Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 12)


Guys thank alot for ur support and today I will reply to everyone so here is the episode sometimes I will write on more episode

Scene 1
All R very happy in bh
PRA: today there will be a party in somu’s house. , today is somkri engagement so pls get ready fast

Yuvani enter in their room

Suh’ s pov
At last I found my hero love of my life my hus friend
Yuv came and hugged her from back
Yuv: atlast my angel is in my hands
Suh got shy
Yuv moved her hair in a side and kissed her eyes and neck
Suh got nervous and said : yuv v have to go for Koch engagement so get ready she escaped from his grip
Yuv pov
Now u escaped but atlast u be in my hands only

Suh went to bathroom she planned to wear a lachaa but her showl was in room she slightly opened the door and said : yuv pls get out from here I need to change
Yuv: suh, u change from bathroom naa
Suh: but my duppatta is in cupboard so how can I change from there
Yuv( in a naughty mood) : ok then come and take it then go and change
Suh: ya that’s y iam saying u pls go from here
Yuv: I won’t go from here, if u want I can take ur duppatta and give u .
Suh: but
Yuv: but what

Suh: ok but dont do that
Yuv: what
Suh: u know right??
Yuv came close and asked what
Suh closed the door but again she tried to cover herself with her hands .
Yuv could see her waist and she was a bit wet her hair was completely wet
Suh streched her hands towards yuv for duppatta
Yuv holded her towards him and hugged her she closed her eyes
Suh: yu, yuv pls leave me ma told to get ready fastly
Yuv: today I will make u ready

Yuv tried to move her hands he pinned her duppatta of her waist she closed her eyes shyly
He moved her hair in one shoulder and tied her Dori while tieing it yuv kissed her Dori there was a drop of water on her shoulder he kissed it he made her wear her bangles and next he tied her necklace atlast he take one waist jewellery and moved her duppatta a side he bend down and tied that waist jewellery he kissed on a black spot in her waist and said cute spot
Yuv turned suh towards him and he kissed on her eyes , nose at last he was gonna kiss on lips
But someone on knocked on the door and said : pls get ready fast
Suh: yuv baby bus pls get ready fast
Yuv: but sweet heart
Suh: pls she pushed him towards bathroom
Yuv bsthed and came back
Yuv: I think today my wife is so happy
Suh: yes becoz today is my kichu’s engagement

Yuv: is marriage is so important???
Suh: yes , u know marriage is something different sangeet, mehandi, haldi , shadi aur suhaagraat .
Yuv: what what u said atlast
Suh: SU suhaagraat
Yuv: actually our sangeet, mehandi, haldi, shadi and all finished but suhaagraat didn’t finish right
Suh: ya so so what
Yuv: so today is our suhaagraat
Suh: what but y.
Yuv: u love me right then what is wrong if something happened between us so today is our suhaagraat
Suh got nervous : but yuv
Yuv: no but , today is our suhaagraat he went and kissed on her face and went

Suh’s pov
Oh no God , actually iam so scared iam a small kid right i mean my mamma used to say that i am always small for her but yuv oh god…

They went for engagement
Yuvani danced for the song balam pichkari wgoe dancing yuv said : suh, do t forget about our suhaagraat

They came back
Suh: maa can I sleep with u ???
Pr: y beta u go and sleep with yuvi a
Suh: dadi can I sleep with u
Da: no beta I and pratima will sleep together
Suh: ok

Suh’s pov
Oh no where I will sleep

She went inside her room lights was not there
She saw one letter
My jkr pls wear this saree and come
Suh took the saree and wore that actually that was a transparent red colour designer saree
Suh was luking gorgeous
Yuv was wearing a while shirt yuv came closer to her she got more nervous yuv holded her by her waist and said: whta happened u don’t like to do this right??
Its om I will go now
He was about to go bit suh hold his hands and said no no nothing like that I was nervous that it
Yuv came closer to her and holded her by waist and kissed on her cheeks she shyly closed her eyes
Yuv: I can’t believe it ?? My jkr is feeling shy oh no

Yuv lifted her and kept her on bed he was unpinned her pallu she closed her eyes he kissed on her waist he took one eye cube and ket if in between his teeth and he moves that jce cube one her face she was feeling tickling then he came towards her face and kissed on her forehead tears fell from her eyes yuv kissed her tears nose and finally her lips she also ksised him back her removed her earing and kissed her. Ears . he kissed on her neck a hundred time he removed his shirt suhani kissed on his cheeks she said I love Mr haki dhardi bikre bal
Yuv: love u too jhansi ki rani he untied her Dori and kissed her ( now u guys know wjya will happen right)

Lights off….

It’s morning
Yuv woke up and saw he was shirtless and there and saw her earing in bed and smile
Suh came out of bathroom she couldn’t face him he came near her
He hugged her from back
Yuv: his was ur last night.
Suh smiled shyly
She asked him to get ready he got ready and came out
Yuv: suh something went inside my eyes pls help
When she came near him he kissed her forcily
Suh pushed him and ran out her sindoor was there in his fave

In dining hall
Da: y they R not coming , suh came and went to kitchen
They saw sindoor in yuv’s face
Men: now I understand y they were late everyone laughed ….

Guys iam ending this ff this was the last episode of this ff hope u guys liked it and once again a big thanks and hug for ur support I will give a intro of my new ff after 1, 2 days but it will start only after 2 months

Love u guys and will miss u but will surely come back ….

Credit to: Khushi

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  1. wonderrful yuvani moments kushi… luv ur ff and miss ur ff too .. any way aftr 2 months am waiting fr ur new journey on ff luv u babe 😉 :-*

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  9. Thank u so much guys love u a lot

  10. Awwww.. Such a sweet epi.. It was funny when suhani asked pratima and dadi if she could sleep with them.. And she got nervous when they said no.. I enjoyed it.. I have read a lot of fanfics on yuvani/ssel, and pnpdap is one of my favourites..
    All the best for ur new ff.. Will wait for it..
    Have u thought about its title khushi?

    1. Yes iam planning to give title DOSTI me masti aur yaar jaise PYAR and guys iam thinking to write part 2 of pnpap what is ur opinion????

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