Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 5)

Hi guys it me khushi a big thanks to all of u and ash I didn’t understand ur comment and iam sry sometimes I won’t update for 2 days or that update will not be lengthy

Today is haldi
Scene 1 in shivasthav house
Lata: Suhani pratima ji told me that we will celebrate haldi together

In birla house
Yuv: no,no I won’t allow anyone to apply haldi on me
Dadi: yuv, don’t agrue simply u should do that
Yuv: but
Dadi: hey now shut up shivasthav ‘s came namaskar pankaj beta
Pankaj: namaskar maaji
Dadi: chalo haldi ki rasam shuru karte hai
Suh: hey sadu , u don’t like haldi right?
Yuv: no
Suh: then today I will apply haldi on u
Yuv : no way I will apply haldi on u
Suh: no way , let us see who will win this game Mr yuvraj birla
Yuv: ok let us see Ms Suhani shivasthav

Scene 2
Suh pov
How can I apply haldi on that sadu kanha ji pls give me any idea
Yeh I got it now see Mr yuvraj birla what iam gonna do

Suh called yuv: yuvarj pls come to dadi’s room I need to say something urgent
Yuv: ok
When yuv entered the room haldi falled on him
Yuv: chee what have u done!
Suh: yagi he haldi , halki dhari bikri bal par
Yuv: how dare u
Suh: u luks so cute like a baby monkey
Yuv: u
Suddenly everyone came
Menka: yuv bayya aapko haldi me nahane ki shok he kya??? Everyone laughed
Suh: so iam winner
Bhavnà: what
Suh: bhavnà bhabhi, we 2 were playing a game and iam winner who will apply haldi
Dadi: acha beta bus , Suhani beta I have a gift for u dadi gave a waist jewellery TL suh
Suh: thank u dadi she hugged her
Dadi: jaao or yeh pehenke aao
Suh: ok dadi
Suhani went to yuv’s room and tried to wear that
Suh: oh no I can’t lock it rags bhabhi pls come and help me
Suddenly yu v came from washroom
Yuv : u in my room?
Suh: actually dadi gave me this and said to wear this but I need someone’s help
Yuv: u R eating so much right that y it doesn’t fit for u moti
Suh: hey sadu iam not moti
Yuv: ok can I help u?
Suh: nono bhabhi will help
Yuv: bhabhi and maa aunty dadi all R in kitchen they have works so can I
Suh: ok
Yuv moved her saree in a side he could see her waist completely he took that waist jewellery and tried to make her waer that he couldn’t lock that so he bites it with his teeth Suhani closed her eyes there was a small back spot on her waist yuv: wow that sounds cute he kissed on her waist
Suhani got shocked and shouted everyone came to her room bhavnà: what happened ? Y R u screaming?
Suh: he kis.. She didn’t complete her statement
Yuv: come on Suhani say what did I do??
Suh: he
Rags : kya hua say Na
Suh: he stamps on my feet
Menka : that’s it
Suh : ya

Shivasthav went back to there home
Yuv called suh
suh : hello
Yuv: hello looser
Suh: oh u Mr sadu
Yuv : how did u understand that it’s Ms
Suh: I can understand ur voice
Yuh : really
Suh: ya
Yuv : actually we will understand their voice whom love right??
Suh : ya I mean no
Yuv: say the truth did u start living me?
Suh: no never I won’t do such a big mistake again , do u love me
Yuv : no y evry girl lives me but I don’t
Suh : ok now say y did u call
Yuv : u think that u R winner of today’s gave righy?
Suh: ya that’s true
Yuv : oh really then go and stand near a mirror
Suh: y
Yuv : go nna
Suh went and stood near a mirror
Yuv : now moves ur saree and see if waist
Suh : y
Yuv : do it
Suh moved her saree and saw haldi on her waist
Suh: u R cheat
Yuv: how
Suh: I asked u to help me and u cheated me
Yuv: then u also cheated me right?, so for today’s game v both R winners
Suh: ok bye
Yuv: wait wait
Suh : what
Yuv : that black spot in ur waist is so cute ( he said in a naughty manner )
Suh: uuuuuuuu idiot

Precap : shadi

So that’s all about today’s episode hops u guys liked it pls add comments and suggestions

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    1. No its matter its be lengthy and udpate regularly or twice a day or thrice a day

      1. Arey yaar . If ahe is busy .. how wioo she write long ones… just think from her pov

  3. khushi plz tell me yaar why is suhani calling yuvraj” sadu” even he was very rich

    1. Sadu means a rough and tough character right???

      1. thanks for clearing my doubt

    2. It means bina kisi bat pe or choti choti bat pe gussa karna mtlb gussa hamesha naak pe rena right khushi

      1. My hindi is very bad,I’m frm kerala & my native language is malayalam

  4. This is amazing! I love it!

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