Pehle nafrat phir dosti aur pyar (Episode 10)


Hi guys iam really sry I will finish it within 4, 5 episode iam sry but u will write a new one
I will try to include so many romantic scenes between yuvani

Scene 1
Yuv is waiting for his friend and Suhani is also waiting for her friends

Yuv’s friend is sowmya
Suhani’s friend is Krishna

Sowmya comes and hugs yuv tightly
Suhani got jealous
Somu: vu how R u??
Yuv: iam fine sweet heart
Suh make faces
Somu: hey going lady u steal my vu right??
Suh: vu who is vu
Yuv: oh jsk people who likes me more than anything used to call me vu
Suh: mmm

Krishna comes
Suh: kichuuuuuu
Kri: hey my princess
They both hugged each other yuv got shocked
Suh: yuv this is kichu I mean Krishna my bestie
Yuv: oh hi kichu
KR: hey no only my darling can call me Krishna other all just krishna, princess ur hubby luks like a chocolate boy
Both of them laughed
Krishna and somu saw each other and they signed

Somu to suh: Suhani how can u be so cruel
Suh: what
Somu: u know yuvraj and I love each other he love me more than anythong but u came between us.
Suh: but
Somu: what but , now just leave yuv we need to lead a simple life

Krishna to yuv: u R really lucky but u steal my princess from me , u R a cheat
Yuv: whta
KR: u know v loved each other more than anything , now pls let us live a happy life
Yuv: but..
Kr: it is clear that u guys don’t love each other , of u want Suhani to be happy pls leave her

Yuv eyes was filled with tears and then he got angry
Yuv’s pov
How can she do that ???? She should say me athat she loves somebody else

Suh’s pov
First I have to talk to yuviiii then only I can decide something

Yuv went and and got drunken

Party was finished and suh was alone in her room she was waiting for him

Yuv came he was completely drunk

Suh: I need to talk to u by that time yuv kept his hand over suhani’s mouth and hold her by waist
Yuv: now u will listen and I will talk
He came more closer to her , her eyes was filled with tears
Yuv: y did u do this to me

Fb plays
Actually before drinking alcohol yuv saw Suhani’s diary in which it was I love Krishna but she meant lord Krishna but yuv misunderstood her

Fb ends.
Suh: I can’t understand what u R saying
Yuv: u won’t understand now pls leave me pls let me live a nice life
Suh cries terrible she thought yuv loves somy that’s y he is saying this
Yuv hold her more closely
Suh: ok I will go , she was about to go
Yuv hold her hands and broked her bangles Suhani cried in pain
Yuv: this night I won’t leave u
Suh got nervous he hold her waist he could touch her waist he broked her waist jewellery
Suh: yuv pls leave me
Yuv: y should I leave u ,official y u R my wife
He removed her earing and kissed her ears he moved her hair a side and kissed her neck both of them were feeling something strange yuv lifted her and kept her on bed he kissed her waist and should er hands face and he came near her lips Suhani couldn’t control her pain he was about to unpin her saree saaware plays …
She pushed him and ran towards bathroom yuv went behind her buth of then R in washroom
Suh: yuv pls fong CO e near me u R not in sense.
Yuv: but u R in sense right he holded her more close and on shower both of them got wet eyelock between yuv
Dil me darare plays…
Yuv kissed Suhani on her cheeks , eyes , nose and he was about kiss on her lips she off shower and went kuf of the bathroom yuv faints becoz he have drunk Lot

Suhani’s pov
That means what somya told was true yuv don’t love me he just love her , tmrw he will sy this infront of everyone before that I will go from here but I love u yuvi , u R my love my husband my friend

Yuv’s pov
Y Suhani , y , y u want to do that to me I loev u more than anything buy I wont stop u but still k love uuuuu
He cries hardly

Precap : yuv got to know the truth

Guys hope u guys loved this episode pls add ur comments and pls give me an idea how to make them confess their love….

Credit to: Khushi

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