave my hands u just want to see me in pain right???
Yuv: u Wong let me talk but no problem let me take that bangle pieces out.
Sub: no need
She walked and a piece of bangle hurted her leg she cried in pain
Yuv lifted her eyelock between them saaware plays he lifted her by touching her waist they remembered they romantic moments and got sad yuv took piece of glass out from her leg
Suh: stop touching
Suddenly yuv came near Suhani she moved back he came closer to heart slowly he touched her face lips she cosed her eyes he was about to kiss her, but he moved back I won’t touch u I am not interested in u

Pratima come its time for marriage

Yuv: I hate u
Suh: even I hate u , hamare yeh ristha nafraty se shuru karte hai

Yuv pov
Nafrat se shuru karte hai ristha ka andh kaise hoge
Suh pov
Hamari ristha me PEHLI NAFRAT…

They both go apart in different ways screen freezes
Pls add comments I will more romantic moments between yuvani for next episode

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